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I love pale Overland Park skin


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If you're interested in someone fun-loving, adventurous, and a great listener, I'm your man. But I am most attracted to men much older than me and it is they who can fuck me the way I need to be fucked with the intensity that I need. Trying to find a man for a one night stand w4m 27 (Gilbert) 27 I'm in search of a man for a I love pale Overland Park skin strings encounter. Please know how to communicate, reciprocate communications, and if you don't or can't. Hot woman wants sex Bogota marriage'crazy relationship unsatisfied.

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I love pale Overland Park skin

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Most of the post on the women seeking men section start out with seeking for long term relationship.

I'm very openminded, have a few tattoos and piercings, hispanic, into all kinds of movies and music, and love the outdoors. Must send real pics or no answer. Please no one with children respond or chubs. Hey my buddies were driving down from Carlsbad but decided to hit the bars up there.


The bus swayed on an uneven hill. The worn brown seats moaned deeply and let the riders lean in unison. A pink summer dress fluttered. A delicate, long hand pressed a golden straw hat firmly down onto the owner's head. A stern blow of air fluttered in through the window. The scent of corn growing, clover flowers, and rich, moist soil filled the inside with a certain summer ease.

The mood of the passengers was giddy with fresh summer clothing that barely had the tag cut off. There was a certain sleepiness from the long ride and ample moments of suspension in the air, bounced up by ancient bus springs, and caught by a soft and deep catch of the ancient seats.

The Tennessee summer was in full swing and provided a comfortably warm air and delightful sun - just peachy perfect for a stroll twirling a frivolous parasol. She held out her pale, white hand.

I instantly noticed that the hand was perfectly moisturized. The skin was exquisitely soft with every blemish carefully manicured away. Her nail polish was a five layer work, definitely nothing you can get at an average nail salon. The shine, reflection, and wetness of the clear coating was breathtaking. There was a very simple and understated ring with a circle and arrow.

Considering the rest of her hand, the ring must have been a sign of feigned modesty to pick a simple design at Tiffany that still cost in the young six figures. Coming from Los Angeles, I couldn't resist wearing yoga pants everywhere I went. They told us not to wear anything nice, but I got these Carbon38 fresh in the mail. I'm a platinum member. So I got to buy from the summer collection of yoga pants a week before it is released. It would have been a crime not to enjoy that special week before everyone and their grandma buys them.

I'm Lucy from Los Angeles. The back was covered with brown Henna lines that were left over from a spiritual ceremony to prepare for my summer trip. What do you do? I'm an entertainment lawyer," I replied. My gaze got stuck on wrist, trying to parse the tattoo. There was a cute angel on a blue background inside of a circle.

I had a female elf with a bow and long flowing hair on a blue background inside of a hexagon. There was a yellow triangle in the hexagon. I starred at mine sullenly and confused. Nancy broke out an uneasy laugh that was trying to set me at ease while her eyes watched me carefully. It's my first time," I blabbered. All the women in the bus had a little piece of cotton taped to the inside crease of their right elbow.

Before getting on the bus, a nurse had drawn my blood and put the vial into one of those instant read machines. Another nurse had held a black tattoo gun in her blue-gloved hands before she unleashed a storm of needles on my wrist to give me the temporary tattoo, guaranteed not to wash off and guaranteed to be gone in about three weeks when the layer of skin renews.

She is this dark brown Indian woman in a blue sari. She sings while she does the exam and moves around my lady parts. It's some Hindu chanting about a monkey god. I believe Hanuman is his name. One day, she stopped singing. I thought she was going to tell me that I have cervical cancer. But wouldn't you believe it? She told me about this place. I ran out of her office as fast as I could. But about a year later, I was getting to my second bottle of red wine in the tub, I called her number.

It was around midnight on a Friday. She was on the on-call rotation and picked up. I asked her to give me the phone number to call," narrated Nancy. The bus kludge complained as the driver downshifted to turn onto a dirt road and drive through a classical farm gate. Two gentleman with assault rifles stood next to a red Bronco pickup.

They were boots, Jeans, and plaid shirts to appear like cowboys. But their stoic faces and upright posture screamed high-end private security.

A little forest engulfed them. Leaves were occasionally hitting the roof of the bus. The bus started bouncing harder as the tires ran over tree roots running across the dirt road. The native trees of Eastern cottonwood, scarlet oak, and black oak gave way to a leafier and lower vegetation - something that felt more exotic, more like a country near the equator, perhaps even with a daily tropical downpour.

She could feel the energy shift in the bus. Curiosity and an inner traveler diva rose in the sullen, sleepy, long overland trip faces piquing up to take a look at those unfamiliar leafs that increasingly got closer to the bus until they were smearing along the window.

