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Ordering from here will support our website. We spent an hour photographing the magnificent Japanese magnolia Magnolia X soulangeana M. We spotted a Southern magnolia blossoming on the snowy white sand dunes at Grayton Beach, Florida, near Destin in the Panhandle. The magnolia is more adapatable than we thought. In the woods it is tall and gracious, but on the salty dunes, this ancient plant takes on the character of hardy, low and wind-proof vegetation, much like the mangrove.

The Pineapple Press, explains that the southern magnolia grows "along hammocks, on slopes and ravines, in floodplain woods, and on coastal dunes. We learned further that "the artist Georg Ehret immortalized this event with a sumptuous and justifiably famous illustration. We were curious and found that Ehret's prints may be seen and purchased on the web in many places, including allposters.

This is a picture we took of wasps mating on a lobelia at the bog in Liberty County, Florida. Please excuse us while we stray into the field of pteridology. We wandered through a hammock at Tosohatchee Nature Preserve west of Cape Canaveral and, to our delight, spotted this example below of a hand fern, growing at about the six-foot mark in the fertile lattices of a trunk of a sabal palm.

We have also photographed a side view. This fern, listed as endangered in Florida, has three Latin names. A third name occurs in the genus Ophioderma , says Nelson. We'll let the taxonomists argue this one.

The species was discovered in Florida, writes Nelson, by Dr. Chapman in along the banks of the Caloosahatchee River. The species has declined in number through destruction of habitat. We pledge to strengthen our commitment to this site, other obligations notwithstanding. We want the site to reflect the changing seasons and we want to list the many activities that go on in our neck of the woods, even if we can't possibly attend everything.

At Grayton Beach, which we hope does not become a target of even more hasty development leave it alone! At the seashore we found bees at work on the endangered inkberry, Scaevola plumieri. A fast butterfly with an anterior that looked like another insect was also photographed. Florida hosts the largest variety of orchids in the nation. It is our good fortune that North Florida and points north share some of these classy lookers.

It is speculated that orchids migrated from the ground to the trees, adapting through the eons. It is perhaps million years since the advent of the first flowering plants. All but one of our North Florida orchids are terrestrial, and so we are looking at some primitive plants, requiring exacting climate, soil and water conditions for their own survival.

We explored one of our favorite North Florida bogs in April, as the sun was setting and cast its special glow on the countryside west of Tallahassee, near Hosford. At least three species of orchids were in bloom - the Calopogon tuberosus , the Calopogon pallidus , and the beautiful Cleistes divaricata or ribbon orchid. Among the other jewels were the endangered Sarracenea leucophylla or white-topped pitcher plant. We've posted a Quicktime movie of the famous insect-eating plants and their victims.

The Dionaea muscipula or Venus Fly Trap has flourished as a transplanted North Carolina native in areas west of Tallahassee for 25 years. We also show the sticky landing pods of the Sundew Drosera sp.

We also have a still picture of the Fly Trap with a victim, and the handsome white flower of the plant. On roadsides in Liberty County, we spotted even more Cleistes, this time a little pinker, some of the tall, thready Spiranthes orchids, and the red parrot pitcher plants. The featherling is leaning on the colic root in this photograph. Central Florida gardener Debbie K. Loran Anderson retired of the Florida State University herbarium in Tallahassee identified as Alstroemeria psittacina , a member of the Amaryllis family known as a parrot lily and a native of Brazil.

It is very pretty, but an extremely invasive species. John Scheper at his very interesting http: She also sent us a welcome picture of another Florida plant we haven't seen, taken on Sanibel Islandon.

It is of "White Vine" Sarcostemma clausa. It is in the same family as the milkweed, but is not classified as Asclepias. The picture was taken along the roadside in J.

The bug on it is called "Milkweed Bug. A rare trout lily Erythronium umbilicatum prospers at a Northwest Florida location on a fertile hillside bathed in water from underground streams which flow nearby. It's one of the early flowers and its green mottled leaves are food for insects and mammals searching for a snack in the cold weather. The purple anthers are laden with a rust red pollen. The flower opens as the late morning sun begins to cast light through the trees, and the honey bees become active.

It was first described by Dr. Harper and collected by the late Robert Godfrey according to Cifford R. Parks and James W. Ribbon orchid shows off This colorful orchid was seen in Wakulla County in early May There is scarcely a more beautiful welcome for a pollinator, but beware of the spider. Delicately veined in a blend of crimson, green and chartreuse, with sassy sepals, this orchid is related closely to the rose pogonia.

It ranges from the Southeast to Texas. Luer writes of "a bluish green color with a fine frosty white coating reminiscent of a plum.

The smaller flower is mostly white, while the larger one is pink, says Gil Nelson in Atlantic Coastal Plain Wildlowers. We think this is the smaller Pogonia bifaria.

This species is most probably Biglowia nudata , which is known as rayless goldenrod. The setting sun causes the lens of the camera to bring a cascade of reflective light bubbles down from the sky. We used our new standby Fuji Velvia slide film, that now has supplanted the old Velvia 50 speed film. The picture was taken with a Nikon FE2 set on automatic, using a short macro lens, and the slide was digitized using a Nikon Coolscan V.

The amount of glass in the Nikon 2. But shooting into the sun with any camera sometimes does bring some strange effects. It is here called 'apricot vine, has a superb flower, and the most delicious fruit I have ever eaten.

Harry Levin's Scientific Essays, Fabulous Flowers I'd like to point wildflower enthusiasts to some scientific innovation. Harry Levin, who holds a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University in engineering, has written ten essays which challenge scientists to reconsider the date of the origin of the flowering plant.

He fixes the origin at least million years earlier than previously thought by scientists, and solves the problem described by Darwin. He writes a tale of prehistoric flora and fauna and takes a new look at the results of plate tectonics. Levin's essays are at http: Levin is also an accomplished naturalist and an excellent photographer of flowers.

He uses film to record these images and his prints have been exhibited. His work is far-ranging and includes flowers that grow in every part of the world. It is remarkable that his working career was in the field of chemical engineering and that he was actually a rocket scientist.

We've added his page of flowers and we hope you will browse through them and see his unique vision. History of This Site.

Opfell in Orlando, using an Olympus D 3. It was raining, and you can see the drops on the white sepals of the flower. He had just gotten out of his car, and stood a little more than 8 inches away.

He uses this picture as a screensaver. We would like to credit him, and invite you to use this wonderful picture also. Commercial use is prohibited, but use as a screensaver on your personal computer is invited.

If you click on this picture, it will take you to an 18 inch-wide version which you can download to your site, however you know how to do it through the web page. We know that with a Macintosh, all you have to do is hold the mouse down once you have the picture on the screen, for download options. We are not sure how this works with Windows. The is certainly a fern with character. It's enough to inspire "fern fever. Sadly, both endangered plants have inspired plant thievery.

Such plunder is illegal. These plants die when taken out of their environments. One can only hope people who are reckless and moronic enough to steal plants are eventually arrested, like the poacher in the riveting and educational book Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean. Her original article appeared in The New Yorker, Jan. We highly recommend the book and the spinoff movie "Adaptation" with Nicholas Cage and Meryl Streep -- for those interested in amazing character portrayals amidst rare plant intrigue in Florida.

Back to the ferns: Enter your search terms Submit search form. Gallery of Florida Wildflowers, insects and other creatures, some recommended books about nature, and a new camera Florida Wildflowers was established as a site in when the World Wide Web was just beginning to be used by the public. Pictures had to be reduced in quality to be viewed in good time.


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This camera makes a larger slide than the 35 mm normal size slide, and therefore the picture can be printed much larger, if necessary. Golden hurricane lily surprise We are used to seeing the red Lycoris radiata or hurricane lilies sprouting up in September, but a few golden lilies caught our attention among the red ones in a neighbor's yard.

