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Red River flooding - Photos - The Big Picture -

Living in an area that has the potential to flood you out even once in a years or more is simply not worth it. Criticism of New Orleans for building below sea level is warranted. Criticism of those living in a flood plain is warranted too, especially the government that allows you to build in a treacherous area. Im from Cedar Rapids Iowa and I remember the projected water levels coming in and being announced every day. They got higher and higher and the last couple days they were so high that none of the levees and dikes here were tall enough, everybody knew that nothing was tall enough to hold the water back.

I see that in the Fargo area the predicted water levels are going to be higher then in What surprised everyone around here is that the water levels far exceeded the previous water level predictions, I hope it dosen't happen In the Fargo-Moorehead area.

All they need now is a warming trend to really do some damage. Hold on Fargo, you'll make it. These pictures are horrific and amazing at the same time. I wish you all in ND and Manitoba the best of luck in this incredibly difficult time. Your efforts are heroic! Those who wish to bring politics into this need to STFU! This isn't the place nor the time. I relocated to Bismarck from Fargo 2 years ago, and hoped to get reprieve from spring floods. A woman dressed in a purple sweatshirt and jeans worked feverishly next to me.

She inspired me to work harder, and I did. I really do not believe that many of the people from outside of this wonderful area that supplies such a majority of our national food supply understand that this really is part of the breadbasket of our great nation. While we get enamoured with the Red River of the North that is devistating the towns and cities along its path, many villages and farms and other parts of the landscape are being challenged in their survival.

The one outstanding attribute about this adventure is the outpouring of volunteerism from around the area. There are not a great number of individuals looking for a free handout. Years ago I worked a smaller flood on the same river and a volunteer worker from another distant state came in to assist in the recovery and she asked us where are the victims, my co-worker and myself replied with their friends and relatives and others.

She never did quite understand our culture. Sad to see the so politicized. Good luck and best wishes to everyone in ND - it's always great to see people banding together. Posts blaming the tragedy in New Orleans on the people of the city are difficult for me to see. There were hard working people who gave everything they had to that city and had their homes flooded and lives ruined despite doing all they could.

It was a national tragedy and embarrassment, regardless of your political beliefs or the color of your skin. Your comment points out your incredible amount of stupidity. Here's how you can compare New Orleans and North Dakota - after Katrina the North Dakota National Guard were among the first to respond to New Orleans, the provided the much needed water supply thousands of evacuees.

The people of ND don't only take of their own- they attempt to take care of the rest of the country, too.

One group of students returned from a mission trip to New Orleans on Sunday, changed their clothes and started sandbagging. That's why we live here! Thanks to those of you with your kind of words. The pictures are overwhelming. And the people are the best I love my state and all the seasons we have here. Our family have been in floods in Jamestown in the late '40s. It is difficult but the help and encouragement and cooperation there were unsurpassed and made it all bearable.

May God bless eveyone through this trying time. Vi March 27, I see a couple of you are attacking Obama. Do you expect him to solve all of the problems in the world in a few days??? I have no political preference but to blame someone who is thrown into the presidency with the many problems he inherited I'd advise you to learn more about the "bigger picture".

Try to focus on helping in whatever way you can to contribute to helping at this time and stop "blaming" anyone. Speaking of "blame", what are YOU doing to contirubute to a food bank to help feed people during these troubled times???? You don't see any of those things because of the fundamental differences in the predictability of, and ability to prepare a population for, a flooding river compared with a hurricane.

Hurricanes change course and gain power on a much more unpredictable timeline than a flooding river, it is nearly impossible to predict more than a few days before a hurricane strikes a location, and even more difficult how powerful it will be once it gets there.

It is not the case that these people found out last night that their city was turning into a lake, and that the entire area was evacuated in less than 24 hours. People have been working to protect Fargo and Moorhead from this flood for more than a week, and will continue to do so as long as a river runs through it. Your comparison is myopic and unfair. And, for the record, there are people in these cities who are not leaving their homes, do some research. First, let me say, awesome comment!!