An overpoweringly vigorous growth energy nourished the plants to seemingly grow faster than the caretakers could beat back the jungle. A small river about three elephants long cut through the thick foliage.

A flat, wooden bridge crossed the river. No railing, barely an inch wider than the bus, it felt like it was makeshift - primitive. There was a sharp pause at the end. I looked at her face to get a hint of where it was going. Her eyes had an anguished look and rigidity like her mind was racing to find a follow-up.

I looked at her shocked. I felt terrorized about my own secret lack of man that somewhere must be prove about my lack of attractiveness, yet I always try to tell myself that it's the man in tinsel town who suck. They actually fool my friends into believing that I have too much choice to pick a good one. And it's breaking me up. It's tearing me apart each time I have a quiet moment when work doesn't page me.

Why do I tell you and nobody else? Going to camp I thought everyone here A tear silently dropped down her right eye, slowly crawling through the lower eye lashes like through prison bars. Her face was pale and frozen. My mind raced on what to say next.

I was frozen myself. Did she know that I carried the same secret? Had I spilled out my secret by coming to this camp? I felt conflicted open this sudden openness and my steely training to hold in that secret tighter than the US nuclear launch codes. I pulled her into a hug.

Big wet crocodile tears dropped on my bear skin on my left shoulder as I was wearing a spaghetti strap crop top. I don't tell anyone either. Three hours of personal trainer, one hour of pedi-manis, two hours of massage every week and the man don't see me in this town.

I'm lost among the crowd of actresses and models despite a five star Yelp wardrobe coordinator and the platinum subscription to the Brazilian blowout bar. Last week, I thought I take things into my own hands and walked up to a guy to hit on him. He mistook me for wait staff. He told me his drink order and then put a crumpled up cigarette box in my hand to throw away.

I felt so humiliated," I confessed to Nancy. I could feel Nancy's bare breast under her top. She wasn't wearing a bra. That soft feel, gentle like a breeze, made me close my eyes for a moment - simply to avoid being overwhelmed and to be inappropriate at this moment. She started putting her emotions back inside. She rose up straight and got a tissue out of her purse.

I leaned back into my own space but did something daring. I let my hand rest on her thigh seemingly as casual emotional support but I had wanted to keep touching her body, feeling her skin, and remaining connected with her. Her summer skirt only covered half her thighs. My fingers were resting on her skin. I could feel the warmth and silkiness of her skin. Also the curve of her thigh was quite compact.


How to Look Good with Pale Skin: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Enclosed cages, those built with glass or wood, with sliding doors and solid lids often easily maintain humidity at the proper levels. Open-topped glass tanks and screened cages pose more difficulty. I find that along with heat more on this later , moving water in the cage helps increase humidity. You may use something simple, such as an air-stone bubbler placed in the water, or create an impressive waterfall using an aquarium powerhead.

Live plants and substrates that hold moisture also help increase cage humidity, as does misting the cage once or twice a day with a spray bottle. As arboreal creatures, water dragons need some high basking areas in the cage to rest in. Climbing branches or shelves within the enclosure will allow them to reach the upper limits of the cage.

Live or artificial plants and leafy green foliage throughout the enclosure provide shelter and will make your water dragon feel more secure in its environment. If you choose to use live plants you might try Dracaena, hibiscus and ficus bushes, Pothos, Philodendron and spider plant.

Epiphytes such as staghorn ferns can be used too, as well as some bromeliads. Your choice of substrate also helps maintain cage humidity. There are a variety of substrates to choose from, but my favorite is plain, sterile soil. Many water dragon owners also use astroturf or repti-carpet, as these can be easily replaced with a clean piece when soiled beware unraveling edges that can snag lizard toes.

Substrates that are composed of coconut husk may cause eye irritation that can lead to infection in water dragons. Daytime temperatures should range from 84 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, with a basking area of Nighttime temperatures should range from 75 to 80 degrees. Improper temperature ranges can lead to a water dragon with a weakened immune system and inadequate digestion of nutrients due to slower metabolism.

Natural, unfiltered sunlight is the very best lighting for water dragons and most other herps. Unfortunately, many people who own water dragons cannot provide natural sunlight at all. If you can, by all means do so, especially if you can build an outdoor wire cage with plants and foliage for shelter, shade and security.

You will need to provide UVB in the form of fluorescent or metal halide lighting. Your water dragon will need UVB to produce vitamin D3 in its skin, which in turn aids it in using the calcium in its diet properly. Without proper UVB lighting, water dragons often develop nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism aka metabolic bone disease , which causes their bones to soften, bend and break easily.

There should not be glass or plastic between the light and the dragon as this will block most of the UVB rays from reaching your lizard. The light should also sit no more than 10 to 12 inches above your dragon to provide the highest level of UVB. Incandescent basking lights can maintain proper cage temperatures, and their heat combined with misting helps maintain humidity. Water dragons are diurnal lizards, meaning they are active during the day and sleep at night.

