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I want sex Saint Louis

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The operator heard a woman refusing to get into a vehicle and begging for help. Gunshots—loud and staccato—cut through the confusion of noises. A smoke alarm shrilled. Before being booked, she asked to use the restroom and stabbed herself in the neck and wrists with a ballpoint pen. Louisans squinted at their TV screens, trying to fathom this blond woman, her square jaw set hard, her face impassive. The only possible motive connecting all three cases was money. Pamela Neumann Hupp grew up in an orderly Catholic household in Dellwood, the third of four kids, their mother a schoolteacher, their father a union man who worked for decades at Union Electric.

Pam rode bikes with her friends, went Christmas caroling, occasionally skipped Sunday school. At Riverview Gardens High School, she was a blond pompommer with a laugh that burst forth like a geyser, no stopping it. They went to their senior prom together. Pam did the responsible thing, but her friends sensed a wistful resentment: Everybody else was caught up in the whirl of college, while here she was, sitting in a cheap apartment spooning strained beets.

The marriage lasted six years. Pam also took a clerical job in a State Farm office, and Betsy Faria was the first person she met there. Eleven years younger than Pam, Betsy was warm-hearted and bubbly and scatterbrained, always short of cash but shored up emotionally by dozens of friends who adored her.

Even at 32, she looked like a greeting card illustration—round face, curly hair, pink cheeks, bright-blue eyes—and in her part-time gig as a DJ, she could coax anybody onto the dance floor.

Pam liked a party, too, but she was far more self-contained; she struck their boss as mature, logical, steady, and clearly underemployed. A positive person, very level-headed—I never saw her mad. She saw a bigger picture. And she was very adept at office politics. Still, he says, not everything added up. Two months later, I received a letter from a guy who bought her house, asking if that was true.

How that happened, I have no clue. For the most part, the Hupps kept to themselves: Mark was quiet but congenial, did some deer hunting, lent a hand to neighbors.

Pam could be a bit of a buttinski if a squabble arose between neighbors, but she socialized mainly with family. Neighbors recall a few odd incidents at the time: At the time, people shrugged them off. In retrospect, they wonder. Pam and Betsy lost touch for years , but when Betsy learned she had breast cancer in January , Pam was there to offer support. From then on, Pam Hupp took Betsy to every one of those sessions. That October, Betsy learned that the cancer had spread to her liver.

Gamely, she went on the cruise anyway, and Russ arranged one of her dreams: The next day, she and Betsy went to the library in WingHaven, where Betsy asked a young librarian to witness her signature on a change-of-beneficiary form.

She drove alone to Siteman Cancer Center in St. Peters and sat with Betsy and Bobbi during the treatment. Should not be too late. Pam later said it was Betsy who asked for a ride. When Betsy was ready, they set out for Troy. And when they pulled into her driveway, Pam called her husband and put Betsy on the phone. Life was not a neurotic tangle of nuance for him: On Tuesday, December 27, Russ worked from home until 5 p. He called Betsy, got gas at the Conoco in Troy, and called his mom at 5: He walked inside the house, let the bag of kibble slide to the floor, took off his jacket, and stepped into the living room.

Betsy was lying on the floor. He later said his first split-second thought was that she was feeling sick, but as he knelt next to her, his brain registered the blood matting her hair and pooled around her neck. Her wrists were slashed open, and the black handle of one of their kitchen knives was sticking out of her throat. Had she killed herself? And with the latest news, the cancer spreading….

First responders found a body that was cold and stiff, the blood coagulated on her scalp, dried hard on her wrists, still wet in the deeper pools. A fire captain and an EMS supervisor both concluded that Betsy had died more than an hour earlier. It had sliced into her skull, plunged into her left eye, and lacerated her throat, bursting the right carotid artery.

