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Long island swinging wives.


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I am not looking for a girlfriend, wife or live-in sub. Seven 1 five 9 three 3 one 8 zero 8 Ask my anything and I can tell you. I am a sweet, kind, smart, soulful lady. Long dark brown hair, wivws. eyes, tattoos.

Relationship Status:Actively looking
Seeking:Look For Real Swingers
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Hair:Dyed black
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Long island swinging wives.

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I'm disease free, absolutely love giving and receiving oral, and Long island swinging wives. on the eyes ;).

I am on SSI Disability and Medicaid.


First let me introduce ourselves our names are John and Lisa and we are a married couple for over 30 years and living on Long Island. We have had the luxury of meeting others in the past and enjoyed it so much that here we are once again looking for Mr. This is all for the pleasing of my wife Lisa as John doesn't mind taking a step back and enjoy watching Lisa make love to another man.

We are very Real and hope you are too! All you need to know about me is that I am Italian and Straight. Here are Lisa's stats: If you think you might be interested in what you have read and the photos you have seen make us your friends and hot list us.

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Our Personal Sex Stats. Hotel Parties 8 Reviews: House Parties 21 Reviews: Lifestyle Services 3 Reviews: SLS Groups 3 Updates 4. Posted on Saturday, April 30, It is an Off-Premise swingers club. After we really got into playing we decided that we preferred on-premise clubs and parties better than off-premise so we basically took the Manor off the list of places to go.

Since we are taking a break with the on-premise clubs on Long Island, we decided that we should see how we like the Manor now that we have over 2 years experience in the lifestyle. When we first walked in my girlfriend had to go use the ladies room. The bathrooms are located towards the back of the club off the dance floor.

While I waited for her I looked around to see if there was any attractive couples and one caught my eye immediately…or more specifically the female half of the Couple did. She was gorgeous, young, brunette, thin, I knew right away I wanted to fuck her.

As soon as my girlfriend returned from the bathroom I pointed the pair out to her and she was pleased with my choice. We decided that we would go talk to them, but then the male half disappeared to the restroom so we decided to wait. When he came back we were all set to go make our move and when we got up to walk over to them and they were gone. We had no idea what happened, but then my boyfriend saw them walking around the bar towards our side. We figured they were trying to get closer to us.

They went over to a little table behind us so we just walked right over and introduced ourselves. Their names are Beth and Shawn. We hit it off with them right away.

They were both very down to earth and fun to talk to. We actually had a lot of things in common with Shawn outside of swinging. Beth was even more attractive up close. I wished this was an on-premise club. I was really into both of them and my boyfriend was very attracted to Beth.

It is very common for a couple to express interest in another couple by moving in the vicinity of their target. This Couple checked us out several times but was too shy to make a direct approach and as a result ended up on in a table directly behind us. Always be aware of people that are at a distance checking you out and then all of a sudden appear positioned close to you, it is a major indicator that they are interested and are typically easy to approach.

When we first walked over to them and introduced ourselves I was anticipating them either being brand new to the lifestyle or not full swap. In addition, Beth was wearing Jeans which typically indicates that either the girl was not expecting to play or it is that time of the month for her.

We talked to them for about an hour and we were just completely focused on each other. At one point I went to the restroom and when I came back my boyfriend said that we were going to go to a hotel with them. I was really surprised and was not expecting this at all that night. I was like how did that happen? My boyfriend said that they asked and he said sure.

This was so exciting. We only did this once before at an off-premise party in NJ, but the hotel part was actually organized by the party hosts. This was the first time that we went to an off-premise club and went with a couple to get our own hotel room. I was very surprised they wanted to play as quickly as they did.

In addition they rarely sought out this type of extra-relationship fun. We were all set to go and I asked my boyfriend if he was ok to drive since we had a few drinks. He said yes because he had actually switched our drinks from vodka sprites to just sprites. So we headed to the parking lot and we were on our way to the hotel. We saw Beth and Shawn pull out of their spot, but he forgot to put his headlights on.

After a minute though he put them on so we were ok. They were going pretty fast so they got to the hotel lobby a minute before and they said they would get the room for us.

It was so funny because there were four us standing there and we only got one room with one bed. I am sure that guy gets couples all the time though so he must have known what was going on. I really thought he was going to get pulled over when he started driving without his headlights on.