Thank you for pointing out what a complete jackass you are. You are unquestionably helping in the discovery of individuals who contribute, to use your words, to the stupidity of mankind. Saves me the time. My thoughts and prayers go to all those people who are working so hard to save their homes, families and businesses.

The pictures are a true testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of mankind. I'm from Winnipeg and I hope our improved flood system can withhold the coming onslaught. It isn't about being a democrat or republican, it's about coming together as a community and trying to save what we can.

The government is doing what they can, and the volunteers are amazing! It is truly remarkable to see everyone volunteering to save homes of people that they don't even know. And a huge thank you to all the college students in the area, because if it wasn't for them, the city might be under water already. Politics, population, demographics, and previous natural disasters have nothing to do with what is happening to the Red River Valley. If this community has taught me anything that stuck, it is the importance of banning together as a whole in the face of what many would consider a disaster.

I lived in Moorhead during the first flood, and remember sandbags at the end of the street over six feet high, holding back what I thought was a pretty cool sight, too young to understand what was happening. Now having lived in different communities, in different countries, I feel a sense of pride for coming from a place where you don't hear people complaining about traffic inconveniences with a closed and jammed interstate.

You don't see sandbaggers without local restaurants and grills making sure no one is cold or hungry.

And for those who are cold, tired, and afraid The heart of the F-M community is in the people, not just the houses. For those affected, I wish you hope. For those watching from a distance, I wish you gratitude. And for those who know Fargo-Moorhead, pride. I lived in Fargo for 33 years before moving to Omaha. Having lived here for 14 years, I still have a strong desire to move back "home".

Seeing the character of all the residents, volunteers, and everyone else pitching in up there just strengthens my yearning to be back up north. My folks live in Fargo and just evacuated today to my brother's house in the lakes area.

I wish everyone the strength to carry on and strongly urge all to consider a summertime celebration of comradery and thanks.

Good luck--I'll be up there soon. Thanks to everyone wishing the FM area well. I'm one of the many college students from the area and we have been doing all we can to help our community.

Unfortunately, we got evacuated and can no longer help fight the flood. We all need good morale, hopes and prayers. Also, we need our post-flood clean up efforts to be strong!

Thank you to every single person who helped sandbag! Your efforts are not unrecognized, and they were definitely not worthless. God bless the FM area and the rest of north dakota. After seeing my family's house go under in this flood i wish no one would have to go through what we did.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in the area. I'm a college student and I've lived in Moorhead for 3 years now. I've been sandbagging for the last week, trying to save a friends house along the river. Early this morning, we were told to evacuate our town house, but we decided to stay and help sandbag. It's amazing the high spirits people have, considering what they have to lose! I'm home to take some tylenol, then back at it! For those of you from elsewhere, you likely do not understand just how flat the Red River Valley truly is.

The grade is about a 12 inch drop in a mile, less than the curvature of the Earth about 15 inches in a mile. There is no higher ground to relocate. It's this flat because it is not really a river flood plain, rather the dry lake bed of Lake Agassiz, a glacial lake from the most recent Ice Age.

The agricultural quality of its soil is what attracts and keeps its population only two other regions on this planet have better soil, the Midwest from Southern Minnesota and Iowa to Ohio, and the Ukraine. This isn't about politics. This is about people losing their homes. Everyone should step back a moment and think about that. How would you feel if you were in that position today?

He indicated that the coordination among Federal, State and Local agencies is terrific. He was very pleased to have gotten a call from President Obama who wanted to make sure he had everything he needed to secure the city.

He also said that, while FEMA's role is usually recovery and assistance after a disaster, Secretary Napolitano had already sent a lead Administrator to the area to begin the process and coordinate with local governments and the State.