Most of the stab wounds, though, were hidden by her clothes. There were deep punctures in her abdomen; perforations in her lungs, liver, and spleen. The house was a mess, with crusty saucepans in the sink and shopping bags, snowmen, and Santas scattered around the bloody corpse. When Hollingsworth sat with him in the police car and tried to distract him with talk of the neighborhood where they both grew up, he chatted normally for a while, even laughed.

This struck police as suspicious. This, too, struck police as suspicious. Betsy had made no secret of her longing to move back to Lake Saint Louis, closer to chemo and tennis and her friends.

Pam said she felt guilty about leaving Betsy to face her husband alone, because he had a violent temper. Two days after Russ was arrested , stltoday. When detectives arrived early on the morning of December 28 to break the news, she had just stepped out of the shower. She said Russ had told Betsy not to bring her purse to chemo, which was strange because Betsy lived out of her purse.

Pam said when she left, Betsy was snug on the couch, with a blanket around her. When cell phone records showed that she called at 7: Pam went to bed. The detectives jotted this account and left. After Russ was charged , his cousin hired Joel Schwartz , a roguish, whip-smart defense attorney she remembered from a stint as a legal secretary. As Schwartz read through the police reports, he kept stopping, incredulous. And she had no alibi.

One of the officers clocked his drive home at 23 minutes—going at a good clip and zooming up onto the shoulder to avoid delays. Even if Russ had made it home in 23 minutes, he would have had only nine minutes to stab his wife 55 times and clean up before he called And he was still wearing the orange Rhode Island T-shirt and Sonoma jeans captured on security cameras earlier that evening when he filled his car, bought cigarettes, and stopped for Snapple.

The police and prosecutor found all those pregame errands suspicious: Was he creating an alibi by getting on camera in all those places? Russ always bought his cigarettes at the U-Gas in Wentzville, he told Schwartz. They were 60 cents cheaper than they were at the Conoco. Besides, he did the errands before 6 p. Dominic High School, reported talking to Betsy around 5 p.

I left my keys at home. Had it been a faux polygraph? All Russ knew was that somebody had sat in front of him with a laptop and asked questions. Faux polygraphs are legal, but they have to be disclosed, and Schwartz had received no notice of one.

He asked for raw data from the polygraph and never received it. And the shift from not going inside to going all the way to the bedroom? Schwartz puzzled it out: If you went out of your way to drive your friend home just so she could get there a few hours earlier because she needed sleep so badly, why would you bother her by calling when you were just a few miles from her house?

I never had a problem with Pam personally. She was easy to talk to. But I could name half a dozen other people Betsy was closer to. The Friday before her death, as soon as the change-of-beneficiary form was signed, Betsy and Pam went to the post office.

Later, she told them she had no idea whether Betsy mailed the form. What if someone at the agency had decided not to honor the change? She had to be killed—how does that work?

Because this way, you implicate my client , Schwartz thought. And you know where he is every Tuesday. She comes across as clear and forthright, and she gives off a reassuring confidence.

Left alone in the interview room, she sits as still and serene as a Zen master. Schwartz rolled his eyes and clicked off the video.


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Join a celebration honoring award-winning young writers at the St. Find out how these fourth- through eighth-graders created stories that all began with the same sentence: All are encouraged to bring a dessert dish for sharing The Lodge limits catering to desserts only. To most writers, completing a synopsis is more painful than writing the manuscript itself.

But, never fear, with a few simple rules in hand, anyone can write a successful synopsis, said author Shawntelle Madison. Shawntelle Madison is a web developer who loves to weave words as well as code.

After losing her first summer job detasseling corn, Shawntelle performed various jobs—from fast-food clerk to grunt programmer to university webmaster. Writing eccentric characters is her most favorite job of them all. She lives in Missouri with her husband and children. Discuss with best-selling author Liz Schulte how to turn writing into a career.

Liz Schulte is a self-published author in mystery and paranormal romance with over twenty novels, multiple short stories, and audiobooks.

Liz has a degree in psychology from the University of Missouri and a minor in philosophy. She has taken numerous forensic courses and writing classes, as well as attended several symposiums on writing.