We had never seen this flower. It is not native to Florida, but seems to prosper in the climate. Both red and gold grow wild in China, and this one may be Lycoris aurea , or golden spider lily, which likes limestone sites in China. It looks similar to a flower named the Lycoris chinensis which has a more ruffled petal. The bulbs, according to our neighbor, were purchased at a nursery. Because it is so similar to the red Lycoris, we felt it should be added to our pages.

We appeal to more knowledgeable people to help us out on naming this flower. Readers can learn a lot more about the genus Lycoris. It is a member of the Amaryllidaceae. It won't be long, we guess, before the golden flowers will spread out into the wild through seed or bulb. Lycoris is sometimes called the "naked lady" because it has no leaves on its stem. Meanwhile, the Lycoris radiata the red one is listed by Clewell in Guide to the Vascular Plants of the Florida Panhandle as growing in Leon County, having been introduced from Asia as an ornamental.

These were growing in the same yard. Orchid at sundown Racing against the sundown along Highway 65 in Liberty County the third week in July, we spotted the unmistakable plumes of popsicle orange. The orange sun was making its exit and lent a matching fiery backdrop. The terrestrial Platanthera orchids spring up all over the South in the summer. We've seen them along roadsides in North Georgia near Clayton in the mountains. Prolific rains helped these orchids.

We believe this was chapmanii. Fashionable larkspur attracts bumblebees The larkspur wears a snappy dress of disco blue sepals and preppy purple petals. It is of the buttercup or Ranunculaceae family. Bumblebees apparently seek nectar by grasping and perhaps puncturing the spur. The family is important in the large number of ornamentals including Anemone, Aquilegia, Helleborus and Thalictrum, among others, wrote George H.

Lawrence in his Taxonomy of Vascular Plants. This vine is alien and invasive up through Illinois and Michigan. But this perennial has the sweet fragrance of wild azalea and what is equally sweet on the tongue is the nectar. Pluck a flower, grasp the end of the corolla and pull the stigma through, and it will usually deliver a drop of nectar that is purely delicious to taste.

We don't suggest that this vine be planted in your yard, but we do say that if it is there, you miss a treat by not tasting the nectar. Digging up the rhizomes or chemical treatment may be next in order. Wild blue phlox, sunset A setting sun sends its last rays to warm and dry the wild blue phlox that have been washed by rain all day along the highway from SR 20 to the Ochlockonee River State Park. It's almost June, late in the year for these flowers.

They may be Phlox divaricata but there are a lot of different species of phlox in Andre F. Clewell's Guide to the Vascular Plants of the Florida Panhandle and we will have to go back into the forest and take our handbook and a closer look to make sure. Right now we will just exult in the beauty we see. It decorates the road to St. Marks Lighthouse in late May.

Sharp thorns warn those tempted to illegally clip from the tall shrub. It blooms from Nova Scotia to Florida, and west to Arkansas. Ant visits the chocolated 'soft greeneyes' "Soft greeneyes" is Berlandiera pumila, dis- covered by Michaux in It has overlapping bracts and whitish hairs along the stem and toothed leaves which are clasping. Ants scurried about the plants.

On the left is bell-shaped Clematis reticulata of the family Ranunculaceae or buttercup family. Among its spring relatives are the larkspur, the rue anemone and the columbine. The delicate flower dangles like a solitary bell and one has to slide underneath with a flash to find the anthers which are yellow with pollen. To the right is the endangered Spigelia gentianoides found in the sandhills of Jackson County in May. Dayflowers small, exquisite Summer and autumn in the sandhills brings the hidden treasure of flowers that are inconspicuous but exquisite in color and form.

Such is dayflower of the family Commelinaceae, which includes the spiderwort. There are five species of dayflower in the North Florida area, says Clewell. Thus, the third inconspicuous white petal recalls the third brother. Gaudy pink month of May Exploring North Florida leads nature-lovers on journeys through rainbows of color.

Native Plant Society members went on such a trip in early May. It's comprised of sandhill and pine-oak-hickory woodlands. Among the beautiful flowers blooming in early May is the Penstemon australis , or beardtongue, a member of the family Scrophulariaciae. It grows in sandhills, flatwoods and cypress pond margins, according to Andre Clewell in Guide to the Vascular Plants of the Florida Panhandle.

Some species of penstamon are said to be found in North America. It likes rich damp woods. It is two to eight inches tall and the flower is perhaps a third of an inch wide. With no chlorophyll, it relies on a relationship with fungus which draws nutrients from decaying organic matter. The small snow white - purple spotted lip glows like crystal under the light, and the photographer has captured this miniature world for us. Its rhizome, branched, looks like coral, from which it gets its name.

It ranges to the northern United States and to the mountains in the west. There are several related species. It was also seen recently in the Wolf Creek area south of Cairo, Georgia, on acres of rare plants and beautiful trees that is a goal of preservation efforts. Photos by Robin Kennedy.

Is it a trillium or a quintillium? The new Lake Jackson trails off Timberlane Road offered a floral paradise in mid - January, but we noticed that some trillium had four leaves and one featured five. This one was nearby, in the woods near a funeral home. This monocot and member of the lily family can sometimes be found in genetic mutation. In the area were blooming early violets, and yellow jessamine could be found fallen on the forest floor.

White oak, hickory, swamp chestnut oak, spruce pine, magnolia and beech grow along the ravines which dip down to a stream. Violets and assorted lichen and fungi one we identified as yellow brain jelly made for a delightful hike.

Petunia lends panache to wildlife management area Dew still clinging, the fresh purple wild petunia greeted the morning in an upland pine forest on the western side of Lake Seminole in Jackson County, just north of Three Rivers State Park in the Apalachee Wildlife Management Area.

The flowers accented an abundance of asters in September. Petunias always add vibrance to the forest. Come join the fun. Rare Treats discovered in North Florida. Nature Park in Chattahoochee in the understory in late July. And while banana plants can grow in N. This plant enjoyed a mild winter and a hot, damp summer in Tallahassee, against protective brick wall in NW Tallahassee - and shows off.

Florida on a July day and covered a large cypress tree where they molted. Mayflies may live years in water with a short perilous time on land to reproduce. The males die shortly after mating. The mayflies also draw a host of predators. The National Geographic ran an article with incredible pictures from Serbia in The 2, species of mayflies are indicators of unpolluted water.

Sadly, much of their habitat has vanished. Chanterelles in the back yard Known as a gourmet delicacy is the chanterelle. Growing in loose moist soil throughout North America in the summer, this mushroom with fluted edges is nutty and sweet and we like them with scrambled eggs.

First, take some to your ag agent or a mycologist to be sure. Soak well to get the grit off. There are a number of good websites discussing the right way to pick, wash, cook and store these mushrooms. These were growing under pines in our shady backyard in Tallahassee. Advice is they can be stored in the a paper bag for a few days in the refrigerator.

At a landing on the river Found as far south as North Florida, and west in the prairie states as Kansas, Missouri and Iowa, it's a native to the U. This striking blue flower is at home at Aspalaga Landing in Gadsden County on the Apalachicola River, growing in late July on a fern-shrouded hill near a stream in a landscape that looks much like North Georgia.

It is also called the tall bellflower, and likes damp, shaded woods. It has five stamens with anthers that are curled beyond the petal plane, and is the only species of campanula with petals that spread out widely. It is said that the deer eat its leaves. The plant can grow two to six feet high and the flowers, on elongated racemes, look about the size of a half-dollar. The unusually long, curving style juts out in the fashion of an elephant's trunk.

Flowering from July through September, the bellflower finds a home in rich woodlands, river and stream banks and in somewhat elevated places in floodplain forests, according to Godrey and Wooten in Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Southesastern United States - Dicotyledons. The seeds are offered for sale by nurseries and it is popular with gardeners.

Flowers down by the riverside On the muddy shores of the Apalachicola River in late July we found the purple Mimulus alatus or "monkeyflower" of the family Veronicaceae but others say Scrophulariaceae. Growing four to six feet high, it first reminded us of a mint. It grows in Florida's panhandle and is widely distributed across the nation and in some species leaves can be used in salads.

