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Looking for an attractive solider

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Looking for an attractive solider

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This handsome image of late Sgt. A Facebook fraud is accused of using pictures of a dead war hero to seduce women he meets online. Roberto Sanchez, a strikingly handsome year- old US Army Ranger killed in combat in Afghanistan in after five tours of duty. Sorvino posted the tragic photos of the square-jawed Special Forces soldier as his profile pictures on Facebook and then passed himself off to women he e-mailed as an all-American hero who grew up in the Big Apple, studied law and then enlisted in the Army to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sanchez, 24, a Florida native, was killed on Oct. He was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart. After months of romancing, he would write of his impending departure from the war zone — and make plans to meet them upon his return.

He would never show. How ironic, I had to travel 8, miles, go to war to meet this girl. The guy was good — he blew my mind. The girls were drooling all over him. The FBI is unlikely to launch an investigation if no financial losses resulted from the fraud, a spokesman told The Post. Written bomb threat halts takeoff at Fla. View author archive Get author RSS feed. Read Next Written bomb threat halts takeoff at Fla. Trending Now on NYPost.

Tina Turner reveals husband gave her kidney for transplant. News Corp HarperCollins Marketwatch realtor. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Do girls find soldiers more attractive than regular guys? - GirlsAskGuys

Perhaps the US solider is upset at being in an unjust war. You selected the worst brazilians female soldiers to show!!! If you want one… ask me! They are given responsibility.

Stop corruption all around even in Defense. The Estonian girl looks 12yrs old … WTF!! Indonesian, Serbian and Romanian solders are the most beautiful solders u could find on the face of the earth.

Bangladesh has also female force. Hi all Girls Very nice and beautiful I am proud of you because you are server for country and its people. I like it your Parents and I am salute to you. I am male and my age is twenty-one. I am belonged from Pakistan. In reply to US Soldier. Why does everything have to be political about the US being over there? Anyone know just how many countries have rotated troops in and out of Iraq and Afghan in the past decade? Once we get enough people who know how many countries have been involved then you can start posting about it.

Firstly, a number of these photos are not of soldiers. Mate i have been in the forces and that girl represents australian soldiers…we have a very multicultural army…join up and find out as all aussie services are volunteers and no national service like lots of other countries…. However, any Australian who dedicate their career and livelihood to the defence of this country is good enough to represent Australia, whatever their ethnicity.

All these women look beautiful except the indian one must be a great privilege to represent your country. They are doing a program for ppl from outside of the country to come to Israel to see what the army is like. They arent from Israel. And the guns that they are using, not working guns. The Swedish one is a model.

Oh and the Portuguese one the dude behind that chick is totally checking out her ass. Canadian soldiers are soft. I am in the US Army and they say we are supposed to have some of the most advanced weapons systems, and take a look at the Peruvian chicks weapon or the Turkish body armor Ya right!!!! She was a cop, and it was a cop uniform she wore. I should take the pakistani, but greece is best here. Sorry for the US guys, get better one.

Women can only be an officer and noncommissioned officers. Please refer to the link below; http: Except for the Israeli, Kenyan and maybe Indian they are all just posing with someone elses guns.

Note the wear on those M16s, Israeli army chicks can actually kick ass. She looks sweet and soft. Probably she is less soft than she looks. But Polish women are the best. No means to offend but the New Zealand one post like gangsters. Israeli girl soldiers are expert and trained whores by the senior prostitutes, too good at penis sucking and stiff boobs up sized, larger clitoris as well. Fucking filth on the planet.

Boo Finland and Sweden,you dont wear your hair loose like that! The ones from europe and north america dont look serious about soldiering… they smile too much….. The Israelis can surely kickass. And how can you post administration police officers of kenya as soldiers thats weird. I can confirm that the Turks above are not soldiers but polices. Turkish military system is based on conscription and it only involves men, but this is not the case for professional military officers and there are female officers.

Here you can see a photograph of a Turkish female officer: Finland, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, and South-Korea are neither military nor police but actresses, girlfriends etc. Confirm , Vietnamese female soldier is most beautiful ,and her face seen like brave. This is the type of information that are meant to be shared across the internet.

Some of the best, most loving men I know are in the military The majority of them are faithful and kind. Secondly, the uniform and the confidence of a military man are what attracts women. More importantly, a lot of them are muscular. Do girls find soldiers more attractive than regular guys? Wondering why all the girls in our city always hook up with soldiers What is your fear? Why is sexual harassment becoming more widespread? What do you think of volunteering?

Is cosmestic or plastic surgery without a real, valid reason ridiculous? What Girls Said 4. What Guys Said 2. Because being in the military makes you awesome.

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Good looking Union Corporal Zak Bagans look alike, Union Soldier Civil War Impossibly handsome unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with musket. Armed with just his natural good looks and eye-catching stubble, the attractive army man, who was born in Navas de San Juan, fought off To start with, I would ask anybody who is to date an army guy to possess a lot of perseverance with Precision and efficiency is what they look for in everything.