She speaks on subjects ranging from self-publishing to marketing and social media. Her workshop will include practices and playtime to help align participants with their own personal brand of creativity, addressing questions such as: Deborah finds joy in creative work of any kind, especially work that inspires personal and spiritual growth.

Learn more about the St. She lives and works in St. Jennifer graduated from Webster University with a degree in digital media and animation, and uses this skill set to create bright and engaging characters in both pictures and words. Her illustration company, Jennifer Stolzer Illustration, has served the St. Louis area and its authors for seven years. Saturday, July 8, Unfortunately launching a career is more than just writing, and the challenges are just beginning.

He will discuss ways to help you master the literary industry and cement yourself into your new career at a workshop from 10 a. Rick understands the minefield of the publishing world. He created Red Coat PR to be the company that provides authors and publishers with unique opportunities in marketing, branding and business management.

The new world of publishing has many opportunities for you to publish, but those opportunities bring a number of questions. How do I get reviews? Can I get into a brick and mortar store? How do I use social media? Should I go on a book tour?

Who is my targeted audience and how do I reach them? How do I market? These questions inspire doubt and fear, making it all that much harder to navigate the complicated and ever-changing world of publishing.

Together we can help build your brand and launch your career. You are the undaunted! Key points of the workshop include: Previously Rick was the Vice President of an International Risk Management company specializing in strategic and financial risks. He is the co-founder of Penned Con, a book convention hosted annually in St.

Winners of the Short Story Contest. Thank you to the Judge, Susan McBride. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered. Hear the winning stories read at the March 13th Open Mic Night!

Join author Peter H. Green at 10 a. Marines , Second edition, Greenskills Press, and Radio: The life and times of the last pet he owned.

One gram can kill 80, people. Louis Writers Guild workshop featuring award-winning historical mystery author Fedora Amis, from 10 a. McKenzie will provide resources that collect publisher information, and information about conventions and other networking opportunities. McKenzie works for Apex Publications and is a published author of short fiction. She is currently working on a collaborative collection of short stories and a novel. When she is not writing, you can find her teaching video games and Spanish at Maverick Learning Center.

Check out her website at mckenziejohnstonwinberry. Author of the young adult steampunk series, The Iron Chronicles , Brad is a former co-publisher and acquisitions editor for Blank Slate Press. The husband-and-wife team bring a wealth of experience to this how-to discussion about writing and publishing in the horror genre. Schutz, a former screenwriter and Shakespearean actor, spent many years on stage, screen and television portraying a wide range of characters.

He began writing horror fiction in and has been published in several anthologies. Fortier grew up reading, watching, loving anything horror; her dark-side so to speak. Today, she has not merely found a new voice but added an intrinsic octave to her repertoire; the genre of horror, both poetic and fiction. She appears in numerous anthologies; many of her poems both open and close these tomes. He is the Amazon bestselling author of more than a dozen novels and numerous short stories, novellas, nonfiction books, columns and essays from a variety of publishers.

An Associate Professor at Southwestern Illinois College, he has appeared as a guest, speaker, presenter and event host at dozens of conventions and literary festivals across the U. Congratulations to the Winners of the. Many thanks to all who entered. There were so many great stories, it was difficult to choose. All are encouraged to bring a dish for a potluck luncheon that will follow readings by the contest winners.

Bring paper and pen or a laptop and be prepared to churn out story starts and character descriptions, as well as identifying the essential conflict in your narrative, during this fun and interactive workshop. Angela Mitchell's stories have appeared in literary journals and magazines, including Colorado Review, New South, Carve, Midwestern Gothic, and others. In , the Riverfront Times honored her as a MasterMind recipient for her work in the literary arts.

She is the current director of the St. Nicole will cover research methods and sources, how research informs plot, how to handle characterization in other time periods, how to bring the past to life, mistakes to avoid, and more.