A similar flower, species r ingens , is more northerly and has oblanceolate leaves, write Godfrey and Wooten. The yellow flower is in the St. This plant had short leaves at the top and lanceolate leaves beneath, and was about four feet high.

It is one of about 25 species in the North Florida area. John's wort has become well-known as an herbal remedy for depression.

Butterfly finds a button bush The pearl crescent butterfly is a "generalist" and one of the most successful butterflies, nectaring on many flowers, write Cech and Tudor in Butterflies of the East Coast.

One of the questions raised by Cech is how the butterfly is so successful without a host providing a toxic chemical defense. It is suggested that the butterfly synthesizes its own toxicity. Its flight is low and rapid, and males spend most of the day looking for mates. Variations in color add to the challenge in identifying sex.

The orange hues and decorative markings brighten up the summer landscape and make us pause and wonder at the beauty of creation. Bee dusted by wood sage Flowers have amazing tricks of survival. The Teucrium, a member of the mint family, distends its anthers to paint the head of this unsuspecting nectar - seeking carpenter bee near Hosford, Florida.

The bees fly around with these odd-looking orange stripes to bring the pollen to the next flower. Flowers of this genus lack the upper lip associated with mint. The family is said to be rich in essential oils. Teucrium canadense , or wood sage, blooms June through July in floodplains, brackish marshes, hammocks, coastal flatwoods and pond margins, writes Andre Clewel in Guide to the Vascular Plants of the Florida Panhandle.

It is known as redroot for its red tuber and roots. It grows from the Southeastern United States to Nova Scotia, in wet ditches, bogs, and near swamps and lakes. Each flower has three stamens. Its name comes from "lachne" or wool in Greek, and "anthos" or flower.

Note the woolly look of these pubescent covered with soft hairs flowers. The related Lophiola americanus or goldcrest has six stamens. Both grow abundantly near Wilma and Sumatra, Florida and are in Haemodoraceae. Redroot is said to be a favorite food of sandhill cranes and a traditional source of red dye for Native Americans in Florida, says Dave's Garden.

The plant was once called "tinctoria" for its dye, produced when the roots are fried in oil. A tonic was thought by the Seminole Indians to promote fearlessness and boldness.

The Cherokee and Catawba used the root for medicinal purposes, writes Austin. The seeds are known to provide part of the diet for wintering ducks in South Carolina. Farmers consider it an invasive plant in pastures. It does spring up in large quantities along the roadside of Highway 65 in Liberty County. It is also a source of nectar for butterflies. Roots contain red dye. Magnolia flower digitally enhanced The vacuum tube could amplify sound and color; the computer has the power to recombine the object itself.

The magnolia with its silvery leaves is the message. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the poem "Flowers" about Summer azaleas were good exports While other azaleas have long gone to seed, the swamp honeysuckle or Rhododendron viscosum appears in the woods, titi and bay swamps from Santa Rosa to Leon and Wakulla counties from June to September, according to Clewell. The long stigma is surrounded by lower stamens, which in flowers makes self-pollination less likely and thus enhances chances for survival.

It is said this species was the first successful azalea grown by the European gardeners amid the heady discovery of New World flowers. These flowers were growing in mid-late July along road in the Apalachicola National Forest west of Sumatra, Florida, near the tall eupatorium known as Joe-pye weed.

Blooming around the forest three weeks into July were plenty of St. John's wort, wild hibiscus or comfort root and button bushes. The fall orchids in the savannas were waiting to bloom, as we expect to see the orange platanthera as days go by. Orchids and pitcher plants grow together The bright white 'snowy orchid' Platanthera nivea is a threatened species in Florida but was in unusual abundance out among the pitcher plants in Liberty County in early July.

This glistening terrestrial orchid grows in wetlands along the east coast and to Tennessee, and is endangered in several states. Growing in moist acid bogs, it is also known as the 'bog torch. What is needed is a painter to capture this scene.

Summer rains portend an abundant orchid season. The University of Florida herbarium has a specimen collected in by the noted botanist Dr. Hibiscus is home in the wild The varieties of wild hibiscus are numerous, and this one can be identified by its palmate leaves and maroon throat. Hibiscus aculeatus is "harshly scabrous" according to Clewell, which means it has very stiff hairs on its stems.

The opposite of scabrous is "glabrous" which means a flower has no hairs. This hibiscus with its leaves edged in red is found in many environments in North Florida from June to September.

We could find no reason why it is also known as "comfort root. Colors of the various species of rosemallows range from white to pink to yellow to red. These were growing west of Tallahassee. A 'rain lily' emerges uncharted This amaryllis is a native of Central America and has spread into the U. Gadsden County is now a home to the "rain lily" or Zephyranthes grandiflora. It has been officially found in Franklin and Marion Counties. The related white Z.

Hues of popsicle pink and vermillion bring this flower into nurseries. It blossomed at the woods' edge in the early July rains that refreshed the earth during the hot summer. Pretty flower with big name Among the fanciest mallows in the summer is the pink and yellow of the salt marsh mallow or Kosteletzkya pentacarpos shot in late July by Robin Kennedy and Patricia Stampe a day before the mowers got to it, down by Live Oak Island near Shell Point in Wakulla County.

This flower is widespread in Florida. Apparently known also as K. It was named in honor of botanist V. Kosteletzky - who taught medicinal botany at the famous botanical research school in Prague.

If the plant is indeed native to the U. Clover gives gifts to world Clovers up close are actually many smaller flowers, each capable of reproducing. The beauty of the clover can be discovered as it is magnified.

Essential to the life of the bee, the clover is at the source of the food chain that provides nourishment to animals and increases fertility of soil for the farmer by nitrogen fixation. The red clover is naturalized from Northern Europe. Trifolium pratense is not only the national flower of Denmark but the state flower of Vermont. This wildflower thrives all over Florida.

Picture was taken in June or early July. It is a member of the pea family and each petal has the familiar design of that family with wing and keel. Foxglove puts up with some fair impostors The 'false foxglove' comes in species both mellow pink and yellow, and this one seems the rarer of the two colors. It takes in the sun in a lush understory in Gadsden County in June or early July.

The Aureolaria flava is a favorite lunch for insects. It thrives in pine -oak- hickory woods, dry bluffs and secondary woods, according to Andre Clewell in Guide to the Vascular Plants of the Florida Panhandle. UF says it is a member of the Orobanchaceae and sometimes placed under Scrophulariaceae. It is hemiparisitic on white oak. Taxonomy, an activity once or twice derided as scientific stamp collecting, is a contentious activity. What's in a name is the name of the game.

The flower was known as Gerardia flava by Linnaeus in USF plant database finds it in the Panhandle of Florida and some other counties. Evasive butterfly, Birds-in-a-nest Summer flits by quickly. The 'common wood nymph' flew low and erratically and seemed to disappear into the foliage at the Wilma savanna in Liberty County. But it always ended up in the vicinity of its mate. It finally rested for thought on a palmetto frond.

Endangered in Florida, and threatened in the U. It is a member of the mint family. Lemon yellow polygala Polygala ramosa is sometimes called "low barren milkwort" and is found in colorful lemon-yellow clusters in bogs, usually close to the water. It occurs from Delaware south along the coast to Texas. The plants named "milkwort" were thought to have milky juice, but they don't. Some species were thought to increase the milk production in cows.

These flowers populate the savannas in Wilma in the summer and brighten the scenery considerably. They are about six to 12 inches high and the branches are relatively flat at the top. A species which looks somewhat like this, Polygala cymosa, grows one to three feet tall and has a compound corymb of spikes. Larkspur's wild and inky colors The endangered Delphinium carolinianum is found in many states but only in Gadsden County in Florida. It thrives in the limestone outcroppings in the chalky glade habitat.

It's poisonous to cattle, but used as an herbal remedy in small doses. Its juice, mixed with alum, gives a blue ink, according to Wikipedia. The plant was named Delphinium by the ancient Greek botanist and physician Dioscorides who lived from about A. He thought the shape of the bud looked like a dolphin.

