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The US sub captain is impressed because now the Russians will spend a lot of money and time looking for something that isn't there. Whenever a promotion is announced, there are accusations of the officer being "out of" or in "incorrect" uniform. Female combat pilots in the Navy? Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy? The War on Terror? Issues with various aircraft? You pick 'em, this show has 'em. Most NCO's particulary Marines seems to be made of this stuff. Could be case of Author Appeal.

JAG is the starting point of seven CBS shows that all link together either through being Spin-Off series or cross-pollinating with one another through Crossover events.

The research and accuracy became better through the years the show was running, though inaccuracies could always be found. Having a Marine Corps veteran as its creator, executive producer, and show runner probably helped. Being Backed by the Pentagon probably helped a great deal too. They did sometimes even cite real military case law.

It should be noted that none of the starring characters who are military lawyers became that without having prior military service: Harm started out as an aviator, Mac was an administrative officer, and Bud was from the beginning a public affairs officer.

Sturgis began his career as a submariner. This makes for interesting characters, as opposed to Mildly Military straight-out-of-law-school-graduates, as they can relate to and interact differently with the various communities in the Naval Services. Suffice to say, this program is quite sought after and competitive to enter.

A very common trope for this show. The protagonists work for the Department of the Navy and although they are primarily concerned with the proper functioning of the military justice system, the overall PR ramifications are never far away from their minds or actions.

The news media, congressional people or other groups often play up various incidents. PR considerations are often hinted at by superiors usually the SECNAV and are often talked about behind closed doors to avoid the appearance of unlawful command influence.

The Pilot Movie features an exchange between the CNO, Admiral Drake, and the JAG, Rear Admiral Brovo, where it's made clear that the mere appearance of things the ongoing Seahawk murder investigation and an upcoming Navy strike mission are more important to consider than the actual facts. Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. For the protagonists, pragmatism is usually the best solution to any given problem.

This is not surprising given that they're military officers. The show overall is somewhat idealistic regarding the ability of the U. Sliding Scale of Realistic Versus Fantastic: Unrealistic or Semirealistic , as opposed to mundane or unusual. Sliding Scale of Silliness vs. The show kept a balance between the serious and the silly. This trend began to accelerate in the second and third seasons.

Status Quo Is God: Not much changes visibly from episode to episode for the casual viewer. The significant changes that inevitably once in a while occurs are few and far between. A lot of footage was reused from various military-themed films; particularly Paramount library films like Top Gun , The Hunt for Red October and Clear and Present Danger ; before the show itself received full official support from the Department of the Navy in the third season.

To the show's credit, however, they were able to do some clever things with that stock footage via computer technology, including have Harm interact with then-President Clinton and Bud do likewise with then-President Bush.

Although JAG is mostly a procedural in the sense of "new episode, new case", there are plenty of arcs too. One major story arc for the first four seasons of JAG was Harm's search for his long lost MIA father, although it was latent in most episodes not directly addressing it. The whole Will They or Won't They?

Also Master of the Mixed Message. Bud Roberts falls in love with co-worker Harriet Sims, gets married, and are allowed to work in the same office because Harriet is, courtesy of Admiral Chegwidden, "temporarily assigned" to the office for several years All the romantic false leads for Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie from died one way or another. Starting in season 7, The War on Terror and subsequent U. All types were used.

But, in the later seasons the storylines presented The United States military as an Eagleland with infinite Patriotic Fervor. Also, the evidence behind it is always shown as nothing more than either conjecture or hearsay. Harm and Mac had through the years various love interests, none of them lasted more than a season. Also Admiral Chegwidden had several short-lived love interests. Averted, of course, with Bud and Harriet, who remain married from season 3 to the end of the series.

Almost always the case whenever Harmon Rabb does something heroic or gets someone acquitted from court martial charges. Turns into Orchestral Bombing in the final aerial battle in the Pilot Movie. Harm or Mack confronting the bad guy alone. Individual episode names are also often, but not always, dropped. In "Brig Break", Harm looks out the window and sees the prisoners exiting the brig and herding Meg Austin onto a bus.

The most incredible flying stunts on the show were re-enactments of actual events. Rear Admiral Chegwidden and his replacement Maj. After the first season, the show was canceled by NBC. However, CBS picked it up immediately after NBC canceled it upon discovering that the show was absolutely huge in Australia and was slowly gaining a cult audience in the United States.

CBS proceeded to turn it into the biggest hit on the network. Ironically, JAG would turn out to be the progenitor of a Shared Universe , so by choosing to save it from cancellation, multiple CBS shows now have one universe to call their own.

On JAG this tropes comes in two different flavors. If concerning any other service or another non-military agency the negatives will be accentuated.

At least the episode, "Smoked". All the characters to some extent, but particularly with Admiral Chegwidden who in a season four episode "War Stories" is forced on leave and we see that he is incredibly bored.

Although some of the characters do have meaningful hobbies other than work, like Harm his Stearman biplane , Mac Dinosaur bones and Bud Star Trek , it's still implied that they work very long hours and have a limited social life. Episodes of this series provide examples of: The Russian destroyer in "Cowboys and Cossacks". Truth in Television for many military installations, which have a history of being shut down and reopened and shut down again depending on the needs of the military.

Some get turned into civilian airports or put to other uses if there is any demand for the real estate, but others simply gather dust. Harm's Russian half-brother Sergey is not heard from anymore post season eight.

Acronym and Abbreviation Overload: Lots of military terminology. Often played straight, but sometimes used for laughs. In episode "Nobody's Child", pregnant Harriet Sims accidentally gets to see crime scene photos of the corpse of a brutally murdered girl and freaks out. A few episodes later in "The Adversaries" she sees the dead girls identical twin sister and gets flashbacks of the photos.

During the show's last two seasons, Harm became the legal guardian for a teenage girl named Maddie, who was abandoned by her father, who was driving when her mother died in a car accident it was later revealed that her father was sober behind the wheel at the time.

During the show's final season, Maddie was badly injured in a bi-plane crash and faced paralysis. Although Harm was being reassigned to London during the show's finale, he promised that he and Maddie would be together and that he would help her rehabilitate from her injuries.

It actually is an elaborate setup by the asshole ambassador to make him look like a hero and discredit the opposition. In the season nine episode "Posse Comitatus", Bud investigates a Navy reservist physician who suddenly claims conscientious objector status when called on serve in Iraq because he became a Quaker. When Bud informs him that after separation his medical practice would at the same time also lose the military health plan affiliation, he backs down.

Played with in "Soul Searching". Webb reveals information to Chegwidden of a soldier they both think highly of, the admiral going as far as saying he saved his soul. During a attempt to rescue him from terrorists Chegwidden explains his friend didn't call out a sniper target, as they were dressed as a nun.

Killing nuns was clearly against his friend's religion and Chegwidden leaves it ambiguous whether he would have taken the shot. In "Sightings", Harm and Meg escape the oncoming Colombians by climbing through an air vent. Often ZNN is just in the background, but sometimes it becomes the very center of the story. Mac's late father was also like this.

In "Sightings", Harm and Meg debate the possibility of this, given the blinding lights in the sky, deafening noises, and strange smells people have been reporting. Harm is dismissive of it and tries to find mundane explanations, while Meg is more open to the possibility.

Harm is right, as it is revealed to be drug runners employing an elaborate cover-up. On a helicopter flight back to shore, skeptical Harm spots that nerdy Bud is reading a book titled "The Abductee's Survival Manual" and starts a conversation on the topic see quotes.

It eventually turns out that the missing F has nothing to do with aliens, but they do manage to get several vital clues to the puzzle from UFO enthusiasts. Harm once offered to introduce a pair of sailors to Jennifer Lopez in exchange for them helping him out. It wasn't till after they've helped that we find out this Jennifer is his dental hygienist. In " Boot ", someone attacks Austin in the gas chamber, but it's impossible to see who.

It's possible that Private Whitley was trying to kill her because she was on her trail, or that Private Johnson was trying to rough her up out of spite. In the season eight episode "Standards of Conduct", one of these goes after Harm in a traffic accident scam , and apparently this particular Ambulance Chaser is so good that the lawyer has to get himself a lawyer!

Enter Bud, who see through the scam. The classic saying goes that "a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client," and Harm himself alludes to that when he asks Sturgis to represent him. Sturgis says no but suggests Bud, who says yes. America Saves the Day: In season 9's "People v. He faces an aggressive prosecutor with a French accent. Ever since our founding, America has been the symbol of hope for the world, and we remain so today.

We accept our responsibility, which all civilized nations should, to fight against oppression and tyranny. But when we fight, we don't fight for land or oil or money or to impose our will. We take up arms against violent men who threaten our freedom and the freedom of others. I commend your lofty goal of saving the world. But some might say the hundreds of Iraqis civilians you killed is nothing short of evil.

The unintentional deaths of civilians is a tragic consequence of war. The purposeful slaughter of American civilians followed in the Middle East by jubilant dancing in the street, that is evil! Did the world ask you to be its saviour? In , in , and throughout the 40 years of the Cold War, the world asked us for help. And we gave it. But now the war on terrorism has begun, and we can't wait to be asked. We must do what has to be done. So you feel free to attack any nation of which you disapprove?