Whether you're just dipping a toe in the historical waters or have already published in this genre, you're sure to learn something new. She is one of only six authors who completed a week-long writing intensive taught by 1 New York Times bestselling author Deborah Harkness. Her email address is nicole. Join author Brad R. Cook July 9 to explore not only Limited, Omniscient, and Objective points of view, but what it all means when the words hit the page.

Cook will see the release of book three, Iron Lotus , in November Why newsletters are one of the most reliable marketing tools. How to bring more subscribers onto your lists. Why Facebook ads are more powerful than ever, and how anyone can benefit from them. Landing pages, and why you need them. His three favorite list-building courses and companies. Effective sites for promoting discounted ebooks.

We will also review the upcoming St. Louis book convention, Penned Con. Eric is the author of the Vesik urban fantasy series and the Young Adult steampunk series, Steamborn. He is a former bookseller, cellist, and comic seller currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri. A lifelong enthusiast of books, music, toys, and games, he discovered a love for the written word after being dragged to the library by his parents at a young age.

When he is not writing, you can usually find him reading, gaming, or buried beneath a small avalanche of Transformers. David will share his experience as producer and host of Write Pack Radio WPR —a free podcast on the writing industry that has an international audience—and how he is taking a hobby and making it into part of his writing business. Forbes Magazine predicts they will soon available on car radios, and they are easy to make.

David is a published fiction short story author and poet. For two years, David has been the host and producer of Write Pack Radio, a podcast with a panel of authors exploring the changing writing industry.

David decided to take his experience in podcasting and his love for radio dramas and start Winding Trails Media, which will produce podcast audio dramas beginning this fall. Charles, in February , with Emily stepping into the role of co-owner and proprietress.

Before she became a bookseller, Emily worked with and trained birds of prey at World Bird Sanctuary and was a personal assistant in the insurance industry though not at the same time. He has a B. He also has his Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Louisville and practices law from offices in Shelbyville.

He concentrates his legal practice in environmental law, and his biologic research in historical phytogeography. Van Stockum has published numerous articles in the area of law, science and creative writing. He has published two novels of magic realism: Markman's Home and Cosmos, the Stellar Stalker Louis Magazine writer Thomas Crone wrote of his experience: Louis business law attorneys. Louis native, he earned his law degree from St. Louis University and was admitted to the Bar in in Missouri, the U.

Court of Appeals, the Eighth Circuit, and U. Court of Military Appeals. He served as a Captain, J. He was admitted to the U. Supreme Court , the U. Court of Claims , and U. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit Bob will show you simple ways to overcome these obstacles so you can make more of an impact with your words, books, articles, poems, and blog posts.

This workshop is guaranteed to be interactive, eye-opening and fun. Bring a notebook and pen so you can take lots of notes and leave with some easy but powerful action steps to build your writing career. Bob Baker is on a lifelong mission to help musicians, authors and creative entrepreneurs use their talents and know-how to make a living and make a difference in the world!?

He is a full-time author who has developed a successful niche writing and speaking about music marketing and self-promotion for songwriters, musicians, and bands. He served six terms as president of the St. Louis Publishers Association and is an advocate for the self-publishing movement. He also created the "Music Marketing " course, which ran for five years at Berkleemusic, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Online, and even The Onion! Check out Bob's free ezine, blog, podcast, video clips and articles at www. Bestselling author tells of life on the road. Sellars currently resides in the Midwest with his wife, daughter, and a houseful of rescued animals — a population that currently stands at one canine Vicki the Wonder Dog and three felines Asphalt, Nachos el Tigre, and Mac the Klaw.

Sellars can be located on the web wherever there is a virtual bar serving virtual single malt Scotch, single barrel bourbon, good Irish whisky, and decent beer. In other words, look for him on the major social networking sites.

Louis Writers Guild's free workshop, held 10 a. Geyer Road, Kirkwood, Mo. Workshop participants should bring any outlines, notes or materials needed to write for an hour. Eric has worked since at the St. Also a fiction writer, his novel The Facades was published by Overlook Press in and was named a best book of the year by Publishers Weekly and the St. Louis Writers Guild's Oct. There are compelling reasons for choosing each type of book.

