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Husband doesnt know i want this i want another woman sex finders Ribat Al Kheir


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Husband doesnt know i want this i want another woman sex finders Ribat Al Kheir

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Ask Your Question today. So I totally had to hi-jack this written text from another post on is it normal titled: The first being that this type of unconventional sexual behavior between two consenting adults simply can not be classified as "cheating".

I recently discovered that I get incredibly turned on by my husband meeting, flirting and sexually conquering other women. My husband is athletic and has stamina for days, so when he has sex with other women they are completely caught off guard by this.

There expectations of him still fucking them past 60 minutes is a total surprise when he just keeps going and going and going. So far, since we have opened our marriage he has not ejaculated on or in a female yet. However, he is a complete body charmer and I enjoy and anticipate him coming home afterwards to tell me about it in detail how these anxious women came on his penis multiple times only to tire out before he could cum. So after he cleans up we talk all about it as I rub him down and prepare to finish him off.

Usually, he is still so aroused by the power to handle two pussies in one night that he get me to nut more than a few times as well. I'm not a swinger.

I haven't yet discovered if being there when he fucks other women gets me jealous and fearful. But I do know that I still have small bouts of fear and jealousy that creep up inside me when he tells me that "It's about to go down. My husband does grant me the power to control it and negotiate it, with each conversation and milestone we have I find myself starting to let go of those silly notions.

I also, don't want sex with anyone else. I've had past experiences with other boyfriends and partners by never experience as passionate, hot and open as with my husband.

And I'm simply not interested in someone else's cock. However, the fantasies of watching and participating with one of my closest friends who just became recently divorced is what I am anxiously awaiting to experience, with this fantasy taking place in my mind long before we even discussed opening our marriage. What turns me on about my husband sleeping with other women, is the opportunity to free myself of labels and stigmas that come with being a hetero-sexual, african-american female, married to an intelligent, strong african-american and that's one thing co-existing in happiness.

Any urge I feel to vie with the other woman doesn't interfere with his pleasure, but adds to it with me, and his attention is directed only at me. Then,the more unhibited the female was, with the more reserved my husband was - the more I get turned on. In some ways I vie to be stronger, more stable and more secure than her. I revel vicariously in his excitement, and if I get to listen or eaves-drop on her, that excites me too.

It's like watching a porno, but the actor is my man. I love him to tell me she was great but I am better. I adore sharing what he did by talking about the experience in detail while we make love.

I want him to tell me exactly what they did, what it felt like, what she said, what noises she made, how she reacted, and how he reacted. I want to hear what she liked most and what he liked most. He was gorgeous when we met, still is to this day and he's great in bed.

My friends envy me. So it's like showing him off. I'm totally into to this. Sex with him has always been sensual, freaky and fun and after 10 years of knowing him it's due time to add a bit of nasty to the mix. He's free to find his own partners, but I'm starting to explore the joy of finding women for him because it gives me a bit of a rush, and helps start my fantasy.

It also helps me to put things a bit in perspective from a male point of view. So far my friends who do know smile with excitement of the opportunity that they may have a chance with not only him but the both of us. Sometimes I think I'm nuts not to lock him down. But it turns me on, and we seem happier than many other married couples. Please don't just tell me not to worry about what others think.

But nobody likes to feel like a complete freak either. Is my abnormality normal at some level? The poll questions I have posed are insecurities that have crept up when thinking of my husband having sex with another woman.

My biggest concerns are the following: STD's whether transmitted from the mouth, anus and or vagina. Lastly, the "emotional" bond that can potentially be established through hugging, kissing and spooning before, during and after one-on-one sex.

Thanks for your response, I actually take comfort in the fact that he does not finish himself off with these women. And has enough control and will power to bring that "reward" home to me. Firstly, when was this written and is it all actually true? Also do you have kids? I am in a similar situation but I have always wondered what role sexual abuse plays in these scenarios.

My fantasies are intense and sometimes I worry that my past has made me addicted to risky behavior. I see its been about a year ago since you posted about your experience and curious if you are still with your husband? I have the same feelings and recently discussed pursuing this further. We've tried this twice already but I'm looking for more! At first he was not too sure how I was truly feeling about it but when he discovered how hot our sex life has become even better, he's a little more for it!

I really hope you respond! I think you guys are on to a good thing. Is it normal for me i enjoy my husband having sex with other women? It is ok for him to perform anal sex on another woman? It is ok for him to spend the entire night with another woman?

Twice a week is ok for sex with another woman? It is ok for him to have sex without protection? Help us keep this site organized and clean. Thank you for sharing, I like it too Curious to see how this turn out?

Lucky son of a bitch mothefucker. The world would be a happier and more peaceful place. Whatever floats your boat. Have you heard of swingers? Member Chat My Stuff.


Ramadan | Islam; The Religion of Peace

He replied, By the law of the Qur'an. But if you find no direction therein? Then I will act according to the sunnah of the prophet. But what if that fails? Then I will make an Ijtihad, and act on that. The prophet raised his hands and said, praise be to. Allah who fundamentals of fiqh. A man who exerts himself physically or mentally or spends his wealth in the way of Allah is indeed engaged in Jihad. But in the language of the Shari'ah this word is used particularly for a war that is waged solely in the name of Allah against those who practise oppression as enemies of Islam.

This supreme sacrifice of life devolves on all Muslims. If, however, a section of Muslims offer themselves for Jihad, the community as a whole is absolved of its responsibility. But if none comes forward, everybody is guilty. This concession vanishes for the citizens of an Islamic state when it is attacked by a non- Muslim power. In that case everybody must come forward for Jihad. Uahir] j r Strong voice. Those vestments and furniture which a bride brings to her husband's house, and which ever remain the property of the wife.

Those in the time of ignorance jahiliyah , before Islam. For according to the Qur'an, all Muslims will pass through the regions of Hell. A term used by Muslims for an ignorance of religious truths. Non-Islamic state pre-Islamic state. Condition of the pagan Arabs before the time of the prophet Muhammad p.

The attitude of treating human life either wholly or partly as independent of the directives of Allah. D'ahul] J jfc- Very ignorant and foolish. To authorize, [ajaza] To permit, allow, admit, legalize, legitimize, make lawful. Qur'an reading in accordance with established rules of pronunciation and intonation.

The science of reading the Qur'an correctly. Mentioned in the Qur'an, Surah Also, Mustahab, that which prophet Muhammad p. But these have all a fixed plan and purpose under Allah's dispensation.

In them variety leads to unity. WO [mutahabb] Loving one another. A term used in Islam for waqf. Anything devoted to the service of Allah. A long dress prescribed for Muslim women to cover their whole body from head to feet. A term used for the seclusion of women enjoined in the Qur'an: A pilgrimage to Mecca performed according to the conditions of Muslim law. Al-Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is situated behind the Masjidu 'n-Nabi, or prophet's mosque, at al-Madinah, and is an irregular square of fifty-five feet, separated from the mosque by a passage of about 26 feet.

Inside the Hujrah are the three tombs of prophet Muhammad, Abu Bakr and Omar, facing the south, surrounded by stone walls, [hujiir] A bosom, guardianship. It is called the Hajju '1-Akbar, or Greater pilgrimage. In the 10th year of Hijra the prophet Muhammad p. It is sunnah in nature to kiss it.

The title of the 49th surah of the Qur'an, in which the word occurs. A slave inhibited by the ruler from exercising any office or agency. The acts of an infant, i. The acts of a lunatic who has no lucid intervals are not at all lawful; and so are those of a male or female slave.

It is the title of the 15th surah of the Qur'an, in the 80th verse of which the word occurs: The word hadith literally means communication or narration. In the Islamic context it has come to denote the record of what the Prophet Blessings of Allah and Peace be upon him said, did, or tacitly approved.

According to some scholars, the word hadith also covers reports about the sayings and deeds, etc. The whole body of traditions is termed Hadith and its science 'Ilmu Al-Hadith.

When the march was ordered 'Aisha was not in her tent, having gone to search for a valuable necklace she had dropped. As her litter was Veiled, it was not noticed that she was not in it, until the army reached the next halt. Meanwhile, finding the camp had gone, she sat down to rest, hoping that someone would come back to fetch her when her absence was noticed. It was night, and she fell a sleep. The narrator of a Hadith. One learned in the Traditions.

An inaccurate narration which does not qualify to be either Sahlh sound or Hasan fair , and hence can not be used as a basis of an Islamic opinion, [hadith 'aziz] y. A Hadith or version reported by one reliable or unreliable narrator which differs in context with another Hadith or version reported by a group of reliable narrators.

A Gharib Hadith can be Sahih sound or Da'if weak. He put her on his camel and brought her, leading the camel on foot. This gave occasion to enemies to raise a malicious scandal. The ringleader among them was the chief of the Medina Hypocrites, 'Abdullah ibn Ubai. Finally, Allah revealed some verses in the Holy Qur'an to prove her sayings. Its trusty narrator contradicts the other trusty narrators who narrated it. The Qur'an is held in higher esteem than this, as it is unanimously held by all the followers of Islam from the very first day that its very words were revealed by Allah to the Holy prophet through the angel Gabriel.

In this Hadith the narrator is accused of a he and the hadith itself is not known from other ways and is also contradicted with general rules.

With reference to the links in the chain of the narrators of the tradition, a Hadith is either Muttasil, connected, or Munqati', disconnected. It is less than Mutawatir. It is called also Mustafidh ja JLS , diffused. It is also used for a tradition which was at first recorded by one person, or a few individuals, and afterwards became a popular tradition.