Let's work on saving homes and having positive thoughts for people in a very tough position today. I am so proud of everyone for doing what they can! I live just south of Fargo in Breckenridge, MN that just got flooded 4 days ago. Luckly our house didn't get hit but I saw so many that did. It is so sad but I wouldn't live anywhere else.

As you can see the people here are the nicest, toughest, giving people. I am proud to be apart of this community! As a person who married into the Melroe Bobcat family of Gwinner I can attest to the self reliance of the North Dakota people. If you want something done in these farm areas for crying out loud its no big deal for them to just do it themselves.

And if the something is so big it requires coordinating w your neighbors then they just do it and do it quickly. Well its not often the person has a problem w the issue of having a good work ethic. I wish there were more states like ND, and we wouldn't be in the financial mess we are in right now. We typically don't follow the Nat'l trend because we have a good work ethic.

It surprises me that more states don't catch on to that concept. We are snow birds, and can't wait to get back to Fargo! God bless everyone in this survival mode. But to the people who said "move to higher ground", it's like, 'what higher ground? From Kentucky, our hearts and thoughts are with those who are working so hard through this difficult time! You all make us proud to be Americans!

I was born and raised in North Dakota and lived in Fargo in and remember my office closing and all of us going and sandbagging. I no longer live in North Dakota but still have family and friends that do. My heart goes out to all that are fighting this again.

I have lived in other states and even other countries and have not seen anything that matches the North Dakota spirit. May GOD bless you and your families and help you thru this. People should LIVE in areas near water, the flood, especially when people get rid of the wet lands. I can't sleep and have been reading the news on Fargo. Talk about real strength! The people in your area are truly amazing. I am keeping you in my thoughts Susan in Ames, IA.

To all the people who say F-M or GF should just move to higher ground - there isn't any. And you have to understand that Fargo is not having a routine flood - it is the biggest flood they have ever had, therefore the houses that have never been in flood danger are now counting on the contingency dikes to hold. Also, while sandbagging is not an easy job at all, I am amazed at the work ethic and community pride put forth by all the workers. Even after hours of filling or passing bags, people refuse to take a break or get a drink.

I was born and raised in N. I live in Indiana for the past 4o years, but i visit my sister-in-law every year in the Fairmount area.

I take my hat off to every one that has come to my home state to help. What a wonderful bunch of people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. North Dakota and Minnesota residents are proud, honest, hard-working, and dedicated people. They all deserve our prayers, support, and admiration.

It's gratifying and heartwarming to see the community rise together to face this challenge. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Dixsons from Steamboat Springs, CO. On another note thank you to everyone that has been helping to fight the flood everyone has done a great job I would like to add that people should leave the politics at home were all americans it doesn't matter if were from the right or the left.

Hold on and know we are pulling for you. Remember, a home is a home no matter how much it's valued at. The loss is devastating but things can be replaced. Your lives are worth far more. To all of you who are outraged that someone criticizes Obama, where was your outrages when Bush was blamed for Katrina and the do-nothing local "leaders" in NO?

Shoe is on the other foot now isn't it? BTW, the folks up in ND will be fine and they won't be blaming anyone. They're an example we could all learn from.

To those of you saying why don't we do something permanent about these floods. We are working on it. After the flood 12 years ago, Grand Forks was devestated, they needed to get their city shored up first and Wahpeton to the south came next. There is only so much money to go around and Fargo is waiting its turn. It was going to happen this year or next that permanent dikes were going to be constructed at the cost of 's of milliions. We will have our dike system to limit the effect of these floods.

The pouring a pitcher of water on a table top was a great analogy. It is so flat here but we can crank out the food for the nation to eat in this area. Maybe the folks in NOLA should have had this attitude! I am proud to be from the Upper Midwest. I am an antiamerican when comes to politics, but I pray for those in need wherever they are May God help them all. I am from a small town just out of Fargo, and we have filled our school with refugees.

I am so incredibly impressed by the amazing photos that were taken, and so thankful to those talented photograpers that were thinking enough to be out there taking them.