Patricia Bubash , a licensed professional counselor, has written a practical guide to living based on real-life case studies, Successful Second Marriages. My Time with Charlie Chaplin , a historical novel based on the true-life story of this multi-talented Hollywood innovator, entrepreneur and pioneer. Twine publishes directly to HTML, so you can post your work nearly anywhere. Anything you create with it is completely free to use any way you like, including for commercial purposes.

Jennifer Stolzer is an author and freelance illustrator who serves as secretary for the St. She delights in well-woven stories, complex emotional characters, and conclusions that tie everything up in a bow. Her author-illustrated picture book , Dog Park , is available on Amazon. Law Enforcement Training for the Arts preview Aug. At the Guild's Aug. Chris DiGiuseppi and Sgt. Peters -- will feature a combination of hands-on, classroom and interactive educational classes to provide writers with an increased knowledge of law enforcement vocabulary, equipment, tactics, weapons, and training.

Chris is an award-winning author of The Light Bringer, a St. He and co-author Mike Force based the novel on their real-life experiences. Undergo Entertainment is scripting a screenplay for the pilot episode of a television series based on The Light Bringer. Chris and Mike are working with Hollywood director and writer Darin Beckstead on the project--www. Bastean will host the LETA conference and serve as lead instructor at the training center. He became a police officer after graduating the Academy in June In September , Sgt.

The Lodge at Des Peres. Sarah is an experienced marketer who works with and connects small businesses to online marketing tools and strategies to help them socialize and market their businesses online.

Targeted Marketing, a marketing agency specializing in small businesses. In addition, Sarah is a Constant Contact local expert for St. In her talk-- What the heck is Twitter good for, and how do I get all this social media stuff done anyhow?!?! What are the basics of Twitter? How can I use Twitter to gain a large following? How can I make the most of my social media? What are timesaving tools that will cut my time drastically? How can I do enough without losing my day to social media??

Saturday, May 2, Learn basic design principles such as colors to avoid, typefaces and type size, and illustrations, for covers still distinct and viable when they're shrunk to half-an-inch high on Amazon. Louis , Hide and Sex , Island Universe: Indulgences, Addictions, and Obsessions. She is a professional manuscript editor at the website www. Tips for protecting your creativity, your contracts, and your skin. They will also share practical tips on publishing and agency contracts.

Mike Nepple, also a partner at Thompson Coburn LLP, focuses his practice in media and intellectual property litigation, and has participated in a number of major copyright cases in Missouri. Thank you to everyone who entered and especially to this year's judge Catherine Rankovic. Many thanks to everyone who came to the Station Open Mic Night to honor the winners!

Querying a publisher or literary agent is almost harder than writing the book. How to find them, how to contact them, how to pitch to them, and just what is a log line….

Not only will participants learn what goes in a query letter and a face to face pitch, but also how to find them either at conferences or online. He teaches courses at Washington University in St. The workshop topics include: Another Literary Journal, and elsewhere. More about Mike and samples of his work can be found at www.

Robin Theiss, owner of StLBooks in Kirkwood, will advise authors how to work with bookstores to promote their books. She served as president of the St. Louis Writers Guild from Her topics will include consignments and book events. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all the wonderful young writers who entered, all of them were really good!

Guild celebrates award-winning young writers,. Join a celebration honoring award-winning young writers and local authors at the St. Signed books make great gifts! Searching for the facts: I absolutely love the message. I love the analogy with the Egyptian slaves. This is one of my favorite posters so far. I am a teacher at an International School in Thailand.

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This is the second time that The Little Prince has been referenced by a web comic. The real moral of the story is at the end where the guy that inspired the men still has them slaving away. I find it so interesting that the assumption is automatically that they are slaves. What makes them slaves? But nothing in this makes them slaves. Hell, the very fact that he takes them to the water and shows them, inspiring them, leads one to believe that they are employees.