A hadith which is narrated by different ways, each contradicts other, but no prevailing. This hadith is weak. In law it expresses the punishments, the limits of which have been defined by Allah in the Qur'an or by prophet Muhammad p. Some of these punishments are 1 for adultery, stoning for a married person and one hundred lashes for unmarried person; 2 for the false accusation of a married person with adultery, eighty stripes; 3 for apostasy, death; 4 for drinking wine, eighty stripes; 5 for theft, the cutting off of the right hand; 6 for highway robbery: For simple robbery or the Highway, the loss of hands and feet; for robbery with murder, death, either by the sword or by crucifixion.

This Companion doesn't connect this saying to the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The state of a widow who abstains from scents, ornaments, on account of the death of her husband. Hidad piust be observed for a period of four months and ten days. Four alternative punishments are mentioned in the Qur'an, any one of which is to be applied according to circumstances, viz, execution cutting off of the head , crucifixion, maiming or exile. Precautionary, preventive, protective, safety.

A dialect of Arabia, or a mode of expression peculiar to certain Arabs. The Qur'an was revealed in seven dialects. A pilgrim is haram as soon as he has put on the pilgrim's garb. Imam Ash-Shafi'i finds no problem for woman to go for Hajj if there are safe companions. It is not lawful to carry arms, or to fight within its limits. The word used in both a good and a bad sense, e. Baitu'l -haram, the sacred house; and Malu'l-haram, unlawful possessions.

Ibnu'l -haram, an illegitimate son: When one assumes this state the first thing one should do is to express mentally and orally one's intention to assume this state for the purpose of performing 'umrah or Hajj.

Then Talbiyah is recited, two sheets of unstitched clothes are the only clothes one wears. The term is used for the disbelievers of Quraish and the Jews residing at Al-Madinah and some other Arab tribes who invaded the Muslims of Al-Madinah but were forced to withdraw. The title of the 33rd surah of the Qur'an. One of the ninety nine attributes of Allah. How beautiful a couch to recline on! He is said to have lived years, 60 of which were passed in idolatory 60 in Islam. UuJl jU- Good intention.

A term used in the traditions for the sincere worship of Allah. To scatter gravel, cast into the fire. If a pilgrim be stopped on his way by any unforeseen circumstance, such as sickness or accident, he is required to send an animal to be sacrificed at the sacred city.

This injunction is founded upon the teaching of the Qur'an: But whoever among you is sick, or hath an ailment of the head, must expiate by fasting, alms, or a victim for sacrifice, and when you are secure from hindrances then he who wishes to continue the 'umrah of the holy place until the pilgrimage, shall bring whatever offering shall be the easiest.

The town of Elath. The mother is of all persons the best entitled to the custody of her infant children. One of the nmety-nine names or attributes of Allah. The wall is called al- Hatim. It is a place known for acceptance of invocations. Among the Hanafis, the mother is entitled to the custody of her daughter until she arrives at puberty; but according to the other three sunni sects, the custody continues until she is married.

There is difference of opinion as to the extent of the period of the mother's custody over her male children. The Hanafis limit it to the child's seventh year. The right of Hadhanah is lost by the mother if she is married to a stranger, or if she misconducts herself, or if she changes her domicile so as to prevent the father or tutor from exercising the necessary supervision over the child.

Apostasy is also a bar to the exercise of the right of Hadhanah. Memorization drill, inculcation esp. One of the names of Allah. One who has committed the whole of the Qur'an to memory; 'Utihman relates that the prophet said: A term in law implying the same as Haqqu ' 1- 'Abd. The title of the 46th surah of the Qur'an. It is strictly forbidden by prophet Muhammad p. One who monopolises grain and other necessities of life, which is unlawful. The proger age for a camel to be given in Zakat, for camels from forty-six to sixty in number.

The title of the 69th surah of the Qur'an, in which the word occurs in the opening verse: It does not occur in any other portion of the Qur'an.

Starting from the present state of a court's findings. It is not lawful to appoint either a slave or an unbeliever or a slanderer, or an infant, as an arbitrator. A great swearer, ready with oaths, [muhallafj Sworn, bound by oath.

Hp [Almuhkam] Qur'anic Verses the contents of which are not abrogated. In it are verses that are entirely clear, they are the foundations of the Book That which is lawful legal and allowed , as distinguished from haram, or that which is unlawful. One who has performed all the rites and ceremonies of a pilgrim.

One of the attributes of Allah. Ornaments, trinkets; this word is used in the Qur'an as a collective noun, or it may be an irregular plur. The man who marries a divorced wife in order to make her lawful for her former husband if he wishes to remarry her This is forbidden in Islam. A title given to the first surah, so called because its first word is Al-hamd. This chapter is called Fatihah. He has closed the long line of Apostles and there will be no prophet after him.

The Qur'an asserts that the appearance of the Holy prophet p. His distinguishing feature was that he confirmed the truth of all prophets that preceded him. Another distinction between him and the earlier Apostles was that while the others were sent to a chosen people or to a particular tribe or race. The Holy prophet Muhammad p. Certain angels mentioned in the Qur'an. It is a male camel which would be freed from work for the idols, after it had finished a number of copulations assigned for it.

The male camel freed from work in this case is called a Hami. The one worthy of praise. One of the ninety-nine attributes of Allah.

The things that lift and bear away heavy weights may be the winds that carry the heavy rain-clouds or that sweep off every resistance from their path, or it may be the heavy moisture-laden clouds themselves. It lifts and sweeps away the burdens of custom, superstition, or man's inertia, and ever leads onwards to the destined end. Worshipping Allah for a certain period in seclusion. The word is used in the latter sense for the seclusion of prophet Muhammad p.

In the Traditions, it is used for the followers of all the prophets, [hur] jy Feminine of Houris nymphs , a name given to the Maids of paradise on account of the splendour of their black eyes. A term used in Islamic law for the period property must be in possession before Zakat is required of it. It is an agreement whereby a debtor is released from a debt by another becoming responsible for it. A legal term for the cultivation of wastes. The son of Zachariah, whose birth is mentioned in the Qur'an.

During the period of menstruation, women are not permitted to pray, or to touch or read the Qur'an, or stay in the mosque, and are forbidden to their husbands. Haya' is of two kinds: The word frequently occurs in the Qur'an: It is less than Al- Mutawatir and Al-Mashhur. By which is meant, that he is the last of the prophets. It is recommended to be performed upon a boy between the ages of seven and twelve, but it is lawful to circumcise a child seven days after his birth. It likewise includes all the relations of these husbands.

A sect of Muslims who affirm that any man may be promoted to the dignity of Khalifah, even though he be not of the Quraish tribe, provided he be elected by the Islamic nation. The first who were so-called were the men who revolted from Ali after they had fought under him at the battle of Siffln, and took offence at his submitting the decision of his right to the khalifate to the arbitration of men, when in their opinion, it ought to have been submitted to the judgment of Allah.

They affirmed that a man might be appointed khalifah, no matter of what tribe or nation, provided he were a just and pious person, and that if the khalifah turned away from the truth, he might be put to death or diposed. They also held that there was no absolute necessity for a khalifah at all. This was originally applied to a land tribute from non-Muslim tribes. That which is contrary to the usual course of nature. A term used for miracles.

And that which has been revealed of the truth, lest they become as those who received the Scripture before, and the term was prolonged for them and so their hearts hardened? Special prayers, consisting of two rak'ahs, are enjoined in the Traditions at the time of an eclipse of either the sun or the moon. A term frequently used by Islamic writers. Allah is prohibiting the believers from imitating those who were given the Scriptures before them, the Jews and Christians.

As time passed, they changed the Book of Allah that they had, and sold it for a small, miserable price. They also abandoned Allah's Book behind their back and were impressed and consumed by various opinions and false creeds. They imitated the way others behaved with the religion of Allah, making their rabbis and priests into gods beside Allah. Consequently, their hearts became hard and they would not accept advice. His knowledge is fresh and green, and drawn out of the living sources of life for it is drawn from Allah's own presence.

He has the secrets of the paradoxes of life, which ordinary people do not understand, or understand in a wrong sense. Khidr had two special gifts from Allah: The first freed him from the ordinary incidents of daily human life; and the second entitled him to interpret the inner meaning and mystery of events. This word is used for both singular, dual, and plural, though the dual khasman, jLJUi is also found in the Qur'an.

To ask for a girl's hand in marriage, engage. It is also recited on the two great festivals in the morning after sunrise, ['idu'l- fitr, 'idu'l- Adhha]. I bear witness that there is None has the right to be worshipped but Allah alone; having no partner with Him, and I bear witness that Muhammad p.

I admonish you, bondsmen of Allah! Verily your blood, your property and your honour are sacred and inviolable until you appear before your Lord, as this day and this month is sacred for all.

Verily you will meet your Lord and you will be held answerable for your actions. Have I not conveyed the message? He who has any trust with him he should restore it to the person who deposited it with him. Beware, no one committing a crime is responsible for the crime of his father, nor the father is responsible for the crime of his son. General affairs of the Muslims may be discussed in either or both parts of the sermon in the light of Islam.

Exhortation and admonition should be on the basis of the Qur'an and sunnah. Concluding the sermon by supplications for the general welfare of all Muslims is desirable. All praise be to Allah. We glorify Him and seek His help and pardon; and we turn to Him. We take refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and from the evil consequences of our deeds.

