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Bored and alone tonight looking for some fun

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After my recent popular post on things to do during a money-free weekend , I received a most interesting comment from a Lifehacker reader named HFC:. This comment really spurred my thinking. The only problem is that a lot of activities that you can do yourself require some money to enjoy.

Renting a video costs money. Playing a video game? Here are 50 suggestions for free or extremely cheap ways to spend your time. Some of these have appeared on other lists of free stuff to do before — others are new to this one.

Similarly, some of these may appeal to you — others may not. Make a collage postcard for PostSecret. For those unaware, PostSecret is a website to which people send postcards telling their deepest, darkest secret anonymously; the blog creator then posts images of some of those postcards on the blog. All you need is a blank postcard, some imagination, and a secret to tell. Look for images that reflect the secret you want to tell, then make a collage out of them on the card.

Parkour is essentially an obstacle-course style athletic activity where you try to find the quickest path from point A to point B. You can easily get ahold of one of these ask on Freecycle or Craigslist — the trick is figuring out how to solve it on your own, then how to solve it quickly. Make a list of all the people who were a positive influence on your life and write each of them a thank-you letter.

Think for a bit about all of the people who have inspired you and helped you along in your current life path. Make a list of all of these people — mine, for example, includes my high school English teacher, some relatives and friends, and a few college professors. Then pull out some paper and a pen and write each of them a handwritten letter, reminding them of how they helped you out and thanking them for doing so.

Learn how to make string figures. I love making string figures. All you really need is a big loop of string and some imagination. Figuring out how to loop string around your fingers to make visual compositions of all sorts of things is a lot of fun.

You can easily make spider webs, bridges, and other interesting things. Even better, learn about some of the cultural heritage of these string figures and try to relate the stories yourself as you make the figures.

Learn some basic yoga poses. Yoga is a great way to relax and meditate while stretching the muscles of your body and getting a surprisingly intense workout at the same time. Basic yoga is extremely simple and feels really good — a stretching routine once a day feels really good to me. Take a free online class to learn the basics of a new topic. You can even learn in-demand job skills like computer programming for free. Teach yourself how to cook.

Challenge yourself to assemble an interesting meal out of the materials you have on hand. Take a walk in the park. Set out on foot to go there, then just wander around enjoying what you can observe and take in.

Enjoy the natural beauty around you. Even better, find a nice secluded place and engage in another of the activities on this list in a wonderful natural environment. Listen to a podcast. Podcasts are wonderful snippets of intelligent mostly and engaging talk radio, where people pour out their hearts and ideas for you to hear — for free. Here are 10 podcasts I quite enjoy to get you started: Learn a simple papercraft. Papercraft includes everything from origami and neat things like paper snowflakes to full paper models of … well, anything.

Do a crossword or a sudoku puzzle. Paper-and-pencil puzzles are a great way to stretch your mind in new directions. Teach yourself solitaire or a solitaire variant. All you need is a deck of cards, a logical mind, and plenty of spare time. Klondike is the most well known one, but there are a lot of fun solitaire games out there: Freecell , Golf , Patience , and Beleaguered Castle.

Put some positive affirmations around you. Start a blog on a topic that fascinates you. Whenever you have an interesting idea about your topic or just get a strong desire to explain the basics, write it all out and post it there. Watch an old movie from your collection. Almost everyone has some old movies lying around. Dig some out and watch them.

I find it particularly enjoyable to watch old home movies — videos of when my son was a newborn, for example, are particularly fun to pull out. Teach yourself a card trick. Card tricks are a particularly fun way to entertain people in almost any situation, and there are as many different card tricks as there are grains of sand on the beach.

Pick up a deck of cards and invest the time to learn one cold so that if the opportunity ever offers itself, you can easily show off that trick. Tour your neighborhood on foot. Most neighborhoods have many interesting secrets and things to enjoy and observe on foot. Just head out of your front door and wander wherever your spirit takes you. The stars in the night sky are one of the biggest reasons I love living in rural Iowa. I can look skyward any non-cloudy evening and see a sky full of stars.

In particular, try to go outside on nights where a meteor shower is in progress , as that just adds to the beauty of the Milky Way. Get your finances in order.

While this might not seem like fun at first glance, having a financial plan can greatly reduce the stress of day-to-day life and also greatly increase your peace of mind.

Spend some time reading up on personal finance, working through activities like 31 Days to Financial Independence , setting goals, understanding your current financial state, doing estate planning, defining a budget, and so on.