If that nation poses an imminent threat, we reserve the right to use military force to protect ourselves. Silence follows as the prosecutor is suddenly left speechless by the thoroughness of the arguments This was the case with Harm and Mac for almost nine seasons until it was resolved in the very last episode, "Fair Winds and Following Seas"; due to the fact the they are both career-oriented military officers working at the same place.

Plus multiple other vauge excuses were made throughout the series. No more than four episodes had stories involving characters other than the main cast, though still played by the main cast. Season 6's "Mutiny" had a dramatization of the Real Life mutiny attempt on the USS Somers and the investigation that followed, framed by Mac preparing to lecture on those events.

Season 8's "Each Of Us Angels" focused on a group of Navy nurses before and during the Battle of Iwo Jima, and is the only episode where the entire cast appears, but where none of them play their usual characters. Season 9's " What If? Harm and Mac are married and about to divorce, Chegwidden's retired and married to his current girlfriend, Sturgis is working as manager for his girlfriend, Bud and Harriet aren't married, Coates is helping in a sting operation to catch thieves, and the head of JAG is Rear Admiral formerly Cmdr.

Alison Krennick, unseen outside of flashbacks since the first season. And There Was Much Rejoicing: No one was particularly sad to see Lt. Singer leave for sea duty in the Middle East save Sergei. Navy Fs, and they almost take the CAG out, if it were not for his resourceful passenger. Also part of the backstory of Harm's dad: The missing Stinger launcher is used on a Sea Stallion helicopter pursuing the villains.

But it was sabotaged so the warhead didn't go off. Colonel Matthew O'Hara in "We the People" is a Marine Corps legend who earned the Medal of Honor in the Vietnam War, but he's grown tired of American degradation of society with street crimes and corrupted politicians, so he and a few other Marines snatches the Declaration of Independence transported in a mail truck on its back from a restoration job.

What no one knows at the outset is that the Colonel is the uncle of Major Sarah Mackenzie. In "Brig Break", the number 7 is repeated throughout the episode in various contexts. The keycode to disable the nuclear bomb has a 7 in it, Austin mentions at one point that they have 7 minutes left, and finally they disable the bomb with 7 seconds left.

So what is this place, anyway? The Directorate for Development Plans Area. I thought that was Area DDP hasn't been there for years. It's kind of difficult to do top secret flight ops, huh, on a base surrounded by tourists with telescopes and video cameras.

However, in a later scene we do see on a flight map that the base is located somewhere around the Nevada Test Site. In "Impact", although the story is set around Twenty-Nine Palms, California, the secretive Bradenhurst Corporation test area exhibits many subtropes commonly associated with Area 51, such as: And Clark Palmer when interrogating Harm also says: Listen, since when did top secret become everybody's business?

Do you have any idea how many nutcases we have trying to break onto this site because they think we have crashed spaceships and aliens on ice out here? Can you tell if someone's guilty by their eyes? Well, look in mine. Ask me Special Agent Gibbs: Would you kill for your brother? In "Shifting Sands", Bud asks Rear Admiral La Porte how non-English speaking Bedouin tribe could break American English codes if it wasn't his daughter, who was injured, found by the tribe 12 years previously, and fell in love with the sheik, who did it.

The Admiral is stunned and broken as he realizes his daughter was guilty of treason. They tell Harm to drive back to Camp Pendleton, grab one of their members who has joined the Marines, and bring him back in one hour. Camp Pendleton is 90 miles from Los Angeles - even with no traffic it would be extremely difficult to make the drive down there in one hour, let alone back.

In several episodes they also drive awfully fast, judging by stated Zulu times, from Washington, D. In "Wedding Bell Blues", Harm goes to the dry cleaner to get his Dress Whites uniform back in time for Bud's wedding, but is has been mixed up with a police uniform from another customer. The Indian owner will only help Harm locate the other customer if he agrees to take his daughter on a date.

Ambassador Bartlett in "War Cries". Worth noting, she's only an ass to her fellow Americans at the embassy, when she meets with a Peruvian government official, she is the model of composed behavior. Ted Lindsey's investigation in season 8. Bud shows up too late at his first date with Harriet in "Washington Holiday" because his car had a flat tire. The season 3 episode "Yesterday's Heroes" has three retired underwater demolition divers one played by Ernest Borgnine in Florida avenging on a South American drug dealer who'd hurt one of their grandchildren.

The Yugoslav Wars provided much of the material for the episodes in seasons 1 Bosnia , 4 and 5 Kosovo. Subverted in the ninth season episode "Secret Agent Man". Harm goes to the police station and tries to first play the act of an ignorant American tourist.

When that doesn't work he changes to a tactic which completely misfires. All right, I get it. What's it gonna cost? You think that we are some kind of banana republic here where every official is for sale? You listen to me. You just go back to your nice comfortable tourist hotel and you think about it. Starts shouting aggressively in Tagalog Baseball Episode: Also "The Boast" in season 9 where Harm and the Admiral witness a Navy pitcher hit a Marine batter during a friendly baseball game, leading to the pitcher being charged with assault.

In the climax of "Shadow", the crew informs Grover that they have seized control of the torpedo only to realize it has locked onto the Tigershark as a new target. Grover instructs Meg on how to disable the torpedo, only to find they had never been able to gain control of his laptop or the torpedo to begin with. Be as Unhelpful as Possible: In "Skeleton Crew" Bud Roberts: Well, the medical examiner faxed over more autopsy details for Agent Turque.

Can I see them? Agent Turque instructed me that these were for his eyes only. Bud Roberts drops one copy of the report for Harm to pick up. Now he's charged with second degree murder for the death of a fellow patient who jumped out of a window. While the hospital isn't bad, it's understaffed. Roscoe, quite obviously, doesn't like being institutionalized there, is described by a doctor as the most disruptive patient, and he makes an escape with a few other patients.

In "The Black Jet", bedouins have seized the downed jet, but proves to be helpful, and while Harm takes off in the downed jet, Mac and Keeter manage to sneak out of Iran with the aid of the bedouins. This shows a research failure on behalf of the script writers.

There are actually no bedouins in Iran. In the first season episode "High Ground", after breaking brig and taking to the hills Gunnery Sergeant Ray Crockett is spotting Marines approaching and instead of shooting at them, he shots at a bee's nest above them. An F fighter plane disappears in the Bermuda Triangle in third season episode "Vanished".

Better to Die than Be Killed: After Mustafa Atef, the in-universe Al-Qaeda number 3, was sentenced to death by the military tribunal in "Tribunal", he committs suicide in his cell without uttering a sound. In "Enemy Below", both Harm and Sturgis, in their own ways, prevents Al-Qaida terrorists and a defected Russian submarine captain to unleash a dirty bomb on U. Carrier Battle Group in the Indian Ocean. In "Iron Coffin" Sarah Mackenzie is on a submarine as part of a fact-finding mission to determine whether women should be allowed to serve on submarines.

A sailor looks at Mac and says, in Russian, "Do you think they'd look like her? Mac, who is fluent in Russian, says, "Let me know if you see any sperm whales. I thought they were rare in these seas. Mac steps forward and rattles off a quick, untranslated , reply, then tells Harm not to bother trying to look up what she said in his phrasebook. In "Nobody's Child", Harm and Mac questions a convicted child molester who had violated the terms of his parole and watched school children from his car and said he listened to Als ich bei meinen Schaffen wacht in his car, which Mac correctly translates from German to As I watch over my sheep and by doing so really gets his attention.

The 5th season episode "Rogue" begins with a statement that it's not based on any real person or event ; but even the episode title is a play on Richard Marcinko and his Red Cell team that would play terrorists to test military security. They apparently really were able to infiltrate nuclear subs how much of this is fiction is a matter of debate, but the team was real. Justified as even with his court martial and trial at the beginning of the decade the Navy was still very much trying to keep Marcinko's SEAL Team Six and Red Cell under wraps when the episode aired in The following episode, "The Colonel's Wife", also starts with the same disclaimer and is clearly inspired by the real-Life story of a military wife stationed abroad who in effect became a drug courier.

The 7th season episode "Head to Toe", although its starts with a disclaimer, is clearly inspired by the famed lawsuit McSally v. Blinded by the Light: In "Sightings", this is one of two methods the UFO has of rendering people helpless.

In "Brig Break", Harm races to get the nuclear bomb far enough from the base before it goes off, while Meg and Pike try to figure out the code to disable it. Luckily enough our heroes take care of the situation. The faulty F maintenance contractor in "Flight Risk" is named Froehlke. JAG Headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia has had its fair share of hostage situations, impostors, screaming births and courtroom antics including assault of counsel and an automatic weapon fired in the courtroom.

In "War Cries", the vest's lack of protection for the wearer's head is lampshaded. What if someone aims at my head? At the end of "Need to Know", the families of the crew of a submarine that foundered off the Soviet coast in on a secret mission gets to see a declassified film of the burial at sea that took place shortly after recovery of the wreckage.

Mentioned in the 3rd season episode "Vanished". The villain orders one of his underlings to kill the hostage and bury them in the woods. The underling seems to interpret this literally by asking if they are to be buried alive. The villain replies by saying he's not heartless and he can shoot them first.

