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Black chick wanting the same or Denmark


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So if you are girl and at least 18 or over and can host hit me up. I am Black chick wanting the same or Denmark bit curvy so must be OK with that. I decided to change my attitude, instead of thinking that a partner would bring me joy and happiness, I focused on my own joy and happiness first. Wanting a on going thing, married or alone doesnt matter. So if your interested or just plain wantjng bored hit me up Dfnmark can exchange photos and talk hopefully smoke later.

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Black chick wanting the same or Denmark

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I'm real, generous, with Black chick wanting the same or Denmark wicked sense of humor. Your favorite drink can be non alcoholic. I am not into meeting octopuses, so if you are into I am not the one for you.

Fwb waiting for a fwb in Dickson who doesn't mind that I'm in a relationship. College Student seeking FWB Me: 23 years old Muscular Respectful Tall Latino Hung Clean You: 18-35 years old Inshape Cleandisease free Mobile seeking for a FWB to meet up whenever we'd want, we can go halfs on a hotel room or some car fun before or after clboobies. I get attached easy so it may as well turn into a LTR. I hope so.


I thought blacks had it bad in England, but I gotta tell you, we have it worse here. I hesitate to say this but it is a fact.. As a person of color you feel it and if one is not careful, it drags you down slowly.

Danes are generally mistrustful of all people brown or black. The only pages I now limit myself to are the job ad section.. Denmark is not Black friendly at all. If you are black.. I have been told it is worse in Germany and France.. I find myself increasingly reluctant to bring up my children in this country. I never pulled numbers like that during my blogging era. It all sounded good in my head, when I thought about writing this post.

A lot has changed. I have two children now, own part of a mortgage, got a steady income, still married to a great guy, still love and like him yet I still pine for home. I pine because I know and believe that my career life would have been different. Certain things would have been easier. My heart would have smiled a little bit more.

I pine because I am at crossroads in my self journey. Trying to reconcile my dreams and my reality. My career died here and I have not been able to resurrect it. I still do blue collar work. I hate going into work everyday. Could be the economy, could be because I am black, could be my luck run out. Every other aspect of my life is perfect. Socially…that is something else and that is all I am saying. Danes and non-Danes living here know what I mean.

It follows the life of a Nigerian couple who own a cleaning business. As a black woman it leaves a funny taste in my mouth, because when you watch this show, you are not laughing with them, but at them.

Last week, I turned it off because it was too much, I was embarrssed for them and irritated by them. The credit roll features 2 black sambo like caricutures and apparently that is ok…. Chika Unigwe explains it best here. Before I go I would like to say that I personally know only 3 black african proffesionals. All three got thier jobs before coming to Denmark. One can hardly string a sentence in Danish, but works for a multinational. The other works for one of the UN branches here, does not speak Danish, another speaks enough Danish to get by.

I say this to give you a perspective of being black and educated in Denmark. I am considering taking down this post because of all the hate and craziness going on. And yes I do get to read all the crazy comments as well as the sane comments. I believe in dialogue etc etc but dang.. I wrote the original post in September that is 8 years ago and yes in that time I have changed as a person.

Do I think that discrimination situation in Denmark has improved, to be honest, no I do not. But I do not give it that much place in my life because I go on about my life the best way I know how. I figured out a long time ago that there is not such thing as Utopia. There are going to be people who think all black people are inferior, uneducated and low-class citizens of the world. That is on them and not on me.

I pay them no mind and they do not bother me in the least. There will be people who think that white people are the devil incarnate, murders and thieves of the world. I pay them no mind either. So those who want to hate, no matter what color spectrum you occupy, go ahead and do that. But enough is enough. This is my little home in the space called the internet and I will not tolerate any more craziness.

We may not all agree, but we can discuss stuff with respect and without insults. In the period to I was averaging about 30 views per month or less and now it is per day! Anyway, that said, here is my update.

Do things ever change for people of color living in a country that is predominantly ethnically white or lighter than perceived black. Do the biases go away? I travelled much through East and Southern Africa. I was part of the majority.