It is incumbent upon them to honour their conjugal rights and not to commit acts of impropriety and are faithful to you, clothe and feed them properly. Verily Allah has ordained to every man the share of his inheritance. The child belongs to the marriage-bed and the violator of wedlock shall be stoned. He who attributes his ancestry to other than his father or claims his clientship to other than his master, the curse of Allah, that of the angels, and of the people be upon him.

Allah will accept from him neither repentance nor righteousness. Verily the Satan is disappointed at ever worshipped in this land of yours, but if he can be obeyed in anything short of worship he will be pleased in matters you may be disposed to think of little account.

So beware of him in your matters of religion. You must know that a Muslim is the brother of the Muslim and they form one brotherhood. Nothing of his brother is lawful for a Muslim except what he himself allows willingly. So you should not oppress one another. The blood revenges of the Days of ignorance are remitted. Usury is forbidden, but you will be entitled to recover your principal. Do not wrong and you shall not be wronged. Allah has declared that there should be no usury and 1 make a beginning by remitting the amount of interest which Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib has to receive.

Verily it is remitted entirely. Verily you have taken them on the security of Allah and have made their persons lawful unto you by words of Allah! Verily, I have left amongst you the Book of Allah and the sunnah of His apostle which if you hold fast, you shall never go astray. And if you were asked about me, what would you say? They replied, we bear witness that you have conveyed the message, and discharged your ministry.

The sermon or oration recited on Mount Arafat at the mid-day prayer zuhr on the ninth day of the pilgrimage. A term used in works on exegesis for that which is hidden in its meaning, as compared with that which is obvious. The release from the marriage tie obtained by a wife upon payment of a compensation or consideration. Whenever enmity takes place between husband and wife, and they both see reason to apprehend the ends of marriage are not likely to be answered by a continuance of their union, the woman need not scruple to release herself from the power of her husband, by offering such a compensation as may induce him to liberate her.

An Islamic term, implying that a Muslim performs his religious acts in the sight of Allah alone, and not to be seen of men. This law is laid down in the Qur'an: And it is not lawful for you men to take back from your wives any of what you gave them the Mahr, bridal-money given by the husband to his wife at the time of marriage , except when both parties fear that they would be unable to keep the limits ordained by Allah e.

Then if you fear that they would not be able to keep the limits ordained by Allah, then there is no sin on either of them if she gives back the Mahr or a part of it. These are the limits ordained by Allah, so do not trasgress them. It is absolutely necessary that the khallfah be a man, an adult, a sane person, a free man, a learned divine, a powerful ruler, a just person, and one of the Quraish i.

The word is used in the Qur'an for Adam, as the vicegerent of the Almighty on earth. Disgraceful, a good for nothing, a worthless fellow. The prophet Muhammad p. A title given to the first four caliphs of prophet Muhammad p. Intoxicants all kinds of alcoholic drinks , and gambling, and Al-Ansab, and Al-Azlam arrows for seeking luck or decision are an abomination of Shaitan's satan handiwork.

The fifth of property which is given to the Baitu'l- Mal, or public treasury. Zakat upon mines, or buried treasures, Mines of gold, silvers, iron, lead or copper are subject to a zakat of one- fifth kh ums. It is forbidden to eat it. Swine's flesh pork is fobidden to Muslims in four different places in the Qur'an. But if one is forced by necessity without wilful disobedience nor transgressing due limits, then there is no sim on him. JLi;Sfl] [ikhtana] To deceive, defraud. Generally used for the fear of Allah.

A term used for the first three generations of Muslims from the time of the prophet Muhammad p. A term used to express a certain period after the [khiyanah] A deceiving, treachery. The Hanafiyahs do not accept this option, but it is allowed by the other schools.

In symbolic language it would represent gross Materialism. It will be the embodiment of fat worldly triumph, which will appeal to a misguided and degenerate world, because such a corrupt world will have no assured belief in the signs of Allah or in spiritual light.

It will itself be a sign or portent, closing the door of repentance. The title of the 75th surah of the Qur'an, in the first verse Ayha of which the word occurs. The title of the 44th surah of the Holy Qur'an.

The word occurs in the Qur'an for an unbeliever being brought by degrees to Hell and destruction. All we are told is that he was a man of truth and sincerity, and a prophet, and that he had a high position among his people. The word du'a' is generally used for supplication, as distinguished from salat. A term used for prayers which were offered up by the prophet, and have been handed down in the Traditions. Pardon me with those you have pardoned.

Protect me with those you have protected. Bless me with what you have given. Keep me safe from the evil you have ordained for you decree and none decrees upon you.

No one who is in your care is brought down and no one is rewarded to whom you show enmity. Others, including Imam Malik hold that it is incorrect to say them at any time of the year. Shafi's say it in the second rak'ah of Fajr prayer and in the second half of Ramadan. At the beginning of the prayer, Muslims say either du'au '1-tawajjuh or du 'au '1-thana' according to their schools. My prayer and my devotion, my life and my death belong to Allah, Lord of the worlds, who has no partner.

We say this du'a' at the beginning of the prayer. Blessed be your name. Exalted be your majesty and glory. J one letter into another. Move the shoes backwards and forwards on the ground to purify. From the use of the word uff, it is argued that children may be beat or abuse their parents.

Penal laws may be based on dalalah. A king of Israel and a prophet to whom Allah revealed the zubur, or book of psalms. Dawwud David divided his time regularly, 10 j Us [dunya] The world, this world, the present life, worldly existence.

Ui The 76th surah of the Qur'an; called also suratu '1-insan. An expression which occurs in the Qur'an: Prophet David was a man of exceptional strength, for even as a raw youth, he slew the philistine giant Goliath Jalut. It is a country in which the edicts of Islam are fully promulgated. A term used for Hell in the Qur'an. To engage in a Jihad or religious war, is said by prophet Muhammad p.

It was called Yathrib, but was distinguished as al-Madinah. An animal slaughtered according to the law; a sacrifice, sacrificial victim, blood sacrifice. Eat of the good things which with we have provided you, and give thanks unto Allah, if you are His worshippers. Ikhtiyari, of choice, and idhtirari, of necessity. The title of the 51st surah of the Qur'an. The reciter of zikr. Some expressions of these are: In addition to the forms of Zikr already mentioned there are three others, which are even of more common use, and are known as Tasbih, Tahmid and Takbrr.

Zimmi should pay a tribute for security of his person and property. J a f See kJUl Jaf. Ui ob Wealth, affluence. Al-hanbali, Al- hanafi, Al-shafi'i and Al-maliki. The Qur'an gives us no material to which we can base a positive answer. Nor is it necessary to find an answer, as the story is treated as a parable. Zul-qarnain was a most powerful king. His sway extended over east and west, and over people of diverse civilizations.

He was just and righteous, not selfish or grasping. He protected the weak and punished the unlawful and the turbulent. Others say that he was a righteous man, a just king and a fair judge. It is the month in which the pilgrimage to Mecca must be made. Allah Most Gracious forgave him. He was cast out ashore, he was given the shelter of a plant in his state of mental and physical lassitude.

He was refreshed and strengthened, and the work of his mission prospered. Thus he overcame all his disappointment and Allah accepted him. Relatives on the maternal side. He was the prophet raised to warn the Assyrian capital Nineveh. When his first warning was unheeded by the people, he denounced Allah's wrath on them. But they repented and Allah forgave them for the time being. Jonah, meanwhile, departed in wrath, discouraged at the apparent failure of his mission. He should have remained in the most discouraging circumstances, and relied on the power of Allah, for Allah had power both over Nineveh and over the Messenger He had sent to Nineveh.

He went away to the sea and took a ship, but apparently the sailors threw him out as a man of bad omen in a storm. He was swallowed by a big fish or whale , but in the depth of the darkness, he cried to Allah and confessed his weakness. A term used in the Holy Qur'an for the visions of the prophets. Ar-Rabb is the owner who has full authority over his property. Ar-Rabb, linguistically means, the master or the one who has the authority to lead. All of these meanings are correct for Allah. When it is alone, the word Rabb is used only for Allah.

As for other than Allah, it can be used to say Rabb Ad-Dar, the master of such and such object. Further, it was reported that ar-Rabb is Allah's Greatest Name. A title frequently used in the Qur'an for the Divine Being, e. A legal term used in Islamic law, e. That is because they say: Trade is like usury, but Allah has permitted trade and forbidden usury..

Islam strictly prohibits any kind of usury. J JO j disobediance makes no harm so long as they are Muslims and Nothing is accepted after disbelief. The seventh month of the Islamic year. In other words, the continuance of the marriage bond. Intoxicants and gambling, dedication of stones, and divination by arrows, are an abomination, of Satan's handiwork: It generally occurs in conjunction with the attribute ar- Rahim, e.

In Islam the apostate must be killed. There is no God but He, the Compassionate, the Merciful. It generally occurs in conjunction with the attribute ar- Rahman. In Islam it is not lawful to eat it. A term frequently used in the Qur'an for the prophets. This word occurs twice in the Qur'an: The coming of an apostle or prophet. J S [radhiyah] One who is content, well pleased, pleasant, agreeable.

A weight or measure. It was considered an important and honoured function in Arabia during the Jahiliyah period. A term used in the Qur'an for a captive slave. Two angels are constantly by man to note his thoughts, words and actions. One sits on the right side and notes his good deeds and the other on the left, to note his bad deeds.

D [rafrafun] Zi'jj A pillow. The commentators are not agreed as to the meaning of this word. The Jalalan say, it was a brass plate or stone-table, on which the names of the fellows of the cave were written. Other interpreters say it was either the name of the dog which belonged to the young men, or the valley in which the cave was situated.