The writers obviously had the recurring character Ted Lindsey to fill this role. Calling the Old Man Out: Bud and Harriet both do this in the season 3 episode "Wedding Bell Blues" with separate parents, Bud with his blowhard, semi-abusive working-class father and Harriet with her meddlesome Southern Belle mom.

Mac in season 4 gets one of her own against her mother in "Second Sight" at the deathbed of her father. Oliver North appears in a few episodes two in the first season as himself. Apparently he and Meg's father were old friends, and she calls him "Uncle Ollie". Clayton Webb getting assigned to a station in Canada "Need to Know" was considered punishment for leaking classified information, and Harm expresses sympathy that he was getting assigned there, despite Canada's status as a first world country that's culturally a fair bit like the US, speaks the same language, and is only a short flight from his home in the DC area.

In "Scimitar", Colonel Al-Barzan is fascinated by the strong-willed Meg Austin, leading to a discussion and dismissal of this trope: How can work compare to the caresses of a man you love? I wasn't comparing them, Colonel. A woman like you needs a strong hand. I already have a strong hand. In the second season episode "The Game of Go", a U. Marine is captured by a drug baron in Colombia while on joint operation with the Colombian authorities. Bellisario , the series show runner and creator, exists in the JAG-verse as does his series Quantum Leap.

In the episode "Brig Break", Lt. Kate Pike and Lt. Meg Austin have a minor disagreement weather the proper title of the visitor's registration form for the brig is or At the climax, gunnery sergeant in charge of the brig has activated a nuclear weapon and it can only be deactivated by entering a five digit code.

Since the Gunny had perversely tormented Meg by telling her the 5-digit code he picked "has a seven in it", Meg, Harm and Kate desperately try to choose a string of numbers with a seven in it that Gunny might have used on a regular basis. A more literal example from the same episode: It is mentioned early on that after Quinn was caught trying to smuggle a Stinger launcher off base, they did a complete inventory and found that another one was missing.

Much later in the episode, the gunnery sergeant reveals the missing Stinger and fires it at a pursuing helicopter. The missile bounces off the helicopter's rotor without detonating , revealing it to be a dud. In " Boot ", Meg and Johnson are selected to fight each other with pugil sticks, with any blow to the head and only a blow to the head being counted as a kill. Johnson manages to disarm Meg and proceeds to repeatedly beat her without going for the headshot.

Meg in turn manages to trip Johnson, get her pugil stick, and gently tap her in the faceplate. JAG had five of these, once per season following the fourth save the show's sixth season and with the common sight of Harm visiting the Vietnam Memorial his father was shot down on Christmas Day.

One episode aired on Christmas Day , but had nothing to do with Christmas. The FBI is portrayed as using Jurisdiction Friction to take control of the investigation and refusing to cooperate with others. In fact, only the JAG lawyers acts fair and balanced. Everybody else is only concerned with saving their own asses. Harmon Rabb occasionally smoked cigars, until third season episode "The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse" when he had decided to quit.

In a review panning the series in its first season, TV Guide even characterized it as: Many minor characters; particularly senior military officers, intelligence officers and businessmen are often seen chomping cigars: Harmon Rabb in "People v. Rabb" in season 3 most notably. The first season ended with Harm being arrested for murder , though same episode was a Missing Episode and later adapted, thus bordering on Canon Discontinuity.

The third season ended with a Bolivian Army Cliffhanger in "To Russia with Love" where Harm and Mac's plane is hit by a missile behind a cloud, while in Russia looking for Harm's father. In the next season resolution, in "Gypsy Eyes", we see that they managed to eject before the plane exploded. The sixth ended with Harm lost at sea, having ejected from his F trying to get back in time to catch Mac's wedding.

The seventh ends with Bud stepping on a landmine while trying to prevent an Afghan boy from doing likewise. The ninth ends with Webb apparently killed and the Admiral's retirement. The series itself ends with something like a cliffhanger, leaving the audience wondering if either Harm or Mac will retire after they decide to marry and whether they'll end up in London or San Diego afterwards.

JAG only had one: Though there were a couple of brief clip-show-style moments in a few other episodes. In "High Ground"; when a promise by his former CO not be deployed to Bosnia is reversed by the new Colonel; Gunnery Sergeant Ray Crockett shots the rear mirror of the Colonel's car, when moving at 1 yards distance , as a warning before he takes off to the hills.

But he's also at the same time a Friendly Sniper , because he felt he was unjustly treated and never meant to harm anyone. Commander Harmon "Harm" Rabb, Jr. It's made clear that the only reason Harm isn't dead is because Patano never had the intention to kill him. JAG has throughout the series many references to the Cold War, the former threat of the Soviet Union, and with particular emphasis on that nasty proxy war in Vietnam.

In "Pilot Error", Harm spends time with the deceased Lt. Luke Pendry's family, having known them when he was still alive. Harm goes twice to China and twice to Cuba on the show. Basically the plot of the season ten episode "The Sixth Juror" when Petty Officer Jennifer Coates is brought in as juror and starts asking pertinent questions which no one had thought about.

The female assassin in "Washington Holiday" tries to do this twice with the Romanian royals, first in Brussels and later in DC. Cool and Unusual Punishment: In the second part of season 5's "Boomerang", after Harm and Mic get into a fight that inadvertently breaks Bud's jaw he stepped in between their simultaneous punches , Admiral Chegwidden, with the approval of Mic's superior officer Captain Howell, offers them "non-judicial punishment".

He takes them to an empty building, opens the door, and tells them they are not to leave until they inflict damage and pain on each other equal to what they inflicted on Bud. The next day in court, they both look like they went 10 rounds with the heavyweight champ. Harm owns a '70s Chevy Corvette. It gets stolen and stripped for parts, but he eventually builds a new one.

Mac buys herself a more modern Corvette at one point. Something of a Kick the Dog moment, however, as this was in the same episode that Harm's Corvette was stolen and stripped. Any military officer who aids them is always portrayed in a very negative light. Two aviators are killed when their F crashes during a test of a terrain-following autopilot being considered by the Navy.

The company rep believes it had to be pilot error , as the equipment works fine on Air Force jets, and goes so far as to dig up dirt on the pilot to discredit him. When Harm is able to prove the autopilot had been malfunctioning it wasn't designed to deal with the abuse of carrier landings , the company rep accepts it without argument and promises that the problem will be corrected to prevent further deaths.

In "Act of Terror", Percival Bertram is a wealthy businessman looking like a Corrupt Hick who supports right-wing conservative politicians and brands himself as a super-patriot i. However, the alleged super-patriot finances terrorism in the Middle East against U. Harm fired a loaded MP-5 during a trial in "Heroes". The key piece of evidence in the case was a submachine gun that allegedly failed to fire due to a malfunction.

Harm proceeded to pick up the gun, which had evidently never been unloaded , and fired it into the ceiling. This did get him an epic ass-chewing, and the judge would continue to hold this against Harm for at least 7 more seasons. No one else lets him forget about that either. Bud later uses a loophole in the building regulations so that the incident, which has evidently caused a structural weakness in the leaking roof, will not count as a black mark on Harm's record.

During the military trial of a terrorist Harm uses questioning that violates the spirit of the law. Both the judges and the defense tell him to stop. Covert Group with Mundane Front: Considering that he's a pilot, he only gets a reminder of how big a really is. In the pilot episode, he ends up having to land a damaged Tomcat that he was riding in the back seat of. While he was actually trained to fly the Tomcat, he was about five years out of practice and suffered from night blindness.

Another Tomcat pilot helped guide him in. Averted with recurring character Lt. Commander Teresa Coulter, a Navy pathologist.

The only creepy thing about her might be the deep southern accent. To a lesser degree, you have Meg Austin, who is fluent in Spanish, as befitting an educated woman from Texas. Damned by Faint Praise: Then the board made further inquiries and Chegwidden's real feelings showed through. In the season nine episode "Shifting Sands" a Navy petty officer believed to be lost since the first Gulf War is found in Iraq , married to a Bedouin sheik.

It turns out that she's provided intelligence to Saddam's regime through the years. A Day in the Limelight: Just about every supporting character on the show got an episode an season when they were the lead. Or an episode when they were put on trial the "People v. X" episodes, among others. Death of the Hypotenuse: An unusual example in "Pilot Error", in that it was the object of both parties' affection, Harm's friend and Annie's husband, rather than one of the competitors, who dies.

A non-science fiction example; several episodes in the later half of the 7th season depicts Afghanistan as one. Admiral Chegwidden subtly informs people that he's being held at gunpoint by referring to a file which relates to another hostage-taking case. The episode "Defenseless" has a female Ensign in the U. To convict the perpetrator, murder charges are brought against the Ensign who actually, unbeknownst to everyone involved in the trial, is a fake identity of a an officer with Naval Intelligence and evidence is by purpose stacked against the ensign to maintain US-Turkish relations.

In spite of this, the Ensign's defense counsel, Harmon Rabb, manages to get her acquitted. In "King of the Fleas", Roscoe Martin tells the story how had as a POW during the Vietnam War been tricked into revealing the names of the pilot inmates at the POW camp, and was then forced to watch as the Vietcong executed the rest of them, which had plagued him ever since.