I never stood out. I belonged to the privileged minority of midclass, educated Africans. How do you mean, you say. Just trying looking for a job or getting credit at the shop. Certain jobs are open to you, no problem…. The subtle way people interact with you, the weird expectations placed on you…. You learn to live with it. Danes are like any human being around the world, you find all sorts of humans, the same applies in Denmark.

However as a society or a group…. Paradoxically enough, I understand the xenophobia. I get it, this time the difference is that I am on the receiving end of it and it sucks. My experience here in Denmark has made me a more compassionate person. Opened my eyes to the reality that in my own country, I and thousands like me are and have been guilty of the same ish, I am accusing of Danes. Oh and by the way, I am a very happy balanced person. I know the original post does not read that way, but I am.

I had just moved to Denmark, I was in the midst of an immense culture shock. I lost myself in those first years here.

I had to find myself again… that in itself has been a journey of its own. Denmark does have a socially repressive regime that makes it impossible even for Danes married to foreigners to live in that country together.

I give all Africans who live in Europe my respect, it is very oppressive and difficult to make a living there. There are times I want to complain about America but I look at what you people have to go through and I give you marks. I hear Australia isnt much better. I wouldnt ever consider bringing up a child in the states so bringing one up in Europe where they would be subject to constant ridicule and oppression would never ever happen.

Keep your head up! I have had more than enough… you are right about the socially repressive regime…. I will keep keeping my head up! Blacks will be the victim of the most severe oppression for years. Mary Aloe Proud Mary Entertainment. Who wants to subject their kids to this constant, grinding ridicule?? Hey Manky, I wrote that at a time in my life when I was very angry, depressed and very anti-Denmark.

I do not take back what I wrote, but now that I have lived here longer and been out in the work place, interacted with more Danes, I am less hostile towards Denmark. Denmark certaintly has a long long way to go in regards to race relations be it, black or brown. For me what I find empowering is knowing who I am and what I am worth and that is what I want to teach my child. People will always judge you, and yes in certain places it is worse than others but there none-the-less.

As long as I know myself and my worth, then no one and their perceptions can bog me down. Be so fucking kind and learn their customs and traditions. Hordes of rampant towelheads riot on the streets of european cities, thousands of these immigrants come along,bringing all their huge families with them, draining the welfare system. What do you expect? Be thankful,that you had the chance to get out your famine-ridden, war-torn, shithole of a country in the first place.

Chris, immigrants move to Western countries because such countries have screwed us over since the 19th century.

You came to Africa and ruined our beautiful continent, sold millions into slavery destroying well established kingdoms. Next you took our land, introduced warfare and took control of our states during colonization.


American Black Chick in Europe

Steve wanted to make a special note of stating that black women are too often unfairly stereotyped about being aggressive or loud. Personally, I've never experienced it. Even when we argue, Tasha doesn't curse or get excited.

She's about as soft as a woman can be made. Tasha said that Steve had her figured out without her saying a word. But, you know, you keep that stuff hidden. And there he was. And at that point, at 36, with all the players around in New York, I had never thought it would happen for me, but it did. He was the good, solid man that I needed". When asked about the racial factor, Steve says that he has dated black women before but only this relationship became long-term. Tasha said this was her first relationship with a white man.

They both said that seeing each other's opposite skin color in bed heightens their excitement. Tasha said, "Somehow, when I see him laying against my dark skin , it feels like we're doing something naughty or taboo, and we are definitely into it. Steve and Tasha are headed in the right direction because marriages between black women and white men work. Peter 31, and Belinda, 29 are both teachers and met at a teacher's conference. Peter says he was always attracted to black women.

I like their features, especially if they have blue eyes, and the lightness of their skin. Peter says that he and Belinda were assigned to a project at the teacher's conference and they slowly got to know each other.

We were playing it safe because we wanted to maintain that respect first and foremost. She was a bit shy but I got the go-ahead vibe and went in for a kiss. That was the beginning of the beginning. Peter says, "When it came to hitting on a black woman, I had found I had to be especially careful. You really don't know how seriously she will take you, whether she will accept you in that way.

All you can do is wait for the right moment and see how the woman feels about it. In my case, it worked out well. She's become the light of my life. I just really love her. Peter said that he was attracted to Belinda because she was "black, sweet, shapely, and had a cute laugh.