Make a time capsule. You can record a family video on your smartphone and copy it to a UBS drive and include that, too. Not only is it fun to collect the items now, it can be really interesting to look through those items in the future, when not only your life has changed, but cultural touchstones have changed as well.

Find and read some free, alternative newspapers in your area. Most urban areas have a handful of free newspapers, supported entirely by advertising or by sponsorship, that often provide insightful and interesting reading. Look for ones in your area in the lobby of the local library, in the lobby of grocery stores, and at city hall.

Collect them, then take them home for a nice reading. In my area, I have easy access to Toons a collection of political cartoons , The Sun community events , Cityview an independent public affairs paper for Des Moines , and Juice a twenty-something paper in Des Moines published by the Des Moines Register. Learn a musical instrument. You can often get basic instruments keyboards, acoustic guitars, and sometimes other things on Freecycle or Craigslist, plus there are countless opportunities online for basic lessons on how to play any number of instruments, as well as how to read music.

All it takes to get started is some time and some interest. Listen to your favorite music up loud and let yourself dance to it. I love to turn the music up loud on occasion and bounce around to it all in complete privacy, of course. Few things get me more pumped up than a really lively song and a bunch of moving around in rhythm to the music. Your public library is a gigantic collection of free books, movies, music, magazines, and countless other things — all there for the borrowing.

Stop by and see what things a library really has to offer. Do a jigsaw puzzle. A jigsaw puzzle is a wonderful engrossing activity. My family used to traditionally cover the kitchen table with jigsaw puzzles for much of the winter, with everyone sharing in the puzzle-solving process. Build a detailed family tree. Most people are aware of at least a couple generations of their lineage, but things often get confused when you get further back than that.

Spend some time building a detailed family tree, starting with what you know and eventually adding your own research to the mix.

Contact older relatives for assistance, then use resources like Ancestry. Teach yourself to meditate. For stress relief and aid for overcoming tiredness, few things work better for me than a short period of meditation.

The easiest technique is to just sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and focus on nothing but breathing slowly for a while. Breathe in slowly, hold it for a bit, breathe out slowly. Dig out that book and give it a serious, long reading. Let yourself get lost in the book, no matter what it is, and see if you can get through it or at least a significant portion of it in one sitting. Getting lost in a book is one of my favorite experiences — and it can easily be a free one.

Start a workout program at home. Then string some of these free exercises into an at-home workout routine , or try some of the the ever-changing free daily workouts at Darebee. Start a natural collection or sketchbook. Start collecting and identifying particular samples.


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I transferred him to my chest and pulled the covers up on the couch over his head so I could watch a movie and he wouldn't feel cold or miss the warmth of my hand.

He slept with his little head down under the covers until I woke him up. He opens his beak and moves his head like Stevie Wonder when I scratch his head. No noise, just head movement and a wide open beak. He lands on the cat and wonders why she isn't thrilled but she doesn't touch him. She knows he's part of the household.

Whenever something is bothering me I just see Gizmo in my mind doing some of the endearing things he does and the blues just fade away. My friendship and relationship with Rose Mouloccan Cockatoo began when I visited a local pet shop on my lunch breaks. I am an RN, so quite often I had my stethoscope hanging around my neck when I went to visit, which may have been what initially interested Rose about me. There, in the obscure corner of the store was the loudest, most obnoxious bird I had ever seen or heard.

I was intrigued by this bird--I felt he was calling out to me because he was fine until he saw me. Eventually, I bonded with Rosehe was happy to see me when I came in, and started calling out to me "I Love You" and made the wolf whistle and a clicking sound that I have since learned is a sound of contentment.

He begged to have me come over to him by bobbing his head up and down and flapping his wings at me. The price on his head was beyond my ability to pay--so I made the pet store owner an offer that was half of the asking price.

I went in faithfully to visit my new friend, Rose who had been sexed as female. I was engaged at the time, and low and behold, two months before my husband and I were married, the pet store owner called and said he would sell Rose to us for the price I had offered him. Within two weeks this dangerous, mean bird was happily and quite contentedly riding around on my shoulder and saying a few words. That was almost 5 years ago, and today we found out through DNA testing that Rose is a boy What Rose has taught me is that all of Gods creatures have feelings and needs that are not at all unlike those that we as humans have.

Rose chose me to be his friend and he accepts my husband, but is also somewhat protective of me around him. They have brought us so much joy and happiness in our lives, and keep us laughing and intrigued with their antics daily. Thank goodness my husband and Rose gave me "the bird" for a wedding present. Nanday Conures are very territorial, as I can attest. One day I was getting into Maxi's cage to retrieve his soiled toy and clean it and Maximillion nailed me a good one.