The lights, therefore, need to go off at night. For this reason, a lightless heat source, such as a ceramic heat emitter for day and night heating might also prove beneficial. Set the ceramic heat emitter on a thermostat or rheostat control to maintain the needed temperature range.

Your water dragon should have light during normal seasonal daylight hours. Chinese water dragons eat a variety of live food items ranging from crickets, mealworms, king mealworms, waxworms, earthworms, grasshoppers, butterworms, locusts, feeder fish, pinkies and fuzzies. Many care booklets say that water dragons eat some fruit and vegetables. I have never been successful in my attempts, but I have spoken with many people who have been. I always feed my dragons daily. They are growing and need their nutrients.

Hatchling and very young dragons can eat most of the food items listed above with the exception of pinkies and fuzzies. Their food items need to be small — 2-week-old crickets, small mealworms or earthworms broken into two or three pieces. Water dragons can become picky eaters and may refuse to eat when they become bored with their food.

This happens most often when an owner only feeds perhaps two types of food items most of the time. One way to combat boredom is to vary the diet by offering crickets one day, mealworms the next, earthworms the day after that and so on. The whole bus was turned around. The bus driver slammed on the breaks, which wasn't that hard at walking speed. She turned around in her seat. She was clearly an employee, none of the other guest wore any mass consumer brands.

She was black, but I must warn you, the reader, she wasn't the stereotype of an overweight and overbearing black woman. She was decently fit. Her eyes were alert. She spoke with clear standard American enunciation that had a tinge of Tennessee twang. Guessing from the way the company was run, she probably had a bachelor degree as well. Albeit, it probably was in a social sciences field, so that she had to take a job outside of her field to make any decent money or even land a job.

For all I know, she could be a prodigy in women's anthropology. She jammed her feet, despite her only lbs. She turned around and walked back down the aisle through the gauntlet of silenced and baffled women. Heads slowly turned as she walked and disappeared down the steps. Because of her short stature, she disappeared out of vision. The window was of an old style. There was a handle on top that could be twisted to unlock it. As luck wanted it, the three women stopped pretty close to our window.

I leaned over into Nancy's space. It was just enough to hear the voices. I looked at my own medical tattoo that still seemed foreign. You both filled out the preference and consent contract to go all the way. I know this is a new situation for most people. There will be some awkward moves, but you'll figure it out. However there is one line that you cannot cross.

I am such a nosy mouse. The bus is a mixed group. Some people are very intimidated by lesbian action. When you are on the compound, you have to look for the signs at the top right of every door.

Those tell you what actions are allowed inside of the room. Unless the room is approved for blue action, you cannot make out. If you are in a room for blue action, you can fuck, suck, fist, and anything and everything lesbian you want to do. She must have been trained in through roll playing by her supervisors. Nobody handles a situation that professional ad hoc. The thing about five figure vacations is that even the bullies act very reasonable and intelligent when spoken to.

We want our clients to feel well, really well. You probably feel horrible going back into the bus after everyone thinks that you just got a lecture. So I want you to open your hands. There was a little pause. When you come back in, we are going to do a little song to build camaraderie. You are going to spread these flower petals among the other clients. You'll make this theme like we were simply setting up for this little surprise. There was assent by the women. Then there was another pause. The shorter, blond woman must have shown some emotion or even cried.

I had to hear. I couldn't believe my ears. I probably heard wrong and my wild fantasy filled in the blanks. If you are still sad at bedtime, find me in the staff dorms. I'll lick away your tears and anything else you want licked," the bus driver seemed to whisper in a low voice. There was a girlish giggle that suggested that everything was all good again. The three women came back into the bus clapping a rhythm, "We are going on a trip!

We are going on a trip! The bus driver waved for us to join as well. It took her a lot of cajoling to break the ice and timidity. Once everyone started singing while holding onto the seat in front to steady against the bumps of the road, a feeling sat in, a feeling like we just had stepped into a childhood picture book.

The two women danced in between the rows and sprinkled calico flower petals on everyone. Even I got a drizzle of five petals floating down on my hair. Nancy got them stuck in her dark brown hair. The joy that they painted and innocence transported me back into another world. In a way, the whole bus ride had been about transporting us - getting us out of that cubicle world where we started with a faint dream into this rumbling bus through a magical African outback with loving camaraderie.

How did I get here? I do like women. I also like man. That's my main staple. I kept discreetly looking around the bus to check out the women. If you are a guy reader, you might not like these women.

It's not that they are ugly. They are very pretty and have exquisite features. I mean what do I know about man anyway being as unsuccessful in trapping one as I have been. However you guys seem to go for the straight stereotype of a cheerleader or girl next door.

