Tips For Drying Up And Finishing Basement

Best Tips For Drying Up And Finishing Your Basement

You can add some new value to your home with a well finished basement. You can't have a comfortable basement without taking the right steps to keel your home free from moisture and its attendant mildew and molds. Your journey to creating the most comfortable basement begins with shutting every source of water in the sight. Start with a very clean, well dried space and turn that basement into an attractive new room.

Remember your basement is one of the most comfortable and private places in your home where you can retire after a strenuous day at work over a bottle of your favorite wine. In this post, we will look at some great tips for drying up and finishing your basement.

Tips For Drying Up Basement

1. Start By Drying Up Your Basement

You must have to dry up your basement before doing any type of finishing. You can easily remedy the water problems in your basement using two distinct measures: adding or repairing downpours and gutters or grading the soil to slope away from the foundation.

If you try any of these two steps or both without getting satisfactory results, you can take more serious measures like waterproofing the walls of your basement and adding exterior drain tiles or an interior drain tile that empties directly to a sump basket through a pump.

2. Diagnose All Water Problems

Most of the water found in your basement come from either the indoor humidity known to condense on the cold surfaces in your home. This indoor humidity on cold solid surfaces mostly resembles water droplets that form on a cold drink on a very humid day.

Another source of moisture in your basement is water vapor or water that enters your basement from outside. It is easy for water from melting show, rainwater, and groundwater to saturate the soil around your foundation and leak into your basement.

3. Recovered Excess Humidity

You can also dry out your basement by removing every source of humid air. Prevent unwanted humid air from entering your home by swaling every leaky dryer vents using a foil tape. Using duct tape may not get the work done as it will fall off eventually.

4. Get All Pipes Insulated

Basement water problems can be enhanced by condensation dripping from cold pipes. You can cover your cold water pipes with a foam pipe insulation to inhibit the condensation.

5. Get The Walls Insulated

Insulate all exterior walls to prevent condensation. During cold weather conditions, insulating your basement walls can save you energy and minimize your heating bills. If water leaks into your basement from outside, you don't have to cover your walls with insulation in order not to encourage the growth of molds.

6. Add Variety to your Lighting

You can include different lighting types and styles in your plan to make your basement more visually interesting and captivating. Add different switches that will help you choose between bright and dim lights.

7. Heat Up Your Basement Floors

You can make the floors of your basement more comfortable by keeping it heated up and warm with electric heating cables and mats. This type of heating helps keep your basement comfortable without necessarily warming or heating up your room much.

8. Hire HVAC professionals to Install your Basement HVAC Unit

You don't have to do this yourself to avoid any complications. You need a profession to help you design the most appropriate ductwork for your basement.

9. Go For Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile or planks remain the best basement flooring choice any day. The luxury vinyl is indestructible and waterproof. Also, it is easy to install and gives your basement an exotic look.

10. Make Use of Warm Colors

Basements are cool and lack in natural lights. Using warm colors will give your basement a cozier look and feel. These warm colors also make your basement feel and look for inviting and comfortable.

You need a basement you can always look forward to relaxing in when spending time at home. Following these steps will help you create an inviting and comfortable basement.