So I told him, "Max bad boy! You don't bite mommy. From under the covers I heard, "Max Pretty Bird. The holidays are rolling around, and my birds have definitely noticed. They are getting all sorts of goodies not usually available to them, and they are loving it.

Harry goffin has learned suddenly to say "Want some 'stacchios! However, if you look close, you can see that as he's chewing madly, he's squinting! One day I was taking a nap with her cage right next to my bed.

Suddenly I woke up, a little disoriented, but with the distinct impression that someone had pulled my hair. I looked at Merlin, but she looked innocent, standing there quietly blinking those big Conure eyes. Strands of my hair were inside her cage, but she was nowhere near them.

I was suspicious though. I pretended to close my eyes, but still kept them partially open. I watched as Merlin climbed down from her perch, went over to my hair and yanked it, then scrambled back to her original perch! Once I was walking in a park with my mom, and we saw some robins land on a branch nearby. I thought they were cool, so we went over there. She wasn't very happy about that! My wife and I were given this little green devil a year ago.

The previous owners had him in a very small cage and not much for toys. We first gave him a larger home. Added a branch, attached to the top of the cage.

Then found he liked to hear himself talk in plastic cups. We feel he likes to hear the echo of his voice. We then attached the cup to the branch with a spring type clothespin, supported by the top of the cage. Looked safe to us! He had many hours of enjoyment climbing in and out of the cup and talking to himself.

One day he decided to play with the clothespin. Well if you can imagine, He was able to bite the end that you squeeze together. But as he backed away from the branch with the clothespin in mouth, he found that all the sudden he could not get rid of this clothespin. Mouth wide open and fluttering like the wild beast he is! Well he was more than willing to let me take the clothespin out of his mouth.

We no longer allow him to play with the clothespins, Not that he wants anything to do with them! We've had Sydney our Sun Conure for a little over 6 months now.

She's quite a character. She's really trying to talk, but the only thing we can clearly make out so far is "What". I think she is working on "What ya doin", but can't quite tell. She has about 4 different phrases that are definitely distinct but not quite intelligible yet. She loves to take baths and gets quite silly and very wet.

Her favorite place is in my hands under the water filter faucet in the kitchen sink. She'll stick her body under the faucet and just get drenched. Drying her was a bit of a problem as she HATES towels and didn't seem to like the hair dryer for a long time, but I discovered if I put it on high and kept some distance that she liked it. Squawks like crazy and bites at it. When I take her cage apart to clean it, she sits with me and very carefully watches the whole process to make sure I don't mess anything up.

She can see out our front window from the top of her cage and watches for me to come home from work. As soon as I'm visible she starts screaming. It's quite a welcome at the end of the day. A few weeks ago she started behaving like a small child at bedtime. She won't go in her cage. She wants me to stand next to her cage with her on my shoulder and she snuggles under my neck and just wants to stay there all night. It takes me forever to get her to go to bed.

She goes "potty" on command, but isn't quite consistent about telling us when she has to go, if we forget. My boyfriend seems to be better at reading her signals than I am.

She probably thinks I'm pretty dense. She likes for me to lie on the floor on my stomach and she crawls down the front of my shirt and snuggles down and mumbles at me. And she regularly rolls over on her back when I play with her on the floor. We took a trip to the vet to get her a microchip a few weeks ago and she bit the vet. When he injected the chip she lost a little blood and the vet made the comment that "now they were even.

Tiki is my wonderful 8 month old Green Cheek Conure. When we got him, I read everywhere that this species isn't known for talking ability. I figured fine, I love him and he loves me, I don't care if he talks.

His first phrase was "Step Up! Then he started making other sounds that I thought might be words, but wasn't sure. The other day he proved that what I thought might be words and phrases are just that: I went to his cage and he said "Step up!

Then he climbed onto my shoulder while saying "Ro-der up! Then he nipped my earlobe and said "OW! I hadn't figured on him learning "ow" or laughing, but it beats the other phrase he hears every morning: Toby or Tobster as we call him has known the names of all his fruits and veggies since he was just a few months old. The other day I was giving him a grape, and I said Tobster do you want a grape? He looked at the grape and said "apple", I then said no Tobster it is a grape. He then replied again "apple".

Once again I said no Toby it is a grape. Guess who got the last word in. I was on a well traveled road in Sedona, Arizona and I had my three year old daughter, Leah, with me. I gazed up into a tree that was in a residents yard and I saw the most beautiful parrot.