You like the boobs ginormous and the waists tiny. You have a thing for bimbos. You don't like the woman that has a bit of a serious look because she spends 16 hours going through legal briefs to meet a midnight court deadline. Or the woman who has to spend hours on her butt counting beans and tries her best at soul cycle to compensate, you just can't get over that big butt.

You want the giggly dumb girl who gushes for an hour about the latest ice-cream. These women would disappoint you. I like unusual faces and features. There is an unspeakable something about them that draws me in, fascinates me, and makes me want to touch them.

It's uniqueness like a strange hip bone or a tiny piggy nose that catches my eye and makes me wonder how special her life in a little way must be. I like to marvel at my women, get absorbed in staring at them, and get that mesmerized tingle of having an emotional reaction to a feature. The emotional reaction can be disgust, pity, upset, or silliness, I like emotion stirred in me by another woman.

Those stamped out, uniform, and stereotypical women on magazine covers don't do it for me. Most of all I kept checking out the wrists.

The trail is fine hard packed gravel a good surface for smooth tires. We got into Boonvile just before dark and ate there. We still had to cross the river and find our camp sight in New Franklin.

We arrived at the camp sight just past 8: Day two New Franklin to Bluffton Distance Several areas of the trail had minor wash outs and one large tree that was blocking all the trail. Had to disconnect the trailer and move the bike around the tree and over roots and other smaller trees and then go back and do the same with the trailer.

Day three Bluffton to St. Real beds in St. Charles stayed at a hotel. Charles to Bluffton Distance We ate diner in a bar in Pilot Grove and camped in the town park. The sheriff told us he would come by around 8: I guess he got busy as we never saw him again. Day six Pilot Gove to Clinton Distance Charles to Clinton Sept 20 to Sept 29 I did it by myself with cell phone support from children and friends. Actually I planned to hike and bike but after 2 days of hiking 16m and 15 mi I had a problem with finding a reliable service to ferry my bike from portal to portal so biked the remainder.

The depot and folks there were super. One of my son's came from Arizona my home and rode with me for a day. What a wonderful experience! I hope to do it again next year with a friend this time. This past summer I rode miles of the Katy Trail. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it agin next year! I have already ridden from Clinton to Matson over the course of nine rides.

Sometimes I might ride 34 to 52 round trip miles, peddling all the way. I even stop and take pictures. I even read the signs they have about the Louis and Clark expedition. I've learned a lot about the history of the Louis and Clark. I also enjoy watching the eagles fly with there wing spands atleast 3 or 4 feet wide.

When I go back in the spring, I'm gonna ride my last 42 round trip miles from Matson to St. All I can say if you have the guts to ride the Katy Trail, it'll be an adventure that you'll never forget. So if you're ready to take the challenge, just get off of your couch pillow and see if you have it inside of you for this thrill.

It will be a forever I hope annual event in my biking calendar. There are plenty of places to stay and to eat. There are friendly folks along the way. And, it is absolutely beautiful. A mile state park! What more could we ask for? We saw a few road bikes but the prevalence of thorns on the trail made lined or slimed wide tires almost a necessity. I found that carrying gear in panniers was a good idea. And take plenty of good quality drinking water along.

I find that I drink a lot more when it tastes decent. Keep in mind that rain is more prevalent in Missouri than Kansas so be ready for it. We typically rode 40 to 50 mile round trip segments which demanded good endurance ability. We rode at a relatively slow pace for enjoyment as well as self preservation. Those last 10 miles were often agonizing.

The trails are gently graded which made for no steep climbs but also little or no coasting. Bridges are mostly authentic Katy trestles with wooden railing installed for rider protection. Clinton to Clifton City- Camp at the state fairgrounds in Sedalia. Starting at a midway trail head allows you to stop early if the trip you planned seemed a bit overambitious halfway through. The northwest corner of the fairgrounds in Sedalia made for a great camping location as bathrooms with warm showers are located there and the overnight fees are most reasonable if you can find anyone to pay.

Windsor makes for a good starting point for the trip between Clinton and Green Ridge. Besides a grocery and service station, we were most happy to discover a Subway sandwich shop 2 blocks from the Windsor trail head- though I am not a fan of national fast food chains, it really hit the spot after 30 miles of riding.

The trail is open to horses between Clinton and Sedalia bikers need to yield for obvious reasons though we only encountered one horse party on that stretch. The initial 7 miles of gradual climbing out of Clinton paralleled the highway, but eventually a descent into a valley behind Calhoun enabled a sense of solitude felt until reaching midtown Sedalia.

