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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Kerrin Graefin von Schwerin. Indian Ocean World Travellers: Sailors That Do Not Sail: Indian Ocean Trade and the Merchant Castes: Dialectics of Autochthony and Foreignness The external boundary and coastline oflndia as depicted in the in the Bhuta Cults of the Kanara Coast maps in this book are neither correct nor authentic.

A Gendered Indian Ocean Site: A map of the Indian Ocean x Helene Basu 2. Map including the Indian subcontinent's western coast, the Arabian peninsula and the East Coast 9. Routes followed by dhows arriving at Zanzibar 69 On the Presence of African Musical Culture 4.

A map of the Arabian Sea, including Pakistan and In this context, the 'Crossing Borders Programme' at the University of Iowa has proved a major impetus for furthering studies in the Indian Ocean region. A generous fellowship granted by the University of Iowa and German Academic Exchange Service made it possible for me to begin with editing the present vol- ume. Some ofthe original participants ofthe workshop in Hei- delberg had moved on to other areas, while other scholars had embarked on Indian Ocean studies whose contributions are included in the present volume.

I wish to express my gratitude especially to Paul Greenough and Jim Giblin from the Univer- sity oflowa for their encouragement and the many fruitful dis- cussions we had on the subject. Ilka Borchardt has contributed greatly to bringing the vol- ume into shape.

My final thanks are due to Angelika Malinar for her untiring support of this project. By its very form, In an ' " Antique Land addresses the problems that scholars are faced with when turning to the Indian Ocean: Anthropologists have come to guestion the static division of the world into territorially bounded culture areas, a division that seems more reflective of unequal relationships of power and the dominance of Euro-American categories than con- ducive to critical social analysis Gupta and Ferguson ; 1 I have borrowed this phrase from the title of a workshop organised by Edward Simpson and Kai Kresse in St.

Andrews, Scotland, in April The present volume has grown out of an alternative.. In Arab usage this could refer to either concentrating on South Asia in relation to the wider Indian the Arabian Sea or the more extensive area of the Indian Ocean Ocean world, new perspectives would emerge that highlight itself Wink These names, given to parts of the ocean movement, forced and voluntary migration, and travelling by Arabs and Europeans, all reflect locally rooted perspectives actors, cultures and faiths, on the one hand, as well as pro- from where oceanic regions are mapped.

Same of the original cesses of settlement, cultural relocation, mixture and assimila- Indian terms for the ocean are rather religious in nature tion, on the other cf.

While these processes instead. From the time of the Dharmashastras the ocean was are more often associated with late-twentieth-century global- called 'black water' kalapani , a term charged with notions of isation and West-South relationships cf.

While kalapani has not come to be uni- , the contributors to this volume are directing their versally used, historians have noted that the term 'Indian attention to historical and contemporary flows of people, ideas Ocean' -like 'Arabian Sea' -seems to privilege unduly certain and practices across the Indian Ocean region and examining peoples and sites in the oceanic setting India, Arabia.

Broeze their relocations in South Asia. First of all, it is a cover term for several east Asia around the continent and across the Indian Ocean to separately named seas, such as the 'Arabian Sea', the 'Red Sea' East Africa". Pear- Pearson suggests ''Afrasian Sea" as a more appropriate terrn son suggested a useful description of the overall area of sea In spite of the problems of mapping and naming, covered by the Indian Ocean: In a general sense, this equilateral triangle.

The base is the tropic ofCapricorn The two term refers to the peoples living on its littorals as weil as to sides go north 1 the western one then including the Swahili and those who use it as a maritime highway and have travelled south Arabian coasts, up to north India, and then down from the over the ocean at different times in its history. The only The study of the Indian Ocean has very much been a field for real problem with this is that it excludes the Gulf and the Red Sea, historians, one which anthropologists have entered only re- and these were intricately connected with the Indian Ocean.

Therefore no claim is being 1 Interdisciplinary interactions in regard to the study of the Indian Ocean have made to cover the whole of South Asia's involvement with the Indian Ocean.

University of California, Los Angeles, April Moreover, the proposition of Pearson ; Mukherjee and Subramanian ; Markovits Indian Ocean unity leads to the construction of a new region: Recently, Indian Ocean historians have begun to move the maritime Indian Ocean world. Thus, in order to overcome beyond an analytical perspective that, while concerned with disciplinary divisions between anthropologists and historians maritime activities, is still primarily land oriented McPherson and to avoid the pitfalls of new and artificially constructed ; Pearson Instead, the ocean itself should become regional boundaries, the concept of "process geographies", the focus as an arena of economic and political interactions.