The five petals end in a spur, thus the name "larkspur. The fetching sea of inky blues was being visited by large bees in the third week of May near Chattahoochee. Champion Torreya Tree in Madison, Florida. Indian Paintbrush radiates the light Florida can't boast great meadows of Indian paintbrush and bluebonnet, but our state shows a rainbow of colors along Interstate 10 in Madison County.

Perhaps highway beautification took root. It is hemiparisitic and requires a host plant, like lupine. Parasitic on grasses and herbs, it has been moved from the figwort family to the broomrape or Orobanchaceae. Most of the species are in the western U. One is the state flower of Wyoming. Potentially toxic, one species has a few medicinal uses for Native Americans as a weak tea for rheumatism, a secret love charm in food, and as a poison, according to Peterson Field Guides Medicinal Plants.

A black and purple swallowtail butterfly flitted among the flowers. Depths of forest reveal herbs of many varieties, colors. Exploring the late April woods can bring hidden treasures to light. The fragile Dutchman's pipe, Aristolochia serpentaria, offers a tiny, camouflaged flower beneath its long green leaves.

The plant is said to be a stimulant and an emmenagogue. False Gromwell, above, Onosmodium virginianum uncurls its furry leaves. It is said to be a diuretic and tonic.

They are rewards to the eye in the spring forests. Virginia Craig of the Native Plant Society captured the lighted gromwell. Wild azaleas give the scent of springtime.

Its strong fragrance compares to the frangipani. It is well worth venturing outside for. These flowers are pollinated by bees, butterflies and moths. We once saw a green and red hummingbird moth hovering around the azaleas at Angus Gholson Nature Park in Chattahoochee.

At left, it was April in Gadsden County along a stream near Chattahoochee. Residents purchase these trees at nurseries and plant them in their yards with good success. They can also be enjoyed at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park in Tallahassee.

These photographs and all photographs on flwildflower pages are copyrighted and may not be used without permission of the photographer and the editor of Florida Wildflowers. A field of bloodroot springs up and shows herb of many medicinal uses; sap was once used for warpaint Bloodroot, or Sanguinaria Canadensis , is an herb of many dimensions.

It has a leaf stem and a flower stem, and red roots. The flower has a great range, from Canada, to Florida, and west to Nebraska. This plant above has flowered and the pod will be going to seed in a remarkable field of thousands of bloodroot tucked away in a North Florida location. While warning of its toxic properties it is not edible and can cause many problems herbalists say its constituents have other values including anesthetic, diuretic, febrifuge, sedative, stimulant, cathartic and tonic.

Native Americans called it puccoon and its red sap was used for warpaint. This was described by Capt. John Smith in Jamestown, along with other uses. Yellow Jessamine petals fall to the forest floor The fragrant Gelsemium sempervirens and the odorless rankinii bloom in North Florida in early spring. Jessamine is a vine, sometimes growing on limbs a hundred feet high. On forest trails, one steps on fallen yellow petals, but nowhere is there a yellow flower to be found, except far above.

Also called the Carolina jessamine, its petals glisten crystalline in the sun. This is species rankinii , whose flower has no smell, growing in March along the roadside in Liberty County.

Much caution is advised. Loganiaceae is a source of drugs and the poison strychnine as well as curare. The flowering dogwood's actual flowers are blooming in the middle, small and yellow, almost unseen.

This tree grows to 30 feet with lower branches giving great width. Its red berries are favored by birds. Dogwoods bloom in Central Florida and work their way up to Massachusetts, and head west to Texas. When you hear rustling in the forest, it could be them.

A 'legend,' begun in the s opines that the cross of Christianity was dogwood, and the regretful tree was miraculously altered by Jesus Christ so that it could not be used in this manner again.

No dogwood existed in Israel, however. Cornus Florida is one of many species. It is said to be called "cornus" because the wood is as hard as a horn. A beautiful desk screen was provided by a reader in Orlando. Trout lilies have many visitors at Wolf Creek site A honey bee makes its rounds on the trout lilies at Wolf Creek, a unique habitat for the lilies and wild orchids near Cairo, Ga. The acres are focus of a preservation effort by the Magnolia Chapter of the Native Plant Society.

You can help with your tax-free donations. Billy Boothe, a naturalist and superb nature photographer, captured this bee. President of the Society of Nature Photographers of the Panhandle, he tells stories about his photos at http: Try his puzzle page for fun. Rarely seen To the left is a white and yellow orchid, Zeuxine strateumatica , known as soldier's orchid and lawn orchid. Seldom seen in N. Originating in Southeast Asia, it apparently spread through Florida with imported centipede grass and occurs in Georgia, Texas, Lousiana and Hawaii.

When viewed through a strong [magnifying] glass, the lip appears to be composed entirely of a microscopic mass of sparkling beads. Threatened in Gulf coast areas of Florida, its flowers are borne in catkins and sexes are usually on separate plants. Sorrel both sweet, sour Sheep sorrel leaves have an interesting tart taste. A folk remedy, Rumex acetosella is a garnish, can help curdle cheese, but for livestock, can be toxic.

We tried a tasty leaf picked by an expert. It was growing in spring in Madison. Since then, we have seen many plants that look like this. Please don't nibble unless you are sure of the identity. Spring up gingerly A mottled leaf of ginger left and the fresh trillium provide food for animals and insects in North Florida. We found many sweet ginger leaves nibbled at the Alum Bluff trail.

The second week of February brought purple violets. Leaves of beech and swamp chestnut oak litter the forest floor. The trail was beautiful and quiet. The trail has a new water fountain. It blooms in acid bog As we wandered through the acid bog in late March, before the orchids had bloomed, we noticed trees ranging perhaps up to 10 feet tall, with bright white flowers. The titi pronounced as 'tye-tye' was attracting the bees with its clusters of white flowers.

Cliftonia monophylla or black titi, is described by Andre Clewell. The flower has ten stamens, grows in terminal racemes, and the trees, often growing densely, have elliptically shaped leaves. This tree is found in acid swamps and bogs and we saw it and others in a bog west of Hosford.

A second species, racemiflora , leatherwood, has five stamens, and can be found in acid swamps, bogs, and floodplains. Bears, bees and butterflies like the nectar of these flowers which are showy and fragrant. Titi can grow 25 to 35 feet high.

The critically endangered 'mandrinette' - Hibiscus fragilis - occurs only on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. We saw a green iguana, three feet long, rush into a pond, swim underwater, then clamber onto a branch. The Garden crawls with them. Iguanas originated in South America and there are 17 species. Naturally herbivorous and popular as pets, escaped iguanas luxuriate in the foliage of subtropical Florida. They may live to age 35, and the record is said to be 69 years.

They can bond with their owners. See the cited entry in Wikipedia and follow the footnotes to the scholarly research. It comes in many shapes, of course, and is called the Christmas lichen.

Cryptothecia rubrocincta is one of about 15, species of lichen. A lichen combines fungus and algae. This one likes dry woods. In Brazil, it makes red dye. It thrives on oaks in sandy areas of the the Alum Bluff trail in Liberty County. It might as well be spring! Oh no, are we still stealing from composers? We'll stop while we are ahead.

Lizard basks on pine cone This lizard blends in wonderfully on a pine cone. We think it is an Eastern fence lizard, the only native lizard to Florida and Georgia with rough scales.

We found it basking in the winter sun on the ground on a large pine cone at the Alum Bluff trail in Liberty County, near Bristol, Florida where it posed for several minutes even while we held the cone in our hand. It grows four to 7. The lizards lay from three to six eggs twice a year. After boiling several times to remove the tannin, we found the acorns a little less than sweet and somewhat gritty, but could see how the native Americans might be able to grind them into fine flour.

We left December's uncooked acorns sitting in the bowl for a couple of weeks and noticed one day that round holes had appeared in them. It was then that we discovered that larvae from nut weevils had eaten their way out of the acorns, and had gathered at the bottom of the bowl.