One of the ninety-nine names or attributes of the Almighty. An inclination of the head with the palms of the hands resting upon the knees. JliiSfl] [rikabun] LaTj Camels.

These articles are to believe in: The south corner of the ka'bah. It consists of one bowing and two prostrations.

It is performed in the Tawaf which is followed by Sa'i. Women are not required to perform ramal. After this period she may lawfully take another husband, provided she is not pregnant of her first husband. He met all of them. The most famous book compiled by him is as-sunan which consists of as-sunan '1-kubra The Great sunan and as-sunan' s-sughra The lesser sunan. As-sunan is considered one of the six most authentic collection of Hadith.

In it, the Holy Qur'an started to be revealed to our prophet Muhammad p. This monk perceived prophet Muhammad by various signs. A religious ceremony during the pilgrimage. The Ruh the spirit is one of the things, the knowledge of which is only with my Lord The word Ruh here is referring to the angel Jibril. This practice of pawning and pledging is lawful in Islam. The word is used in the Qur'an in its plural form, rihan. Occurs in the Qur'an: A When one of the two nouns is Allah, and the other is a person or a thing, e.

The rule of the above words is that the second noun, e. B But when one of the two is Allah and the second is neither a person nor a thing, then it is not a created thing but is a quality of Allah, e. A disciple of some murshid, or sheikh. The garden in which is situated the tomb of prophet Muhammad p.

The name is also given to the tomb itself by some writers. It refers to the Angel Gabriel. Allah can do what He wills, and whatever He wills comes to pass. He is not obliged to act. Everything, good or evil, in this world exists by His will. Ji aljj It was related by an-Nasa'i. But on their hearts is the stain of the ill which they do!

In both cases the dried fruits are measured while the [zabad] Ij a o j Foam, scum, In Qur'an: The angels in charge of hell, of whom Malik is the chief angels of punishment. Giving over land to the charge of another party on condition of receiving a fixed proportion of its produce. In the Holy Qur'an: O my Lord leave me not childless, but there is no better heir than thyself. He felt that he would not live long and his wife was similarly old and barren.

Zakariya wished to have a son to inherit his knowledge and become a prophet. All three, father, mother and son, were made worthy of each other, and they repelled evil by their devout emulation in virtue. He died at al-Basrah, A. In the Qur'an, for the groans of hell.

Al-masakln ojTuii - People who are destitute and extremely needy. Al- Bukhari and Muslim. Those persons who are appointed by an Islamic Head of state or Government to collect Zakat.

It is not necessary that he be a needy person. The payment of zakat is obligatory as it is one of the five major principles of Islam. A Hadith states that for every limb [of the servant] freed, Allah frees a limb of the one who freed him from slavery, even a sexual organ for a sexual organ, for the reward is equitable to the deed.

Al- gh arimin oyjUJl ; Those persons who have a debt and do not possess any other wealth or goods with which they could repay that which they owe. It is conditional that this debt was not created for any anti-Islamic or sinful purpose. In the cause of Allah. This is a general term used for all good deeds. But, according to the Majority of Scholars, it particularly means giving help to Jihad a struggle for making Islam supreme on Earth.

The Holy Prophet Blessings of Allah and peace be upon him said: Ahmad and Abu Dawud. Al-mu'allafah qulubuhum pji jii JuJjii: Those persons who have recently accepted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad Blessings of Allah and peace be upon him gave them Zakah to keep them firm in the fold of Islam. Those slaves who are permitted to work for remuneration and have an agreement from their masters to purchase their freedom on payment of fixed amounts.

Zakat is not due upon less than five camels, and upon five camels it is one goat or sheep. One goat is due upon any number of camels from five to nine, two goats for any number of camels from ten to fourteen; three goats for any number of twenty to twenty- four.

Upon any number of camels from twenty-five to thirty-five the zakat is a bint makhadh, or a yearling female camel; from thirty-six to forty- five, a bint labun, or a two year old female camel: From forty six to sixty, a hiqqah, or a three- year-old female camel; from sixty one to seventy five, a jaza'a, or four year old female camel; from seventy five to ninety, two camels' female two year old colts; and from ninety one to one hundred and twenty, two camels' female three year old colts.

When the number of camels exceeds one hundred and twenty, the zakat is calculated by the aforesaid rule. Wayfarer Ibn As-Sabil is a term used for the needy traveller in a land, where he does not have what helps him continue his trip.

This type has a share in the Zakah for what suffices him to reach his destination. No zakat is due upon fewer than thirty cattle, and upon thirty cattle which feed on pasture for the greater part of the year, there is due at the end of the year a tabi'ah; or a one year old calf; and upon forty is due a musin, or a calf of two years old; and where the number exceeds forty, the zakat is to be calculated according to this rule.

For example, upon sixty, the zakat is two yearling slaves; upon seventy, one tabi'ah and one musin; upon eighty, two musins; upon ninety, three tabi'ah; upon one hundred, two tabi'ahs and one musin; and thus upon every ten head of cattle a musin and a tabi'ah alternately. Thus upon one hundred and ten kins, the zakat is two musins and one tabi'ah; and upon one hundred and twenty, four tabi'ahs.

Articles of merchandise should be appraised, and a zakat of 2. No zakat is due upon less than forty, which have fed the greater part of the year upon pasture, upon which is due one goat, until the number reaches one hundred and twenty for one hundred and twenty-one to two hundred, it is two goats or sheep. The same rules apply to both sheep and goats see stfj because in the Traditions the original word ghanam applies to both species.

It is not due upon silver of less value than two hundred dirhams grams , but if one be possessed of this sum for a whole year, the zakat due upon it is five dirhams. No zakat is due upon an excess above the two hundred dirhams till such excess amount to forty, upon which the zakat is one dirham, and for every succeeding forty, one dirham.

No zakat is due upon gold under the value of twenty mithqal 85 grams , and the zakat due upon twenty mithqal is half a mithqal. And if a person finds a deposit of buried treasures, a fifth is due upon it. No zakat is due upon precious stones. Upon everything produced from the ground there is one- tenth 'ushr , whether the soil be watered by the overflow of rivers or by periodical rains. Land watered by means of buckets, or machinery, is subject to one- twentieth.

The one complete year in which the property is held in possession is termed hawlu '1-hawl. Zakat is not incumbent upon a man against whom there are debts equal to or exceeding the amount of his whole property, nor is it due upon the necessaries of life, such as dwelling houses, or articles of clothing, or household furniture, or cattle kept for immediate use, or slaves employed as actual servants, or armour and weapons designed for present use, or upon books of science or upon tools used by craftsmen.

It is given on the lesser Festival, called the 'Idu '1-Fitr, which consists of half a sa'of wheat, flour, or fruits, or one sa' of barley. This should be distributed to the poor before the prayers. It is possible to give it to the poor as money, [zakatu al-mal] JM alTj zakat, in its primitive sense the word zakat means purification.

It is also used to express a portion of property bestowed in alms, as a sanctification of the remainder to the proprietor. It is an institution of Islam and founded upon an express command in the Qur'an, being one of the five foundations of Islam. It is a religious duty incumbent upon any person who is free, sane, adult, and a Muslim, provided he be possessed in full property of such estate or effects as are termed in the language of the law nisab, and that he has been in possession of the same for the space of one complete Islamic year.

The title of the 99th surah of the Qur'an, in which it is stated that an earthquake will take place at the commencement of the signs of the last day. Arrows were used for divination, i. One who does not profess any religion, or who hides unbelief and reveals Islam. The title of the 73rd surah of the Qur'an, in the first verse Ayah of which the word occurs: It is said the chapter was revealed to prophet Muhammad p.

The Messenger of Allah said: Take back the slave-girl and sheep, and your son is to be given one hundred stripes and banished for one year. This honorable verse Ayah contains the ruling on the law of retaliation for the person who commits illegal sex, and details of the punishment.

Such a person will either be unmarried, meaning that he has never been married, or he will be married, meaning that he has had intercourse within the bounds of a lawful marriage, and he is free, adult and of sound mind.

As for the virgin who is unwedded, the prescribed punishment is one hundred stripes, as stated in this Ayah. In addition to this he is to be banished from his homeland for one year, as was recorded in the two sahihs from Abu Hurayrah and Zayd bin Khalid Al-Juhani in the Hadith about the two Bedouins who came to the Messenger of Allah. It means to make of two kinds, to make or give conjointly. Then shall we say to those who joined gods with us: You and those you joined as partners.

We shall separate them, and their partners shall say: It was not us that you worshipped! Those who followed Zaid the son of 'Ali ibn al-Husain. This city was destroyed by the inundation of Al- 'Arem. Saba' was at the time of Solomon and Queen Bilqis. These words are said in prostration. These words are said in bowing down. To catch up the prayer missing one or more rak'ah. A term used for religious warfare and other meritorious deeds; e.

This prostration is performed when reading or listening to Ayah a verse of prostration. It is a single prostration. Man is subject to forgetfulness, so if you should forget something while performing your prayer, either doing something which is not prescribed or leaving something out, you must carry out two prostrations, similar to those in the prayer, reciting the words of Greatness while going to the ground and rising at the end of the words of Greeting.

After this, recite the words of peace, but omitting the words of witness. During prostration, the Muslim prayer says: There is None has the right to be worshipped but Allah! Allah is most Great! Mosque, or place of public prayer. The mosque at Quba', a place about three miles south-east of al- Madinah.

