Install Glass Block Windows in Basement

How to Install Glass Block Windows in Basement

In this article, we will see how to install glass block basement windows for protecting our home and preventing vandals.

We all know that burglars like to intrude into our residences through basement windows. Normally, these places on the building are less visible, and the windows are situated at the ground level that makes it very easy to break open and enter. Moreover, these windows are often not noticed by the property owners in spite of being broken mainly because of their location.

Install Windows in Basement

There are many reasons why it will be a nice idea to swap regular glass basement windows with top-quality glass blocks. The basement windows which are located at the ground level are often exposed to considerable flooding, snow build-up, and other stresses related to weather. Moreover, standard glass basement windows can become easily shattered when kids and adults are involved in ball games and other similar activities.

In this article, we will throw light on how to install glass block windows in the basement.

1. Make preparations for the installation

A building permit will be needed for any type of construction. If it is so, make it a point to get one before commencing the project. After purchasing a glass block window kit, you must measure plus mark on the wall where the opening of the window will be made. Make use of a level for marking the vertical and horizontal lines of the window. There will be some problems in leveling the edge if the first cut becomes crooked. Isolate the components into piles after removing all the materials from your kit.

2. Cut the wall opening

After finishing the basement, you have to cut through a couple of walls: the external wall and the internal framing wall. 2 types of saws will be needed for this: a concrete saw for cutting through the outer wall’s cinderblock and a skill saw for the interior wall. After cutting through the interior wall, saw through the external wall.

Take care not to cut through the electric wiring while cutting through the internal wall. Do not support yourself on any unstable thing like a bucket, a box, or a household chair while doing the work.

3. Smooth the cut edges

Make use of a circular saw featuring a grinder blade for smoothing the rough concrete edges or the opening where the glass block window will be inserted. While sawing, always put on protective goggles since there might be concrete pieces and sparks flying about everywhere.

4. Insert the window

After removing the hardware and other parts from your window kit, insert and place the window in the recently made opening on the external wall.

5. Set up the fastening hardware

One corner of the window has to be secured using the kit’s mounting hardware. Verify that the window is level once again, and following this, fix the corner across the earlier fastened corner.

6. Apply caulking after installing flashing

Complete the installation process by making use of the finishing strips supplied by the kit. Fill the gaps between the wall edges and the window frame by making use of caulking. In case any caulking has oozed out from the cracks, do not forget to smooth them out.