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Seeking a lady interested in the occult


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Seeking a lady interested in the occult

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This is a dense and scholarly book about one of the pulpiest subjects of the past 70 years - the relationship between the Nazi party and the occult, which has been much debated across popular culture both in fiction Captain America: Civil War, Hellboy, Wolfenstein, the Indiana Jones series, Iron Sky, The Keep and countless others and in innumerable schlocky works of pseudoscience with runes and swastikas on the covers.

As it turns out, though, even this sober, academic treatment of the topic reveals stranger-than-fiction truths on every page. Here are a few of them. In the s, Hitler made extensive notes on a book called Magic: Theory, History, Practice and underlined passages such as "He who does not carry demonic seeds within him will never give birth to a new world".

In , the year after he was appointed chancellor of Germany, he hired a dowser to go over the Reich Chancellery in search of "death rays" that might damage staff in the building. He and Himmler held frequent conversations about "the World Empire of Atlantis, which fell victim to the catastrophe of the moons falling to Earth" and about a discredited pseudoscience called Welteislehre, or World Ice Theory, which taught that the cosmos was made of ice and which they saw as a "Germanic" counterbalance to the "Jewish" theory of relativity.

All across the Nazi high command, in fact, esoteric belief was rife. Goebbels read Nostradamus in bed. Rudolf Hess was into homoeopathy and herbalism, and employed a personal dowser and astrologer. All these men were also fascinated by biodynamic agriculture, a mystical farming concept borrowed from Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophist movement which the Nazis believed would provide "harmony between blood, soil and cosmos".

Many high-ranking Nazis were also enthusiasts for Eastern mysticism - Indian myths, Tibetan spirituality, Japanese warrior codes - which they saw as the lost teaching of an ancient, Aryan race. Himmler, the head of the SS, went farthest, setting up the Ahnenerbe - the Institute for Ancestral Research - which combed Germany and occupied Europe for records and folklore to support his ideas of Aryan heredity.

The SS had a witch division, responsible for bringing home evidence of witch trials and wizardry: In his castle at Wewelsburg, which was fitted out like the occult lair of a knightly order, he employed an elderly sage called Wiligut who claimed to be descended from gods. In return for copious rations of drugs and booze, Wiligut, who went by the name Weisthor Wise-Thor would provide stories about telepathic deities, ancestral white supermen and a time when "giants, dwarves and mythical beasts moved about beneath a sky filled with three suns".

The Nazi high command was wedded to these peculiar mixtures of science and occultism, whose history Eric Kurlander deftly traces in German popular thought from the 19th century onwards. As early as , he notes, the leaders of the volkisch movement were hoisting swastika flags, advocating race war with "Judah" and promoting bizarre blends of Germanic folklore and the science-fictional occult.

In the fertile imaginative soil of the post-Versailles period, among a people desperate for hope and self-definition, supernatural and occult ideas of all kinds sprouted freely. Co-opted by the Nazis as part of a generalised desire to create a "Germanic" national identity, they rapidly became political orthodoxy, meaning that by the time of World War II, anyone who professed an adherence to Grenzwissenschaft - "border science", or what we would today call pseudoscience - was likely to go far.

During the battle of the Atlantic, for example, a U-boat captain by the name of Hans Roeder became convinced that the Allies must be using dowsing, or "radiesthesia", to locate and sink German submarines.

The reality radar, sonar and cracking the Enigma code was far more prosaic, but instead of being laughed out of command, Roeder was handed a substantial budget to set up the Pendulum Institute in Berlin. A large map of the Atlantic was spread out on a table, and a toy battleship placed on it.

Then "a pendulum, consisting of a cube of metal about one cubic centimetre and a short string, was swung above the battleship. If the pendulum reacted, it proved the presence of a true battleship at that location. In , Himmler was still employing pendulum-swingers to search rivers for the mythical Rheingold. Kurlander's book charts a judicious path through this wildest of territory, finding traces of the occult in Nazi film, mass media, and, most chillingly, in the preparations for the Holocaust.

And it has a sting in the tail. Hitler's monsters, it seems, aren't just Hitler's. You close the book, and look over your shoulder. Charles Lysaght Winston Churchill had an unhappy childhood, belittled by a father who died after a long illness probably syphilis in when Winston was 20, and neglected by his glamorous well-educated Allison Pearson Is there a word for that feeling when you turn the last page of a novel which has kept you utterly enthralled, whose imaginary world feels so real that its sorrows are your sorrows, its joys your Anne Cunningham Hazel Gaynor has, in previous novels, written about factual historical moments and then deftly woven a cast of fictional characters around those facts.

Her latest novel repeats the From great gigs to film reviews and listings, entertainment has you covered. Hitler's obsession with the occult History: Hitler and Himmler held frequent conversations about 'the World Empire of Atlantis, which fell victim to the catastrophe of the moons falling to Earth' Hitler's Monsters by Eric Kurlander.

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Witchcraft: Things Women Do To Keep Their Men

In earlier days, there were astrological magazines which provided forecasts for a full month. Most First Ladies do not appear to have done much with the advice other than muse about its relevance to how they were living their real lives.

It is difficult to determine just which women did live by their horoscopes and which took it less seriously because any such reliance was never leaked to the public. It was not long before the reliance on astrology by these two First Ladies was revealed to the press, because both of their astrologers went fully public.

What made the accounts of their horoscope consultations all the more relevant and intriguing was that both Florence Harding and Nancy Reagan used it as a tool in their impulse to not only protect their husbands but attempt to guide their presidencies in a successful manner. Florence Harding standing beside the front porch of the Harding home in Marion, Ohio.