I carefully opened my trunk and retrieved a pair of gloves to handle the bird. I wanted to keep all of my digits. The bird was plucked from the branch and I had him safely tucked into my car and felt so good that I saved this creature. To my surprise the person that lived in the house came out and informed me that I was taking their bird.

Boy was I embarrassed. When I was on vacation in Norway early this year my mom kept Gospel for me. Well, one day, she went outside and when she came back in Gospel wasn't on his perch. She went all over the house looking for him. He was nowhere to be found. She started to panic.

She was going to make one more walk through the house. I can't find him! We have 6 parrots of various types, including 2 Blue Front Amazons.

Yogi is a 9 year old female and she is truly amazing the way she will hold a conversation with me. But the funniest thing is when my husband falls asleep on the couch which is right by her cage She starts yelling "Frank, wake up, over and over till he finally does.

Then she clears her throat and yawns because she knows that's the next thing he does, everything he does she does! Gets to be quite interesting around here in the morning!

One time she told on me. I forgot to cover her that night and the next morning she told my husband "Yogi no night night! When the other birds start making a lot of noise, she yells "Shut-up already! She keeps us laughing all the time! This story is not about a bird I own but a friend's U2 named Logan.

My husband and I are soon to be adoptive parents of a U2 and our friend brought his bird over so we could experience the real thing until our little "dream" shows up.

Anyway Logan and I spent sometime getting to know each other, he's very affectionate. After about 10 minutes of me scratching Logan under wings, chins, etc. I just about melted. When it was time for Logan to leave, as he was walking away from me I just called out to him, "Bye! He completely turned his head around and said "Bye! From someone who has never had birds before, I know this isn't like the wildest bird story you have ever heard, but I got to tell you I'm starting to believe that they are little people in bird suits.

My boyfriend , Sam , works in an office where there resides an African Grey names Smokey. He is the center of attention for kids and adults that visit. If the office is quiet and Smokey can't see anyone, He'll start yelling. If they go by again and still disregard him, Smokey will yell, "Hey! Don't forget to say "Hello Smokey! I have a double yellowhead amazon by the name of Jockele. One day I came home from work and to my surprise he was not in his cage so immediately I went looking for him and calling out his name.

When I got no response from him I got kind of worried for he usually likes to greet me by yelling "Hi what you doing huh? When he saw me he turned his head and to my surprise he said, "Smart bird huh? However, my system is hooked up to a surge protector therefore it only requires one switch to turn everything on.

It was obvious to me that Jockele had found that switch and when I found him I was surprised to see that he was captivated by the screen-saver and trying to catch the flying windows.

What surprised me even more was the fact that he had not destroyed anything. It seems that the screen-saver had saved more then just my screen for the bird was so captivated by it and so busy trying to catch the moving windows he forgot all about the fact that parrots are supposed to chew up things Well, things have never been the same since. For now I am sharing my PC with a bird. Every so often Jockele insist that he gets to play with the things that move on the screen.

In between moves, I stayed at my mother's boyfriends house I am My room was at the back of the house and in the backyard were 4 dogs all tied on 20' ropes.

Two mine, two his. Right by the window there is a huge German Shepherd named Mindy. Well, when I was on vacation this story happened. My mom was at work in the shop beside the house when one of the workers noticed a little white rabbit near Mindy Mindy was just lying there not paying attention as the rabbit moved through the grass.

My mom came to the back of the shop to see the "rabbit" climbing the tree My mom quickly went over and scooped up Bailey and took her in the house. She had opened her cage, chewed through the screen window and jumped her wings are clipped out of the window. I was horrified when I heard this story as this was one bird that could have gone to the dogs. Now I am extra careful with her and windows but, that was the only time she ever opened her cage!

It's been four days since Max, a wonderful little cockatiel who had been part of our family flock for four years died suddenly. I was sitting on the couch reflecting back on how much I was going to miss him singing "Marina, Marina" to me, a German song that my dad had taught him. Needless to say, these last four days had been some of the worst for our family. Kiwi, my 2 year old Senegal Parrot realizing that something was not right probably because I hadn't been playing with her as much as I usually did figured she had to do something to get that silly human moping around on the couch to get up and play with her.