And Gav is smart enough to be aware of that. The people seeing them as slaves should check their own prejudices out before accusing someone of sharing them. But the thing is, regardless of intent, we have represented here the same thing that many of us are going through today…ridiculously hard work while being promised a worthy pay off, only to be actually rewarded with more hard work while someone else reaps all the benefits.

We have a guy that wants a boat, and a bunch of guys slaves or not doing all the work for him. So, they do there thing, get the boat done, and look where they are…Rowing the boat, doing even more work, while the guy sits on the bow taking it all in. Another one of your masterpieces! This one was succinct, crunchy and packed a punch… motivational punch. Some people are too literal about the meaing, and completely thrown off track with the egyptian theme. Native American Indians kept other indians as slaves captured from other tribes.

African tribes captured others from other tribes and made them slaves. Chinese enslaved their own kind at times for labor. Slavery is not an American invention. Great Quote; This reminds me of something I said a few days ago to the parents of a student of mine: Inspire a someone to do science, and they will lose the feeling of ignorance.

I hope I never lose the feeling that I am ignorant about some things in the world. If it is possible to know all things in the world, Frederik Kerling, why keep learning? For that matter, why keep living? I see death as the last great lesson and one I hope not to learn any time soon, but never-the-less recognise as a learning opportunity.

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When we have a vision of what we long for, we not only have all the motivation we need which orders and instructions seldom provide , but we feel our own creativity being released, so that we come up with wonderful ways to build that ship, ways the leader would never have thought of.

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The goals of the programs are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental and physical development. Girls on the Run St. Louis operates in more than schools throughout the Greater St. To learn more about our program and how you can get involved please visit out Web site www. Habitat For Humanity St. Louis Habitat for Humanity St. Louis is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry.

We unite people of all races and religions to build houses in partnership with families in need. Our goal is to eliminate poverty housing. We seek to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Join us in this heart-warming process! Help low-income families become owners of affordable housing. Heritage For The Blind At the Heritage for The Blind, we understand that losing your vision can be a difficult, emotional, and life-changing experience that affects you and everyone around you - spouses, family members, children, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to help enable the blind and visually impaired to become independent and to participate in society. Our programs and services have reached out to children and families in need from Cambodia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Indonesia and Sudan. These programs include feeding, medical, orphanages, disaster relief, girls' schools, community development, rescuing girls from sex-trafficking, etc.

Louis, Missouri, is dedicated to strengthening and preserving families, and helping individuals maximize their abilities to cope with the problems of everyday living. Jewish Family and Children's Services has served the St. Louis community for over years. Jewish Federation of St. Louis 12 Millstone Campus Dr. Junior Achievement We are a growing number of volunteers, educators, parents, and contributors who reach out to nearly 4 million students, each year, in grades K Louis KEEN is a national, nonprofit volunteer-led organization that provides one-to-one recreational opportunities for children and youth with developmental and physical disabilities at no cost to their families and caregivers.

KEEN's mission is to foster the self-esteem, confidence, skills and talents of its athletes through non-competitive activities, allowing young people facing even the most significant challenges to meet their individual goals.

Kids In The Middle There is no such thing as a pain-free divorce. And there is no simple recipe that makes well-adjusted children who have experienced divorce.

KITM combines four essential elements to achieve the most productive results: KITM is the only non-profit agency of its kind and the only agency in the region that offers extensive divorce related services for children and their parents. Call for more information or an appointment. Louis Metropolitan and suburban areas. Our interpreters are highly trained, experienced and qualified.

They are certified and licensed levels IV and V. Our services are available 24 hours a day 7days a week. For more information go to www. Our services are available 24 hours a day 7days a week covering more than 42 languages. Louis-based nonprofit organization that serves families of deployed military members.

In addition to providing emergency financial relief for families in crisis, LPE specializes in delivering emotional and psychological support to spouses and children who are experiencing the stress of extended separation caused by military deployment. Our goal is to support children and help them become better adults through athletics. Our fundraising efforts have already begun helping the local community. Over the past 2 years, MMMF has helped local youth teams with monetary and equipment donations.

