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Woman in 58929 walking dog

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Plant enjoyed great success with Led Zeppelin throughout the s and developed a compelling image as the charismatic rock-and-roll front man, similar to his contemporaries, The Who singer Roger Daltrey , Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and Jim Morrison of the Doors. Although Led Zeppelin split in , Plant occasionally collaborated with Jimmy Page on various projects through this period, including forming a short-lived all-star group with Page and Jeff Beck in , called the Honeydrippers.

They released an album called The Honeydrippers: Volume One , and the band had a No. A powerful and wide vocal range particularly evident in his high-pitched vocals has given him a successful singing career spanning over 50 years. Plant gained an interest in singing and rock and roll music at an early age.

When I was a kid I used to hide behind the curtains at home at Christmas and I used to try and be Elvis. There was a certain ambience between the curtains and the French windows, there was a certain sound there for a ten-year-old. That was all the ambience I got at ten years old And I always wanted to be a curtain, a bit similar to that. He left King Edward VI Grammar School for Boys in Stourbridge in his mid-teens and developed a strong passion for the blues , mainly through his admiration for Willie Dixon , Robert Johnson and early rendition of songs in this genre.

I suppose I was quite interested in my stamp collection and Romano-British history. I was a little grammar school boy and I could hear this kind of calling through the airwaves. He abandoned training as a chartered accountant after only two weeks to attend college in an effort to gain more GCE passes and to become part of the English Midlands blues scene.

Plant had various jobs while pursuing his music career, one of which was working for the major British construction company Wimpey in Birmingham in laying tarmac on roads. He also worked at Woolworth's in Halesowen town for a short period of time. He cut three obscure singles on CBS Records [15] and sang with a variety of bands, including the Crawling King Snakes, which brought him into contact with drummer John Bonham.

They both went on to play in the Band of Joy , merging blues with newer psychedelic trends. In , guitarist Jimmy Page was in search of a lead singer for his new band and met Plant after being turned down by his first choice, Terry Reid , who referred him to a show at a teacher training college in Birmingham where Plant was singing in a band named Obs-Tweedle. I was appearing at this college when Peter and Jimmy turned up and asked me if I'd like to join the Yardbirds.

When I auditioned him and heard him sing, I immediately thought there must be something wrong with him personality-wise or that he had to be impossible to work with, because I just could not understand why, after he told me he'd been singing for a few years already, he hadn't become a big name yet. So I had him down to my place for a little while, just to sort of check him out, and we got along great.

With a shared passion for music, Plant and Page immediately developed a strong relationship, and began their writing collaboration with reworkings of earlier blues songs.

Plant received no songwriting credits on the band's first album, allegedly because he was still under contract to CBS Records at the time. Initially dubbed the "New Yardbirds" in , the band soon came to be known as Led Zeppelin.

The band's eponymous debut album hit the charts in and is widely credited as a catalyst for the heavy metal genre. Plant has commented that it is unfair for people to think of Zeppelin as heavy metal, as almost a third of their music was acoustic. In , Led Zeppelin I was released. This was the bands' first album. I was quite nervous and didn't get into enjoying it until II.

The group worked on this album while on the road, so many of the songs were recorded at separate times rather than in one sitting.

This created legal trouble for the band over whether or not they plagiarized these songs. The two got to know each other on a more personal level through writing the songs on this album, forming a close connection. This was surprising to the band, but many critics argued that the songs on the album were too soft, too aggressive, or for "druggies".

This album included one of the band's best known songs and greatest hit, "Stairway to Heaven". Led Zeppelin belonged to Atlantic Records and contributed to one-fourth of the profits for that record company.

In , Plant and his wife Maureen now divorced were seriously injured in a car crash in Rhodes , Greece. It was a devastating loss for the family. Plant retreated to his home in the Midlands and for months afterwards he questioned his future. According to Jimmy Page:. Robert hadn't written before, and it took a lot of ribbing to get him into writing, which was funny.