She climbed up on to her jungle gym and grabbed a round plastic ball with a bell in it, the kind that cat's like to play with and attempted to carry it up three flights of ladders and over to her snuggle tube. The incessant jingling finally grated on my hazy brain and I looked up to see her holding on to her snuggle tube with her beak and one foot, and dragging! I tried not to laugh, knowing that the sound of my laughter would stop her in her tracks, to look at me with utter amazement like, "How dare you laugh at me!

At the top she then transferred the ball to her beak, loosing control of the ball, whereby it dropped with a resounding jangle at the bottom of her jungle gym.

Off the jungle gym, down three flights of ladders again, she went. She picked up the ball and proceeded to climb up the ladders again, with the ball in her beak and then repeated the hunchback routine again on the jungle gym. At this point was almost beside myself trying not to laugh. After she dropped the ball a second time, I knew that's exactly what she wanted me to do. It's the first time I laughed since Max died. Kiwi, my Senegal helped me to start letting go of that overwhelming sorrow.

A totally white parakeet was visiting our bird feeder for about two months. We were able to only get within three feet of her. I would put sweet corn out for the other birds and she would stand on top of it and play "Queen of the Corn" - chasing away all other birds - even those much bigger than her! Finally she took up residency in one of our bird houses. She started "customizing" it. She would grab a beakful of nesting material the sparrows had left, then come out on top of the bird house, run back and forth across the roof and gradually spit out the straw.

This continued for a couple of days. When she had it almost "done" she would just stick her head out the hole and spit it out instead of coming out on the roof. Every time I heard her screech I knew there was someone nearby. I told my husband we didn't need a watch dog - we had a watch bird!!!

After she settled in one night we decided we could catch her now. We put a small cage over the hole to the bird house and tapped on the house until she came into the cage.

We planned on taking her to the Humane Society with cage, food, toys, etc. We waited a few days assuming she was traumatized from being caught. Anyway - we were hooked - she now has a huge cage - toys - the best food - seed and fresh fruits and vegetables - and she has us trained. It was a lucky day for her and us when she "chose" our bird feeder! It took a long time and patience and caution, but she trusts us completely now and sings her little heart out. I've even purchased tapes of birds chirping that I have on a timer to keep her company in cool weather when the windows are closed - she loves them.

We never even thought of being bird owners. I live with an umbrella cockatoo named Woodsie and he brings happiness into my life everyday. He is such a love and I enjoy watching him run and hop along the floor. This is Woodsie's home, there is evidence of him everywhere, chew holes are his biggest giveaway. Woodsie loves to chew whether it be the casings or my clothes. His favorite thing to do is "Go bye bye," which he tells me all the time.

He sits on my shoulder and enjoys his ride. He is so funny, tipping and turning his head as he watches the scenery go by. Usually after his ride he takes a nap, satisfied from his excursion. I can't imagine life without my Too. She told my employee Julie that a parrot had flown into her neighbors pool. Upon asking for a further description, Julie was able to identify the bird as a cockatiel. Julie took the information, and called the man who found the bird. Julie informed him to call Monroeville's Animal Control.

Julie's father, happened to be the animal control officer, who took the bird home with him. Julie called me Friday afternoon, with the information from the band, and asked me if I could find out any information from the numbers on it. As soon as I heard the band numbers, I knew it was one of our birds that we sold.

I keep records of all birds sold, including band numbers and descriptions of the birds. I began to search for the name of the people who purchased that bird, in the meantime Julie had called me again stating that a woman phoned her dad regarding a cockatiel that she had bought for her grandmother that had been lost for about two weeks, the bird matched the description the lady was given and she did purchase the bird at Pet Corral, in Monroeville Pa. Furthermore, the person that called also matched the band number.

When the woman picked the bird up she was clearly ecstatic. She told Julie and her father that her 80 year old grand mother lived alone and the bird was great company, and that she was devastated and very depressed over his absence.

The lady said "never in a million years did she even think they would ever find the bird again" And was forever grateful.

Julie's dad gave her the number of the gentleman who actually found the bird first, and said he's the one that should be thanked.

After clipping the wings, the lady joyfully took the bird back to grandma. I recently did a very stupid thing. I have an African Grey named Sam who normally flies like a Sherman tank. He had his wings clipped but they had grown out just enough, I guess. While transferring him from his outside cage to the inside one he was spooked by a movement and away he went tree top high with me in hot pursuit.

My heart was broken. I chased him about a quarter mile and thought he landed in a tree. I walked around the tree calling for him, ready to cry. Suddenly farther away and lower I heard a loud call "Where's the Momma? Sam is one smart bird who knows many things and tells me about them. I would be lost without him. They were found 2 months later. To read more about this accident that never should have happened go to my home page. One day I was in a shop with my hoped future bird just my mum to convince a Blue and Gold Macaw.