Beautiful hardwood forest land lie on either side of Windsor. About 5 miles northeast of Windsor, you are back in farmland and probably the most exposed region to wind anywhere on the Katy. This, we discovered, on a 25 mph south wind day, making for very slow going. In May we found some interesting wildflowers along the trail. I was tempted to head off the main trail onto the occasional equestrian paths on the return trip. From the campground northeast the trail crosses increasingly busy Sedalia streets so if you brought the kids, keep them on a leash as Linda had to do with me.

Few natives we spoke with seemed to take much interest in the trail and I suppose that applies to drivers as well. Eventually the trail temporarily ends at the magnificent old Katy depot. From there, follow obscure signs northeast until you reach the trail head on Griessen Road.

The detour pretty well avoids dangerous streets until you are safely back on the trail. Now the scenery gets interesting. From Sedalia to Boonville, you are in Ozark-like woods that are beautiful at every turn. In my opinion, that stretch rivals the majesty of the Rocheport area in photo opportunities. When you reach Clifton City, you may have a difficult time turning around.

When we were last through Clifton City, she had served notice that vandals were likely going to cause the end of her supplies, however.

A fledgling service station with a small stash of sundry supplies up the hill was being opened at that time. As we traveled the trail, we found that we would rarely ride a mile or two before encountering beautiful blue birds which for the most part were indigo buntings who spend considerable time trailside eating before ascending just as you arrive.

We frequently happened across several interesting snake varieties, all seemingly benign in nature. I was told of occasional sightings of copperheads but never saw any of those rascals.

Camping proved to be a bit of a challenge. Although the Guidebook indicated that tenters were welcome at the Sundermeier RV Park in St Charles, we were readily denied camping space there.

Instead, we bivouacked at the Pinewoods Campground outside Wentzville, a huge and rather primitive experience with, so help me, a family reunion of the 6th generation of the infamous Kallikak brood. Likewise, Augusta and Washington, across the river from Dutzow, also have well acclaimed accommodations. Day 1 Treloar to Matson Several historic Daniel Boone relics are nearby, if you get the urge to get off the trail.

Pick any convenient spot as a starting point as Marthasville and Augusta are in the midst of the section and both were great watering holes. The Augusta Winery, one of three wineries in Augusta, served wonderful food and contained an excellent local microbrew as well. Both towns have well equipped bike shops, too.

I wonder if they are related. Day 2 Matson to St Charles I was particularly impressed by the hardwood forest east of Weldon Spring. Except for a rather bland and exposed area alongside Greens Bottom Road, the scenery rivals any other previously described section. Well kept up gardens as you enter St Charles suggest that property values typically increase alongside a recreational trail.

I think starting at Matson is a good choice as there is no food available until you get to St Charles. From famine you will hit feast considering the restaurant choices are as numerous as the cuisine is special.

Whatever level of food service you prefer, you are likely to find it on Main Street. Service was slow but the microbrew at the Trailhead Brewing Company hit the spot on a 90 plus degree day. Be sure to allow plenty of time to cruise the 13 block corridor by foot- give yourself a minimum of 2 hours to check out the town; but bring a checkbook, empty panniers and strong legs to carry purchases back with you.

Plan on encountering increased numbers of trail users near St Charles as the St Louisites have certainly discovered their state treasure. The final 12 miles on to Machens were not constructed when we rode this section due to soft spots along the route. Thus, the trail ends abruptly just east of St Charles. The section between Tebbetts and Treloar interesting was the towns along the trail as often as the biking of the route.

When competing railroads built along both sides of the river, towns sprang up approximately 10 miles apart from one another and flourished as railheads. Over the years many towns survived the loss of the rail line, only to become a unique community distinguished by its agriculture, townsfolk or proximity to natural resources.

The Katy is accessible most of this route from Missouri State Highway 94 which typically runs parallel to the roadbed from Jefferson City eastward. Probably the most notable town along the Missouri- other than the capital- is Hermann, noted for its wines and German ancestry. I first visited the town in when our car broke down forcing me to spend the night. Sure enough, returning 25 years later, we found Hermann a booming tourist town.

What do you do when you live in a year old house following your retirement? At least 40 of these are situated in Hermann, many biker friendly, making this town a logical spot to bivouac in style.

Keep in mind that the trail is inaccessible from either town unless you want to take the risk of crossing on bike-lane-less bridges. If you prefer camping, we found the Lazy Day Campground much to our liking.

The hill above the trail at their site provides a welcome climbing challenge after riding in the flats all day. We met several parties that were riding the trail one way between Sedalia and St Charles after riding Amtrak the opposite direction. Amtrak allows bikes on board but reservations are a must- call Since Congress is threatening cuts again, this may be the last year that service is available.

Day 1 Tebbetts to Rheinland The trail parallels the highway most of the distance except for 4 scenic miles east of Portland when you are sandwiched between bluffs and river- the rock wall is the highest along the Katy.