Metropolis Saint Louis Metropolis Saint Louis is a non-profit organization dedicated to create and promote an environment in the City of St. Louis that attracts and retains young people. MIRIAM Foundation The Miriam Foundation is a voluntary membership organization committed to improving the quality of life for families challenged with disability or illness through independent programs and collaborations.

Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse MCADSV is a statewide membership coalition of organizations and individuals working to end violence against women and their children through direct services and social and systemic change. We are grateful for donations from caring individuals and businesses that want to help with the efforts to care for sick and needy babies.

They should start life with every advantage. All contributions go to the needs of premature and needy newborns and are tax deductible. This is an ongoing need. Your donations of time, materials, and money to help alleviate the suffering of these tiny, helpless infants is greatly needed and appreciated. Please contact us and let us know how you can help! We provide interactive workshops focused on self-love, personal branding, gratitude, positive attitude, healthy habits and relationships, finance and career.

We encourage our girls to "create their own life story". It is a rewarding program. Please contact Aleshia Jordan at for questions. Our website is loveourdaughters.

Pakt Community Resource Center Location: Anita Wilder, Executive Director Email: The PAKT Community Resource Center is a non-profit United Way organization that unites Christian congregations and individuals in a Christ-centered service organization to provide basic material, health, recreational and educational programs for individuals and families in need.

Provident Counseling We offer counseling to youth and families and have five different counseling offices. Louis 10 Bon Aire Dr. Louis Area Foodbank Louis Food Rescue St. Louis Food Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating hunger in the St. Louis area by saving food from grocery stores, bakeries, etc. While there are other collection agencies like us, there are none that only involve teenagers under the age of 18 in their work and are open on the weekends. We are strictly run by high school students who seek to make a difference in our community.

On average, we save over 5,lbs of food per weekend, amounting to thousands of meals for the needy. Salvation Army of St. Louis Hampton Ave. Louis is a Christ-centered organization that empowers people to make life-affirming and healthy decisions about sex, pregnancy and relationships. The organization provides information, counseling, education, and support to individuals facing an unplanned pregnancy or coping with a past abortion or pregnancy loss through four area pregnancy resources centers.

The organization provides extended support to women through the Missouri Alternatives to Abortion program and a maternity home. Louis, contact Terri D. Hunter, VP of Development, at x, or thunter thrivestlouis.

Visit us at www. Voices For Children formerly St. We promote quality volunteer representation for children so that they may have the safe, permanent, nurturing home all children deserve. Wheels for Wishes Car Donation Foundation is a c 3 nonprofit organization established to benefit charities throughout the United States. Louis To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Our pilots donate their time, aircraft and fuel to make this air transportation service totally free of charge for patients who qualify.

Alzheimer Association - St. Louis Chapter Founded in , the St. Louis Chapter has grown from a single support group to the world leader in Alzheimer's care, support and research. Louis Chapter headquarters are located in St. Louis with outreach staff and services in 38 counties in eastern Missouri and western Illinois. Skilled volunteers join professional staff at every level of service, from office support to public speaking to leadership.

Our more than 30 St. Louis staff members have over years combined experience in dementia care, gerontology and social work. To eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. A world without Alzheimer's disease. American Cancer Society Lindell Blvd. American Recall Center The American Recall Center is a new online resource dedicated to providing up to date FDA medical device and prescription drug recall information.

We are a reliable source for providing timely, plain language information to those who need it most. Anthropedia Anthropedia is a non-profit organization health and well-being educational foundation led by a council of experts from a variety of fields, including medicine, psychology, philosophy, art, and education.

Our mission is to improve the well-being of humanity by advancing the Science of Well-Being and empowering individuals of all ages to reach their fullest potential for a happy and healthy life. Asbestos Attorneys Free brochures and information from the leading asbestos lawyers in your area.

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