When a very snotty nosed lady came up you know the type and she started looking him up and down telling him to say hello and that he needs to wash which was a very strange thing to say! Then when she turned around to her husband, he took his questioning eyes off her, casually turned around to me and said, loudly, "Wretched bird!

My birds and the birds I work with every day at the pet store I work at really entertain me. My Umbrella 'too never utters a word, but will respond with whistles in angry, happy, and irritated tones. Even when my life seemed empty, he was there. I met a very special person over a year ago and was worried about Baby's reaction.

He was very cautious, but after a yr. He walked over to him and kissed him, then me, and I just knew, his love had grown to include us both! My Nanday now ignores me, and yet will cuddle with him for hours!!! Needless to say, he's now talking about an aviary I have a little story that happened a short time ago and thought you would enjoy it. Last week a friend called me, to tell me her sons neighbor was feeding a beautiful bird that had taken up residence there.

She asked if I wanted to go and see if it were my Pede. Of course, I wanted to go. The man was very excited about his bird and said no one was getting it unless the bird went right to them. He described it and I knew it wasn't my Pede, but I wanted to see it, it was somebody's pet. The man was so excited about this bird. Said he loved it, it perched on his porch at night and let him pet it.

He wanted to bring it in, but, his wife wouldn't let him. Well anyway, he said it might be out there in the trees. Out we went to see it. He spotted it under a bush and pointed it out. At that point, I think I hurt the poor man's feeling, I looked at it and said, "It's a chicken! Every time I think of it, I can't help but laugh. Hope it brings a smile to your face. Two weeks ago I went out to pick up my morning paper and noticed a pigeon sitting under my car, I didn't think much of it.

When I went out a few hours later he was still there, I tried to shoo it away but it wouldn't fly. So I picked him up and put him in my backyard, so no cats could get him. When I came back about 4 hours later I went to check on him. I got within 5 feet and he flew up and landed on my shoulder. He stayed up there like he was at home. Now I have built him a perch for inside the house and one for the outdoors, he prefers to be in the house.

He flies off from time to time but always returns to eat and sleep. I have a bittersweet story I posted this on the lost bird page in May. He flew and landed on a fisherman's shoulder and he brought him to a vet.

My mum was contacted, and charged a lost fee for an animal at large? His entire yellow crown feather's were missing. The vet did not give him any medication, my mum took him home, and he died a day later. It was almost like he wanted to come back to her, for closure. They made a little wooden box and she will put him near my fathers grave under a flowering plant. I have two cockatoos who are so dear to me.

Jazz named for the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team is a 7-year old Goffins who started picking his feathers about two years ago when my Moluccan, Jemini, joined our household to stay.

Even though Jazz looks spotty with his ragged feathers he is not completely bald anywhere, but he is not as "feathery" as he once was although physically he is fine , he is a true original.

He throws everything over his head -- food, spoons, oven burner covers, feathers he has picked off -- everything! In fact the Vet always ask how my bird is that does "tricks. Not only does he carry on conversations with me, but he just loves me unconditionally.

He recently "escaped" and got into an ink pen. Now Jemini is a tie-dyed Grateful Dead? He is so affectionate and imitates airplanes, vacuums, and says "I Love You, I do! Oh what immense joy these amazing creatures bring to our lives. We are truly blessed! The other day one of our friends called from down the street and said "is Peanut missing by any chance? I hung up the phone got my husband and ran down the street , sure enough it was a CAG, there was a young teenage girl and boy there also they said they stopped because they saw the bird walking across the street and wondered what it was "thank god it didn't get hit".

So we took the bird home and put it in one of our spare cages that we use for our birds when they go outside and called the Parrot rescue for LIPS. Ironically this gentleman just joined LIPS and a little after we reported finding this bird he reported the bird lost. I wasn't home at the time when the gentleman picked up his bird, but my husband said that "do you know when a little kid is lost and all of a sudden sees his mommy or daddy his face lights up?

I am soooo glad this story had a happy ending and all is well. I have a 1 year old cockatiel named Twiglet. A while back, I was teaching him the Andy Grifith Show Song which, by the way, he still doesn't get right!

He liked learning it and would sort-of whistle it when the show came on. Anyway, after every time he whistled it he would quickly bob his head like a rock-star! His crest was like a groovy mohawk! He still does that!!! The movie "Paulie" wasn't the first time that a bird has been proclaimed to be a "seeing eye parrot.

