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Lady want hot sex NH Lisbon 3585

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I found my type I in a Camera store that a friend John Kline owns. He knew I collected electronic calculators and one day he commented to me that he had a cool looking mechanical calculator I should see. He said it looked like a pepper grinder, Ding Ding Ding A customer had walked in from off the street and handed it to him years earlier.

Bummer, had somebody already bought it? We couldn't find it any where. I left the store Curtaless. A few weeks went by and then one day I got a call. It was my friend, he said to stop by and check something he had out. I did and to my surprise he produced a beautiful type I in a metal can. We worked a deal and it was mine. I found my type II through the Web.

It is in excellent condition in a metal case and a leather carrying case with instruction sheet and sample calculations booklet. It's a fairly low serial numbered unit SN that has the rounded top on the operation handle. It also requires a lot more force to initiate the turn of the operation handle.

Curt must have lowered the force necessary to start the turn on later models. Has anyone else noticed this? Check out all kinds of interesting facts from Skip on the Curta News Letter page. I own two Curtas. A model 1 and a model II. Both in mint condition. I would be interested in obtaining any sales brochures on the Curta. I would also like to know how much they cost originally.

My Curtas have serial numbers and Skip Godfrey sent me the service manuals on both of them. But if you have a service source, it would be good to know it. Your operating manual was wonderful. Keep up the good work! By the way, old lens cases, of the better type, such as Nikon, make a better bed for these beautiful kids. In fact, they are built like Leica cameras, so I guess it would be "fitting" to put them in a plush-lined leather camera lens case, which has a strap attachment, for those brave souls who want to carry them outdoors.

I am a rabid Curta fan and can never talk, hear, or read enough about them. Repairs Curtas -- Makes the Timewise rally computer. Jack continues to repair about four Curtas each month on average.

I can highly recommend him. In Europe, they are much more expensive. I still have my one and only Curta Model I, albeit in the plastic carrying case, rather than the better metal case. I used to use it to teach kids how multiplication and division actually work! The case is plastic and there is a cardboard box with the serial number stamped on the cover. Unfortunately, I don't know what year the price sheet was printed.

But I speculate it was in the mid 60's. I received the unit from my ex brother-in-law who purchased it new. I am not the original purchaser. It has the metal case and warranty card but no instructions. I remember the Curta ads from the 60's in the sports car magazines like Road and Track and Car and Driver. Though I am not interested in selling the world's finest, most useful and esoteric paper weight.

Purchased from Vilem B. Used for car ralleys, math classes. Excellent condition, all black no manual. I all but certain that I no longer have my Curta, and it might have been stolen; possible dates are and Purchased in Munich at for Nearly new, without sign of use.

It's in extremely nice physical and functional condition, with only a tad of discoloration on the grey hammertone from handling. I got it from a chap in Florida who used it for road ralying for a number of years. Used one extensively in in the 60's during engineering school years and always wanted to own one.

The top of the first type 1 SN opens like a regular screw direction, as opposed to the later models. In mint condition, with bakelite box. Aquired manual few years later, paying much, much more for that!!

I picked up the at a garage sale, in its original box, along with a page instruction manual in Spanish "Instrucciones para el uso de la CURTA" , a guarantee card in English and a bill of sale indicating that it was purchased on May 15, , in Quito, Ecuador. Purchased eons ago and still in use for Sport Car Ralleys. As a reformed surveyor I have used them for car rallys since the middle 60's.

Purchased mid '70S from original owner who bought it in while working as a tool maker in Chicago. Have original 'Chattel Mortgage' plus instruction manual. It was in good condition and functioned perfectly. In Early , I noticed it rattled some and it did not function properly.

My brother, Rod Sorenson was able to take it apart, clean it and re-install the screw that had fallen out. Would love to have a Type I for my collection. Mint condition, but the case is a bit scuffed. Case appears to be plastic. My father gave it to me - he says he worked with someone who was a genius with it. I didn't really know what it could do until I read the manual on your site. It now has pride of place and I'm keen to find out more about this superb machine. If you want a clearer scan, I can re-do them at dpi.

Also heard from Jim Bianchi, who wrote the original article. Satch Carlson, John Buffum, and several others bought the new me the one. Tom Grimshaw died several years ago, and I don't know what became of the Curta we bought for him. No case; this one in original box - not sure if a case should be included. Otherwise everything seems to be there. Pristine condition, includes 51 page manual, and fold-up guide "the 4 arithmetical rules" and a warranty card. The Curta serial number is also stamped on the lid of the box.

Bought new around In leather rally case, with original manual in English. Would be interested in selling for the right price. This is in absolutely pristine condition, never used. I used to own a Type II, but sold it last year. The machine is in absolutely mint condition. It has probably never been used. I also have the manual shown in this site in swedish. The Curta was used by my father, dating from about My father is no longer with us, so its history is a little murky - but I know that it actually belonged to his employer, and they gave it to him when he 'retired' since no-one else knew how to use it.

I've never seen an instruction manual, but I do have the original Bakelite case - that left-hand thread on the lid gets me every time. Purchased in mid '60s for sports car rallying. Plastic case is now missing some tabs. Work's great, but who would expect less? It took me a few hours to figure out addition and subtraction and about a month of diligent research at the University of California, Santa Cruz Science Library to understand enough of mechanical calculator theory to figure out how to use the more arcane functions.

I love to let people try to figure out what it is--let alone how to use it! Purchased both Curtas in May Both have the plastic cases which, despite apparent sentiment on the Curta pages, seem to work just fine and look to be very durable. The Curta I is a very late's model and shows signs of attempts made to cut manufacturing costs, compared to the mid's Curta II such as plastic clearing ring with fixed retaining post, rather than a metal ring with spring-loaded retaining post.

Both work excellently and do not seem to have any cosmetic, mechanical, or functional defects.


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