Mistletoe pretty but poisonous Mistletoe is celebrated in myth and history. The Druids worshipped this parasite as holy "because it grew nearer to heaven than any other plant" says UF Extension Service. It held the promise of spring. Scandinavian myth saw a symbol of peace. Its seed roots in the bark of deciduous trees, stealing water and nutrients. Its berries become a glassy white. Kissing under the mistletoe is a Christmas tradition, but be careful.

Phorandendron serotinum had fallen from a tree at the Indian Mounds park in Tallahassee. Wash hands after handling this plan t. Yet, it's still bracing to be outside in the cooler air. At the historic Indian Mounds State Site in Tallahassee one can walk a path strewn with leaves from hickory, sweetgum, magnolia and swamp chestnut oak. The mining giant says it has "no current development plans" for the acreage west of the Salt Lake City International Airport — a migratory bird haven that hugs portions of the Great Salt Lake.

Youngsters get a taste of the pioneer life as they pull handcarts through rugged terrain southeast of Socorro News Bulletin - New Mexico August 23, - Relevance: Six months of planning and hundreds of man-hours in research and preparation have resulted in an accurate portrayal that gave youth and adult volunteers a real "Handcart Trek" experience.

It also helped them appreciate the sacrifices made by many of their ancestors. Participants also gained first-hand knowledge about an important chapter in American history. It was an arduous, but fun and faith-building experience, they said.

An unsettling year, with religion in a starring role Washington Post December 18, - Relevance: Event coordinators are hoping for 3, students, divided into two teams. There are 70 volunteers to facilitate responsibilities such as helping out with people management, first aid and judging. News July 29, - Relevance: The audience cheered wildly as the Tony Award-winning "The Book of Mormon" began, with the show's gleefully naive missionaries singing in front of a backdrop of the Salt Lake City skyline and Mormon temple that resembles the real one just two blocks away.

Owens, a member of the Church who found the Bible while cleaning out a closet at her home in Lakeside, Arizona, said the book was given to her father in about by a Mr. Speck, one of his real estate employees. Owens kept the Bible for 25 years after her parents died, and this January she felt the need to find a place for it.

Manti Te'o's deceased girlfriend tweeted late Wednesday night. On a Twitter account -- not verified, naturally -- the "girlfriend" said the "myths" about the story that has sports fans scratching their heads will be addressed Thursday.

Whatever she says, she'll find it hard to top what's already come out about the Notre Dame linebacker and the woman he called the "love of my life. But for Ray Hansen, it usually is the vacation. Since , Ray Hansen, of Herriman, Utah, has had a goal to attend every temple in the world. On one trip, they flew into St. Louis and drove to Memphis, Tenn. This year, she wanted a new challenge. Eskelsen, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, set a world record on Saturday for finishing a half-marathon pushing a triple stroller with her three sons — her youngest just 4 and a half months old.

They were attending a weekend-long conference, held in five separate sessions, and broadcast to Latter-day Saint congregations around the world to enable the more than 13 million members to participate wherever they live. LDS mom qualifies for U. Olympic Marathon Trials, and she balances her intense training with her children and her LDS faith, according to a story from Runner's World. Amber Green lives in St. George with her husband and three sons. She ran her first marathon in "just to see if she could," according to Runner's World.

She has come a long way from that first run and fell just short of qualifying for the Olympic trials several times in the past two years. Her children kept her going when she felt like giving up. Like Romney, the Dudenhefers are proud Republicans — and devoted Mormons. So seeing a fellow member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints achieve such heights feels like real progress to them.

Kennedy in or how African Americans feel about Barack Obama. Andersen said during a panel discussion at a major global gathering of business, government and thought leaders. For its global meetings, Horasis, an independent think tank based in Zurich, Switzerland, brings together a community of some world leaders from 70 countries to pursue solutions to the most critical challenges facing corporations and societies.

Now America has its first Mormon with a real shot at the White House. Much more than other Christian churches, Mormonism is a way of life, not just a liturgy and a theology. Understanding his religion is much more important to understanding Romney than it was to understanding Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. Mormons who 'have been changing the world' highlighted by Catholic news site Deseret News - Utah April 18, - Relevance: To sing with those voices is even more rare.

Earlier this month, St. Church members around the world ages 13 and up have until then to submit their videos online for consideration. LDS doctrine 'completely linked' to traditional family, Elder M.

Russell Ballard of the faith's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said Tuesday in the keynote address during the opening ceremonies of the ninth World Congress of Families. One hundred fifty years to the day later, some visitors boarded buses at Marietta High School in Marietta, Georgia, that would transport them to Kennesaw Mountain State Park, where they would participate in a real-time hike that would take them on the same path those Union troops took to approach Cheatham Hill the moment the battle began.

And in December, people from around the world voted. In a news conference on February 4, , President Thomas S. Monson said of the program: I believe men and women need to get a type of education which will enable them to meet the exigencies of life. Mormon church has built downtown housing; will people come? Now the tough part: Getting people to buy them. The downtown Salt Lake City condos arguably present the most difficult marketing challenge in the massive mixed-use development, given the continued downturn in the residential market.

Creators of the contest invited entrepreneurs from around the world to submit a mobile or web app that would affect the world of family history.

The most Mormon country in the world? After all, one in every four U. But did you know that the multi-island Pacific nation has the highest number of Latter-day Saints per capita — in the world? Osmond is mature versatile entertainer, even if aura of childhood start remains Richmond Register - Kentucky January 14, - Relevance: He first gained fame as a child and then teen star with his sister Marie.

Fans of his early years remain passionate about him, but Osmund continuing show business success is based on his real, versatile talent, not simply nostalgia. Mark Catholic Church were dispelled by masterful performances demonstrating his range and depth. But humble he was not. I am the only man in the world it would be safe to trust with it. Little did Larson know that half a century later that magazine he envisioned would be read all over the world.

Today celebrates the 50th anniversary of the BYU Studies academic journal, a publication that strives to apply Doctrine and Covenants Does Mormonism have a Mitt Romney problem? The Economist February 24, - Relevance: Billboards have now gone up in a dozen American cities, featuring real members.

There the curious can chat with a missionary, or browse some 80, profiles to find Mormons who are like them. Over the past year, according to the church, people have initiated about 1m chats via the site, often asking about the Mormon record on gay rights, or other controversial things. And since the launch of the October campaign there have been 30, more Mormon profiles to look at. In less than four years, Meyer, a Mormon mother of three from Arizona, has become one of the world's bestselling authors, despite Stephen King saying she "can't write".

Every two seconds this year, someone in the UK has bought one of her books. Since her first novel, Twilight, was plucked out of an agent's slush pile and published in , Meyer has sold more than 85m copies worldwide.

Almost 5m of those were snapped up in the UK. On March 5, the school made another historic achievement: Efrey Guzman, 46, a former LDS branch president of a Latino congregation in Sandy, was charged with aggravated sexual assault and aggravated burglary, first-degree felonies; and sex abuse of a child and forcible sexual abuse, second-degree felonies. These resources include the free U.

Plates of Gold" from July 7 to July Birthplace of the Book of Mormon, Palmyra is the first stop on a nationwide tour in support of the film, which was directed and produced by Austrian filmmaker Christian Vuissa. Vuissa says the film "tells the true story, the real story behind Smith and the Book of Mormon in a way that has never been told before," and he hopes his film "helps people realize what an impact Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon have had not only in the Latter-day Saint faith, but also in history.

Excellent seminary teachers made the scriptures real Herald Journal - Utah March 27, - Relevance: This many years out of high school, I am still relieved to be done.

Seminary was a haven for me, a chance to give focused attention to the important ideas that otherwise were crowded out during my slightly overbooked youth.