I had had Alex for eight months, and during that time, he had become a central part of my life. Even on the worst of days, he was supportive and loving. I just didn't know how much he could give, until that December when I suffered a detached retina. I was experiencing blockage of sight in my right eye, and although I had made an appointment with a local opthamalogist, it wasn't soon enough. One December evening, I lost all sight in that eye, and ended up going through emergency surgery to save my sight.

Thirty-six hours later, I was home, not looking forward to the next month or so of recovery. Alex helped me through that rough time.

This spunky bundle of feathers watched over me while my husband was at work. He never made any noise while I slept on the couch which was a lot. This was rather impressive, considering how loud conures can be.

Occasionally, I would wake to find that he had left his perch to watch me from the top of the couch or the top of my head. My sight was poor, at best, but he would ride on my shoulder and give my cheek a warning nudge if I was about to run into something. He will still do this to this day. And when I got depressed, he was always there with a cuddle and a comforting patter of conure "chuffing. Thank goodness my conure angel was there to watch over me. I belong to a cinn pearl Tiel.

She loves to pickup neon golf ball markers and throw them off the edge of the table that her playpen sits on. I am always telling her to pick up her toys, and usually she totally ignores me.

This one day I was talking on the telephone and not paying a lot of attention to her, just keeping an eye on her so she wouldn't get into trouble. She started picking up all the markers she had scattered and putting them in her red bowl, but she didn't stop there, she picked up all her little plastic animal toys too and attempted to put them in the red bowl.

When she was done, she came over to the edge of her playpen and chirped and chirped at me, as if to say, "See what I did, aren't I a good bird. Tiki is one special bird. We just purchased a blue-fronted amazon.

We know that the bird is 4 yrs. One morning while having my juice he came over and had a few sips. This little guy showed me how much he loved music. He is the cutest. He throws his head up and down and it's so funny to see him, but then for two days he doesn't budge in his cage. I guess all that dancing gives him sore tootsies. The two macaws share a cage and are best buddies, though it's hysterical watching them push each other's buttons. It's especially funny watching them trying to get the last morsel of a treat away from each other.

Elmo will do the over-the-shoulder swipe from on top of Rasta, who will then grab Elmo's little head in her foot and gently! But they do love each other. Elmo literally sleeps under Rasta's wing. Working for an avian vet, I see my share of delightful birds: Here's some more amusing birds we've seen at our vet clinic Every time we had to tube feed this bird, we had to wear plastic bags because the last mouthful would end up as a shower!

There was a violent thunderstorm going on at the time. My first thought was that someone had had an accident out on the highway. I grabbed my boots and flashlight and rushed to the door only to find my daughters goose standing on the top step rapping on the door with her beak to be let in.

When she was a baby she lived in the house and only went out when it was nice. If it started to rain my daughter always brought her in. I guess she thought that this storm was bad enough that she should come in.

Avilio brings down the house when he assassinates Don Galassia in the middle of the performance, causing the Galassias to believe that the Vanettis have betrayed them and sparking off a massive Mob War.

Janet and Jack used to like to attend the opera together with Tim before Janet's death. Tim himself ends up at the Opera House after it's been heavily damaged by the quakes that triggered Batman: No Man's Land , attending a vaudeville style production since the abandoned house has been taken over by artsy types who give out free food and let almost anyone perform, from poetry readings, to short plays, piano recitals, and comedy acts.

In chapters 12 and 13, Twilight, Rarity and co. This gives them the opportunity to present the Princesses with the concept of the flight harness. Set in December , Absit Omen featured a wizarding Winter Opera in which all the in-character attention was focused on those observing the event from the box seats, with the play described only in brief snippets In Pretty Woman , Edward takes Vivian to see La Traviata , in the "cultured Gentleman introduces an uncultured woman to the fine things of life" version.

She is, of course, enraptured. Revenge of the Sith , Anakin and Palpatine have a key conversation while attending Lewis' new piece Tomorrow plays in a London opera house, but he doesn't really want to be there since he has left his love, Tessa, back home.

He is assigned to aid the defection of a KGB officer, General Koskov, covering his escape from the concert hall during the orchestra's intermission. Quantum of Solace has a memorable sequence during a performance of Tosca. In Guarding Tess , they went to the opera. She falls asleep, and Doug accidentally knocks her over instead of waking her up. The Trope Namer is Repo!