After being awed by the pics, I went on to read the comments. Kudos to those who simply appreciate the people and their hard work, and send their prayers and best wishes. I was very disappointed when the comments started to turn into comparisons of different areas; political arguements and racist views.

Please don't compare New Orleans to what's happening in Fargo, it's not fair. They are two seperate disasters with very different circumstances. In Fargo, our leadership is experienced in flood-fighting and we learned a lot from previous floods, especially regarding the logistics and efficient distribution of sand-bagging.

The rise of the river was expected and gave us nearly a week to shore up the town. Yes, it's true that folks here have a lot for which to be proud, but these comparisons degrading the residents of New Orleans is cruel and inappropriate. To 73, regarding insurance companies raising flood insurance: The money to replace your stuff needs to come from somewhere, and the more that is spent, the more needs to be collected.

Some people act like they are entitled to insurance, and think that someone the insurance co. Fortunately, it looks like there's plenty of people that know it takes hard work and a community working together to get things done. I hope they all manage to protect as much as they can. I can only say congratulations to all the people who are fighting this fight.

Win or lose, to any degree, you represent the best of what made this country great - a willingness to do what has to be done without blame and without waiting for someone else to do it for you.

I am praying for you. Why do so many people live in flood plains? Why should US taxpayers cover costs for flooding in the flood plain?

How many times will we repeat this story? Time to move out of the flood plain, folks. At one time we did not know better.

I was there, alongside neighbors and fellow college students in , sandbagging for days. I know you must all be tired. The amount of water you are tring to hold back is surreal. But your spirits are strong. Minnesotans and North Dakotans can do anything when they join forces. Have faith in each other and hold tight to the people you love. I am proud to be a Minnesotan. It is no wonder that North Dakota is doing so good econmically. Look at the way these people pull together. Do you see this anywhere else in the US?

Maybe its time we do. Great photos, and this has made for interesting reading. There have been several comments about building in a flood plain.

I was born in the Red River Valley, and if you've never been there - you wouldn't believe how flat it is! From where we lived, you could see the lights from Fargo at night - 40 miles away. Minnesota girl here, born and raised and darn proud of it!

It's so great to see how many people get out there and help one another and don't even think twice about it! That's what makes a true community! Thanks for all of the help! I am so proud of being from the Upper MidWest! Lets focus our thoughts and energy on helping one another, rather than spinning our wheels in the mud by comparing one natural disaster situation to another and trying to point out rights and wrongs.

I was down in New Orleans to help volunteer for a while not long after Katrina hit as well; bottom line is, every situation is different, you don't know what it's necessarily like until you are in the actual situation yourself And above all, the most important factor is - there are many people in desperate need of help! Precious time and energy can be put into much more positive ways of helping!

Thanks again to everyone!!! This makes me proud to live in the Midwest, where we can all band together in a crisis without complaint. I believe my former high school, Cathedral, has sent volunteers as well. These students are missing classes to help their neighbors in the North, and they and all the volunteers deserve our praise. There is a greater difference between the situation in New Orleans and the situation in Fargo than "culture". The circumstances of the Fargo flood relatively slow moving allow them to be proactive and do what they can to protect their homes and livelihoods.

And when I say relatively, I mean relative to the situation in New Orleans. The levees broke and the water literally gushed into the city. What could these people have done? I'm sure that had a sandbagging effort been deemed necessary, the people that were left would have done what they could. But having sat through a raging hurricane the night before the levees broke, I don't see how this could have happened.

Both situations are tragic and dreadful, but it is patently unfair to compare them. They are not the same by any measure. It's really difficult to explain the mood of the Fargo-Moorhead area throughout all of this. I helped sandbagging efforts in a Fargo neighborhood for most of this past week, and throughout the whole thing everyone was joking with each other and having a good time. But at the same time, the atmosphere is full of anxiety and gloom.