I remember explaining LDS Seminary to friends who were not religious. My seminary was a scripture-study class for young people that met early in the morning. The property at Clark and Chestnut streets is adjacent to the former site of the proposed Chicago Center for Jewish Life, a multimillion-dollar building that would have offered a sanctuary, school, kosher cafe and crisis intervention services for Jewish travelers and members of Lubavitch Chabad of the Loop, Gold Coast and Lincoln Park, the Hasidic Orthodox community that built it.

The BYU-Pathway program, specifically PathwayConnect, was recently featured in an in-depth article by The Chronicle of Higher Education, highlighting its innovations and painting the program as a model of online education. It was only a matter of time, with the advanced use of social media, that top leadership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would join the world of tweeting.

Twitter, not related to the song birds of spring, is a social messaging tool that lets users give short messages of news interest, inspiration and opinion.

They were ignorant, and they have caused real hurt. While the video was politically neutral, it got people talking and thinking, including me. Center for Disease Control. The time the Swiss Mormons rolled in and changed everything. In fact, there was no real town to speak of in this remote corner of the American southwest before the Stuckis, Hirschis, and Toblers—some 85 Swiss pioneers in all—unloaded their covered wagons and began to build.

This demand or invitation is not that people become prophets to a nation. The revelation is not an ineffable expression of the mystery and futility of apprehending God. In his book, "The Book of Mormon: Givens starts a section with a quote from theologian Emil Brunner: All that we can know is the world. God is not the world.

Heard the one about the Mormon stand-up comic? Guardian - UK November 23, - Relevance: However, Baker is a Mormon. A peachy, astute, witty year-old Mormon who has never had sex. The book — The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance — is all about what it's like to live in Manhattan when the list of things you can't do cigarettes, wine, coffee, drugs, swearing, sex outside marriage, marriage to someone who isn't Mormon seems far more seductive than the things you can studying scripture, prayer and where the majority of your contemporaries think you might be — in Baker's words — "a whack job".

Until now her faith is something she has avoided talking about when she first meets someone "You know how in films people spit out their drinks when they're surprised, and you think that never happens in real life?

The Twilight saga is a story about love. And the founding of the Mormon faith. And orphans, in a really weird way. Twilight is a story about all of these things. Since the series' debut in , multitudes of thinkers and scholars have claimed to know the real, profound meaning behind Stephenie Meyer's famous vampire-romance novel series. This tends to happen sometimes when books ignite widespread consumption and discussion: Just run a quick Google search on "The Great Gatsby is a story about" if you need further proof.

But the degree to which Twilight has been analyzed, re-analyzed, reframed, and close-read makes it something of a lit-crit Choose Your Own Adventure story. Below rests La Paz, a sprawling Latin American community that stretches across a massive geological bowl carved deep in the earth. Skyscrapers and stately government buildings are bordered by red brick apartment buildings numbering in the thousands. Most of La Paz's streets seem to travel two ways — up or down.

And a distant gaze in almost any direction is obstructed by a snow-capped Andean peak, a reminder that La Paz elevation 12, feet is a mountain city. After more than two years of planning, "El Salvador del Mundo" -- the Spanish-language adaptation of the popular Mormon stage production "Savior of the World" -- successfully channeled the considerable talents of amateur and first-time actors from several cultural backgrounds into a cohesive and poignant production depicting the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

First, the blog Murilovisck from Brazil: I'm 25 years old and am a Latter-day Saint. My blog about news and curiosities about the church is participating in a national competition for Brazilian Blogs. I'm in the top 3 blogs in the category Religion. I ran over blogs and the winner will be announced at a ceremony in Sao Paulo on Jan. Two churches, different financial trajectories Inquirer - Pennsylvania February 15, - Relevance: At the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, south of Vine, church leaders are turning property accumulated over generations - such as cemeteries - into cash in a bid to fill huge financial gaps.

The Missoula Montana Stake put their show on March David Campbell, co-author of "Amazing Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us" and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said at a policy briefing Thursday that "the moderation you see in Romney the candidate, and I suppose in Romney the governor of Massachusetts, I would say pretty nicely reflects what you see in the public opinion polls of the rank and file of the Mormon community.

The main video in the "Light the World" initiative has earned more than 34 million views, according to a church blog. The 25 shorter videos with daily service suggestions leading up to Christmas have garnered over 30 million views. Yet, like all Olympic dreams, the road to the medal podium for this Latter-day Saint athlete was long and hard.

She was the reigning World Cup skeleton racer for the — season—and a favorite to win the gold at the Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy—when a four-man bobsleigh lost its brakes and crushed her leg during a training accident in Calgary. This year's conference theme, "Converted unto the Lord," is taken from the scripture found in 3 Nephi Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency, on Dec.

Speaking during the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, President Eyring said Latter-day Saints know from the true record in the Book of Mormon that God's prophets had long taught the people that light would be a sign of the birth of the only begotten Son of God in the flesh. While there are over operating sites throughout the world, serving nearly 7, students, Rexburg will be the th site to open in the United States and Canada.

And what does he do in his spare time? The year-old champion attends the Page 3rd Ward of the Page Arizona Stake and works hard to balance his role of husband, father, active Church member, firefighter and wakeboarder.

The show features a cast of talented actors, singers and musicians sharing testimony through drama and song of the divine mission of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of the world. As times change, new circumstances present new challenges and possibilities.

And yet, through it all, this immemorial longing we call religion continues on. In the s, sociologists came to a consensus that religion was fading. As knowledge and freedom increased, they theorized, so modern society would outgrow religion. Thirty years later, however, that hypothesis was reversed. One of these sociologists, Peter Berger, explained the miscalculation this way: On the contrary, in much of the world there has been a veritable explosion of religious faith.

Religion, it can be said, is just as relevant now as it has ever been. Would it be better if the country just got over this notion of American exceptionalism?

Oh, I think it would. I mean, this is This is -- by the way, this is one reason why I say -- and people laugh at me, but I would say in years, this country will be Mormon.

It's a stupid religion and a stupid country. They were made for each other. And I tell you, one of the things Americans are going to love about Mormonism, when they find out about it, is that, first of all, Jesus is an American. Jesus is an American in Mormonism. And they love the idea that Mormons embrace more than anybody that we are the super-duper star-spangled best country ever! And if we have any flaw, it's that we make other countries feel bad because our awesomeness is so overwhelming.

From hand-crafted nativities to live presentations, the nativities from around the world bear testimony of the divinity of the Savior's birth. Traditional Christmas nativity scenes include Jesus in a manger with figurines of His mother, Mary; Joseph; angels; shepherds and farm animals. Admission is free and open to the public. Much, if not most, of that advice has been theological, suggesting a wide range of changes in Church doctrine and rules.

The new pope should be as digital as possible. In both a pre-conclave homily at the Cathedral of St. For many of the women who participate, it is the only way they can stay in contact with their children and provide motherly comfort. The nativities on display are from the personal collection of Yves and Kathleen Perrin. At the stroke of 9 a. Today, families in more than 60 million homes nationwide and millions more across the globe have access to an array of family-friendly movies, lectures, sporting events, documentaries and food shows — which will now come in HD to Utah's Comcast subscribers.

Wheelwright addressed the topic of religious freedom at the opening devotional of the Fall semester on Tuesday, September 11, We have the blessings of being guided by apostles and prophets. And on this campus we also have the blessings of being a part of the Church Educational System and having a temple of the Lord nearby.

How we have been blessed! And they have made it clear that if we simply take the blessing of religious freedom for granted, we will lose that blessing. Church Spokesman Scott Trotter issued a short statement on the West Layton Village property matter late Monday, after the church became part of the narrative on the issue, initiated by a group that forced the issues on the ballot. The group, Citizens for Responsible Growth, claims the church had unofficially apologized for appearing to be a force behind the potential development.

PRI, a real estate arm of the church, manages the property in question. Kimball gave a talk in entitled "The Gospel Vision of the Arts. For years I have had a vision of members of the Church greatly increasing their already strong positions of excellence till the eyes of all the world will be upon us. Blind sprinter takes gold; archer advances to semi-finals Deseret News - Utah September 4, - Relevance: He picked up an Irish flag proclaiming: More than people packed into a room at the Ashton Gardens to celebrate the grand opening of the Light of the World Garden, a 2.