Subverted in that after he had killed the camp commander in the present-day , he regained some hope again, as evidently seen in "The Martin Baker Fan Club". In "Desert Son", we learn that General Williams made three trips in a damaged helicopter to rescue a special operations team, after having most of his leg blown off and the rest of his crew killed. That's why he got the Medal of Honor. Didn't See That Coming: In 1st season episode "Sightings", Colombian drug smugglers use the underground facilities of a supposedly abandoned navy base in Texas where they have a cocaine processing facility without the locals knowing anything about it.

The Colombians also used a helicopter equipped with lights and low-frequency emitters, appearing as a UFO , to scare away the locals. Obviously, they didn't foresee that the disappearance of a young local girl would lead the Navy to send two of its most resourceful investigators and foil the whole operation. Unfortunately for Hamas, Harm was there to save the day. Turns out, they are not supporters of Castro's regime, but instead want to use the ship's weapons to assassinate him.

In Season 6 "Retreat, Hell", Gunny Galindez must protect a Korean War veteran and survivor of the Chosin Reservoir from a dirty sheriff and friends in New Mexico who want him dead so they don't have to give up their land that was illegally taken from the veteran's family years ago. Mac goes undercover in season 5 as a Chief Petty Officer trying infiltrate a Wicca group, including getting herself sky-clad. Distracted by the Sexy: In "Yesterday's Heroes", as part of the plan of busting a drug kingpin is having Mac approach him in a two piece swimsuit.

A Dog Named "Dog": The dog Admiral Chegwidden adopts in the season nine episode "Empty Quiver" is named Dammit , because that was the only expression to which it would pay attention. Don't Call Me "Sir": In 1st season episode "Sightings" a former enlisted service member takes offense being called sir by Harm. Another example is in "Dog Rober: Part 1" when Harm goes to Admiral Boone's place to inform him that the SecNav wants to have him as his troubleshooter. Don't Make Me Destroy You: From Soul Searching , when Adm.

Signor Amati, many people have tried to kill me one time or another. So there's a good chance that your brother-in-law will join them if he does come after me Does he have other sons? When he comes, I'll regrettably kill him too. My sister will expect me to uphold the honor of mi familia. Then I'll have to kill you. I don't want to have to do that. Sina Kazzari in "The Black Jet", who at first is assumed to work for the Americans, but later turns out to be working for the Iranians as well.

In "Scimitar", Colonel Ahmad Al-Barzan who obviosly works for Saddam Hussein , but for plot purposes he is the highest ranking official the heroes have to deal with. The death of Lt. Loren Singer in "Ice Queen". In "Retrial", the wives of the bigamist prosecuted by Mac drew straws on who shouldn't divorce him. Dressing as the Enemy: From "Brig Break", in addition to the handful of bad guys who actually are Marines, several others use uniforms to infiltrate the base.

The season 1 episode "Boot" presents a pair of female instructors training female Marine recruits at Parris Island. While Harm and Meg quickly figure out they are hiding something and suspect that one of them killed a recruit, it is revealed that the junior instructor, Sergeant Gonzales, was carrying on an illegal relationship with the base Provost Marshall, and Carrington was helping cover for her.

Another season 1 episode, "The Brotherhood", has a retired Gunnery Sergeant who runs a boot camp for troubled kids. In "Desert Son", Lt. Williams jokes that he's not hungover, but rather "still drunk" just before the friendly fire incident, and later claims his hangover to have caused his mistake, before changing his story and letting Boone take the blame.

One episode a young ensign from Jersey played by Sarah Silverman , who absolutely tears across base in a Humvee, hardly ever looking at the road, rambling on about whatever comes to mind, and generally terrifying poor Bud and even making Harm nervous.

Bud is forced to have her drive him somewhere on the other side of base because he's in a hurry, and finds her driving much less terrifying if he takes his contacts out first. Dropped After the Pilot: Come the first episode of the spinoff, she's nowhere to be seen, and her slot on the team is quickly filled by new recruit Caitlin Todd. In "Cabin Pressure", Harm along with the ship's sergeant-at-arms and an enlisted sailor accused of murder are trapped below deck on a ship that ran aground.

The Dirty Cop left Harm and the sailor to drown when getting rescued and claimed that they were already dead; but in this show The Hero never dies. In the episode "JAG TV", Harm investigates the death of a sailor onboard an aircraft carrier who apparently committed suicide by jumping in front of an F during landing.

Turns out the reason was his drug use plus other personal problems. Duel to the Death: Played straight, averted, subverted, and discussed in various different episodes. Also part of the backstory for both how Harm became a lawyer and how his dad ended up Missing In Action.

In "Sightings", the abandoned military airfield was built with underground aircraft shelters, being used by drug runners to conceal their operation. Clayton Webb, while on an undercover mission in Paraguay together with Mac, is subjected to this particular kind of torture in the season eight episode "A Tangled Webb". Mac is also about to treated the same, but then Harm arrives and saves them.

Bud takes the elevator not realizing it is malfunctioning in the episode "Yeah Baby". In "Sightings", after Meg is captured, she is made to announce over a loudspeaker that Lt. Rabb should hand himself over or she will be killed. Since they don't know J. In the episode "Empty Quiver" a nuclear torpedo disappeared during transfer to a submarine. Subverted when it was discovered that, through a series of minor missteps including a short blackout due to transferring to ship's power , the missile was ejected into the harbor.

Sturgis notes that while it was an accident, it was very likely all of the sailors involved would never serve on any combat ship again. Engineered Public Confession and Bluffing the Murderer: In "Killer Instinct" season 6 , the defendant is a petty officer on an Aircraft Carrier suspected of murdering a subordinate by throwing overboard at night , because they were incompetent at their jobs.

One crucial piece of evidence is not admissible in court because the ship's CO did not have probable cause for issuing a search warrant, and this necessitates a different strategy from the prosecution.

Harm does the standard Perry Mason Method , knowing beforehand that the defendant will not fall into the trap and make him overconfident. And when Bud later has his turn to question him, he begins by asking the defendant several questions that Harm had asked earlier, then proceeds to make several other basic errors before dropping his notes in mid-question, and finally drives the pedantic defendant into a rage , before revealing that he was Obfuscating Stupidity and it was all part of a plan.

Some people don't belong in the United States Navy. No, but the Navy won't kill them. No, but somebody has to. Somebody has to , sir. Both Bud and Harriet literally starts out as this.

Episode on a Plane: In "Shadow", Grover claims to control the torpedo via his laptop, and is able to set off various bombs he has concealed throughout the ship. It is lampshaded that the only way he is able to do this is because he arranged for extra pieces of equipment to be installed in the submarine while it was still under construction.

Everything's Louder with Bagpipes: Scotland The Brave is played at Admiral Chegwidden's dining-out retirement party in the last episode of season nine.

In season 8 episode "Friendly Fire" acting judge Harmon Rabb and his clerk Jennifer Coates realize that both prosecution and defense have missed evidence which would give the defense a crucial edge in showing reasonable doubt. However, Judicial Conduct rules are strict and interference beyond the scope of his duties in the case is a court martial offense.

However when Harm realizes the rules only prohibit from giving advantageous help to the side which would gain the advantage.

So he nudges the prosecution to look over where he found the evidence. Upon discovering it, they must give it to the defense. And with that, the case was over. Clayton Webb does this, twice, with Harm and Mac unintentionally doing likewise on one occasion.

In season four at the end of "Yeah, Baby", Harm and Mac agrees to have a child together in five years if neither have a significant other some time in the future. In "Cowboys and Cossacks", Harm and Bud conspire with the officers of a Russian warship to take command of the ship away from the Captain, who seems intent to go rogue and attack an American warship.

Bud asks if they could be charged with mutiny for this, and Harm assures him that legally, they can't. Because it's technically an act of terrorism. The special guest of honor is none other than Donald P. It later turns out in a later episode that she actually was assigned there as the Secretary's pair of extra eyes and ears.

Just about every episode taking place on an aircraft carrier will feature this trope in some fashion. A variation in "Sightings".

Harm notices a puddle on the tarmac and touches it before rubbing it between his fingers. It's aircraft engine oil. Which wouldn't be weird to find at an abandoned military airfield except that it should have dried up long ago unless a plane was there very recently. In "The Brotherhood", Captain Overton identifies a stash of drugs this way specifically, he knows it's Crank crystal meth rather than Crack cocaine. Harm snarks at him, asking how he could know , and Overton explains that he was in a street gang before cleaning up and joining the Marines.

Mac had an abusive husband who refused to sign the divorce papers. And then he wound up dead and Mac was tried for murder. JAG had only one episode with one: He looks like Hammer. Too bad he couldn't fly like him. I thought it was a night vision problem. So they say, Skipper. In " Boot ", Austin finds a letter mailed to the deceased recruit, which included a newspaper clipping about her. On the backside is a clipping about a female suspected wanted in an armed robbery case, with a partial photo of the suspect and the episode's villain.

Also in "Boot", the swamp around Paris Island is mentioned early on, and the movie the two D. The climax of the episode takes place in the swamp. In the episode "Full Engagement", Harm and Mac crash land his Boeing-Stearman biplane in the woods and fall afoul of a group of poachers who have recently shot and killed a park ranger.

The Mac shoots one of the poachers with a flare gun in self-defense at very close range because they don't have any real weapons on them.