It was the first mosque erected in Islam. The decree of a judge. In the Qur'an, the word occurs when it is used for the angel which has charge of the register of the fate of mankind, or according to others, it may mean the roll itself. It is at Jerusalem erected by Solomon Sulaiman. A title given to the chief mosque which people assemble for the Friday prayer and khutbah. In the figurative sense, it would be the taking of usury or bribes, or taking undue advantage of people's weak position or their own fiduciary powers to add to their own wealth.

This is indeed an evident sorcerer! A belief in the magical art. It is condemned in the [sijjin] The register in which the actions of the wicked are recorded, or the place where it is kept.

To cover the deceased with a winding shroud. The son of Abraham Ibrahim. He is mentioned in the Qur'an as specially the child of promise, and a gift from Allah to Abraham; and also as an inspired prophet.

They say the age of prophecy is not yet completed. This city is associated with Sodomy, unnatural crime, called in Arabic liwatah homosexuality , it is forbidden by Islamic law.

The angel who will sound the trumpet at the Day of Resurrection. J uf [sarirah plural sara'ir] Intention, secret thought, mind, heart, soul. The surname of Ya'qub Jacob. It is a she-camel of Allah! It was an office of great honour. If it be you can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, pass you!

Not without authority shall you be [sukna] Residence, [saklnah] A word which occurs in the Qur'an five times. Immanence of Allah, presence of Allah; devout, Allah-inspired peace of mind, calm, tranquility, peace. Submit himself to Allah, embrace Islam, profess Islam, become a Moslem. One who resigns himself to Allah. His book of Traditions ranks amongst the sunnis but second in authority to the sahlhu '1-Bukhari. He was born at Naishapur, A. As a religion, Islam stands for complete submission and obedience to Allah.

It occurs once in the Qur'an: This is called Taslim. Solomon was celebrated for his skill and wisdom. He is son of David. Allah hears all sounds whether low or loud. He hears without an ear, for His attributes are not like those of men. It is commended by prophet Muhammad as one of the evidences of faith.

Amr Ibn 'Aba-ratah relates: It is purity of speech and hospitality. The most Beautiful Names of Allah. It consists of more than one thousand Hadith. Here it is the name of a heavenly fountain, whose drink is superior to that of the purest wine. It is the nectar drunk by those nearest to Allah, the highest in spiritual dignity; but a flavour of it will be given to all, according to their spiritual capacity.

This occurs at the commencement of each chapter or surah of the Qur'an, with the exception of the 9th surah. Also used at the commencement of any religious act such as prayer, ablution Those things which have not been emphatically enjoined, are called sunnah ghair Mu'akkadah. The prophet came to al-Madinah when the people were grafting the male bud of a date tree into the female in order to produce greater abundance of fruit, and he said: Have back ups; an extra car key in your wallet, an extra house key buried in the garden, extra stamps, etc.

Keep Mouth Shut This single piece of advice though bit harsh can prevent an enormous amount of trouble and keep us away from Ribat , that may undo some of our good deeds. Get enough rest and do not postpone for tomorrow what you can achieve todayas this day may never come.

Eat right and share with those who have less or nothing to eat. Everyday, find time to be alone, mirror yourself and make changes in your life that would benefit you in Akhirah. Try to nip small problems in the bud.

Keep a folder of favourite Hadith on hand for your own reference. Remember that the shortest bridge between despair and hope is often a good. Develop a forgiving attitude most people are doing the best they can. Allah Almighty God , Allah. Praise to the One Who lead us to Friday.

To our topic; below are some points of reminder for the Muslims. The previous nations before us were lead astray from this day and Allaah has allowed this ummah to be successful to acknowledge it. Abu Hurayrah may Allaah be pleased with him mentioned that the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him sai.

A great emphasis has been put on the obligation for the Prayer. Whoever is heedless of this prayer, Allaah will place a seal over his heart. Then they will be among the heedless. Extra point of benefit: Abu Hurayrah may Allaah be pleased with him narrated that the messenger of Allaah peace and blessings be upon him ,. Ibn Al-Qayyim may Allaah have mercy upon him mentioned that there is a difference of opinion about when this particular hour is.

The most acceptable of opinions are two: This hour is after Asr. And the 2nd point of view is the most superior. Giving charity on Friday is the best day of the week to do so.

This is similar to the superiority of giving charity during Ramadhan with regard to the rest of the months. So whoever comes for the Prayer must perform a ghusl….

Graded as being Hasan through other narrations that support it i. Time Management from an Islamic Perspective. Will he still be heedless? If you fail in your exams, there is always a next year. If you lose your spouse, there can be a second marriage, but if you die, there is no second chance. This life is only one opportunity. Those who were before us had lives longer than us.

The difference between doing and wanting to do. There are many things in life that we want to do desperately, but we are unable to do them due to various reasons. But, there are many things in our life which we can do, we are supposed to do, yet we do not do them. The list would be a long one. Let us see how much we live actually.

If you have to live for 60 years, subtract 15 years of your boyhood where no one questions you. From the remaining 45 years, if you sleep for 8 hours a day, you have deleted 15 years in sleeping. From the remaining 30 years, if you spend 2 hours on the television, you have 2. From the remaining 27 and half years of your life, you have to earn and yet find out ways for immeasurable reward from Allah. How and where is our time wasted? Time is wasted in minutes. Assemble these pieces of minutes everyday and count how many hours you waste every year.

Our most productive actions. If you do it for 10 years, it will be equivalent to years. Suppose you choose to memorize one dua everyday for one hour, by the end of the year, you can memorize duas of the Sunnah of the Prophet P. Now, without wasting time, make a list of the things you would like to learn in the next three months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years.

What are your most productive Islamic activities? This is for a continuous reward Sawaab-e-Jaariya. Choose from the below activities or add your own skills and talents:. He keeps on doing it properly and your account keeps on increasing. Note them down just now and remember us in your supplications. A list of probable time wasters. How to get the best out of this life. How many Lailatul Qadr have you missed out? What do you know what is Lailatul Qadr?

Lailatul Qadr is better than months? Verse gives us an idea or a short- cut in earning immeasurable sawab. That is, if you worship or do ibadah in the last 5 odd nights in the month of Ramadan, by the Grace of Allah, one of them would be Lailatul Qadr. In 10 years, it is 50 days, which is lesser than 2 months and if you get 10 Lailatul Qadr in your life. You get a reward of 10, months which is equal to years. Now calculate how many Lailatul Qadr you have missed out enjoying the night playing carom, chatting and doing useless things.

He sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam also said: He slept one half of the night, got up and prayed for one third, and then slept the remaining one sixth.

Abu Hurayrah radhi allahu anhu reported that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam said: If he makes wudhu ablution for prayer , another knot loosens and if he prays, the third knot loosens and he becomes lively and good-natured; otherwise he gets up ill-natured and lazy. Who will seek My forgiveness, so that I may forgive him. Jabir radhi allahu anhu reported, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam saying: This happens every night.

Abu Umamah radhi allahu anhu reported that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam was once asked: If you can be among those who remember Allah at that hour then do so. And may Allah have mercy on a woman who wakes up at night, prays, and wakes her husband to pray and if he refuses, she sprinkles water on his face.

Constant deeds guarantee ample reward: The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam never ceased praying it. When he was sick or weak, he prayed sitting. She also reported the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam saying: The Excellence of Qiyam in Ramadaan: Many Ahaadeeth describe the excellence of Qiyam particularly in Ramadaan, some of them are:.

Abu Hurayrah radhi allahu anhu reported: He sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam used to say: Among the Most Righteous: Amr bin Murrah al-Juhani radhi allahu anhu said: Getting up for Qiyam al-Layl: Some of them are:. As soon as the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam got up for Qiyam al-Layl, he would brush his teeth with a siwaak and perform wudhu, he sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam said: Ubadah bin as-Samit radhi allahu anhu reported that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam said: To Him belongs the sovereignty; to Him belongs all praise.

He is capable of everything. Exalted is Allah; Allah is the Greatest, there is no power or might except from Allah. When he got up at night to pray , I would hear him repeat for a long time:. Abu Qatadah radhi allahu anhu reported that one night the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam saw Abu Bakr radhi allahu anhu praying with a low voice.

He then saw Umar radhi allahu anhu praying with a loud voice. Afterwards, he said to Abu Bakr radhi allahu anhu: I passed by you while you prayed and you were lowering your voice. I passed by you while you prayed, and you were raising your voice. Thereby I wake the sleepy and drive the Shaytaan away. And you Umar, lower your voice a little. Ibn Abbas radhi allahu anhu reported: Praying Qiyam al-Layl in the Jamaah: It is a Sunnah to pray the Qiyam al-Layl of Ramadaan with the Jamaah congregation ; and this is better than praying it individually.

The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam himself established the practice of praying Qiyam al-Layl in Jamaah, approved of it from the Sahabah radhi allahu anhu and greatly emphasized its merits. On one such night, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam instructed me to lay down a mat for him in the Masjid by the door of my apartment and I did so.

So that night, more people gathered until the Masjid was full. The next morning people talked about it and on the third night the number of people increased in the Masjid. Again the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam went out and they followed him in prayer. On the fourth night, the Masjid was overrun with people. The people have gathered to follow you in the prayer. So commit only to the deed you would be capable of performing, because Allah does not tire from yours deeds until you tire.

Besides praying Qiyam al-Layl in the Jamaah himself, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam greatly encouraged this practice.