Thus, present historical research is often guided by one or According to this view, regions become several of the following analytical propositions: Regions are best focusing upon the ocean itself as a meaningful space of interac- viewed as initial contexts for themes that generate variable geogra- tion Pearson Instead, it directs us to the ; Barendse ; , of Islam expanding across a question of the quality of trans-oceanic connectedness, with range of diverse economic and socio-cultural regional systems Pearson asking "whether one finds enough strands to depict a McPherson ; Risso To remain 3 Trans-oceanic migrations of people and their historic set- with this metaphor, the historians and anthropologists who tlement in regions other than their original 'homelands' e.

Deutsch and Reinwald ; Hartwig On the other hand, reflected in mappings of the ocean, relatively little is known anthropologists face a twofold dilemma: Middleton l i Horton and Middleton interactions and cultural transformations through movements By contrast, not much attention has been paid to the that are so characteristic oflndian Ocean settings cf.

Pearson effects of similar impacts on South Asian littoral social set- Reflecting the influence of current debates on glo- tings.

How have these been influenced by Indian Ocean histo- balisation, the search for unity has given way to stressing cos- ries? And how is the Indian Ocean past encountered in the mopolitanism as the most distinctive mark of Indian Ocean present? In order to answer these questions, a shift of perspec- sites. For McPherson, a leading proponent of the thesis of cos- tive is called for. Thus, instead of looking at the sea from the mopolitanism, the term refers to mutual adaptations of cul- land, most of the contributors to this volume focus upon tural forms and rnay be usefully employed when denoting the land as seen from the sea.

This necessitates rethinking "the presence of a variety of confessional, cultural, and racial the construction of boundaries on different levels. While the groups within a single urban setting" But he also articles brought together here reflect the diverse analytical cautions his readers that "in the port cities of the Indian perspectives and concerns of their authors, they neverthe- Ocean, cosmopolitanism affected only certain sectors of soci- less reveal, implicitly or explicitly, an engagement with bound- ety in a limited number of ways" ibid.

Anthropologists are often critical of sweep- Asian themes comes to the fore. These may be further distin- ing concepts such as unity or cosmopolitanism and tend to guished, for analytical purposes, into those that constitute a emphasise instead the necessity of grounding of such concepts conceptual level, referring to scholarly debates, and those that in practices and values.

A significant example of such an ap- pertain to a practical level based on empirical observation. Here, the claim made by Indian Ocean world form the broad outlines of the three sec- historians that Islam unified the Indian Ocean world is recon- tions of the book: Regional lslamic con- 2 the social and symbolic effects of the ocean in the formation sciousness is shown to have arisen from multiple sources. Local variations in Islamic knowledge has been the 'unity' of this world in the face.

Searching for what 'makes the ocean or from Indonesia to Zanzibar Lambek ; Purpura Chaudhuri ; enclaves, the intersections of global processes and local en- Barendse ; Risso Today, people of African origin identify themselves as along the western coast of India that are shaped by or reflect Sidi in parts of Pakistan Karachi, Makran coast and India past and present connectedness with the Indian Ocean.

Seafar- Gujarat, Karnataka , whereas in 1-lyderabad Andhra Pradesh, ing, trade and travel were the means by which people and India and other parts of Sindh Pakistan they prefer the value systems originating in diverse cultural settings came name 'Habshi'.

This section demonstrates how empirical Indian Ocean more recently, as 'African diasporas' Alpers ; Jayasuriya themes such as trading, the spreading of Islam by Sufis, and and Pankhurst ; Catlin-Jairazbhoy and Alpers In past and present migration processes became entangled in this volume, the focus is shifted to Sidi and Habshi practices South Asia with themes of hierarchy, status concerns and and constructions of identity in terms oflndian Ocean themes.

In this way, social frames of reference applied by Sidis and Embodying an important 'loose end of the rope' that runs 1-! In the his- pendence or fusion between 'Africanness' and 'Arabness', one tory of the subcontinent they were known by the names that also underlies notions of 'Swahili' on the east African '1-labshi' from Arabic 'Abyssinia' and 'Sidi'.

In South Asian contexts, traces of 'Swahili' cultures history of India, as in the context of Muslim sovereignty, the appear to have been refigured in terms ofhierarchical values of term '1-labshi' came to be used as an ethnic labe!

A few years later 1 met people referred to as Sidi in Pakistan among whom a debate 'evas going on aiming at changing their name to 'Habshi' 5 The latter designation has been subjected to a vvide range of spellings, probably because 'Sidi' was felt to have pejorative connotations. Similarly, in Hyderabad corresponding to local pronunciations, such as Siddhi, Sheedi or Sidi. Pipes 9 lt has sometimes been suggested that the name 'Sidi' is derived from 'Sayyid'.

Indian rr1edieva1 history abounds with instances of Habshi obtaining The latter are recognized as descendants of the family of the Prophet and thus power in Bengal, the Deccan and Gujarat. Fora more detailed discussion of Afri- command great respect in the Muslim social world. In Gujarat and Sindh, Sidis can military slaves and aristocratic Habshi in India, see Harris ; Pankhurst remember and practise relationships of allegiance to Sayyid Sufi Pirs which are ; and Basu The first section of the book is concerned with jour- movements between the East African coast, Zanzibar and the neys across the Indian Ocean.

