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I got a big toungue and dick for ya


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If you've ever wanted to experiment with a caring mentor or just like older guys, this is your chance. I was just a drinker at home. Monday night adventure. W4m When you left, my nephew said to me I'm kind of wondering why you didn't talk to him.

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I got a big toungue and dick for ya

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Seeking a girlfriend I'm waiting for a girlfriend. Waitingto get a Bj tonight I got a big toungue and dick for ya waiting to get a Bj tonight.

Need The Special Touch looking for some fun. Simply looking to meet folks and find out what happens :) Seeking to give someone one Hell of a ride m4w I don't care about age or size I am 5'6 180 lesbian and have a pierced cock. My Twisted Fantasies Today m4w Not a bad day in Omaha. I'm not looking for any LTR, just someone to hang out with and do fun things, text, chat, whatever.


Feature illutration via govert Having a list of techniques of supposedly foolproof techniques that work on every dude means that I would be condemning the penises of the world to a lifetime of robotic copy-cat blow jobs. Each hummer should be as unique as the penis that receives it. Think of them as oral sex snowflakes, expertly crafted by your mouth and hands. For you see, my darlings, it is not the quantity of blow jobs given, but the quality that will win you the title of Blow Job Queen.

Anatomy Sing Along As with any other story of becoming royalty, there is a song and dance number to help you on your way. These are the sensitive parts you can play with. These are the sensitive parts you should know. Sing it to yourself when you most need it. Imagine there are lovely, big-eyed woodland creatures about you, wishing you well. Timing Yes, getting a guy to come in four minutes flat is impressive. But it does not guarantee that it was a good blow job. Maybe just an efficient one. Like scarfing down a meal without really enjoying it.

The best dick sucking sessions are an experience for both partners. Like a good suspense thriller, delaying gratification is a good way to build up to a powerful climax. Build momentum then slow it down a couple of times. Make him beg for more. A wonderful expert dick sucker that I know suggests playing music and bobbing your head on his junk to the rhythm of the beat.

The vibrations will feel divine. Try not to use them. Scraping them up and down his penis carelessly will make him feel like you just stuck his dick in a pencil sharpener.

Pucker up so that the skin on the inside of your mouth covers up your teeth. Suck on your finger. The advanced dick sucker can use them in light and playful teasing bites without causing any pain or distress. Actually, the combination of manual and oral stimulation feels amazing no matter what the dick to mouth ratio is. Move your hand up and down as you suck. Experiment with pressure and direction of motion.

Bring your hand over the head of his dick to take a break from sucking. Bring your cupped hand all the way down to the nerve endings at the base of his dick where the balls and shaft meet. Your Tongue and Lips Every part of the anatomy we sang about is fair game to be caressed by your tongue and lips. My biggest tip is to not focus so much on what feels good to him. Try running your lips over his shaft and balls, giving light sucking kisses.

Trace shapes that amuse you on his body with your tongue. The upside down V shape, known as the frenulum that is just below his head is an extra sensitive spot for kissing and licking action. One of my favorite things to do is to flick my tongue against this spot, while the lucky fella is in my mouth. Be a good oral hostess. Swirl your tongue around his head and make him feel at home. Your Breath Letting your warm breath stimulate his sensitive spots is a good teasing technique.

Another note with regards to breath: His Semen and You If you were using a flavored condom the mess will be self contained. Flavored products like lube and condoms are a good way to handle health and hygiene issues tactfully. In my personal experience, I think brutal honesty is much more amusing. If you decide to take the condom off, you can let him finish on whatever part of your body you find most willing.

You by no means have to swallow for it to be great oral. He can come on your chest, neck, or his own stomach and still have it be a grand finale. So practice safe sex, because I love you. And the kingdom needs you. Etiquette of Receiving a Blow Job Like performing the proper bow and courtesy, there are rules to be observed in the presence of royalty.

Oral sex royalty is no different. Failure to do so will result in your banishment. There you go, my pretty babies. Now go get yourself that bachelorette penis crown that I know you deserve. Your Teeth Try not to use them.

You know you want to.


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Lady in roses in smithfield m4w you were in roses with your little boy. Let me know as I am waiting for close by. Beside all the lustthe love i have for you runs through me everyday, my love is true for you, MARRY ME. Im white, petite, 115lbs, have amazing features.

Not waiting for someone that only wants.

One guy that I slept with, he had a big frame but he had a really tiny look at hands and feet and noses—you know: 'big nose, big hose'. It didn't last, because I am a big dick person, but he was very good with his tongue. One More Chance Lyrics: All you hoes calling here for my daddy, get off his dick Whether it's stiff tongue or stiff dick Big bang boots from the Bronx to Bolivia. The best dick sucking sessions are an experience for both partners. Like a Playing music will also help you gauge how long you've been going at it. Only at Swirl your tongue around his head and make him feel at home.