Mormon church made wealthy by donations Reuters August 13, - Relevance: Its investment strategy would be viewed as risk-averse. It would also likely attract corporate gadflies protesting a lack of transparency. They would call for less spending on real estate and more on charitable causes to improve membership growth - the Mormons' return on investment. Those are a few of the conclusions that can be drawn from an analysis of the church's finances by Reuters and University of Tampa sociologist Ryan Cragun.

Activities are an important part of the youth program in the Church. In addition to Sunday activities, LDS youth are invited to meet together on an additional night during the week to do activities together. Beck, Young Men general president. It's not a sitcom script. It's a real-life cultural immersion experience for year-old Muhammad Janjua. Janjua, who goes by Umer, is living, learning and forging new relationships almost 7, miles from his home in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The people he lives and learns with can't imagine not having him around. Politico reported, "Jeffress described Romney's Mormon faith as a 'cult,' and said evangelicals had only one real option in the primaries. Asked by Politico if he believed Romney is a Christian, Jeffress answered: His Birth and Resurrection, a musical production performed in the Conference Center Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah, and based on the events surrounding the birth and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, will be available beginning October 16, The two-hour event will run from November 16 through December 29, Performances are available Tuesday through Saturday evenings beginning at 7: The matinee on December 8 is specifically for those with visual or hearing impairments.

They are the noble generation of which prophets have testified. They live in a world of great challenge but also of great opportunity. They sometimes feel isolated and alone in living the gospel of Jesus Christ and keeping their baptismal covenants.

We've been down this theological road before. In recent weeks, Senator Reid has violated at least one of the Ten Commandments -- the one prohibiting the bearing of false witness -- as well as the command of Jesus to "Judge not, lest you be judged.

The evening started with a reverse call sent out to residents between 5: Residents then gathered at their block captains' houses to check-in for themselves and their families, similar to what city officials hope would happen in the event of a real emergency. Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve. Everywhere in the world, humble members draw inspiration from the scriptures to guide them through life" The Friend, February Living at an unprecedented time in world history, the word of God goes forth at an incredible rate due to the wonderful technologies available.

The Deseret News reported in its Oct. The report indicated that 98 percent of college students own a digital device, and 38 percent say they can't go for more than 10 minutes without using one. People can interact with the scriptures in ways never before dreamed of because of technology. Nemani — who is one of 11 children — was in his third year of a medical degree in his home country when he was given a posting half way across the world. The annual event, sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has always drawn an eager crowd of quilters, but this year the haunting images of destruction in Haiti gave it a very real sense of urgency.

Now, in the computer age, it has taken on the task of digitizing the world's records, and it is employing the services of senior volunteer couples to help accomplish that gargantuan task. On any given day, the Church's family history organization, FamilySearch, has digital preservation teams in 45 countries capturing digital photographs of rarely accessed historical records and then publishing them online for free access at the website familysearch.

Heap doesn't smoke, drink or swear. The tight end won't talk trash, but he'll take out the garbage without being asked. He doesn't carouse, like many teammates. You won't find one on Heap's 6-foot-5 frame. But they are unable to hear what Rick Perry is saying. The Christian prayer rally in Houston was a very loud proclamation to fundamentalists and Teavangelicals, which said, "I am not a Mormon. He's wearing his faith like a power tie while Romney stays quiet as a tabernacle mouse on the topic of religion.

The supermarket check-out publication reports — with salacious spin — how Ann Romney wrote to her future husband while he was a Mormon missionary in France and informed him she was developing feelings for another young man back in Utah. That is definitely a stretch. Brillault is the mayor of Le Chesnay, which lies just outside Paris and next to Versailles. He can point to Louis XIV's chateau from his office. Brillault says a petition against the temple is causing him real headaches.

Joe to sell majority of its land to affiliate of the Mormon Church Tallahassee. Joe announced the sales agreement on its website Thursday morning. Any land the company had plans to develop or use for such developments in the near future also will not be included in the sale, St. Savior of the World is a two-hour musical production based on the events surrounding the birth and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, accompanied by the Orchestra at Temple Square, highlighted the hour-long event with seasonal hymns and carols.

The congregation in the 21,seat facility joined in on the closing selection "Silent Night. Monson remarked that the real joy of Christmas is found in making Jesus Christ the focus of the season. Jay Findlay was one of the two stuntmen who made the leap.

At the time, he was a real cowboy who worked on the family's cattle ranch near Kanab, Utah, a town where the actors and actresses would stay while filming western movies and TV shows. Often, the productions required extras, particularly skilled locals such as Mr.

Findlay who could handle horses and herds. Owen, Young Men general president, after his recent visit to Japan with his wife, Jane. They also felt at home in a tent at the World Scout Jamboree in Yamaguchi, Japan, where they made their first stop. Evangelical leader says commonality with Mormons deeper than differences Deseret News - Utah November 18, - Relevance: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World. Two decades ago, he reports, he was struck by a book titled "The Birth of the Modern: World Society, ," written by the eminent British historian Paul Johnson.

Johnson devotes more than a thousand pages to a mere 15 years that, he contends, changed the course of human history and founded the modern world. The counsel and advice given by leaders included teaching children to pray, honesty, integrity, how to avoid unwanted influences of the world on families, developing and strengthening faith, moral character, making better choices, and other values of concern to people of all faiths.

But if you live in the United States, you probably have no idea it exists. Also, it enables Area Presidencies to minister to, communicate with, teach, and strengthen members and local leaders within their areas.

And after seven years in Union County, they are about to take their commitment to service around the world. Paul Frost, 39, is attending training in Washington, D. He will work with the U. Department of Commerce, which sends trade professionals around the world to help U.

Frost said he is one of 25 people who recently was appointed to the service. Several thousand people applied for the job in the most recent hiring process, and about 75 will get final offers over several phases of hiring, he said.

Dozens of collections from records around the world have also been updated with thousands of other records. A church spokesperson refused to reveal the cost of the building project, but Mormon elder Alexander Manzhos said it would serve 31, believers from as far away as Kazakhstan and Armenia. The first Mormon congregation in Ukraine was launched in , the year the country gained independence, and now numbers over 10, baptized members, over sixty congregations and numerous meeting houses and chapels throughout the country.

It features a number of videos from people who share real experiences from their own perspectives on a sensitive and sometimes emotionally charged topic. Valued at tens of thousands of dollars, the exhibition features world-famous paintings of the life of Christ, from before his birth to his Second Coming. Curator Debbie Gardner said this rare opportunity for people to view fine art reproductions of world-renowned paintings was a free event arranged by the church.

The apostles' testimonies spread that first and fundamental testimony. Beyond whatever else the Church might need contemporary apostles to do, that witness to the Church and to the world is their first responsibility. Under membership and volunteer leadership, I reported that the Mormon church is a worldwide religion with more than 14 million members in countries, more than half of whom are outside the U. We are the fourth largest Christian denomination in America.

We have , members in California. All local bishops and ecclesiastical leaders serve without pay. All chapels and temples are fully paid for before dedication and faithful members tithe 10 percent of their income annually. Harrison is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- he's a Mormon -- and his plan, like so many Mormon students, was to enroll in college for a year before spending two years on a mission.

But unfortunately for Harrison, a former top wing who averaged 3. The decision put Harrison's season in jeopardy. BYU head coach Dave Rose, expecting Harrison to be away for two years, had already given his scholarship to someone else. That's not a knock on Rose; it's a reality he has to deal with. The spreadsheet is quite complicated.

Mormons in the Paralympics: His time of Smyth, legally blind, also set a world record in the meter sprint to win gold earlier in the Paralympic games. Australian Todd Hodgetts, 24, of the Canberra Australia Stake, won the gold medal in the men's shot put for F athletes with a mark of Hodgetts was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at 8 years old. BYU-Idaho Radio is hosted solely online at www.