Otherwise the trail passes along agricultural bottom land beyond the trees lining much of the trail. One positive thought about doing this section over Labor Day weekend: Locals insisted that we try the barbecued mutton tasty fare and the homemade desserts were delicious. Otherwise, the grocery offers needed refreshments. But I submit that stopping at the S. Needless to say the monotony of the trail is broken nicely by these adjoining towns.

And you can do them all twice on the round trip. Day 2 Rheinland to Treloar I made the mileage longer on the first day due to the many eateries prevalent then as compared to day 2. An interesting distinction exists between the folks populating the hill country across the Boonslick Bridge over the Missouri River from the river side dwellers.

But from Boonville on west, most folks we spoke with were either unfamiliar with the trail or had never heard of it. Road signs and directions were rare- even the Boonville trailhead at the beautiful Spanish accented depot is virtually unknown to many town residents.

For those interested in camping, the Bobber Lake RV campground near Boonville south of exit was a pleasant, quiet experience with clean showers and a reasonable price. The downside of the Bobber is the 3 mile and one nasty hill distance from the trailhead, okay in the morning, but not what you want to face when you return from a lengthy ride.

The Roundhouse also provides the same camping amenities. But food is only available thereabouts on Friday and Saturday evenings at the Roundhouse restaurant. The Yates House offers good accommodations and breakfast. Day 1- Clifton City to Boonville 46 miles round trip A reminder regarding trail conditions is in order here. Thorns are aplenty west to Boonville.

We encountered 6 flats on our first trip through. After reinforcing our tires slimed or lined tires we had no further difficulties. I would suggest starting an ascent from Boonville and marvel at the Katy engineering out of the river and into the hills. The grade is biker friendly and most pretty. Notice how the limestone was cut through, leaving rock walls 30 feet above in places, only to come out over ravines dropping 50 to feet below on either side of the trail.

The woodlands are lush, containing seemingly every deciduous tree imaginable. The trail then descends to Clifton City- the forest again diverted my attention from the climb back out. The Lamine River lazily churns alongside the Katy for a mile. Soft drinks are available from a vending machine up the hill outside a garage.

Sundry items can be purchased there during the week but the owner closes at noon Saturdays for the weekend. Day 2- Boonville to McBaine 45 miles round trip Unless you head out from the aforementioned adjacent Katy Roundhouse campground in Franklin, I would head west from Rocheport, then east to McBaine and back.

From Boonville the Katy follows the Missouri River valley the remainder of the trail so you will continuously be on fairly level grade. But, as soon discovered leaving Boonville, you will seldom be along side the Big Muddy.

Passing the old clay tiled elevator at Pearsons beyond mile marker , notice that the once rounded hills give way to increasingly taller cliffs as you enter into the Moniteau Bluff region. As you approach Rocheport, you will pass through the foot long Katy tunnel built in Or head up the hill, if still in possession of very strong legs and no fear of narrow roads or you have a car for a fabulous view of the trail below as you feast at Les Bourgeois vineyards restaurant or A-frame.

When Missouri was deeded the right of way for the state park, rural legislators balked and refused to fund the building of the trail sound familiar? So along came Jones and the trail construction was instantly funded. The Katy is best known for its beauty in the next 6 miles. You find yourself walled in between the towering bluffs on your left and the Missouri River on the right. Be careful rubber necking for lengthy intervals as this section is crowded with other bluff gazers as well and crashes are entirely plausible.

As we cruised this section, 4 deer crossed in front of us and made their way up one of the many valleys carved through the walls by creeks and erosion. Near marker is a cave about 20 feet above the trail where an unseen biker unknowingly serenaded us with a flute recital.

I finally after 10 previous unsuccessful attempts located the small remaining maroon Native American petroglyph about 40 feet above and 10 feet to the left above the cave entrance. Another large trestle across Perche Creek can be viewed 2 miles away in the distance when you reach the straight away at Huntsdale. At that point, you reach the intersection with the MKT fitness trail which swings north 9 miles to Columbia.

A tavern nearby provides a variety of nourishment before the trip back. A July excursion is not typically the best climatic condition on the Katy unless you have a passion for heat and dust. Instead, my preference would be to go just after a good rain and cooler temperatures. The Fitness Trail is the only location where you will encounter hills east of Boonville. The rest of the trail simply follows the riverbed of the Missouri.

But the climb into Columbia is gradual and terrifically scenic. Both campsites charge a basic tenting fee and prices go higher for showers, towels or laundry. Each also have indoor facilities available as well. Just avoid staying in Columbia on Tiger football weekends. I suggest not to leave the tail and attempt to ride into Jefferson City over the bridge.

From North Jefferson US 54 is a dangerous freeway without bike lanes. Although the service may seem a bit expensive, you can double your mileage on a trip if you are satisfied with one way viewing.