The line is from a song wherein several characters prepare to attend. In a very unsettling subversion of the trope, Birth has Nicole Kidman's character visiting the opera, and has the camera focus on her face alone for three full minutes while she seemingly undergoes a complete moral breakdown. In Catwoman , villain George Hedare takes his mistress to a Cirque du Soleil -style performance; the latter is bored and leaves She dodges the security officers by jumping onto the stage and scrambling up the back wall; the audience thinks she's All Part of the Show and applauds.

Anthony Corleone makes his debut in Cavalleria Rusticana , while Michael and Kay seem to be reconciling and ready to start again. This is quickly overshadowed by the several deaths after his performance, including that of his daughter Mary, which is what finally breaks Michael's spirit. Unfortunately for Don, the first aria of that opera is a drinking song, and he sits the rest of the opera out because the sight of everyone but him holding drinking glasses is too much to bear.

Batman Begins eschews sending the Wayne family to the usual movie Tyrone Power in Zorro and instead has Thomas and Martha Wayne mugged and killed leaving the opera early. The opera in question is Mefistofele by Arrigo Boito, which shows thought from the writers: The Marx Brothers show up and Hilarity Ensues , including a baseball game in the orchestra pit.

The Love Parade has a scene where Queen Louise and Alfred attend the opening night of the opera and are forced to hide the strain in their relationship to avoid a scandal that could ruin the country.

Monte Carlo 's climax is a Catch the Conscience opera performance of Monsieur Beaucaire, where the events onstage parallel the heroine's life a little too closely for her comfort. The Quickening film attends a performance of Gotterdammerung , during which he has a flashback and introduces an extremely unpopular element to the series.

It opens with Dominik's family watching a performance. Later in the story, when they visit again, Dominik has a breakdown, tells his parents he is gay and promptly begins making out with a marble bust. In a sad sort of symmetry, the story ends at the opera after Dominik's suicide with his parents sitting in separate boxes.

They are now divorced. Amadeus naturally has several opera scenes: For the central characters—Salieri and Mozart—these are work, but the character of the 18th-century Viennese opera night is expressed rather well—that is to say, rich people in fancy dress chatting and drinking and only half-paying attention to the action onstage, with the ones who had their own boxes getting dinner served and sometimes drunkenly tossing orange peels and other refuse onto the audience below.

A big chunk of the second act takes place during a performance of Turandot at the Vienna Opera. They enjoy the show, but the main purpose was to be seen. Tonight, I think we should both look as Barrayaran as possible. This is done early in The Count of Monte Cristo with people paying more attention to who's in the other boxes one of whom is the mysterious count himself than to anything happening on the stage. A bit of Truth in Television - at the time that the story is set, the opera itself was often incidental to the social act of simply being there and being seen.

In one of the Tales of the City books by Armistead Maupin, two minor characters meet in the men's room of the opera house on Opening Night. One is doing coke, and the other reveals that he always replaces his hearing aid with a small radio and listens to a baseball game throughout.

In Evelina by Frances Burney, there's an opera scene mainly to show off how uncultured most of the other characters are. The opera itself only matters insofar as Watson and Freud are terrifically bored by it—more important is who else is attending that night This setting is revisited a few times. Also, Wharton discusses how the crowd chatters as a matter of course during certain songs, but remain obediently quiet for the important songs.

The important plot point there actually happens in the powder room, and in the lobby later all are focused on who's accompanied them and not the opera itself.

Balzac used this trope to extremes. The performances are unimportant, but usually some Rossini. Lampooned in The Baroque Cycle. Nobody who's anybody in the time of Louis XIV attends an opera to watch the actors ; don't be absurd. While what's happening on and behind the stage in Maskerade is very important, there is a nod to this trope; Granny observes that most of the audience is there to be seen , not to watch.

The Fifth Elephant has Vimes attending a dwarf opera with his wife, along with various other diplomats and dignitaries. He spends more time working out who among the audience is on his suspect list and why, and his main reaction to the opera which depicts the creation of the stolen coronation artifact, the Scone of Stone is to wonder which dwarf in the love story is which, as both dwarf sexes traditionally dress as men.

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Manders June 22, at am. Seconded. OP, I know there are a lot of places in the world where having a low-paying job or no job can mess with your ability to get healthcare, but if you have any access to a doctor, talk to them about this. Basically where characters are attending an Opera, concert, or other Theater performance and take in some culture. Yet this is mainly about what the characters do there. What happens on stage is usually irrelevant, even though we do usually get to see a little of the opera or concert. Fun Games Fun Games for Girls Play the best free online Fun Games for girls on!