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Down to Maria Wörth lady looking for fun

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The Story Of Wu Zetian, China's First Female Emperor And The Worst Mother In History

Where You've Seen Her: In Crazy Rich Asians , Wu plays an American-born economics professor who travels to Singapore with her boyfriend to meet his family, only to discover that he is secretly, well, crazy rich. In real life, she is an advocate for diversity in the industry not just "lip service" and makes it clear how much this movie means to her.

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She wears a cropped, blonde wig to play Peik Lin and her family reacted as such: Wu Zetian gave birth to a daughter, but the child died in infancy. Historians now agree that she most likely strangled the child herself in order to frame Empress Wang for the crime. Wang, along with Consort Xiao, were stripped of their titles and imprisoned inside the palace.

Now that Wang was out of the way, Emperor Gaozong promoted Wu to empress — and this is where things get gruesome. Histories written at the time report that the newly-minted empress had the feet and hands of the other two women cut off, and their bodies stuffed into vats of wine where they were left to drown. Keep in mind that Wu was doing this at a time when a female ruler of China was virtually unthinkable.

In his book Wu Zhao: In light of this, Wu made enemies of historians and other government officials even the great Chinese poet Luo Binwang criticized her , with many of these men seeking to discredit her through rumors of cruelty.

Next, Wu badgered his successor — her second son — with so many accusations of crimes, including treason and murder, that he was eventually deposed and exiled. She forced her youngest son, who replaced his exiled brother, to abdicate the throne, destroying now her fourth child and proclaiming herself Emperor Zetian.

A look at her record might lead one to say yes: By reforming agricultural production and taxation systems, farmers thrived and the Tang dynasty was stable. By requiring that farming manuals be distributed, she supported the advent of the printed word. Under Empress Wu, the Silk Road opened back up after being closed due to an outbreak of the plague. She even introduced her own set of Chinese characters, called the Zetian characters. Toward the end of her reign, Empress Wu spent her days mired in a much more erotic scandal: As for her second son that she exiled earlier?

He would be her downfall.