Once, after leading the people in the Qiyaam prayer of Ramadaan, when he was leaving and people requested him to continue the prayer for the other part of the night, he sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam said: Thus, even though delaying Qiyam carries special merits, praying Qiyamal-Layl with the Jamaah, early in the night is better than praying it alone, late in the night.

This is why Umar radhi allahu anhu , revived this Sunnah in his Khilafah and the Muslims continue it till now. Many people use this act reviving the sunnah of The Night Prayer Qiyaam al-Layl in Jamaah of Umar radhi allahu anhu as basis for misconceptions like: In his statement, Umar radhi allahu anhu did not intend the Shariah meaning of Bidah i.

Describing it as good is only because of this reason and this is the understanding of the great scholars in explaining the statement of Umar radhi allahu anhu. For example, Ibn Hajr al-Haythami said: Furthermore, there are things which the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam avoided despite the need and ability to do them during his lifetime.

Avoiding such things is a Sunnah and performing them is a blameworthy innovation. Similarly, there was a need to pray Qiyam al-Layl in Jamaah, but there was also a reason which prevented the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam from continuing to pray it in Jamaah. Nothing prevented him sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam from continuing with Qiyam al-Layl in Jamaah except fearing that it would become an obligation for his Ummah, because he was kind and merciful towards the believers.

Women joining the Jamaah: Women are permitted to attend Qiyam al-Layl, as is indicated in the Hadeeth of Abu Dharr radhi allahu anhu , he said: The Time of Qiyam al-Layl: The time of Qiyam al-Layl starts after the Isha prayer up to the Fajr prayer. Abu Basrah radhi allahu anhu reported that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam said: However, if one prays alone he should try to pray it in the later part of the night, because that is better than the earlier part, as the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam said: Indeed, the prayer of the night is witnessed by the angels , and that is better.

Recitation during Qiyam al-Layl: The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam did not fix the length of recitation for Qiyam.

His recitations varied in length; it was sometimes short, more often long, and extremely long on some occasions. Abdullah bin Amr radhi allahu anhu reported that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam said: Whoever prays Qiyam reciting one hundred verses, he will be recorded among the devout and whoever prays Qiyam reciting one thousand verses, he will be recorded among those with a multitude of good deeds. The longer the Qiyam, the better.

Thus, when one prays alone, he is encouraged to make his recitation as long as possible. Various supplications are reported from the Messenger of Allah r for the Qiyam prayer.

It is recommended to learn one of these, which would allow practicing the Sunnah in a better way. Following are three narrations: And all praise belongs to You; You are the lighter of the Heavens and the Earth and all that is therein.

And all praise belongs to You; You are the Sovereign of the Heavens and the Earth and all that is therein. And all praise belongs to You; You are the Truth; Your Promise is the truth; meeting Your in the Hereafter is true; Your Speech is true; Jannah is true; the Fire is true; the Prophets are true; Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam is true; and the Hour of Doom is true.

So forgive what I have done in the past or will do in the future, what I hide or declare, and what you know better than me of what I did.

You are the One, Who brings some people forward, and moves back the others. There is no true god except You, and there is no god than you. Guide me to the truth in matters of difference, with Your Permission, You guide whomever You will, to the straight path.

There is no true god except Allah. I seek refuge with Allah, the All-Hearing, All-Knowing, from the outcast Shaytaan, from his spurring, blowing, and breathing. The people entitled to Zakaat are those places we can direct our Zakaat to. Allaah took charge of explaining for Himself what these places are, saying:.

They are those who are not able to support themselves with sufficient means, except for very little, which is less than half a year. They are those who are able to support themselves with sufficient means for half of the year or more, but not enough for the entire year. So they should receive support that will complete the year for them. If a person does not have any cash on him, but yet has some other source of income, such as a profession, a salary or investment profits that will support him financially, he should not be given Zakaat.

Those employed to collect the Zakaat: They are the ones put in charge by the ruler of a country to collect the Zakaat from those who owe it, distribute it to those who are entitled to it, guard the funds and all other types of duties involved with the supervision of Zakaat.

So they should be given a portion of the Zakaat in accordance with the work they put in, even if they may already be wealthy. Those whose hearts will be inclined: This refers to tribal and clan leaders, who do not have strong Faith. They should be given Zakaat so as to strengthen their Faith, which will make them callers to Islaam and good role models. But what if a person is weak in his Islaam, and he is not from the leaders who are followed and obeyed, but rather from the common folk, should he be given some Zakaat in order to strengthen his Faith?

Look at the example of a poor person. He is given Zakaat in order to nourish his body. However some scholars hold that he should not be given the Zakaat since the benefit of strengthening his Faith is a personal benefit that is specific to him alone.

What falls under this is buying slaves using Zakaat funds in order to free them, as well as assisting in the liberation of Muslim war captives. They are the ones who owe debts. This is on the condition that they do not possess that which will enable them to remove their debts. So these people should be given enough Zakaat that will relieve them of their debt, whether it is a small or large amount, even if they may be wealthy due to their livelihood. So in the case where there is a man who has some income that is enough for the livelihood of himself and his family, but he has some debt that he cannot repay, he may be given sufficient Zakaat that will remove his debt from him.

Can he be given Zakaat in order to remove his debt? The correct opinion is that it is permissible. It is permissible for a person who owes Zakaat to go to the creditor person owed the debt and pay him back the loan of the indebted without the latter being aware of it. This is on the condition that the person owing Zakaat knows that the indebted one is unable to repay his debt.

In the Cause of Allaah: This refers to Jihaad in the Cause of Allaah. So those who fight in Jihaad should be given a portion of the Zakaat that will suffice them for their Jihaad and enable them to buy the necessary tools for Jihaad in the Cause of Allaah.

So a student of Islamic knowledge should be given that which will enable him to seek knowledge, such as books and so on. This is unless he already has money of his own that will enable him to achieve that. This refers to a traveler that has been cut off from his journey. So he should be given enough Zakaat that will enable him to return to his homeland. These are the people who are entitled to receive Zakaat, the ones whom Allaah has mentioned in His Book and informed us that this is an obligation that He mandated, which stems from His knowledge and wisdom.

It is not permissible to direct the Zakaat to any other place, such as towards building masaajid or fixing roads. This is because Allaah has told us those who are entitled to receive the Zakaat for the purpose of limiting them to just those mentioned. So this limitation indicates that we are to negate all other potential recipients that due not fall under this limitation. If we were to reflect on those individuals that we may give Zakaat to, we would come to realize that among them are those who are in need of the Zakaat for personal use as well as those who are in need of it for the Muslims generally.

So by this, we can see the extent of wisdom behind the requirement of Zakaat. And we would come to know that the wisdom behind Zakaat is to build a complete and upright society, as best as possible. And that Islaam does not disregard money or the benefits that can be generated from wealth, nor does it leave greedy and stingy souls to go about freely an unchecked with their stinginess and vain desires.

On the contrary, it is the greatest guiding force towards the good and betterment of nations. And all praise is due to Allaah, Lord of the universe. Laylatul Qadr , Ramadan. Answer Praise be to Allaah. Allaah has blessed some of the elite among His slaves with the promise that they will enter Paradise without being brought to account and without being punished. The Messenger of Allaah peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him said: The nations were shown to me and I saw a Prophet with a small band of followers, and a Prophet with one or two men with him, and a Prophet who had no one with him.

Then I was shown a huge multitude and I thought they were my ummah, but it was said to me: This is Moosa peace be upon him and his people. But look at the horizon. So I looked and saw a huge multitude, and it was said to me: Look at the other horizon, and there was another huge multitude. And it was said to me: This is your ummah and with them are seventy thousand who will enter Paradise without being brought to account or punished. Some of them said: Perhaps they are the ones who accompanied the Messenger of Allaah peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him.

Perhaps they are the ones who were born in Islam and did not associate anything with Allaah. And they mentioned other things. The Messenger of Allaah peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him came out to them and said: Pray to Allaah to make me one of them.

He did not say that among these seventy thousand would be those who died during the month of Ramadaan. Rather those who are mentioned are the elite of the believers who achieved true belief in the oneness of the Lord of the Worlds Tawheed. It says in Fath al-Majeed: Concerning the virtue of one who dies whilst fasting, it was narrated that the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him said: Whoever fasts one day seeking the Face of Allaah and that was his final action, will enter Paradise.

Whoever gives charity seeking the Face of Allaah and that was his final action will enter Paradise. It should be noted that the previous hadeeth points to the high status of those seventy thousand may Allaah make us among them with regard to doing righteous deeds, which is what brought them to that status before Allaah. It should be obvious to the questioner that if there were anything special about dying in Ramadaan, this would apply only to the believers and not all those who die in Ramadaan.

Similarly, with regard to the hadeeth quoted above concerning the virtue of one who dies whilst fasting, which says that he will enter Paradise, this promise is for one who does righteous deeds and that was his final deed, not simply for dying in Ramadaan. Moreover, it does not mention that specific virtue of entering Paradise without being brought to account.

And Allaah is the Source of strength. Posted in Hadiths , Ramadan. It shoud be recited properly and regularly. It should be Understood Properly: So were they on guidance?..

Abdullah ibn Masood r. On the other hand today we have ibn Kathir online and other tafaseers too.. I explained him the reasons but he was not ready to agree.. It should be Obeyed: Those to whom the Book is given, they recite it the way it has the right to be recited.. Are we not donkeys? This is a message for the entire mankind… ends Surah Ibrahim with this note..