He met a girl his age who ended up being shot dead while he watched, unable to help. In "Ares", The Mole planted floppy discs with corrupted software code from the eponymous weapons system with an innocent colleague, to steer attention away from his own planned escape.

Her father was a Navy Lieutenant who left her and her mother behind when Saigon fell. The North Vietnamese raped and murdered her mother when they found out she had an American officer for a lover.

Harm gets quick-and-harsh training in "Force Recon" so he can go undercover as a Marine gunnery sergeant. This training takes place in his salty trainer's yard, and in the background throughout you can see the neighbors looking over the fence and reacting incredulously. Harm is blindsided due to his own emotional baggage. There's a lot of things you're blind to. But you don't realize it until it's too late. Last season addition Lieutenant Catherine Graves is a fan of crime and mystery novels.

Even though she is not a lawyer, being savvy of those genres turns out to be quite useful on several occasions. Going Down with the Ship: Also a case of Sacred Hospitality.

In the season fifth episode "Into the Breech" of JAG , when Bud and Gunny go to the ex-wife of an old sailor they're looking for to testify at a hearing, Gunny says to Bud that they should approach it as good cop and bad cop to obtain a positive result. Lieutenant, we play Mutt and Jeff. Do you wanna be good cop or bad cop? Well, uh, let's see. Good Lawyers, Good Clients: This is generally the case on JAG. Government Agency of Fiction: In "Pilot Error", once presented with solid evidence that the autopilot system may have in fact malfunctioned due to not being designed with the abuse of Navy carrier landings in mind , the Macroplex executive accepts this and promises to have the newly discovered flaws corrected.

When someone asks, You go into fractions? Webb replies, I use the Richter Scale. Tiner's brew has reached yet another octane level. Appears several times throughout the series, often on or close to military installations. Season one cliffhanger "Skeleton Crew" has a typical one. In "Scimitar", Harm and Meg gets the captured marine out of an Iraqi prison.

It goes for those who have already retired too. It's justified, since those characters are almost always involved to some extent in an investigation or trial. Several references to that conflict are made throughout the series. In the 4th season episode "Mr. Marines during the invasion of Kuwait in At the final climax in the 1st season episode "Scimitar", Harm and Meg while driving a limousine are chased by Iraqis in a Soviet made Hind.

But at the Kuwait border a U. Army Apache saves the day. Various other characters fill this role in episodes featuring the Tomcat, including the pilot episode, where one such GIB was murdered. Hauled Before A Senate Subcommittee: The first Secretary of the Navy in the series, Alexander Nelson, gets called before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to answer for his unauthorized intelligence activities carried out by JAG lawyers.

Ironically enough, the Chairman of the Committee, Edward Sheffield, ends up becoming his successor. In the pilot episode, Admiral Brovo makes the assumption that if the investigation into Lt. Arutti's death is negatively portrayed in the press in the wrong way, as in the Tailhook investigations, he might be made a political scapegoat by the feminists on the hill. Rabb goes to Washington" Harm assists Congresswoman Bobbie Latham in her House subcommittee hearings on the alledged use of sarin nerve gas by U.

Marines at the time of the Gulf War. He Knows Too Much: In the episode "Someone to Watch over Annie", the ten year old son of Harm's Romantic False Lead by accident gets to see a murder at Andrews Air Force Base while slipping away from his school class when on a tour. It turns out the bad guys are weapons smugglers who don't shy away from killing witnesses. The series finale ends with Harm and Mac who finally tied the knot flipping a Challenge Coin to decide which of them will leave the military and live with the other so they don't have to be stationed apart from each other.

In first season episode "The Prisoner", when Harm is taken to a Chinese military prison he begins to talk with, what appears to be, another prisoner in another cell who turns out to be his father. However, we see on the surveillance cameras that Harm is talking to no one, and the Chinese later explain that it's all due to the drugs they've administered.

Gunnery Sergeant Granger dies during the street ambush in "War Cries". Hoist by His Own Petard: Harm deliberately invokes this on himself in "The Good of the Service", calling in a witness and asking a question that destroys his case, because he's sympathetic to the defendant.

When the facts are about to be revealed, she gets herself killed in order to save her husband's honor. Meg's failed attempts to seize control of Grover's computer, in "Shadow", lead to various responses, ranging from an animation of Grover giving a raspberry, to other concealed bombs being armed.

If a main character is injured, they will remain so for a few episodes. Bud Roberts who never gets his leg back and we see him working with a prosthetic for the rest of the series. Subverted in places, particularly less than five minutes in the pilot episode , where one of the aviators and air crew of the USS Seahawk one of the series fictional Aircraft Carriers banter about what taking out Klingons and Romulans would mean when painting on kill symbols onto the F After getting Harm out of a minefield in Afghanistan season 7, episode 23 "In Country" , Mac acknowledges that she only learned how to do it by watching movies.

I get it was close to closing time. However the store was not closed yet and the treatment is beyond unbelievable!!! On at store number in Rowland North Carolina at approximately 8: For an adult who supposed to be professional and educated to say this to a child is not acceptable , especially when she belongs to me.

I live in Abilene tx and there are several dollar general stores here but i live by the one on mockingbird and i have to say this is the most ghetto one here the store is in a shopping center that is ghetto all around i cant believe theyre still open and to top it off people are stealing products on a daily basis and they dont do anything i see packages open from customers stealing all over the place and they got to do better about management ive heard the manager talk about other people and employees i didnt know she was even the manager until i asked the cashier and she told me she was the manager and her name was michelle she talks about people like its going out of style which is very unprofessional she needs a little advice God dont like ugly and as quick as he can bless you is as quick as he can take it away.

I live in Pinckneyville,Illinois. I complaint to you that our store here in town is all we have. We call it our little Wal mart! This store is in a horrible, dangerous location!!!!! I go thru other towns,some much smaller than ours and they have nice new stores in prime locations! I think we deserve Better,I know this must be a money making store in our town!!!

You can barely get thru the isles as they are packed with merchandise and etc! Went into Dollar General in Fredonia, Kansas while in town for a wedding, to purchase items and saw some clothing that I thought was on sale. When I went to cash out the items were not on sale. I mentioned to the cashier that I thought they were on sale. He rudely said where did I see the sign. I told him out outside rack. He proceeded to go outside and I followed him.

He told me to read the sign, it does not say clothing but shoes. At this point several people were in line, no other workers came up to help. I told him to just cash me out and I would figure it out later, because of line. He spoke very loudly to both of us, in front of customers that we needed to learn to read.

I was so embarrassed. Went in next day to speak to manager and complain about the cashier that waited on us but found out the cashier was the manager!! The employee that told me who had waited on me, expressed, yes he is very rude sometimes. If Dollar General hires managers like this, I will drive 30 minutes to shop at Walmart. Fredonia is a small town and I would hate to see it close because of unfriendly employees.

The coupon is a fake, and so is the survey you took. But, I refuse to be disrespected! So, therefore the manger Cameron finished my transaction. Has Niea continually talks about me like children in middle school would do!! I have never been so humiliated in my life!! Niea threw her hands up and spoke to another lady about the color of my skin and my place of employment!!

Due, to the fact that I shop there daily she saw me in my uniform! My place of employment knows about this because I took this as a threat! Because, Niea spoken about it again when I walked out the store but returned back looking for my receipt to walk back in the store to hear her once again being disrespectful!! I came home then called their location and spoke with Cameron whom was the manger at that time, who did apologize for her behavior and stated he will have a meeting with the other mangers in regards to this matter!

I would suggest someone contacts me soon before I do contact a lawyer. You have my contact info. I went to the dollar general in afton Tennessee, the store number is , several weeks ago I heard a manager say she will never hire a guy. There is one worker there, I think she is the assistant manager she is shorter than the other ladys that work there, she is very rude and hateful to everyone.

I have heard her yell at a cashier more than once. My heart went out to her. Its very unprofessional to correct a employee in front of customers. The shelves always look like a mess. I have noticed at other dollar generals that the items are pulled forward but not at the afton store.

This store needs a new store manager and a new assistant manager. Warm Greetings from Tompo Inc, am writing in respect of our interests in purchasing some products from your company. Before we proceed further i would like to know if your products are authorized to be shipped out of your country to mauritius. If its okay for your products to be shipped to this location then i will be pleased if you can get back to me with the following information so that i can proceed with the order.

A catalog of the items you have available a website to view your products, a price list if possible. Please also be advised that our preferable means of payment for this order has to be via credit cards, so i need to know the kinds of credit cards you accept for the payments. I await the requested information so i can proceed. I went to visit my neice in Clark,SD and was very impressed by the look of their store there, how welcome I felt when I was there and how nice and helpful at least most of the employees were.

I was not impressed by the store manager at all she was rude and disrespectful. I felt really sorry for the cashier who was at the register one afternoon when I came in. The manager openly scolded the cashier from what I am assuming is her office and told the cashier that she needed to get back to the office and fix her stupid mistake…. I could tell by the look on the cashiers face she felt so bad and her face was red.

From what the manger said from her office, loud enough for customers in the entire store to hear, the matter in question was all because the cashier had opened a role of coins. I came in later to see her and to see if she was ok. I asked her if she knew how I could get ahold of the higher ups to voice my complaint and concernse. No one should ever be taked to like that especially infornt of customers or infront of their children.