On one hand, it's great to see members of a community and members from surrounding communities band together to help one another; on the other hand, it's sad to see such dire circumstances. But hey, we'll get through this, and I'm sure Fargo will look just as beautiful as it ever has this summer. NOLA was not hit by a cresting river over a period of days, it was inundated overnight.

Community action is not an option when the levees break and a foot wall of water submerges a city in a matter of hours. My heart cries out to you. I live in Grand Forks in 97 and truly feel for each of you. The Red River is a mightly river would be alot easier if is flowed south. Stay strong and our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Anyone making snide remarks should be ashamed of yourself. If you haven't experience living through a wall of water wiping out your town please think before writing!!

It is truly hell there right now Unfortunately for the people of New Orleans, they were in the midst of a hurricane. It's kinda hard to get out and fill sandbags in MPH winds.

Plus, the water came not only from the rain, but from a storm surge with huge waves of water that happened in a matter of hours, not days. The people of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba have done an amazing job of coming together and helping their communities. Let's focus on that and not what happened elsewhere. The Missouri is much wider than the Red River, I don't know the exact width.

These were not small ice chunks I think the Corps of Engineers know what they are doing and when it is appropriate to use explosives. AND - it worked! For those people questioning the problems with forecasting, this is not a pure science, there are hundreds of variables and unfortunately they all came at once.

The coments about draining wetlands must come from someone not from North Dakota or are uninformed. North Dakota has protected wetlands and wildlife as much as, if not more, than any other state. By the way, very few people in North Dakota build their homes in areas that get flooded often. We darn sure don't build below sea level, and we don't put up dikes to hold the water back then build below the water line.

We also believe in an honest days work for an honest days pay. If your flood insurance goes up, sorry. Ours went up with the hurricanes in Florida and the flooding in NO, but you didn't hear us complaining.

Thank you all for all the support and prayers for the people of the flooded areas. Jim Doyle aka 'Come See Me' re: Post 81 Well said It's a bit redundant. I know very decent Republicans who wouldn't give these nit-wits the time of day. Those out here that would compare this to Katrina should be embarrassed.

This hopefully will never reach the scope of what happened in New Orleans. I remember the pictures from the last big flood they had out in SD and there was one that stuck with me of an older building right in the middle of town burning out of control on a beautiful day. All the firemen could do was watch from a boat. A favorite quote paraphrased: Try, if you can, to belong to the first class of people God be with you all I am proud to be a native of North Dakota and wish I could be there to help.

My brother is in the thick of it. To those of you in Fargo: Next time you see one of the sand trucks racing down the road, give him a thumbs up for me The unbelievable sense of community; in every sense of the word. Like others have commented, that is a sense of community that you just don't see any more except there.

In the 20 years I've lived in Northern California, I've scarcely seen it but once during the '87 Loma Prieta earthquake - but not to this degree. We're praying for you all! The Bismarck pics are great, but we're not the Red River flood! We just happen to be in the same state as Fargo and had a minor flood at the same time they were getting ready for the big one.

Also, that awesome photo of the ice with the helicopter above it, picture 2, was taken by Will Kincaid, not Tom Stromme. Our phototech attached the wrong name to that one they both took a lot of great pics that day. I spent many years of my childhood in Fargo and I can't say enough about the incredible people who live in that area. They are kind, giving, resilient, and loving. They are the type of people that will stop to help as soon as someone has a flat tire; the kind that will give the coat off their back to someone less fortunate that is cold; the kind of people who will volunteer to sandbag for 20 hours straight for strangers in need.

I am so proud of that whole community. Being a red-blooded conservative, I would like to say that I am pleased with the response from Obama. We are not short on leadership, nor manpower. We have no time not appetite for political posturing, and I believe his response was appropriate. Im from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. These pictures look so very familiar to me. We had a flood of very similar magnitude this last summer. Im so happy to see the community pulling together to help one another.