With 3, participants and , balloons, the event unleashed a massive barrage of colorful cool for six minutes. It had taken students three days to fill that many balloons. A free lunch, music, and a blood drive added to the festival. The previous record, held by the University of Kentucky, used 3, participants and more than , water balloons. BYU has to wait for official word from the Guinness Book of World Records, but event organizers say they are confident their record will be verified.

Rogers, 45, is bishop of the McKinney 2nd Ward, a father of five and was featured in Mormon Times in July, just before he headed off to Kansas. He has won the Ringside World Championships three times and has the belts to prove it. Previously, he has beaten fighters pounds and heavier. Some critics have claimed that real scientists -- by which, of course, they mean "non-Mormon scientists" -- wouldn't agree with LDS scientists on their approach to the DNA issues.

The quotes from non-LDS scholars in a previous installment successfully refute this accusation. Ironically, few critics who have engaged the DNA issue have advanced degrees commensurate with this particular topic. I'm aware of only two such critics. One is a biologist with advanced training in plant genetics and he admitted in his writings that DNA science wouldn't refute the Book of Mormon if we theorize a small incursion of people into a larger population ; the other is an anthropologist.

Conversely, there are several LDS scientists with training in DNA studies, particularly population genetics, who have weighed in on the topic.

Giving joy to the world California December 25, - Relevance: The interpretation of general conference is immense. Global broadcasts reach millions of listeners, making it one of the largest interpretation efforts in the world.

Missionary experiences have been a big part of our lives. In our younger days before we were married, we both went on missions to Eastern Canada. Then several years later we went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for three years as Glen presided over the mission there.

A few months after the Church bought a , acre farm in Australia, we were asked to go there for Glen to oversee and help improve irrigation practices. While we were there, Margene did volunteer work in three different local schools. We learned that although the people speak English in Australia, it is an entirely different language, because so many words are used differently and because of the accent the people have.

We had 18 months of really enjoying Australia. Broadcasting to the world: LDS frats and sororities? Because the Salt Lake City-based faith says the activities that long defined those clubs are better placed in the hands of local congregations, overseen by spiritual leaders such as bishops and stake presidents. This new site has already had thousands of visitors, as people are excited to see the storefront and what they have for sale.

The LDS Church online store does not officially open for global business until September 30, and expectations are that this will be a major online shopping destination for Mormons around the world who want to connect with the church direct. It will be the first time that Mormons from around the world will be able to directly make purchases from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Stokes, also of Matthews, weren't members of the evangelical megachurch, but they had many friends who were.

And unlike the Cub Scout pack at their own church, which doesn't have a program for 6-year-old Tiger Scouts, Christ Covenant's was big enough to accommodate both of their boys. The couple even signed up to be Scout leaders - he would lead the Bears, she'd help with the Tigers - when they discovered the church needed more adult help. So why, in the end, did Christ Covenant reject the Stokes' application to be Scout leaders?

And, therefore, not real Christians, church officials told the couple last month. Now, a year later, Jennifer Willis looks with a sense of urgency to a box of unanswered letters sent last December to the LDS Church she attends. With the help of her cousin, she plans to send them the same CD that brought her peace a year ago. Best-selling writer Card, composer Mitchell come together for world premiere of collaboration News Tribune - Washington November 5, - Relevance: Meeting with their bishop in Rancho Cucamonga, they laid out the problem: Although Jason was working two jobs, he was barely earning enough to make ends meet.

The bishop "was really open and loving," Liz recalled. But it was tough love. We can't pay your mortgage," she recalled him as saying. He offered food assistance and a blessing. That worldview, focused on church and not government, is part of the culture of American Mormonism, paradoxically rooted in both self-reliance and communitarian idealism.

It may help explain the roots of Mitt Romney's conservatism, which in many ways mirrors the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Earlier this month, Mormons from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia celebrated that event with a 40th-anniversary jubilee in Croatia — just weeks before Mitt Romney will formally accept the Republican nomination for U. Dragomir Savic, a former LDS leader in Serbia, said in that "it could be great miracle if a Mormon became the president. Commenters are advised to leave their comments at this post rather than with the news articles so that they are more easily accessible.

Gates of Vienna cannot vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of the contents of any individual item posted here. We check each entry to make sure it is relatively interesting, not patently offensive, and at least superficially plausible.

Further research and verification are left to the reader. Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from Unzensuriert. The number of pupils with a first language other than German has doubled from to The doubling in the number of multilingual students is evident in virtually all provinces in Austria. The Styrian province is the only outlier, where the number of children with a different native language has tripled from about 5, to 16, The nationwide statistics conceals the dramatic developments in Vienna, because German is hardly spoken in the primary schools of the federal capital.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives. Scroll down for other posts that have appeared since Wednesday. Certain posts at Gates of Vienna, among them those by Takuan Seiyo, tend to attract the attention and comments of people who are preoccupied with the Jews.

I generally delete such comments without publishing them. Before I deleted it, I sent it to Takuan, just to show him what was coming in. He suggested that I go ahead and post it, followed by his response.

Some interesting points, a lot of waffle and some errors. Top class, modern historians now regard that figure as grotesquely disproportionate. It is one of the most successful internationsal businesses of all time. You have the temerity to post this kind of Nazi apologist garbage in a comments thread of an article by a writer whose gentile grandparents had been murdered in a concentration camp and whose gentile mother spent two years in a labor-extermination camp, was a state witness in the post-war trial of its commandant, and relayed her wartime experiences to this writer directly.

Moreover, a writer who was born and grew up one hour by car from Auschwitz and three kilometers from the plant where the firm Hoch und Tiefbau AG had built the crematoria for that camp. In which, alone, 2. Moreover, you desecrate the memory of Witold Pilecki plus other Polish officer escapees from Auschwitz who produced written reports, e. I am omitting here reports by Jewish escapees, for example the Vrba-Wetzler report, as well as the fate of the Jewish part of my family during the war, so as to skirt the whole specious Joooos-tainted-it aspect of your comment.

The lowest for Auschwitz, for instance by the Polish historian Franciszek Piper , cites 1. The highest figure cited for Auschwitz is 4 million. However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that.

More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments. For over 60 years, White mea-culpists have had a firm grip in all fields of cultural mind imprinting: Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e. K and discretionary e. Nor the evils of the worldwide Islamic Inquisition which — not in the 16th century but now, in the 21st, condemns Muslim apostates to barbaric execution.

Instead, aggressive White androphobes of all genders which I can no longer count are decimating the philogynous and egalitarian West. Equality psychos are tearing down the most egalitarian society that ever existed except for initial communist experiments, before they turned bloody. American Jews, at the apex of the greatest fortune and philosemitic tolerance their long diaspora has ever bestowed on their kind, are busy supporting all the ideologies and policies that demolish their safe harbor and build up their Muslim, Black and Third World enemies.

Leftoid masochists and the Christian meek call for returning Hawaii to the Hawaiians and capitulating before a massive Mexican reconquista of one-third of America. The rightful Etruscan landowners are not bearing angry placards in front of the Vatican.

The Japanese are not planning to relinquish Hokkaido to its original owners, the Ainu. The tall, white and fair-haired Chachapoyas of the Andean forest have, alas, no remnants left to sue the Incas for genocide in a Peruvian court of law. However, even that great moral abyss of Western civilization — the Holocausts — stands out more in its industrialized and organizational features than it does either in the quality of its hatefulness or its relative or even absolute volumes.

In relative numbers, in just one year, , the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, killed off a total of one million, in a population of 7 million. Is it more humane to go by a stroke of a blunt machete than by a whiff of Zyklon B? The Khmer Rouge murdered at least 2 million Cambodians between and Is it more humane to die by wallops from a Cambodian pickaxe handle than by a bullet from a German Mauser? Inscription on the back in German: There is a special horror attached to the Third Reich, because those were 20 th century Europeans, Christians, and in many ways the smartest, most civilized people on Earth.

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