For that reason my neice and her family will only be coming to the store when they know the manager is not at the store.. My question is, how can you have a store manager who acts inappropriately and demeans her employees in public stay in the store. At a family gathering later that week the store manager was brought up again and from what I know the community really dislikes the store manager and wishes that they had chosen someone who knew how to treat employees and customers.

I am stationed at a base that has a dollar general very close and I frequent often. My digital coupons never come off. Can you help me to be able to get my digitals applied? I held up the line and made her remove the items that the coupons did not work. So Dollar General lost the sale as I went to Walmart two miles down the road and purchased the items. They also lost the sale from customers behind me who gave up waiting in line while all of this took place and left.

I then called the customer service number and they could not help me either. Gave me an email address to send my concern to. First of all I was fired for being slow. They knew I was slow before I was hired. Chelsea said she didnt hire me. Second, they ban me from the stores in town. All due to something that was not true. And had nothing to do with work.

She said, what is wrong with u? I could have sued then. I talked to an attorney. And Texas is a right to work state. Ok, but I still shouldnt have been banned under false claims. I will talk to the news and the radio about how DG fires employees and bans them when they are gonna get ratted on.

Oh yeah, Pete is a puss! And I am thinking about calling that attorney and the news. And posting all sorts of crap about this store unless something is done! My 1st and only day as an employee was horrible. The manager was transferring to a store in Dallas, Texas and could care less if I was properly trained. New employees should not be shown poor attitudes such as this and made to feel that its a terrible place to work. If you complain to the city they will send a notice on lawn care and will enforce the local ordinance.

You all just remodeled this store and since then closed several days because of employee problems and the shelves are empty. The manager is constantly smoking out side. One has to hunt someone down to check out.

You can not even push your cart down most of the aisles. There is alway merchandise on the floor in shopping carts that need to be stocked. Please send someone to clean this place up. Nothing good happens after I understand the need to provide a service to the community and to make a profit, but at what risk? Many young people begin careers at Dollar General and to have them getting off work after shutting down at It is certainly not worth the small amount of profit that will be made.

In fact, it is likely to cost Dollar General much more and the employees possibly their life. Even in places considered extremely safe, in todays world easy money is tempting to those that tend to live near these stores. Please reconsider staying open later at night, consider the safety of the employees over the few dollars extra to be made. I know that Dollar General is looking to brand it self with an entire new image but news of more robberies or worse is not going to help. One other note of safety I would like to mention is your store fronts.

The store fronts tend to be so covered with advertising that it often camouflages what is going on inside. This provides the perfect cover for someone looking to pull a hold up and not be seen from the out side. Studies have proven that convenience stores that are covered with large amounts of advertising on the windows and doors are often targeted first because of it.

Hello, i was wondering when you going to hire in Stinnett, Texas. The store is going up fast i would love top start with the new store. Last night my wife finally quit 29Apr There were issues before she went on Maternity leave. Two days after she returned to work, the breast feeding pumping tent that was ordered for her went missing.

She has chosen to breast feed our newborn and it seems the other store employees started to look down on her for that choice. She was overlooked for an assistant manager position, I feel because she was a new mother. I encouraged her to quit after multiple nights of trying to calm her down, due to work related issues. NO job is worth the stress she was receiving from the other store employees! Not sure what the idea behind moving to a larger building if the only thing to be accomplished was a larger area to be disorganized and junked up.

Been to the store twice and it is a disaster! Stock is laying in the aisles have to walk around it and some shelves are completely empty. If you think I am the only one disgruntled by our Dollar General, I am not. Several people in Shelbyville have voiced their disapproval. It would seem in the best interest of your corporation to come in and take care of the disfunction of this Dollar General.

Looking to place a bid on doing lawn work on a store in Stedman NC in the. I walked in and picked up 5 items, I knew what I needed and it took me only a matter of maybe 5 minutes and then walked over to register 3 which is the main register by the front door.

When I walked up the line was 11 customers deep I made it I waited 5 minutes before I asked a store worker who was in the area if the could not open another register. She said she did not have one and the cashier Dawanna could call for help. After waiting another 5 minutes I asked the cashier Dawanna is she could call for help and she final did and shortly just a couple minutes later another cashier came out and opened but instead of calling over the people who had already been waiting better than 10 minutes and there was still 5 of us before we got to the front and at least another 5 people behind us, they allowed all the people that had just gotten in line to go thru the new line leaving us still waiting and the cashier Dawanna encountered a customer with coupons not her fault but it took a long time for her to go thru the items.

I expect something to done about this young women. I called store and spoke to assistant manager named Junior and he indicated that he would talk to her, but he also recommended I still report to corporate because apparently they have talk to her before and it did not good.

I do expect a response I have been going to Dollars Stores for better than 20 years and have never been treated like this. Thanks you for your time, Sonja Fletcher. I have had a recurring problem with one of the managers at my local Dollar General Market. I have made complaints to the store manager and twice to corporate office on this one particular woman and I have still yet to receive a call from the district manager nor has anything been done about her poor attitude to customers.

This woman has embarrassed and humiliated me for the last time in front of my child. She has been mean to my daughter which is at the young age of 7……. The list of complaints goes on and on with this one woman. If something is not done about her I will write to every person I can that has some kind of authority to have something done about her. I was told that this store was the 7th store built back in the early days.

I was also told that our store is rated as 7th as the most selling stores in the whole USA. It is the only store for many miles around our town and we are a resort town on Greers Ferry Lake.

I am begging headquarters to please update and enlarge our small store. So many people depend on this store and Its the same size as it was when it opened 30 yrs ago. I then choose to drive 20 miles to the closest store because then I can enjoy shopping DG. During the summer the AC is always not working, The cooler section that stocks milk, ice cream, etc is never cold enough. Thank you for your consideration, Susan Laminack.

I would like to share a terrible, awful, humiliating experience I Pocket had at our local New Madrid Dollar General store this afternoon…. The only place I really use it and had used it last was at our DG. I want to express the frequency I go to this DG—sometimes daily. I go there today to pick up a few things.

While checking out I told the cashier about my card getting hit. She said there had been some employees who are no longer there that had been stealing numbers and that she wanted me to tell the manager, Michelle. Another employee, Joseph was standing close and heard the conversation also. There were several people in line. The manager walks up and asks what the cashier wants. Cashier tells her about my card getting hit. I think he repeated it several times.

Then wants to know about my card issue. I come home and tell Jimmy. Management was called, complaint was filed, case was opened. Who knows what will happen from here. I will NOT be returning to that store!

Leann Hunter Branum dollargeneralNMsucks shameonmichelle somadandhurt byemichelle PS…I posted this on our Facebook page and will be posting it on twitter, instagram, Snapchat, etc. I shop at the Dollar General store in Wickenburg, Arizona about once a month. When I entered the store it was very difficult to get around due to all of the merchandise and boxes scattered throughout the store.

After shopping I had a return to make and also wanted to make a purchase. At the end of my transaction the register did not print a receipt. While on the phone with the tec department 10 minutes in I informed the assistant manager that I was willing to leave the receipt if she would just call her manager and make her aware of the situation just in case I needed to return one of the items purchased.

After an hour she finally contacted her manager who had to walk her through the process of printing the receipt. After waiting all of that time I was told by the assistant manager that she voided the transaction and said she had to ring the items again. My concern was that I would be charged twice. She refused to give me a copy of the receipt.

At this point she started to raise her voice and took my items out of the bag and threw them on the counter and stated she refused to ring me up and she was calling the police. When the police arrived she continued speaking in a disrespectful tone and ordered them to remove me from the store. I explained to the officers what happened, the amount of time I was in the store and the fact that I was concerned about being charged twice.

At this time the officer noticed there was a copy machine in the office and suggested the assistant manager make a copy of the receipt. I am not sure why this was not done when I asked her for the receipt originally. After again refusing to assist me the officers advised her to just give me a refund for the envelopes I wanted to return so I could leave.

She told them I had to get back in the line. We were all perplexed because why would she suggest I get back in the line after already being there for that amount of time. After stalling for time, speaking loudly about the situation and going to the safe to count money she finally returned the envelopes.

The money and receipt for me to sign was placed on the counter not in my hands. After signing the receipt I picked it up and she grabbed it from my hands. I was very embarrassed and this is an example of poor customer service. At the time of this incident there were several customers that left the store. I recently was hired at the dollar general on Hansel Ave in Edgewood.

I could not get my application for the drug test so I can be hired. I have a new address so could you please resend the application for drug test at the following email: Please send it asap so the manager could put me in to work. But I really need a job and if I can not get it back please stop with the e-mails just gets my hopes up that I an go back to work there.

I walk out because the so called Asst. Manager kept changing my schedule or take the cashier off the schedule when I had called someone else in to cover my shift. I was a lead sales associate,then I would have to find another cashier, she was hired after me I was with the comp.

A store assisted manager from another store walked out twice an she got her job back. I have never been treated so bad by Noxapater ms dollar general as an employee in my life.