The trail is fairly well protected from wind by trees that have grown alongside the path. As you approach McBaine, you will pass by the city of Columbia waste water reprocessing plants. Be careful, as you may encounter trucks or construction equipment on the trail for the next 3 miles toward Columbia.

This area is openly exposed and contain a significant detour off the original trail over rough surface. Once you return to the original trail, you will be rewarded by traveling along and frequently crossing Hinkson Creek which after sufficient recent rain provides a babbling brook background into town. Photo-ops are continuous- I suggest using speed film as the trail is deeply forested. Speaking of pictures, you may have noticed in the previous newsletter of my interest shooting bridge shots.

As you approach Columbia, you will encounter a substantially increased number of trail users- walkers and joggers as well as cyclists. Emergency phones, toilets at trail access points and side trails leading to picturesque ponds are in abundance. Suddenly and without warning, the trail abruptly deposits you at the corner of a busy intersection of Stewart and Providence.

I suggest dismounting and crossing both streets to the northeast corner before proceeding north up the sidewalk.

Day 2- Hartsburg to Tebbetts The route generally follows nondescript farmland in the river bottom with occasional seclusion from adjacent Highway A glimpse of the Missouri Capitol and other south side landmarks break up the monotony of the ride east of Jefferson city.

No food is available except at Hartsburg. For the rest of the trip, be sure to pack plentiful snacks in your panniers. I was lucky enough to have once lived on the route and spent many days on the trail. The stretch between Rocheport and Jefferson City is probably the prettiest, with lots of bluffs and what-not.

The three times I did the trail in its entirety, I camped two nights and stayed in town the middle night. If you would like to stay a night in Columbia, which you definitely should, be sure to check out the Flat Branch Brewing Co. It meets the Katy Trail at McBaine and is hard to miss, as this is the most populated part of the trail.

If you are a birdwatcher, I first offer my condolences and then recommend that you check out the Eagle Bluffs Conservation area which is very near the junction in McBaine.

This is a marsh area which harbors lots of interesting waterbirds, depending on time of year. Finally, consider stopping in Pilot Grove for provisions at Gerke's grocery if you need them; nothing too special about the place, but I have family there so it must be cool! We travel with a RV and did the trail by setting up in the area and riding in both directions, out and back, before moving further along the trail.

This makes the trail longer, but we alway enjoy seeing things from both directions. Both were helpful and complemented each other nicely. Katy Roundhouse Campground in New Franklin was great. We wished there were more campgrounds of this type so convenient to the trail. We noted with interest the sign posted along the trail just east of Peers which asked riders to not stop in the area. Didn't think much about it until at a farm located on both sides of the trail. Suddenly, two people jumped into a truck and in a cloud of dust and gravel sped recklessly across the trail on the farm access road.

I hadn't expected that much speed so fast and if I hadn't stopped suddenly I surely would have been hit. We mentioned this to other riders in the campground and evidently these people are well known for being antagonistic to trail riders.

We are not from the area and knew nothing of such hostilies. Bottom line - heed the signs on both side of this farm! This minor incident didn't dampen our great joy in the best ride of The ""cottage"" industries along the trail can be slim sometimes, and everything, and I do mean everything in Rocheport, MO, is closed on Mondays.

Really look over Coopers Landing in Easley before deciding to camp there. All in all a great start for the Dalton Boys in their first of many to come. Charles during the first week of June, on our tandem bike.

My favorite section was from Sedalia to Pilot Grove, although there are many parts nearly as nice. We especially enjoyed the birdwatching. Take some bug repellant for rest stops along the river. Wouldn't really recommend a 23mm tired bike since the trail is lime stone and any roadie will know what that can do to tires. But, there is also every reason to poke along and ""smell the roses"". When you ride to Jefferson City, be sure to stay at the Ramada Inn.

This is especially helpful because the bridge across the Missouri River lacks sidewalks. The central portions along the Missouri River were the prettiest and also offered the greatest variety of terrains.

The trail was reasonably easy for our 32mm tires. It's a mixed bag closer to St. Louis, but there are some scenic spots there, too. Accommodations in the small towns along the trail were fine, and service was always friendly. Roadies needn't worry too much though, it's smooth enough that a quality 23mm wide tire should tolerate it fairly well.

I rode 25 miles both directions from Jefferson City and if the rest of the trail is of equal condition, I can't wait to ride it end to end some time. The ability to take this trail at any speed is awesome. Visibility is fantastic even at 40mph. Great for the speed tourer, commuter as well as the scenery hounds and the load burdened. Tons of space to pass, so even the less well-mannered speed freaks can pass safely. Awesome trail - now go ride it! Arrive at the Clinton trailhead at Assemble the pack, get on the gear, sun tan lotion, picture and we're off at ; the mile marker MM is My odometer reads A ridge is evident as you approach from the west.