Perhaps no First Lady was more expert on the full gamut of the occult and believed more thoroughly in the mysterious powers of the supernatural world than did Florence Harding. Her campaign secretary Kathleen Lawler recalled how superstitious she was about otherwise seemingly minor details.

Even in the White House, she became agitated if a maid placed a pair of shoes on a bed, which she believed could provoke bad luck. In her later years, Mrs. A later generation of those striving to idealize Warren Harding sought to justify his shortcomings either by using her occult interests to caricature her as an emotionally unstable burden on him and attacking those attempting to prove she was not.

Others went to great lengths to obliterate evidence or deny its veracity. A caretaker charged with preserving their personal objects, for example, later bragged about his disposing of her tarot cards found in the attic. A professor mad that her diary had been discovered which included occult references that contradicted his agenda asserted that it was a fake — until he was confronted with samples of her handwritten entries from it.

The irony is that in their lifetime neither Warren or Florence Harding were ashamed by her integrating astrology into their lives. Among the numerous astrologers Florence Harding relied upon during her life none was to play as large and public a role as Marcia Chaumprey. She then returned with three fellow wives of U. Senators, veiled for anonymity, and presented the birth place, time and date details of her husband, seeking to determine the viability of him making a run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Marcia determined that Harding would be nominated and win the general election, but at the cost of his life. The prediction did become a factor in Harding remaining through the primaries, through the power of suggestion, but it was not the sole determinant in his continuing on.

Rather than deny it, however, Florence Harding embraced it, confirming her faith in astrology but making amused rather than insulted reference to the leak about the consultation. A wise reaction, it ended any controversy before it began.

A l Liberty magazine illustration showing Madame Marcia working on the Harding zodiac chart. What you and many others call "the Occult" is actually just another science, like Physics, or Biology. The important point is to approach the occult like you would approach a new scientific subject, and not loose your logical thinking and common-sense when you do so.

Just like any sciense, it will fulfill your desire to discover the unknown, in this case the unknown is YOU actually it is all the YOU's that fill up this cosmos The steps required before you can do any of those "evil" ; things are: Read anything you find on the occult western AND eastern, new age and Ancient , but don't take the writings as absolute truth.

Practice, Practice and Practice. Take detailed notes and compare them at all times. Always keep in mind that there is no "good" or "evil" in the occult, but there is self-less-ness, and selfishness, and if you follow the second path, then you will not get any powers associated with balanced bodies, and so you will not really get anywhere with the occult, thus there'll be no "evil" for you!

You might have heard people tak about "evil magicians" or "evil occultists". Simply put they don't exist! Many other people who know little of magic, call all sorts of interesting things "black magic"! The Occult is not bad, nor is it good. It just is what it is. Your intentions can be bad or good. Sure, you can do that, but I wouldn't do it without some serious studying first.

Well start by being a vegan and you might come close! It isn't bad to have an interest in it. It can be really fun and exciting - as long as you do the research and know what you are getting into. With magick comes laws and responsibility. Opening yourself to the occult when you have not done the proper research opens you up to all kinds of spiritual attacks.

Raising the dead, taking away people's free will, causing harm to others I beg your pardon, but you've go the wrong idea about a lot of this. Where are you getting your sources from to be asking this question? Anyway, it's not a bad thing to be involved or interested in these things. People will deffinately look at you different or treat you different when they know about you like that, but it's not all bad and you don't have to be a nasty brute when involved.

The dark also has the sweetest people. I noticed in your question you used the words 'bad' and 'evil'. So I bet you know the answer but here are a few scriptures that show what God's view is of spiritism, occult, etc The apostle Paul warned Christians in 1 Corinthians We are not stronger than he is, are we?

This means the second death. Notice what Ecclesiates 9: But did you know that Hall immersed himself in the world of the occult for quite some time? Hall also claimed to have long-standing heritage in the supernatural, contending that his great-great-grandfather was a warlock and that he was related to occultist Aleister Crowley.

Hall was especially interested in Crowley because they both rebelled against their conventional, religious upbringings by trying to infuriate everyone around them with shocking actions.

My life was unbalanced at the time, when I was doing that. In the late Victorian era, a movement called Spiritualism, in which people talked to ghosts, became popular with all social classes in Great Britain.

The queen and Prince Albert, her husband, were deeply interested in Spiritualism, regularly attending seances and other psychic meetings. When Albert died in , Victoria was devastated. Grieving in the only way that made sense to her, she searched for a medium who could help her make contact with her dead husband. She knew that many mediums were frauds but finally found one who seemed genuine: Robert James Lees, a year-old medium who claimed to channel the spirit of Albert.

She sent her courtiers to investigate the young medium. He went to the palace nine times. Each time, Victoria was left completely at his whim, prompting her to ask him to become resident medium of her royal household.

But her courtiers convinced her that public knowledge of her reliance on a medium might damage her reputation. It is no secret that Led Zeppelin has long been associated with occultism by annoyed parents. But there is a surprising truth to this: Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page was a devout follower of the teachings of occultist Aleister Crowley. Throughout his career, Page has made frequent references to occult elements in his work with the band.

He maintained the shop for many years until his work with Led Zeppelin kept him too busy. Even so, Page included the supernatural in the band through the use of occult symbols. We do know that Page is a Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn. Also, in astrology, Saturn is the planetary ruler of lead. Page may have considered that to be another link to Led Zeppelin.

He also owned and studied one of the most extensive collections of original books by Crowley in the world. William Lyon Mackenzie King is one of the most important figures in Canadian history. However, he tried to keep his obsession with occultism secret from the public. Soon after, he turned to contacting mediums, so he could communicate with the dead. King realized that it would cause a scandal if the public knew that he regularly visited mediums.

So he attempted to remain anonymous when planning a seance. In fact, he was so discreet about his visits that one of his mediums admitted that she never knew he was a politician.

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