Acknowledging the importance Hadhramaut coast in southern Arabia Oman. The abolition of movement and travel in the formation of the Indian Ocean of the slave trade at the end of the nineteenth century inten- region gives rise to a methodological challenge: This challenge is taken up in the first locations.

By analysing the journey of a dhow in the early paper by Ned Bertz, a historian among anthropologists, whose twentieth century in terms of the interactions between cap- findings on twentieth-century Indian Ocean travellers are tains and passengers, Sheriff highlights the important role the based on multi-sited fieldwork and archival research in Tanza- dhow played in bringing about mixed social and cultural nia and India.

Arguing for an Indian Ocean world constructed forms. Sheriff therefore argues that cosmopolitan littoral cul- from the perspective of travelling individuals and in terms of tures were formed in this part of the Indian Ocean on and cosmopolitan encounters, Bertz recognises structures of the through the dhow. Through an ethno- finds a new job on a ship. By focusing not only on seamen but graphic study of caste loyalties that extend to sites of migra- on different categories of people journeying to and from India tion, Simpson challenges cosmopolitan interpretations made and Africa-such as dancing girls from India in Dar-es-Salaam, by historians.

Simpson is concerned with a caste of sailors in students from Tanzania in lndia, Indian populations in East Kachchh called Kharvas, who are divided into Muslim and Africa and finally politicians-Bertz draws attention to mod- Hindu sections. The latter are tied in patron-client relation- ern constructions of boundaries that are continually being ships to the Bhatiyas, a Hindu merchant caste from Kachchh eroded by long-established practices of crossing borders.

The extending to Oman. The Kharvas no langer sail, but they still fact that today's travellers over the Indian Ocean are mostly cross the ocean to Oman as migrant labourers. Contemporary people who are considered marginal by the Standards of the patterns of migration are embedded, Simpson argues, in loc- places they come from and go to might itself be taken as sym- ally rooted patron-client relationships that provide a powerful ptomatic of the permutations that have turned the Indian incentive for continued identifications with local society in Ocean into one ofthe backwaters of globalisation cf.

Moreover, the Kharva's historical seafaring role is Myths and images of the centre of the historical production of Indian Ocean maritime sea that figure importantly in contemporary ritual construc- cultures. Directing the focus to Zanzibar, which used to be tions of Kharva caste identity are, Simpson shows, effectively an important nodal point of maritime networks, Sheriff ex- merged with Hindu symbols derived from the mythology of plores relationships of a longue duree constituted by maritime Vishnu and the epic of the Rarnayana.


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Salad was disappointing - much room for improvements: Mix of groups age. Service is good and the atmosphere is warm! Those were the most expensive wedges I ever had.

Pepsi light does apparently not have carbonation because it comes out of the bottle. I will go back for brunch, but never again for dinner or lunch. I always gave them a break thinking ok, maybe they had a bad day. Coming since many years to the Sportsbar but today they are rude and unfriendly.

Won't bring my money here for Waitress and manager are horrible. Rubbish customer service not polite at all we came tourist and we were told to leave coz the waiter wanted to clean the table and they were not even closed yet they still had few hours to close!!!!!!!! I'm kind of spoiled growing up in El Paso TX and eating some real Mexican food be it from my mom's kitchen or ju So eating this style of Mexican food here in Germany is different.

The chimichanga was good but the Doritos didn't pass as real homemade tortilla chips. The only other thing that I liked was the Sol beer on hand that was refreshing.

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This is the only plac While these wings lack the diuretic properties of Buffalo Wild Wings, it will get your through your time here. I give this restaurant 5 out of 5! Always liked hanging out here until this past Sunday.

I planned my whole night around expecting there to be kara Arrived there and right away asked for the karaoke books so me and my friend could plan out what we wanted to sing. Sat that for more then two hours since we had to wait until soccer was over. It's a cosy place, not fancy, but homey and the live music is super enjoyable! Also, don't be shy and ask about the craft beers they have on tap! It's usually one or two and they're always delicious!

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This is the only plac e in Wiesbaden to satisfy this intense craving. While these wings lack the diuretic properties of Buffalo Wild Wings, it will get your through your time here. While these wings lack the diuretic properties of Buffalo Wild Wings, it will get your through your time here. Best Breakfast Restaurants in Wiesbaden, Hesse: Find TripAdvisor traveler reviews of the best Breakfast Restaurants in Wiesbaden, and search by price, location, and more. Strong Europe Cafe. likes · 2 talking about this · 2 were here. We are open Monday thru Friday Breakfast is $, Lunch is 5/5(3).