And then, on the second LP, he wrote the words of Thank You. He said, "I'd like to have a crack at this and write it for my wife. Plant's lyrics with Led Zeppelin were often mystical, philosophical and spiritual, alluding to events in classical and Norse mythology , such as " Immigrant Song ", which refers to Valhalla and Viking conquests. Another example is " The Rain Song ". Plant was also influenced by J.

Tolkien , [27] [28] whose book series inspired lyrics in some early Led Zeppelin songs. Welsh mythology also forms a basis of Plant's interest in mystical lyrics. He grew up close to the Welsh border and would often take summer trips to Snowdonia.

Plant bought a Welsh sheep farm in , and began taking Welsh lessons and looking into the mythology of the land such as Black Book of Carmarthen , Book of Taliesin , etc. Plant's first son, Karac, was named after the Welsh warrior Caratacus. Critic Steve Turner suggests that Plant's early and continued experiences in Wales served as the foundation for his broader interest in the mythologies he revisits in his lyrics including those myth systems of Tolkien and the Norse.

Page's passion for diverse musical experiences influenced Plant to explore Africa, specifically Marrakesh in Morocco where he encountered Umm Kulthum. I was intrigued by the scales, initially, and obviously the vocal work. The way she sang, the way she could hold a note, you could feel the tension, you could tell that everybody, the whole orchestra, would hold a note until she wanted to change.

That musical inspiration eventually culminated in " Kashmir ". Both he and Jimmy Page revisited these influences during their reunion album No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded in Arguably one of Plant's most significant achievements with Led Zeppelin was his contribution to the track " Stairway to Heaven ", an epic rock ballad featured on Led Zeppelin IV that drew influence from folk , blues , Celtic traditional music and hard rock among other genres.

While never released as a single, the song has topped polls as the greatest song of all time. Plant is also recognised for his lyrical improvisation in Led Zeppelin's live performances , often singing verses previously unheard on studio recordings. One of the most famous Led Zeppelin musical devices involves Plant's vocal mimicking of bandmate Jimmy Page's guitar effects. He is also known for his light-hearted, humorous and unusual on-stage banter.

Plant often discusses the origin and background of the songs during his shows, and sometimes provides social comment as well. On stage, Plant was particularly active in live performances, often dancing, jumping, skipping, snapping his fingers, clapping, making emphatic gestures to emphasise a lyric or cymbal crash, throwing back his head, or placing his hands on his hips.

As the s progressed he, along with the other members of Led Zeppelin, became increasingly flamboyant on-stage, and wore more elaborate, colourful clothing and jewellery. According to Classic Rock magazine, "once he had a couple of US tours under his belt, 'Percy' Plant swiftly developed a staggering degree of bravado and swagger that irrefutably enhanced Led Zeppelin's rapidly burgeoning appeal.

I can't take my whole persona as a singer back then very seriously. It's not some great work of beauty and love to be a rock-and-roll singer.

Readers of the magazine had to decide who had the best chest in rock and Plant was the winner. When they contacted him about it, he replied: After Led Zeppelin disbanded in December following the death of drummer John Bonham , Plant briefly considered abandoning music to pursue a career as a teacher in the Rudolf Steiner education system , going so far as to be accepted for teacher-training.

He nevertheless embarked on a successful solo career, helped by encouragement from Genesis drummer Phil Collins , who would go on to play with him. Whilst Plant avoided performing Led Zeppelin songs through much of this period although he would occasionally improvise his unique Zeppelin screams into his set , his tours in with Phil Collins on drums and in were very successful, often performing to sold-out arena-sized venues.

Songs from this third album, plus a smattering of Led Zeppelin classics, made up the set-list for Plant's acclaimed sunset performance on the Main Stage at Glastonbury Festival, in The pair again worked together in the studio on the Page solo effort Outrider , and in the same year Page contributed to Plant's album Now and Zen.

Also, on 15 May Plant appeared with Page as a member of Led Zeppelin, at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert where he also performed in his own right as a solo artist. Page and Plant became a full-fledged performing act from through , releasing the No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded album in and following with an enormously successful tour in , including a return to the Glastonbury limelight.