I called in one day due to vehicle problems so my manager completely took me off schedule for a whole week and i called she would not tell me why. I called corporate they made her give me a worning put me back on schedule. Months later i had more car trouble i called in days before to make sure she gad someone working in my spot then called in day i was going to miss she told me i was fine. Then for 2weeks i havent been on to work at all i call to ask why she wont tell me i call corperate theres a new lady over the stores she says my boss already told me if i missed another day im fired i told the lady thats first time i have heard that she never spoke to me she says well she said she did so you are fired.

I will be contacting the ceo they are rude workers and corperate workers i dislike dollar general. I bought potato chips that are in store ad that says buy 2 bags get 3rd bag free.

In ad it is for Family size Lays chips. Manager kept arguing with me that what I bought was not the size chips. She kept telling me it says Family size on bag. She was so wrong on so many levels that if the stores are going to be ran like this I will just take my business back to Wal-Mart.

Also the outside of the store was so full of garbage and around the carts was disgusting with tons of cigarette butts. This store is located in Bellwood Pa. This person had NO business being a manager. I had been in management for years. Over the last 6 months it has become one of the worse stores in the area. The staff Bonnie, Brandi and another young girl are rude and never at the register. When they finally come to the front they act so irritated. They yell to each other from one side of the store to the other and smoke right next to the door.

I am sure this is NOT the expectations your company sets. There are stock carts always blocking the aisle which is dangerous and difficult to get merchandise.

The outside of the store is disgusting with empty bottles, plastic bags all over the area. I am hoping that sending this note will somehow find its way to a Manager that can make a difference with the staff and store before they lose a loyal customer.

I will like my I would like to know why Caro, Mi. I see new ones going up in all the towns around us! We deserve a nice new clean store too! Send your people to check it out! I can tolerate someone being petty but hearing them talking on the phone about you i will not stand for….. Awful, cluttered, trip hazards etc unshoppable. I have never bin treated so bad by employee.

The manager a lady about 50 even actually lied to me and made rude comments to me and other customers. Then stated are you all just gonna stand there looking stupid or come over here. She needs to be gotten rid of. I would take this for real. Hello well is it common practice for a District manager to text his team at am? I have spoke to all the managers and everyone is afraid to say something in fear of retaliation. I have been a customer of Dollar General stores for over 10 years in the Indianapolis, IN metropolitan area.

Within the last year, I have witnessed a very negative change in my experiences. Safety Hazard in the store. There are carts of merchandise in aisles blocking my movement around the store.

These carts also block the access to obtain products. Shelves and hooks are improperly stocked or not stocked at all. There have been times where products were out of stock for weeks. The website has issues: To take the survey to give our opinion, it is required to enter the sweepstakes We need the option to opt out of entering the sweepstakes.

The sales receipt no longer gives a coupon for purchases on a future date. This is discriminatory for us Senior Citizens and lower income people. We cannot afford the cost of the smart phone or the cost of the service. Stores are not appropriately clean. I have experienced employees who are helpful, friendly, courteous as well as employees who are nasty to patrons. Keeping customers is easier than marketing to get new customers. Dollar General is failing.

It is imperative for Dollar General to improve. D Goldsmith you can do digital coupons on any computer. You only need a valid phone number to associate with your account. The manager is so rude I dont want to go in.. I am signed up for digital coupons and they never come off my bill manager said wasnt her problem. If I do use a coupon she argues about me using it. I think your corporate staff should check into why digital coupons dont work and maybe have a customer service training day.

Store in Glassport, PA sold me a phone and the same person who sold it to me eating at the register first told me she had to call the manager waited on a couple customers then when I went back to ask about a new phone she told me there was nothing she could do. Asked to speak to the manager then tried to tell me she was the manager. Called the corporate office and got the run around there to. Needless to say still have the broken phone and had to get a new one at Rite-Aid who always have treated me with respect on a first name basis.

Talk about the difference of curiosity and customer service which Dollar General lacks. Definitely needs better management training. I was just in there today and 2 employees were standing in the aisle and would not even move so I could get around them. I usually have to go track someone down to get rang up. Hopefully someone will do something about this it is a very unfortunate experience every time I go there.

If you are not going to provide good customer service why even be open for business. The manager Jeff and all the employees are super nice and always helpful. But the store is too small and we have an empty grocery store in the same strip mall, my input would be to put a Dollar.

In that empty store. The service was always excellent. The store and the bathroom meticulous. Racks and shelves net and orderly. No items and clothes on the floor. Two women of middle age ran the store hopefully still do as if it was their own and they wanted to please the customers. This has been a brutal 4 year experience. At 76 I have seen a lot over the decades. I am appalled at the lack of adequate training and support the staff have from the corporate end of the business.

Going in to these two stores is like shopping in a battered third world country, feeling ownership is just a Ponzi for money with no concern for ethics or personal pride for worker or customer health and safety. These stores stock during business hours, not at night when the store is empty of customers.

Almost every aisle is impossible to get down without negotiating your body like a gymnist to get through and if you are an elder it is not often possible. The stores are understaffed for both stocking and taking care of customers. The staff is young and constantly must deal with the complaints of many customers to the point of unnecessary psychological stress —for probably minimum wage! I am amazed there is not a customer or worker injury everyday due to poor corporate management and ethics.

For reasons I do not know Dollar General has started over the last few years of stocking absolute unnecessary junk without the shelf or floor space to properly display. Just junk that is certainly cluttering up the store not to mention the Planet. A district manager assured me it was going to be all cleared up soon. The problems were being worked on. This was two months ago as myself and another woman were complaining.

It is not the workers who are always quitting. Why take that kind of minute by minute psychological and physical stress? They are too young to meet the dysfunction of the corporate hierarchy. It is too hard trying to sort through all the junk as well as dangerous. A fall at my age could be crucial. Also I always feel real for the manager and workers who have to field all the complaints from customers on the condition of he store and its stock.

There is a Family Dollar a little further I can go to and have begun to do so. It is cleaner, less junk, and appears to be operated by a corporate structure with more ethics concerning their workers and customers.

It is wonderful to be of an age that can remember when the U. I will submit this letter to the two Town Boards and local fire departments requesting inspections for safety of both workers and customers.

From comments from October until August of —all sounding the same I know my testament will do no good. Thus my attempts to the Town Boards and Fire Departments. Dollar General has some very nice stores and good prices on most items. Unfortunately the store nearest me on S. Polk Street in Pineville, NC store is not one of them. The store is consistently filthy and the restroom is down right nasty. After using the restroom there today, I came home and took a shower.

The store consistently looks like a disaster area. Boxes of merchandise stacked in every aisle while shelves are bare. I would not be surprised to learn the store is being sued by multiple customers for falls, boxes falling on them or other disasters.

If the CEO of DG would make a trip to this store he would tell his family members never to enter the store. I tried to shop at one of your stores today. The store is located in West Union, Ohio. It was at least 80 degrees in that store.

Definitely not conducive for breathing much less shopping. I said something about reaching out to the corporate office to her and she replied other people have tried with no results! I have asthma and could not remain in that store. Can you guess where I went? Nice and cool and clean with no isle clutter.

The Dollar General in our town is hot, cluttered and just plain bad! I realize we are a small town but we deserve a shopping experience in a comfortable, uncluttered store. Thank you for your time. I have lived in Hopkinsville,Ky. For 57 years and was so glad when the Dollar store was built on east seventh. But the last dozen or so times I have entered this store it was a disgrace and so dirty.

I know that several past patrons have stopped shopping there for this same reason. I really feel for the safety of the customers that our local health officials be notified of the problem at this location and maybe come up with a solution.

You are loosing business because of the condition and the appearance of the facility. Personally watched employees step over merchandice laying in the floor, and just keep walking. This facility is nasty. I shop at the Dollar General Market in Lenoir City, and the price difference for items just amaze me. Pricing signs are hand made at the store in Loudon for some reason. Most people that live here appreciate the new store, but are going elsewhere because of the condition of the Loudon store.

Please investigate the problem with the facility in Loudon. This was a really nice store when it opened up, but not the case no longer. You do not want to work for this company. I was hired about a year ago making 8: That wage was fine, but then I found out after I started that they give out raises once a year.

Imagine that, a cute little quarter. The Dollar General Store, along with other sponsors pay between k per race to these people!!!. If we Receive the Contract it would be very reasonable. Thank You for your response. Me and my husband were treated wrong they have us mixed up with someone else so now i have to take legal action against store on linnwood kansas city mo.

I want accused of stealing when I put my eyeglasses into the case and put the case in my pocket. I have talked to an attorney and will be suing also.

We were treated very rude on the phone and in the store by two female employees at the hickory Hills illinois store They had no training and no idea how to use PayPal credit. They told us we had to swipe our PayPal debit card and it will go to PayPal credit.

That is wrong completely. I called PayPal credit and they gave me a code number to give to the clerk to refund the debit card charge and put it on the PayPal credit balance. Dollar general in Dos palos California sells rotton chicken constantly. We have tried to get fresh chicken there several times and each time its rotton! We bought some last night, thinking to give them the benefit of the doubt, and it had the date of July 7th on it which is a week away and it was still rotton! Their gonna kill someone!

