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Looking for hippie type female to smoke n chill


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Looking for hippie type female to smoke n chill

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Just someone to pboobs the time Looking for hippie type female to smoke n chill. You will enjoy you're time with me.

I'd like to meet a Woman who has pboobsions for Art, Nature, Gardens, Wines and delicious food cooked by me (or us)I'm in great shape 170 pounds 5' 9 English accent. And it's dry at my house.


People like to get high. But due to the influence of various gender tropes, the pop culture image of the stoner, from rapper to ultimate Frisbee player , is usually male.

In stoner movies like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle , smoking pot is something the main characters do with their male friends, and the women in their lives usually exist outside of that. Recently, however, lady stoners are starting to come out of the woodwork, loud and proud, on and off your TV screen.

Consumer culture is also hot on the trail of this new demographic of female shoppers. The girlswhosmokeweed Tumblr community and stoner Pinterest boards show off these wares, from sports bras with pot leaves to blunt bikinis. Ilana Wexler of Broad City. A pink glass pipe shaped like an elephant. Where she gets her weed: Her ex who still deals sometimes to friends and whatever. Her rich absentee parents never made her get a job, so she spends her time making collages and looking up various eastern religions on Wikipedia.

She wakes up early to do yoga in the nude, takes several naps a day, and good lord, does she ever want a baby. Top-of-the-line vape pen health first! What she does for cash: Phil Lesh and Friends. There was a lot she was going to do with her life, but instead she watches six hours of Simpsons a day. She carries a deli bag instead of a purse. Alexandra Pfefferman of Transparent. An Adventure Time tattoo. Cece Lederer is a journalist and former television writer from New York who wrote about entertainment, lifestyle, and comedy for the Daily Dot.

She is a former writers' assistant for The Colbert Report, and her reporting has also appeared in Salon. She's currently based in Berlin. The presidential text alert system is rife for conspiracy theories Mike Rothschild — October 6.

Sorry, this embed was not found. Cece Lederer Cece Lederer is a journalist and former television writer from New York who wrote about entertainment, lifestyle, and comedy for the Daily Dot. Represented by Complex Media, Inc.

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The 21 Best Stoner Movies To Watch On Netflix

You will find a large number of artists, mountain bikers, hikers, and outdoorsmen in this town, along with communes galore. Dancing circles of hippies beating drums and enjoying life in the middle of the wilderness are seen on mountain tops near here.

People tell me that the university here is one of the most open-minded in the world, and it offers a variety of alternative majors mountain climbing, kayaking, etc. Sedona, Arizona - A hippie haven since before the Harmonic Convergence, this little town grew way too big and unfortunately allowed Macdonald's and other chains to destroy the charm. They say the vortexes are still there, humming in the mountains and sacred secret places.

Tempe, Arizona - A visitor wrote us that "every Sunday there is a gathering of kind brothers and sisters in Tempe at the Sail Inn. We have been getting together for about two years for an afternoon of kind vibes with the incredible Grateful Dead cover band Noodles.

They play from 4: If you're ever in town, we would love to have you join us. Hope to see ya sometime. Noodles now plays at Nita's Hideaway, also in Tempe on Sundays starting at 7: Tucson, Arizona - Home to the University of Arizona and a large hippy population, Tucson is happening!

The street occasionally gets transformed into a huge Art Festival. There's usually some good music around town, plus the nice climate and cheap smoke keeps everybody groovin'! That's why some call it "TooStoned". California Arcata, California - "This is the best place to go if you're a hippie.. It's located in Humboldt County, which is pretty well-known for it's marijuana growing. The community is great, there are always festivals going on about the earth, such as the Mushroom Fair, the Hemp Festival, North Country Fair, everything you can imagine.

I love it here! The people are so supportive of you.. The rents are cheap and it seems everyone is way laid back, with Humboldt next door and being amongst the greatest redwoods in the world, how can you go wrong! This is where a lot if not most of the hippy movement began. It is famous for it's protests in the 60's and 70's and even today. I have never been to a place where there are more liberal people in one area in my life, or more marijuana.

Students and locals alike share the hippy mentality, just take a walk down Telegraph Ave.! We are the center of the "emerald triangle" How could you not be when you're living in a paradise like this? Shasta, California - "One of the most sacred places on earth. Everyone is so totally kind. The mountain pours out its love and watches over all its inhabitants.