Approaching Sedalia, a local cyclist informs me that the section of the trail from the Sedalia Fair Grounds, on the southwest side of Sedalia, to the Train Depot on the northeastern side of town, is actually completed. However, this section states ""Closed to Public Use"". But it is navigable, and has to save time vs riding on city streets. He also informs me that the upcoming section, from Sedalia to Pilot Grove, contrary to popular belief, has hills.

Out of Sedalia, I encounter a nice gentle down slope section and make good time. This is followed by 3 or is it 4 hills, that slow me to 8mph going up, and 15 - 17 mph down; the ups are definitely longer than the downs! But the twilight persists, and I arrive at , odometer , MM Saturday, May 12, Odometer is , again, MM I cross over I70 at about near MM This is a beautiful section of the trail, with many tree canopies over the trail.

Trail traffic was light, even though I'm near Booneville, and the day is beautiful and in the 60's and 70's. I pass 6 cyclists going west, and one passes me going east; that's it. A few walkers too. Leave Booneville at , odometer After crossing the Missouri on the Hiway 40 bridge, the trail traverses river bottoms, with little of interest to note. Join my first rock bluff on my left at odometer reading Arrive at the MKT tunnel about yards long near Rocheport at , odometer In addition to the Globe, there is the Salimander Grill right next door, and the Thornhill Winery two blocks down.

Both have food, libations, and entertainment. The Salimander even has over beers between draft and bottle selections; outstanding selection for a St. Louis restaurant, let alone one in a town of approximately And the food was very good too. Sunday, May 13, Pass Jefferson City - the skyline is visible to the south. The trailhead is pretty busy with both walkers and cyclists. Chat with several riders at the trailhead. Ride with a local Stationary store owner from near Jefferson City to Mokane, where we have lunch at a store on main street, about 2 blocks from the trail..

Leave Mokane at , odometer This stretch is the most desolate and remote of the trip. Few roads, few houses, no other riders. Takes me about 45 minutes to find, patch and reload, then on my way. They transported me across the very narrow Hiway 19 bridge so I could eat dinner in Hermann, immediately across the Missouri. Dinner at the Wild Grapevine was outstanding - from appetizer to dessert. Breakfast at Meyers was outstanding! Monday, May 14, Arrived Trelor at , odometer Impressive Mercantile Bank Building.

Now houses the Mercantile and the Treloar Post Office. One road bike, the other hybrid. They have panniers - a better way to pack a bike compared to my top-heavy backpack on top of the rack pack. Leave Marthasville , MM Leave Augusta , odometer Leave Defiance , odometer McKittrick to Trelor, 1. Louis, MO drb hotmail. The trail runs along the base of a bluff above the Missouri River. Another scenic segment is in the Augusta area, where the trail also runs along the base of a bluff, although the Missouri River is usually not visible and excessive growth of high weeds along the trail can restrict the view.

Augusta is a small town at the top of the river bluffs adjacent to the trail with some decent wineries. Rode trail from St Charles to Sedalia. Had a good time but I would suggest if your going to ride the whole thing to do it after March. We did it March and very few places in between the major stops were open for business yet.

Thank goodness for trail mix and granola bars! The Rock Island Spur of Katy Trail State Park travels just over 46 miles through woodlands, wetlands, and bucolic fields nestled in the foothills of Inside of Lee's Summit's Community Park, the Legacy Park Trail is a family oriented destination with an abundance of activities available. Located outside of bustling Kansas City, this beautiful, partially paved, mile riverside pathway is a favorite for locals and visitors alike If you travel from north to The paved route begins in Minor The rd Street Path is a sidepath along W.

The trail offers access to the surrounding residential communities as well The trail provides numerous The path offers connections to the residents of the Kansas City suburb of The trail provides access for the A portion of the trail between Troost and Woodland Avenues has been closed since due to the presence of a small sinkhole. TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy a non-profit and we need your support!

Katy Trail State Park Missouri. Katy Trail State Park Facts. One of the old historical railroad bridges along the Katy Trail.

Photo by Wilson Hurst. How Sweet It Is! The trail crosses MO 94 not far from Treloar. Located on the Katy trail in Rocheport, Mo. Accessible from the trail. We pushed our bikes up the. Well worth the effort.

We sat outside on the patio overlooking the Mighty MO. Lots of parking, clean restrooms. Took some photos along the trail on a little bike tour. Beautiful day on Saturday, and the church is ready for Sunday Taken on a January '15 ride North of Hartsburg. The end to a perfect day's ride! Taken along the trail just South of Rocheport. Between Clinton and Sedalia.

Loved all the old tessel brighes on the Katy trail, I probably stopped at all of them to take pics. View of Missouri River east of Rocheport with groins placed by Corps of Engineers to control current.

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