This needs to stop. The dollar general on schillinger rd across from winn dixie near flea market, is to where we all dont want to even go anymore. I stated so i am stuck with a almost 5. I had problems with a store on N Ocala, Florida. I complained to corporate office and a district manager called me. I wanted the men who wrongly accused me of stealing to say to me they was sorry. The district manager did follow up but saying he was sorry did not solve the problem.

My daughter in law was killed in a car crash on her way back to work. She had left for lunch and informed her supervisor that she had a family emergency. Her supervisor told her to just take the rest of the day off but to come back in to count down her drawer.

On the 1 mile trip back her car was struck and she was killed. When asking the supervisor why she made her come back just to count the drawer, she stated that she could not go into the drawer. Strangely though, she was able to count that drawer after Michelle Greene died in the accident.

I think it was just pure pettiness to ask the employee to come back in and count the drawer after telling her that she could take the rest of the day off. After the accident, the manager DID count that drawer. First off Shilesta, Im incredibly sorry to hear about your sister in law.

Secondly, I worked at Dollar General for 2 and a half years and I will say that the only reason a manager might decline to count another managers drawer, is simply to protect themselves. If the drawer had been short, it would fall onto both managers. But I also want to say that managers are responsible to count sales associates drawer.

In fact, in my district, sales associates were not ever allowed to count down their own. It seems like a situation where, the superviser felt that it was going against a DG policy. Perhaps not entirely understanding that managers do indeed and can count down anothers drawer. Especially upon the cirXXXXstances of her needing to immediately leave work.

I wont say the superviser was trying to be malicious. Its tragic what happened and if I were said superviser, Id live with the guilt forever. I hope this information helps you. The Manage obviously does not care and the employees do not care. One can rarely find an employee when in the store and they are rude and short. Lights on the front of the building are out so it looks like they are not open.

There have been 2 robberies there since last year so one would think they would light the place up. Storage carriers with cardboard are staged on the side of the building and there are many of them and they are left there for weeks. The cardboard is tattered making an unsightly appearance. It looks Ghetto and they do not make any attempt to store them behind the store where one could not see them, they are in plain view on an extremely well traveled rd.

A brand new store was recently opened about 2 miles up the road so I was hoping they would close this dump of a store down. Last summer the store was closed during the day because they had no air conditioning. I stopped shopping there long ago but the eye sore in my neighborhood continues.

Corporate obviously does not care about how this unsightly store affects the Community as this has been mentioned previously. I wont ever defend rude managers or employees. Even in the worst of times and conditions, when you work in customer service that is what you do.

You serve the customer. That being said, Corporate doesnt care, but I will tell you why. Every store is given a max amount of hours a week. It ranges from typically. The store manager is salary so their hours never go against this max amount.

However, when you break down open to close hours, 7 days a week, this is not enough hours to staff any store properly. I only ever worked alone or with one other person who ran the register. The reason why its impossible to find anyone is usually because on top of serving the customers, both employees or lone worker, are still required to perform multiple tasks everyday.

I cant tell you how many times my store was busy. Just myself and one cashier and I have customers asking for help on the floor while a line piled up and not only had customers frustrated cos they needed help either finding something, finding a price or asking a question but customers wanting to leave screaming at you to open another register.

Its this type of activity that absolutely slaughters moral and can shut a manager and employee down. After constantly being belittled about the state of the store, the lack of help, people assuming that I just dont want to help them, I had a literal mental breakdown and was forced to leave the company. Most of corporate, the district and regional managers, can only help to the extent that the company allows. When sales are down, hours are cut, to keep profits high for shareholders.

The problem with this mentality is that the reason sales are down is mostly due to the disgruntled employees, the state of the store, the lack of help for the customers, so cutting hours only amplifies this problem. What you can do as a customer is call the number on your receipt and when issuing a complaint, be sure to mention that you notice how impossible it is for employees to do their jobs, make note that this is a corporate issue for not allowing more staffing hours.

What sucks the most is when people complain about a store, its dealt with as a complaint on the staff and not where blame should be placed which is at a much higher level. After seeing so many negative comments here, let me mention a positive: Okay, not perfect, there are times when incoming merchandise clogs up the aisles and it takes a while for the items to be shelved.

But generally, the stores are in good shape and the employees are friendly and try to be helpful. I called the store number, but it simply rings and rings with no answer. The time it takes out of my day to return to this store, request an exchange, just to possibly find out all the expired items I purchased have companions on the shelf that are expired also is further a waste of my day.

These items expired in March, April and May Is this common practice at Dollar General Stores? I would think paying full price for expired items a bit underhanded and I should be given a choice. Someone please let me know. You should have contacted th Health Department. Someone could get ill…especially children and elderly. Save a life and call. No results as yet.

Started this process June 3, No answers back from anyone after 8 tries. Today is June ll, Writing about store on bristol pike in bucks county, managers are very rude not helpful at all. They are always either in the back office or outside right in front of the door smoking. Witch is very disgusting, the store is very dirty everything is out of place and you can never find what you are looking for, i bought bagels and they were mildew so the assistant manager told me to throw them behind the shelf when i did that i seen all kinds of food and bread open.

I ask why put it there. Ans she said its for the vendor to pick up, they leave them big metal carts with empty boxes. And boxes filled with stuff infront of the shelves and you can get to anything i asked for help and noone came over. Theres always just 2 people working and noone is ever up at the register so i had to wait 15 mins until someone helped me out, when the lady came up she said she is busy and had other things to do, the floors are always packed with things from off the shelf that they just leave on the floor, i have pictures to prove it.

And noone did anything, they are always on their phones and never paying attention to the customers. The store closes at 9 and they would sometimes lock the doors at 8: But she dont have one or never did as long as i been going to that store, the store was packed that day with just that young girl working customers were leaving their things and walking out. Im a regular customer and they still treat you like crap, and they are so lazy, they are ignorant when they answer the phone and when i asked for customer service number they said the didnr have it so i would have to go online and fond it, the managers names are mare and sandy.

They are useless and i dont no why you would have people like them working for your store, very very bad experience and i will never go back into that store. Unless you fix all the problems and hire professional people to work there, i sware they are drunks or on drugs! I could not have ask for anyone to any kinder or more helpful. It is so nice to come across someone with such genuine concern for others.

I really hope that someone in corporate or management takes notice of such a wonderful employee! Again someone so helpful and kind really made my Dollar Store experience alot more pleasant. I have been buying candy for the salesmen at the dealership I work as receptionist since January 2, After a few attempts, I settled on the fancy mix of hard candies.

I have come to the conclusion that DG no longer produces this mixture of hard candies anymore. I hope that I am wrong in my assumption. I would love a response either way so I can either come up with a different mix or expect to find the fancy mix on the shelves soon. I, of course, prefer the latter. Does anyone really think DG reads thee comments? Just not worth it to me. Tonight they claimed I was harassing them for asking them to hold an item which they had no price on, and did not know the price … they called the police on me and had me banned from their store.

I am in this store every day and I harassed no one and the manager is so rude and ignorant. She called the cops on me to tell me their policy is not to hold items? I need to know who the district manager is for this store and funny, this information is nowhere to be found and of course the store will not give me this information. Please respond with this information. My next step is the better business and file a law suit of my own.

I was told I could not buy cigarettes because the count was done for the night, and the store was still open. The cashier was rude and I saw no sign stating that there was a cut off time. Your manager Patricia in Winterville NC is very rude. The mess was dirty when I got it. She really needs to learn how to talk to people period being in management position.

I will not shop at another Dollar General again. Her attitude should not be tolerate at all. In my 57 years never have I had better customer service! Why was it still up then??? So, I said no, I was not going to pay that. Then, I am still in the store and the cashier and the Manager was talking, not realizing I was still in the store.

I will make sure that I tell this to everyone this experience. Leona and mistie in south main store in Monmouth il. I will make sure no one I know goes there and shops again. You may face a law suite soon if she keeps it up. This morning I witnessed one of the most uncalled for events that I have seen in quite a while.

The manager of our local Dollar General Ossian;IN in full view of customers was giving an employee a verbal chewing out for lack of a better word for a complaint she had written to him. Granted maybe she should have been corrected, but not in front of customers.

This is not the first time I have seen and heard this manager say things that should have been done in private. He could certainly use some training in how to handle employees and the correct place and time to do so. Your store in Kosciusko, MS is the rudest and nastiest store I have ever been in. The manager is rude. She will follow you around making you feel uncomfortable in there. You can not get down the isles due to carts full of merchandise from the truck last week.

The floors are nasty. I got some penny items and have been accused of stealing. Manager said I was banned from HER store because of this. When did shopping get you banned?

I plan on hiring a lawyer. It was a beautiful store until recent management changes. We really need your store here, but it is hard to recommend to visitors and new residents when it is in this condition. Any improvements you can make would be appreciated. This is Michael J. I can take care of the following stores. I can clean walkways, parking area, paint the parking strips, and wash the building top to bottom.

Your computer equipment stinks. I go next door to Bilo, use the same credit card, purchase a higher amount, and it gets approved on their machine. Fix your machine, Folks. It is real simple. Get it fixed or count this one customer GONE. My daughter was shopping at the Dollar General in Bristol, Florida. She is on disability and is not able to make donations.

She immediately asked theem to correct that and give her back the money. I needed to get a few common things and got a couple of Google play cards to add movies and games to there tablet.

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