Fourteen years of speculation from their fans and occasional sniping between the two former members ended when they reconvened their former musical partnership to produce No Quarter. Having long resisted offers from MTV to reform to do an Unplugged show, they finally accepted as part of a deal that also allowed them to visit Morocco to record new material. The album combines the results of both of these projects.

The Led Zeppelin material features new arrangements and new instrumentation, including strings, Egyptian musicians and the vocals of British-Asian star Najma Akhtar. Page and Plant recorded their only post-Zeppelin album of original material on the album Walking into Clarksdale , an effort that was unsuccessful commercially, leading Plant to return to his solo career.

A song from this album, " Please Read the Letter ", was re-recorded by Plant with Alison Krauss , and was featured on their album which won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year. Starting in mid, Plant performed until the end of at several small venues with his folk-rock band, named Priory of Brion. In , Plant contributed to the tribute album for Moby Grape co-founder Skip Spence , who was terminally ill.

The album, More Oar: Plant had been an admirer of Spence and Moby Grape since the release of Moby Grape's eponymous debut album. In , with his then newly formed band Strange Sensation , Plant released a widely acclaimed collection of mostly blues and folk remakes, Dreamland.

Contrasting with this lush collection of often relatively obscure remakes, the second album with Strange Sensation, Mighty ReArranger , contains new, original songs. Both have received some of the most favourable reviews of Plant's solo career and four Grammy nominations, two in and two in His sets typically included recent, but not only, solo material and plenty of Led Zeppelin favourites, often with new and expanded arrangements.

A DVD titled Soundstage: Robert Plant and Strange Sensation , featuring his Soundstage performance filmed at the Soundstage studios in Chicago on 16 September , was released in October At the show, Plant told the audience of his great admiration for Arthur Lee dating back to the mid-'60s. Lee died of his illness six weeks after the concert.

An expansive box set of his solo work, Nine Lives , was released in November , which expanded all of his albums with various b-sides, demos, and live cuts. It was accompanied by a DVD.


Robert Plant - Wikipedia

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You'll value our proven commitment to customer service - professionally and personally executed. Call us at Men whose chapped lips and yellowed teeth were shown in smiles at the sight of her, making her insides revolt, her mind floating back to the riot in King's Landing where the people tore the High Septon's limbs to pieces, and she was nearly—. She cursed herself of the obscurity and tightened her dark robe. The snow ceased descending and luck had made minute sunshine across the clouds.

She had to relish this part of the day, when it was warm, for this was rare and lasted for only about a meal's time. Her heart started thrumming with the nearing edge of the path. Finally she stepped out in the open. The forest where their gloomy castle grew around set her chest to overwhelming flutters. It probably was the part of Winterfell least ruined. Once upon a time she resented this place for resembling the forsaken kingdoms in Old Nan's stories.

But that was before she lived in a hell named King's Landing and met the monsters in the form of Joffrey Seven bless his soul not , and Cersei and those rapists she often nightmares about. Now it felt like haven, despite the smell of moist earth and decay.

She never went here unless she was with father or Robb and Jon, or Hodor and her little brothers. Few of the sentinel trees still stood with branches intact, the leaves that abandoned them carpeted the ground, making crisp dry noises at the touch of the wind.

From the naked branches to the thick black trunks that crowded close together, down to the misshappen roots wrestling on the soil, Sansa has never seen something beautiful since the dress she wore on their ride to King's Landing. This was a place of deafening silence. Where the world seemed to have befallen under the Stranger's clasp.

Where lord father usually tucks himself in meditation. Sansa turned her head, finding a thin, pale girl, about her age or younger, leaning on the wall near the entrance to the forest.

She had chocolate hair that rippled down to the waist, had a small childish face, lovely in some sort of way, but spying. She wore dark leather, giving the impression she wasn't in any way a Lady. Sansa made no reply, trying to gauge who this she-stranger is.

She first thought this was Jeyne, but lacked manners. She looked at the forest twice, "for me, at least. But things change when you see worse. And you go back to what you once thought was ugly, and find them the most beautiful thing after all. The girl breathed out what was supposed to be laughter, and Sansa wasn't impressed.