The sense of community we all shared together was one of the greatest factors helping us get through the ordeal. I couldn't imagine going through what we did, with the conditions the way they are in ND. My thoughts and Prayers go out to all of you, and just remember to stay strong and stay united. It will take each and everyone within the community to get your state back on it's feet!

Just keep pushing forward! I am so so so proud to see everyone coming together in adversity!! North Dakota is a great place to live-- floods, blizzards and all Thank you to all the friends across America and Canada that are coming in to assist with the Red River Flooding It breaks my heart to hear people knocking us for supposedly living in a flood plane.

First of all, flood planes are based on past floods. Since there has never been a flood with heights recorded above what there is now, the majority of people being asked to evacuate thier homes do not live in a 'flood plane'.

They called the flood in '97 the year flood, meaning that it only happened once every hundred years. They had NO idea it would happen again 12 years later, and worse.

I've been sandbagging for the last week, and it's amazing to see the city come together. To 40 and , keep the ignorant comments coming. We WILL get through this, with or without your help. My best wishes for all the greatful people that i met in Fargo, there is nothing than we cant do while we are together , stay strong.

Three comments and a big thank you for all the support from every one. It only took 2 blasts of dynamite to open the ice, they didn't need the 3rd one. Chain saws would not work, the ice chunks were 3' deep. Have a chain saw that would do that kind of work?? Come to ND and help out. The purpose was to get the water flowing not to break up the ice. Watching the weather channel today, let's see SE has floods, tornados, heavy rain. Kansas and that area have heavy snow storm. Earthquakes along the coast so no place I would like move..

Thank you to law enforcement from Fargo and Moorhead. You do not get enough credit for serving and protecting. Thank you to firefighters from Fargo and Moorhead. Thank you to the National Guard. Thank you to Mayor Walaker, Mayor Voxland and all officials for your leadership and also being heroes. Where does a person stop with the thank you's? Thank you to everyone for fighting this flood. Thank you all for the outpouring of support from throughout the nation and Canada, Your prayers, thoughts, comments are appreciated.

No matter what the outcome, We will take care of each other, We will make it through, We are strong. I work from home, so this flood surrounds my office, and my home at the same time. Wow, in life this is one of those once times. Not more than a feet behind my house, the city built their huge earthen dike.

It helped my house zero. Not only that, when I called the city, realizing that I was running behind on diking, they would not send out filled sandbags. Jeez, I dont think I was asking for that much. They referred me to Sandbag Warehouse, who was ripping people off on both filled and unfilled bags.

Thank God the county came through and delivered bags to the road behind me. My buddies then hauled them in on a trailer behind a 4 wheeler down a road flooded with over 18 inches of water.

My friends and neighbors all worked together to make this work. WE did it without the citys help. Thank my friends, neighbors and my boys and thier friends.

Without them I would be without a house! Hopefully I can get some of this dirt to build my own earthen dike. I am terribly saddened by all of this. So many good people trying to battle together and win. But I fear the worse as the next blizzard passes and accelerated warming pushes water levels over most if not all of the sand bags.

I hope the authorities can handle the help that is and willbe needed for all of you good people, young and old, of all stripes. Outstanding work, North Dakotans. Awe-inspiring effort and "can-do" attitudes. I'm so proud of your all!! Keep up the good work, and I'm praying for a let-up!!

An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As far as you idiots disparaging NOLA, keep in mind that they had only a days warning, and no experience. The federal governments lackluster response, as well as various harebrained Corps of Engineer projected certainly made a bad disaster worse. If the worst does happen, of course there won't be looting, its too cold.

God Bless all those residents. It is an awful tragedy for those people to go through. May they survive this flood and move on. Thist is the essence of true American spirit in action by helping our own, not others for a change. We appreciate it, foreign countries very rarely do. My thoughts and prayers are with you. To all you people out there being in the thick of it, stay strong and keep together.

Many hands can achieve many a thing. Do not listen to the nay-sayers who are full of negativity. May Peace be with you. I'm a resident of San Francisco, Ca. If I was there, I would be helping you just as much as the next American to you.