Nisaar Nadiadwala is not a scholar but a promoter of Islamic way of Life and motivates through his talks and notes. Posted in Qu'ran , Ramadan. Charity , Islam , Muslims , Ramadan , Zakat. I open the door and am filled with glee; The visitor ahead is no stranger to me. I welcome the guest with utmost delight; For I know it has come to give me respite.

An air of happiness fills the space; My home now seems, a better place! Have you any clue who this visitor could be? The muslims who pray and fast with zest; Are aware of the rewards of this month manifest. Throughout this month we weep and repent; Now is the time to strongly lament. And those who shun this sacred month; on the Day of Reckoning will face the brunt.

The angels descend with Gabriel AS in the lead; To check on the steadfast and record every deed. A feeling of grief now fills my heart; As the month of Ramadhan will soon depart. So lets make a start and worship Him alone; Now that the worth of this month is known.

Allah , Fasting , Muslims , Ramadan. Fasting , Islam , Muslims , Ramadan. Alhamdulilah, most of us jump into Ramadan full of energy, catching our taraweeh daily, setting time aside for Quran recitation, and even performing qiyam prayers at night. BUT, come a couple of weeks into this month, many of us go through this DIP, loosing that energy we started off with.

We begin to slack and our ibadah just DIPS! Get the three tips NOW: We should also keep in mind that the worship we undertake in this month is not an easy task to accomplish. Then we await the call of adhaan to initiate the great act of worship once again. Indeed, many people put together hard efforts in the month of Ramadhan, BUT who is the one, whose worship will truly benefit him on the Day of Resurrection and protect him from the severe punishments and trials of that Day?

And for the Zalimun polytheist and wrong-doers there are no helpers. Allah , Islam , Muslims , obedience , Prophet saw0 , Ramadan. For most Muslims, Ramadan is family time. You get up together, eat Iftar together, pray together, etc. Here are a couple of ideas. Please feel free to post yours at the bottom of this article.

Establish a time to call and a schedule of who will call whom. Make it a little exciting by adding some funny phrases every week that will really wake everyone up e. Make it a potluck, order pizza or if you can afford it, get it catered. Make sure to especially invite those who are away from their families. While praying alone in peace and quiet is great, praying shoulder-to-shoulder with other Muslims with whom you have nothing in common except your faith is a unique and uplifting experience.

It may seem hard to squeeze in time for anything else in Ramadan, but try, at least once, to do some volunteer work. Cook a meal for those who attend the MSA Iftar; volunteer for a day at a soup kitchen; help make or distribute flyers for a Ramadan program; make Ramadan Mubarak loot bags of candy for the kids at your local mosque.

The possibilities are numerous. Not eating Suhur and Iftar properly will make you crabby, irritated and sick as opposed to healthy, wealthy and wise. Establish a personal Ramadan meal plan. Send Ramadan e-cards, thoughts, reflections, questions, etc. Is a friend who lives nearby having problems with their spouse? Or is someone you know having money problems?

This Ramadan, reach out with an attentive ear, a generous hand, and most importantly, an open heart to others. Choose at least three goals to pursue this Ramadan. It takes 21 days to establish a good habit. Why not make the best of it by picking up the good? Al Baqara The Cow — Chapter 2: As a means par excellence to come nearer to God, to discipline the self, to develop the strength to overcome the temptations of flesh, it needs no emphasis.

This may sound like making things too simplistic, or trivializing the important. But Ramadan is no trivial event. It was on a night in Ramadan that the last Divine message began to come down: That is why we must fast in Ramadan, says the Quran. The significance is plain to see. More importantly, the fulfillment of being guided by the Quran comes about when we strive to discharge the mission it entrusts to us. This means an unflinching pursuit to create a new self within us, and to create a new world of Quranic ideals outside us.

This is the sole purpose for which a new Ummah was created and charged with the mission of bringing man to God by witnessing to His guidance. Otherwise, when the Quran came, the world was not devoid of godly men who fasted, and stood in prayers before God, and wept.

Fasting , Islam , Muslims , Quran , Ramadan , taqwa. Thus, whenever you do good or avoid evil for fear of God, in whatever sphere of life and field of activity, you are discharging your Islamic obligations. It is the prescribed daily Prayers which consist in repeating and refreshing five times a day the belief in which you repose your faith.

You get up early in the morning, cleanse yourself and present yourself before your Lord for Prayer. The various poses that you assume during your Prayers are the very embodiment of the spirit of submission; the various recitals remind you of your commitments to your God. You seek His guidance and ask Him again and again to enable you to avoid His wrath and follow His chosen path. You read out from the Book of the Lord and express witness to the truth of the Prophet peace be upon him and also refresh your belief in the Day of Judgment and enliven in your memory the fact that you have to appear before your Lord and give an account of your entire life.

This is how your day starts. You dissociate yourself from your worldly engagements for a few moments and seek audience with God. This once again brings to the fore of your mind your real role in life. After this rededication you revert to your occupations and again present yourself to the Lord after a few hours. This again acts as a reminder to you, and you once more refocus your attention on the stipulations of your faith.

When the sun sets and the darkness of the night begins to shroud you, you again submit yourself to God in Prayer so that you may not forget your duties and obligations in the midst of the approaching shadows of the night.

And then after a few hours you again appear before your Lord, and this is your last Prayer of the day. Thus before going to bed you once again renew your faith and prostrate before your God. And this is how you complete your day. The frequency and timings of the Prayers never let the object and mission of life be lost sight of in the maze of worldly activities. It is but easy to understand how the daily Prayers strengthen the foundations of your faith, prepare you for the observance of a life of virtue and obedience to God, and refresh that belief from which spring courage, sincerity, purposefulness, purity of heart, advancement of the soul, and enrichment of morals.

Now see how this is achieved: You perform ablution in the way prescribed by the Prophet peace be upon him. You also say your Prayers according to the instructions of the Prophet. Why do you do so? Simply because you believe in the prophethood of Muhammad peace be upon him and deem it your bounden duty to follow him ungrudgingly.

In the Prayers you recite many things quietly and if you do not recite them or make any deviation from them, there is no one to check you. But you never do so intentionally. Because you believe that God is Ever Watchful and that He listens to all that you recite and is aware of things open and hidden. What makes you say your Prayers at places where there is no one to ask you to offer them or even to see you offering them?

What makes you leave your important business and other occupations and rush towards the mosque for Prayers? What makes you terminate your sweet sleep in the early hours of the morning, to go to the mosque in the heat of the noon, and to leave your evening entertainments for the sake of Prayers?

Is it anything other than sense of duty—your realization that you must fulfill your responsibility to the Lord, come what may? And why are you afraid of any mistake in Prayer? Because your heart is filled with the fear of God and you know that you have to appear before Him on the Day of Judgment and give an account of your entire life. Can there be a better course of moral and spiritual training than Prayer? It is this training which makes a man a perfect Muslim.

It makes him follow the Prophet and trains him in the observance of his duties. He will abide by the law of God in the entire gamut of life in the same way as he follows it in the five Prayers every day. This man can be relied upon in other fields of activity as well, for if the shadows of sin or deceit approach him, he will try to avoid them for fear of the Lord that would be ever present in his heart. And if even after such a vital training a man misbehaves himself in other fields of life and disobeys the law of God, it can only be because of some intrinsic depravity of his self.

Then again you must say your Prayers in congregation and especially so the Friday Prayer. This creates among the Muslims a bond of love and mutual understanding. This arouses in them the sense of their collective unity and fosters among them national fraternity. All of them say their Prayers in one congregation and this inculcates in them a deep feeling of brotherhood.

Prayers are also a symbol of equality, for the poor and the rich, the low and the high, the rulers and the ruled, the educated and the unlettered, the black and the white all stand in one row and prostrate before their Lord.

Prayers also inculcate in Muslims a strong sense of discipline and obedience to the elected leader. In short, Prayers train them in all those virtues that make possible the development of a rich individual and collective life.

When we offer our salaat for getting reward from Allah, then why should it not be done in the musjid, where the reward earned is twenty-seven times more. Nobody will be so unwise as to forego a profit twenty-seven times greater with simply a little extra labour. But we are so indifferent about the profits promised for our religious practices! This can be due to nothing but our disregard for deen and the rewards of it. It is a pity that we apply ourselves so hard to acquiring the trifling gains in this material world; but are so unmindful of the gains in the Hereafter, which yield twenty-seven times more with a little extra effort.

We often argue that for going to the musjid for Jamaat we have to close the shop and will thus lose business. These pretexts and others of the kind cannot stand in the way of those who have perfect faith in the Greatness of Allah, and in His word; and who realize the value of the blessings and reward in the Hereafter.

It is in respect of such people that Allah says: It is said of Saalim Haddaad Rahmatullah alaih] a trader and a great Soofi that on hearing Azaan he would turn pale and grow restless. He would stand up immediately, leaving his shop open and recite these couplets: To respond to the summons of The Mighty Lord Who hath no peer. Nothing is more ravishing for me than Thy sweet name.

A lover is happy only when he is with his love. He must die yearning for Thee. It is said in a hadith: Angels are their companioris and visit them when they are sick and help them when they are at their jobs. O you who believe!

Observing al-sawm the fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become al-muttaqoon the pious. A s the beautiful month of Ramadan approaches this year, there are several things Muslim women can do to prepare themselves spiritually and physically for the month-long period of fasting which is obligatory upon all able-bodied Muslims who have reached the age of maturity.

Giving some thought to the unique concerns that Muslim women face during this month can help us prepare for them and make the month a more successful one.