She finds it unpleasing for someone to discover her in her solitude, at least before her wedding night. The girl's face flushed, with a quick smile, she looked down, "I'm Myranda.

Sansa does not remember their kennel master having children, much less a daughter. Myranda seemed to sense her query. Sansa, finally hitting her point, opened her mouth in enlightenment but kept her voice to herself. Silence fell but Sansa can feel the thick tension in how this Myranda sees her.

And she does not like it. Her eyes, cold emerald, were masked with a smile but something inside chilled her. Sansa swore she saw the tightening in Myranda's jaw. The Stark girl found herself swallowing. Myranda clicked her tongue, breaking the pause. She perceived the hesitations, as if Myranda never actually meant to say the final message. Instead, they locked eyes the last time, with Myranda's coy and suppressed smile. Sansa has nothing to do but watch as Myranda paraded her back which continually diminished as she left the place, but she heard how the kennel girl's fingernails scraped the brick her hand rested on.

Without second thoughts, she pushed this Myranda aside. She had no interest in making friends anymore, not especially with this girl taking side with the aliens in her home. The same aliens she was about to call her family in this political wedding.

Gaining back her solitude felt like victory. She paced forward to the tree everyone in Winterfell was familiar to. And there it was, still fat and short and dominating.

Its trunk was still white, striped with grey or blue, its leaves a canopy of fire, and its facade carved with the all-knowing and sad face of a god she didn't even know the name. Its leaves were still enough to make a shade, the red in its leaves almost the only color screaming in the place. A few yards from the godswood she stopped and conceived the figure of father, his back on her, wiping his Valyrian sword Ice. This image sent her lips trembling, an excess of her sadness spilled on the edges of her eyes again.

She closed them to let the tears streak on. Tears were no longer a stranger to her, she should be well familiar with them. Sansa moved to the tree, to the spot where father used to tuck himself. The pond loomed in front of her in an almost dark and daring crystal. Ripples played on its surface and it smelled of moss. Beside the pond was the huge rock almost as high as the godswood itself.

They made sport of this pond, she acknowledged, she and Arya and her two little brothers. Robb and Jon once swam with them, usually jumping from the rock to land heavier towards the bottom of the pond. They would race to dive and grab a handful of mud from the pond bottom to prove they've reached its limit.

But both withdrew when they started growing their facial hairs, when father started taking them to hunts or beheadings. She could almost see Bran's wondering eye whenever she and Arya stripped, probably looking for the thing which was supposed to hang between their legs. She could almost hear baby Rickon's cry when chased with splashes.

Her fingers touched the water and made more ripples that continued to nowhere. Perhaps ripples were like fame, or beauty, or power. The moment it grows, then it's gone. The touch of it, though, was delish. Like the old days, she started stripping herself off the black cape that was supposed to protect her from hungry eyes.

The cape crumpled on the hard fat roots of the wood. Her bare and slightly freckled arms kissed the cold and tolerated it too. She pulled her boots off and fed her feet on the water, her toes wiping the moss off the stones.

It almost made her gasp, and slowly she reached the hem of her dark dress and dipped her feet further and deeper. When the water reached up to her upper thighs she pulled her dress off her body, her breasts making a soft bounce as the cloth freed them.

She threw the garments, smallclothes and dress together, to rest beside the cape. The water was exhilarating. Being engulfed in it made Sansa Stark invincible of the memories that have been haunting her since she entered the gates.

Her body, pearly white against the water, absorbed a strength that she has never tasted since her first breath. She slowly stretched her arms, as if giving herself in surrender, and looked up to the sky, eyes half-opened, lips slightly parted, her hair a halo around her head. She was an eagle above clouds.

She was a dragon casting shadow on the plains. If this lake were a man, she was glad to have made love with it. The thought plastered a quiet vibration under her skin. Was she ready for this? They said it was pleasurable. Too pleasurable that men would pay for it, for the lumps of flesh on a woman's chest and the "pit" between her thighs.

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