I wish you the best, a true American is shown in times of desperation. I'm sure that you are proud to be part of such a wonderful group of neighbors, friends, and relatives. Just know that MOST of us across this grand country wish you well and pray for the best outcome for each of you. Funny thing here is that there seams to be more poeple posting comments on what they think will help prevent this in the future. Everyone living through this is outside working in the blizzards and rain.

Kudos to all invloved in helping! I realize by posting this comment I to am one of the people that is not helping. I grew up in ND and an unable to get back to help.

My contribution has been made to the relief organizations that are aiding the effort. You are an idiot and do not know what you are talking about.

Put yourself in this situation. A massive wall of water is threatening to turn your house, your life and all you have upsidedown. If you could for one second stop and think about what is happening in this area I would hope to think that you would see how assinine your comment is. Don' t be a close minded twit and see the situation for what it is not for what you think would be easier.

These are peoples lives, homes and everything they have!!! To everyone in the flood areas. I'm proud of North Dakotans and the example they are showing. Congrats to the North Dakotans and Minnesotans who pulled off this miracle. It makes me proud to say I've come from that area. It seemed all week long it was just all bad news, but you showed everyone what it means to be from the Upper-Midwest!

For people criticizing others for living near water, just remember that water is essential in everything that people do from commerce, to sustaining life itself. For people saying they are people not waiting for the government to fix the problem for them, no they are not but neither is the government. All those sandbags provided for volunteers to fill, the Predator drone patroling the skies in search of weak levees and people in need of rescue, FEMA shelters already in place for the smaller communites like Oxbow that lost to the flood etc.

They are there to give the community every chance to succeed. Waiting 3 days after a disaster when they know it's coming is the last administration's way of doing things. God speed cleaning up the mess! We really had a wakeup call here in Hawaii viewing these amazing photos! Thank you for sharing.

We will now go on treasuring our life in paradise more than ever! I'm reading this story in the UK, I really feel for the residents. You are very strong people and may God be on your side a little more. About the story itself. It really captures the spirit and the struggle and a few smiles too. I am very proud of all of you. As for the moron who posted previously "Why do so many people live in a flood plain? Secondly, I hope all those that have holier than thou attitudes know better ways to handle acts of GOD!

Better yet I hope you are ready for him. The thing is, in a flood like this, you don't have to be anywhere near a river to be affected. It is also simplistic, overly idealistic, and just plain silly to suggest that people should not live in flood plains.

Aside from the fact that flood plains consist of thousands and thousands of square miles all over the continent they also provide some of the most fertile land you'll ever find. Communities sprout up around rivers for a reason. Nature goes in cycles. Nothing we do is going to change that no matter what Al Gore says so we just have to ride this extraordinary circumstance out, and help those in need as best we can.

God Bless all the volunteers and the whole community in this effort to protect your land. These efforts are a true inspiration for all of us! Take care of yourselves and be safe. My son and his family lived in MN for a few years. We visited them and toured ND and SD. Beautiful country and people. Our prayers are with you even as far away as Ireland.

Why do we have to compare two disasters at all? It's one thing to be proud of the people in your state, but to point out ways other people should have handled things better- I don't get it. Good luck and continued strength to those out in the cold, trying to fight for their communities!

It's absolutely inspirational to see such a level of community contribution.. I'm proud to be from Fargo and to realize what amazing power people have when we all pull together. A disaster experience puts true values back into perspective. Where ever you live, there is potential for disaster. Near a river, in the mountains, on the beaches, in the forest. Nobody is free from disaster where ever they be. Our prayers and best wishes that this passes quickly and safely thru your towns and cities.

God give you the strength to continue on protecting your homes. Doug, I am so grateful that you Emailed the photos of what you are going through there in ND.

I appreciate them very much, its amazing what you can do when the entire town joins hands. I have been watching the news these past few days and wondering it you have been effective by the rising waters.