It snows for days in the winter, but in the summer I go live in the woods and draw off the healing energies. Another kind thing is that the cops realize that hippies are really laid back and we do a lot for the community and keep it beautiful, therefore we all do well living in harmony.

Laid back mixture of surfers and hippies make for a cool scene. Check out The Black a famous headshop in O. Also "blacks beach every full moon at 8: The music scene in S. Great concerts from major acts and lots of smaller venues showcase local talent. Many things to like about S. Worse thing is how expensive it's getting. The place where it all began in the Summer of Love, and where it continues to this day.

Santa Cruz, California - "I'm not sure there is really a large population of hippies IN Santa Cruz--it's kind of a melting pot of all types of people--but if you're looking for some really beautiful scenery, kind people, and totally peaceful chillin', head to one of the towns a little bit north of Santa Cruz.

Felton, Boulder Creek, Bonny Doon It's also real close to the ocean. It's one of the prettiest areas you can imagine You won't be sorry! Due to an ever-increasing influx of "hippies", Deadheads, Phishheads, etc.

Don't laugh, because it has happened! Lots of hippies live here, mainly older ones along with many artists and other cool folks too. Musicians playing on the street is encouraged by the town and every February Manitou Springs host one true hippie Mari Gars called "Carnivale". Do stop by and check out this neat town! Nederland, Colorado - 17 miles west, up the canyon from Boulder. This town has old to young hippies from all over the country.

Very awesome music scene for a little mountain town Leftover Salmon, etc In fact all of the hippies in Boulder that didn't become wealthy yuppies and some that did are now in Paonia and have been for quite some time.

Paonia is on the western slope of Colorado. It still is an affordable place to live for hippies, unlike Boulder. We even have a person in the next town over, Hotchkiss, who is named Hippy Lereaux quite an infamous character, a real outlaw.

But, the town is very small, and there is not all that much to do in the way of nightlife and entertainment and there are a lot of annoying frat boys who drive around in jeeps and chuck things at people. The drug scene is somewhat unstable here, there is a lot of laced and bad stuff, gotta be careful! Florida Orlando, Florida - "Gainesville is not all the bomb that you say it is.

The "hippy capital" is definitely St. SUCH A fabulous family!! They never have big name bands. Orlando on the other hand is a mecca. The town is tolerant of long hairs and pot is available from Jamaica. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Not too familiar with Florida. Looking for a laid back sleepy hippy type beach town with affordable housing?

More so in the beach area. Originally Posted by rfr OCNJ and or lower Florida keys. It's off the Grid and totally layed back and peaceful. Not just anyone can go there. But if you find it. Talk to Bob and im sure he'll be like yeah theres a spot for ya. But its all tent camping. He just asks you to help around the ranch. Really cool hippie spot. I'll be there this winter from Philly.

Check out Flagler Beach just north of Daytona when you can as it's definitely laid back. Still looks like old style FL beach town. Apts above store fronts that may be affordable. I dig the whole san francisco flowers in their hair schtick. This thread has a dangerous deficient of pics. Nov 26, Messages: Not a fan of full-blown dreads and an aversion to hygiene. GrizzleyT , Jun 28, BlitzReborn , Jun 28, Artsy hippie girls are adorable. I think I see hippie girls wearing bohemian hair styles sometimes and I love that hair style.

So pretty and chic. ShyMinx , Jun 28, GatorFan , Jun 28, Most of the time theyre a lot more chill and actually think unlike most girls. And I dont mean girls that smoke a lot cuz they want to fit in or whatever. May 15, Messages: I like girlsrgamers2 so yeah I guess I do like some. Raven , Jun 28, KillerAtNight1 , Jun 28, Tdog , Jun 28,

Dec 29,  · Looking for a laid back sleepy hippy type beach town with affordable housing? Sad but true that Florida's growing older, more conservative and more expensive (like CA). What were the most famous hippy areas in FL have now become gentrified, overpriced and fabulous now. We have a huge collection of vaporizers in E-Cigs, Mods, Dry, & Concentrate. Such as, Pax, Micro G, Puff King, Pinnacle, Lux, Solo, Sonic, Da Vinci, Ascent, Puffit. Tuscaloosa, Alabama - We have a "smoking" hippie culture here. The music seen is about to explode with a phenonmenal acoustic player Adam Jason, a good friend and touring partner of Edwin Mc Cain's. The music seen is about to explode with a phenonmenal acoustic player Adam Jason, a good friend and touring partner of Edwin Mc Cain's.