This is especially true for new converts to Islam because Ramadan is such a new experience and for married women in general because of the extra responsibility they typically have to make sure that the iftar the fast-breaking meal served at sunset each day is ready on time for their families and any guests in addition to continuing to take care of the home, children and other obligations as usual.

It is crucial, then, that women take the time to plan for their sleep, health and other concerns before the month even starts. It is recommended for Muslims to eat a pre-dawn meal called sahoor in Arabic each day before the fast begins.

The Prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is reported by Anas may Allah be pleased with him to have said,. Other traditions report the Prophet peace be upon him as saying,. Verily, Allah and His angels pray for those who have pre-dawn meals. The pre-dawn meal provides energy and other benefits to the fasting Muslim during the day so it makes good sense to plan on getting up early to have sahoor.

Of course this is better accomplished if you also sleep early so try to think about how you will arrange your schedule once Ramadan begins. If you typically have trouble waking up for the fajr dawn prayer, a new schedule in Ramadan may be the motivation you need to change your habits for the better even after Ramadan has ended.

Ramadan is a great opportunity that comes once a year to renew your relationship and commitment to Allah. If you are accustomed to drinking tea or coffee in the morning or during the day, be aware that caffeine withdrawal can cause severe headaches while you are fasting. Take some time before Ramadan to wean yourself from caffeine perhaps gradually and decide whether it will be necessary to have any caffeine during the non-fasting hours in Ramadan.

It may seem like a funny thing to worry about compared to the greatness of this Holy Month but many Muslims have experienced the phenomena of caffeine withdrawal and know to prepare themselves ahead of time to ensure they do not get sick from it.

Women should also know the times that they are prohibited from fasting, such as when they are menstruating or bleeding after childbirth. Pregnant and breastfeeding women have special permission not to fast during Ramadan if they feel that they or their babies will be harmed by it, but they are not prohibited from fasting if they feel they can handle it.

However, it is very important that pregnant and breastfeeding women take care to eat properly during non-fasting hours if they choose to fast. In fact this allowance not to fast should be considered a mercy from Allah and not a punishment.

In it, the gates of Paradise are opened, and in it, the gates of Hell are locked, and the devils are enchained. In it is the beneficent night of a thousand months i. Whoever denies goodness in it has indeed been deprived. Some of the many important lessons we learn from Ramadan are: Fasting has been legislated in order that we may gain taqwa, as Allah — the Most High — said: Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed upon those before you in order that you may attain taqwa.

The Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said: Ahmad, authenticated by al-Albani in Saheeh ut-Targheeb. So we should ask ourselves, after each day of fasting: Has this fasting made us more fearful and obedient to Allah? Has it aided us in distancing ourselves from sins and disobedience? What is meant by the month of Patience is the month of Ramadan …so fasting is called patience because it restrains the soul from eating drinking, conjugal relations and sexual desires.

The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said: Whoever amongst you is able to marry, then let him do so; for it restrains the eyes and protects the private parts. But whoever is unable, then let him fast, because it will be a shield for him. So fasting is a means of learning self-restraint and patience.

So — for example — with patience we are able to perform our Prayers calmly and correctly, without being hasty, and without merely pecking the ground several times! With patience we are able to restrain our souls from greed and stinginess and thus give part of our surplus wealth in Zakaah obligatory charity. Likewise, with patience we are able to stand firm and fight Jihad against the disbelievers, hypocrites and heretics — withstanding their constant onslaught, without wavering and buckling, without despairing or being complacent, and without becoming hasty and impatient at the first sings of hardship.

Allah — the Most High — said: And Allah is with the patient ones. Thus, without knowledge and patience, nothing remains, except zeal and uncontrolled emotions, shouts and hollow slogans, speech that does not strengthen, but rather weakness, and actions that do not build, but rather destroy! Fasting is not merely abstaining from eating and drinking.

Rather, it is also abstaining from ignorant and indecent speech. So if anyone abuses or behaves ignorantly with you, then say: I am fasting, I am fasting.

Ibn Khuzaymah and al-Haakim, who authenticated it. There are many ahadith mentioning the blessings of breaking the fast together and there is also much reward in feeding a fasting person. So let us unite in this month of Mercy. So Ramadan — it is that light in the souls of the righteous and the truthful, and in the hearts of the devout and sincere it gives happiness; for it is the month of obedience, and in it there are beautiful reflections for us all.

Indeed, it grants victory to the soul over the body and flesh and gives us a wonderful opportunity to straighten ourselves up with our Lord. We should also try to purify our hearts and intentions before the commencement of Ramadan to make this fast successful for our families and ourselves.

Ramadan is also an opportunity to renew relationships that may have been broken during the year and we should try and clear up any disputes or bad feelings with other Muslims so we may start this month a fresh.

So we ask Allah to grant us the ability to change ourselves for the better, during this blessed month, and not to be of those who are prevented from His Mercy and Forgiveness. A lot of us yearn to prepare for Ramadan, but we have no idea how to start.

Simple to do and has a powerful impact. The point is that preparing for Ramadan does not have to be some magnificent, enormous, extra-special thing that needs to be done at a certain time of the day.

Do these easy-to-reap-reward actions: Asking Allah to forgive your brothers and sisters. It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah r. Narrated by Muslim Remember Allah when you go shopping: To help condition your heart for this blessed month, intensify your worship before Ramadan begins. Just a small, consistent amount is enough. The Prophet, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us: For example, if I always pray 2 rakats of sunnah after ishaa, from this day until Ramadan begins- and even through Ramadan, let me make the intention that I will now pray 2 extra rakats of sunnah after ishaa.

And every time I pray these extra 2 rakats, which are more than what I normally pray, let me remember that I am doing these with the intention of asking Allah to help me be prepared to strive and exert my utmost effort during Ramadan.

Make a duaa list today. Let us not wait until the last 10 nights to make special duaas, and then once Eid passes realize that we had completely forgotten about fifty other things we needed to make duaa for. Let us start making our lists now, and add to it as more things come our way. Write out your objectives for Ramadan. Praying all of your fard prayers? Praying all of your sunnahs? Making itikaaf in the masjid? Sincerely turning completely back to Allah?

Write out a list, put them somewhere you will see them, and make duaa for your success in fulfilling these objectives.

Look at your objectives, and try to make a plan on how to actualize those objectives in this month. For example, perhaps you are really struggling to pray your sunnah prayers. In this month, realize the enormity of the ajr of praying the sunnah prayers… think that perhaps these sunnahs will be the deeds that will be so heavy on your scale of good deeds when you are intense need of them- on yowm al qiyamah day of judgement.

Therefore, fight to keep doing them all throughout Ramadan. Pray all of my fard prayers. Make sure to pray sunnah salah immediately after salah. Make sure you understand it. So many people have not made it to Ramadan this year. Last year was their very last Ramadan. Will you make it to this Ramadan? Will this be your last Ramadan? Aim to strive in this Ramadan.

With a very small amount of effort, such as just making a small intention, or adding a few extra acts of worship, we pray that Allah will help our hearts soften and honor us with making it easy to turn to Him and open up to Him. May Allah make us of the successful in Ramadan, and make it easy for us to turn to Him completely and perpetually. Imam Malik dutifully stood up once again and began praying the 2 rakas. The students sat stunned: What was going on? After he had completed the salah, the students swarmed around and questioned his actions.

I merely feared that had I not prayed the 2 rakas as the young boy commanded, Allah may include me in the Ayah…. Imam Ahmad held the opinion that eating camel meat nullifies ones Wudhu, an opinion that the majority of scholars differed from.

Allah created humans with differences. It is the law of creation. Different tongues, different colors, different cultures…all that on the outside. On the inside, humans were created with many degrees of knowledge, intellect, and comprehension of concepts.

Humans shall differ, that is not the issue. How as a Muslim should one confront these differences of opinions and what should be our relationship with someone of a different opinion. In fact, in the very same verse where Allah commanded us to call and advise people in this Deen, Allah taught us how to do it. Read the following verse carefully: There is no need to philosophize. No need to talk in the flower gardens. It is right there, plain and simple for anyone who would take heed.

There in that Ayah are the three ingredients to apply when we disagree with someone. The same Allah that taught us to debate the truth, taught us how to do it: What does it mean to have Hikmah when differing with someone? The grandsons of Rasul Allah saw once set one of the most beautiful examples of Hikmah in advising others. Al-Hasan and Al-Husayn — in their young age — once saw a senior man performing Wudu incorrectly. Together they arranged a plan to teach the man without insulting him, advising him in a manner befitting of his age.

Would you mind being the judge to determine which one of us indeed performs Wudu more correctly. The man watched intently as the two grandsons of Rasul Allah performed Wudu in an explicit manner. You have both taught me how to do it correctly. We must understand that there are two dimensions to Hikmah. Firstly, there is the Hikmah of knowledge — Hikmah Ilmiyyah. And secondly, there is the Hikmah of Action — Hikmah Amaliyyah. Some people may have Hikmah of knowledge. But we see that when they try correcting others, advising them, they lack the Hikmah of Action.

This causes many a common folk to reject the Hikmah of knowledge. To illustrate this hikmah of knowledge without Hikmah of action, a brother once completed the Salah in a local Masjid and then proceeded to shake hands with the people on his right and left.

To show Hikmah when we differ requires the following: If we differ, our intentions should be that we are differing in the sincere hope of coming away with the truth.

Our intentions should be sincere to Allah. We should not differ just to release some hate or envy in our heart.

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