God Bless everyone that has had a hand in helping. Your friend in NC, Clyde. I'm from Fargo and I really hope to return the favor someday. I heard there were people from as far away as Florida helping out. Every time I think about that it just astounds me. This whole experience has really opened my eyes to what the power of the people can do.

As for comparing Katrina and this. They were two very different situations. People in New Orleans were completely caught off guard. We had some time to prepare. Now our next battle is the mosquitoes in the summer.

Especially with all this water. Millions of those little suckers just waiting to lay siege upon us. Thank you humbly for all the help and the well wishes.

I know the rest of this community feels the same amount of gratitude. These images are absolutely incredible! All of the volunteer work that has been going on in North Dakota has been so incredibly inspiring, these people have the biggest hearts.

They're all doing such a wonderful job!!! I wish I could get over there and help all of them, if I lived any closer I would in a heartbeat. These people deserve our help. I'm wishing and praying for everything to end smoothly, and will be keeping both ears and eyes out for them. I hope all of these people, and their pets, are being taken care of, and will continue to be taken care of after this is over. All of the praise makes me proud to be a North Dakotan and only urges me to help more.

It truly has been amazing to see how much we have all pulled together to fight this. Ive been volunteering as much as I have been able to, but on a few occasions was actually told to call back because at that moment they had all of the help that they could effectively use!!!

To those that are leaving negative comments of any sort, please keep them to yourselves as we are making it through this by our positivity and strong will. Weve still got a long fight ahead of us and do not need the negativity.

In , just after the flood, I watched my friends' houses get demolished to make room for a dike, for what was thought to be a year flood. We've seen what our own Red River has the capability of. The people of this town aren't going to go down without a fight.

I live in Cedar Rapids, IA, and after experiencing the flooding of 08 here I truly feel for the residents in ND. Its great to see all the pictures of everyone volunteering, pulling together to help neighbors, strangers, and anyone in need. God bless, and I will keep you all in prayers that you pull through and recover fast. Maybe the Reds and Blues can take a hint and figure this one out too. I doubt it, but I will never loose hope. This fight is about humanity not policy, drop the politics and give a helping hand.

There is a great lesson to be learned, yet again, from the strength of the people in the Red River Valley. I lived through the floods in '97 and I have many friends in the FM area good luck and god speed. I will just tell my story as the week has happened. I moved away from Fargo in '94' and was lucky enough to move back "home" three years ago. My place is not in danger of the flood water.

Sunday I helped bag a house south of town that has been an island since tuesday. Since then I have met thousands of people sandbagging. I don't believe I know any of their names but I could call them all friends. Everyone's attitudes have been the key whether their homes were at stake or not.

It is good to be home and truely remember what great people live in this area. I just moved back in my house after the flood in Cedar Rapids, IA got flooded in june and moved in last week.

My heart goes out to all the people that this is and will affect!!!! Those of you who are already complaining about FEMA not responding is that the flood hasn't past and it hasn't been declared as a national catastrophe. But they will help they did for most of us here in Iowa. That guy in the helicopter in the photos is my dad! He has been really busy with this flood and I don't see him much because he leaves early in the morning and comes home in the late evenings.

My dad has also had to go to Fargo to help up there too. I'm proud of what he does and if you happen to know him or see anyone in uniform please thank them for what they do here at home or over seas. We were lucky enough to be far away from the flood but some of my friends weren't. They are all O. On the bright side, we got out of school for a few days. To Joe Taxpayer why are you so afraid to use your real name? We admittedly have built homes and businesses on what up to or more years ago was farmland.

There isn't a city in this country that this happened in one place or another. There, also are thousands upon thousands of acres of farmland that today are holding water and do every year in the spring. The level of the river is almost 41 feet right now the normal level is under 18 feet , if Joe had done his math he'd realize the difference is 23 feet, taller than some 2 story homes, of course the water will break out of its banks.

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