As for the switching the drinks so I would be okay to drive, the moment Beth and Shawn told us they were full swap and passed our screening questions I switched off the alcohol anticipating we might close the deal with them that night. This is always the issue with off-premise clubs when you like to drink a lot like we do.

Once in the hotel room I started to make out with Beth and we undressed each other. She had an amazing body and a very nice belly button ring. We looked very hot together. The guys sat back and watched us for awhile and then my boyfriend joined in and then Shawn did.

Shawn went down on me while my boyfriend went down on Beth. He made me cum and then I went down on him for a little bit. I like to watch my boyfriend fuck a little before I start to fuck the other guy.

So I got to watch him fuck Beth which was really awesome. I was on top of him for awhile, and then we switched to doggy and then missionary. It was a lot of fun and I got to watch my boyfriend at the same time. After I went down on Beth I made out with her some.

I expected her to blow me at that point to make me hard. I made out with her until I got hard and began fucking her missionary. I was really going to town on her and then switched her over to doggy. After I came Shawn mentioned that she comes in five seconds from being on top.

Wish they would have said something sooner. After Beth and I laid next to each other and we all talked for awhile. We told them stories about some of our stranger swinging experiences.

People always find them fascinating. We had an awesome time with them and we are very happy that we gave the Manor another chance. We hope that we will meet up with Beth and Shawn again someday. The names of the individuals in this post were changed to protect their privacy. I really enjoyed reading it!!! April 30, at 3: A very interesting read, but would haveenjoyed more of the intiment things that went on.

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/p> New York City

Rate this club and write review. We have couples only parties twice a month the first and third Saturday of the month and couples and singles parties on all other nights.

We all have our own idea of what an On Premise Swingers Party would be like. If you have never been to one, then your imagination must be running wild. The first thing I want to tell you is that every club is different and every party is different.

You may see people you know at all of them but the parties themselves are different. To be honest that is what it is all about.

You should have a choice, a selection of parties and clubs to go to whenever you want. Couples and Single Parties and almost all of these parties can be either on or off premise. Off Premise mean no one is permitted to get naked, you will find this mostly at locations that have a liquor license.

So what is the Long Island Swingers Group all about anyway? Well the Long Island Swingers Group started in Feb and had it first party in June of and there were over 60 people there. You can check out their web site at http: Affiliates Contact Us Join Free. Learn More Terms of Service. If you are looking for swingers clubs in New York City, then please click here.

This is a great night club that is swinger friendly. They allow swingers sites like Sexxy Mofo and SwingLifestyle to host events there for their members. So if you have a swingers website, then contact Robertos Lounge to host your next event. In addition, they have themed party nights or you can host your next swingers party there too.

Maybe you are looking to celebrate your birthday in the true swinging spirit with a big birthday bash or want an exclusive party like Minx. You can check out their upcoming events by going to their website above. Join in the fun or create- your own by hosting a party at this great swinger friendly night club in Long Island. The house is located in Hampton Bays, NY on 4 acres of land with a heated pool, jacuzzi and pool table. It is an on premises swingers club. The alcohol is BYOB. Juice and water will be provided.

To promote the swinging lifestyle, they offer to post other parties and events provided you post their banner on your swingers website or swingers group. Thier website can be found at http: Our Party's are strictly that, "A Party!!

Parties are for ALL types, experienced, intermediate and very new people friendly, smokers welcome so there's always a lot of great friendly fun.. All attendees, party at their own descretion and play level. You can mingle, play, or watch everyone else.

The actual street address is:. This swingers club is an off premises swingers club where you can meet other likeminded lifestyle couples single males allowed on Fridays and other events where indicated. They have a relaxed atmosphere for both experienced and new swingers alike. There are events on a regular basis. To find out more about Club Manor, go to their website at http:

Background: On March 18th we went to Club Manor on Long Island. Since we are taking a break with the on-premise clubs on Long Island, we decided that we We actually had a lot of things in common with Shawn outside of swinging. . This is all for the pleasing of my wife Lisa as John doesn't mind. They advertise their parties on Swing LifeStyle (SLS). but I didn't realize that the trip from Long Island to the hotel would take as long as it did. I have been to a number of swinger clubs, both alone and with a Many Many years ago. went to a very popular Long Island Swingers Club.