Funny how small things lead to big things. Belinda said she liked Peter because he was "professional, gentlemanly, looked good in a shirt and tie, and had nice light brown hair and blue eyes.

He was kind and he was cute! I am looking for that one white man, and I am a black lady. Is it hard for interracial couples to meet? Is lovemaking different with a black woman?

As a single white male, I find it easier to engage in conversation with black women and have a meaningful dialogue. This seems more difficult when approaching white women.

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Prince Maximilian and Princess Angela of Liechtenstein. As if we really needed reasons -- but let's dive in! Steve and Tasha Steve is a year-old account executive in Manhattan and Tasha is a year-old social worker. He was the good, solid man that I needed" When asked about the racial factor, Steve says that he has dated black women before but only this relationship became long-term. I can't say what it'd be like to meet girls for a foreign-looking male, given that I'm a girl, but I did want to comment on whether or not there is a racist attitude in Copenhagen.

I am going to vote on the 'no' side. I am an Asian female and was in Copenhagen for 2 wks. I didn't feel singled out even though, I did stand out in the crowds there. In fact, I'm from Canada Quebec and actually have felt more racism here than in Copenhagen. And I did see several interracial couples, so if you do want to pick up a girl, it seems quite possible. TripAdvisor staff removed this post either because the author requested it, or because it did not meet TripAdvisor's forum guidelines.

We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. I'm Asian girl and I have been travel quite often to Sandinavian countries. Compare to a multi cultrure city like Malmo I think Copenhagen is quite "purely" white people. I found that the Danes just keep a "cold attitute" as Copenhagener indicate in this board.

They don't care, don't stare and also don't give you kind of friendly smile on the street. I experienced that sometime you may have trouble with the young Tusks, they gathered up in a gang of 4 - 6 around 14 - 19 years old something I often see them teasing people on the train or touch, follow you at the station or on the street.

One thing I don't think anyone has mentioned is the difference between the racism that might be experienced by an immigrant living and working in a country, compared to that experienced by a foreign tourist. Every country has racism, even a tolerant, liberal democracy like Denmark. The world is becoming a smaller place, more and more people travel to find work and sometimes that causes friction in the places they travel to. Tourists by definition come from other places, and the majority of people wherever you are are happy to show off their beloved country to you.

I've lived in areas where there were mostly blacks and I've seen whites come in and be very timid or nervous. Some of them were friends of mine who didn't think it'd be safe for them to come to that area. People treat outsiders differently. I think that's just human nature. Not everyone is mean in their treatment though. Some just aren't used to the change so they stare or act different than usual, creating discomfort.

I got that in Copenhagen but found that just doing as the Danes do, being reserved yet polite and friendly whenever possible, worked just fine.

After 2 days at my hotel, the staff went from stern and serious to open and very helpful and going the extra mile. I'd say just keep cool and be respectful. For instance, "Mange Tak" Thank you very much. Also used "Excuse Me" and other polite terms frequently and people seemed to be very welcoming and helpful in that I was obviously a tourist but trying their language. They seemed to appreciate it. I grew up in a small rural town and everyone was white.

There was one family who were Chinese and they ran the local Chinese store. They were a complete novelty. Yes I look but I try not to stare - it's curiosity - not racism. I travel because I love seeing different people whatever colour or design their face may be - hell, it's half the reason for going! Totally agree with you Sydney chick. I currently work with some guys from India and love hearing about their country. We talk and get along well. I've travelled all over Europe and have often been the most different person in the area.

But, as you have said about yourself, most people just look because it's a rarity. You'd laugh if you saw the looks on the people's faces when we stopped for gas in a small village 2 hours from Prague.

Yet at the same time I feel such a sense of compassion and 11 years on, Being black and in Denmark, has anything changed??? .. The reason why I found this post is because I'm dating a Kenyan girl and I wanted to find. Ladies from Finland (79%), Sweden (78%), Denmark (76%) and Norway (76%) at the same level – 27% have a sex drive higher than the average woman. they deserve it to have it whenever and wherever they want,” Mr Vedal said. Unfaithful men prefer curvy lovers · Not on the Lips - Is Not Kissing the New Black ?. Choco's World - Racism in Denmark - Duration: Choco Guilène 14, views · Why White Women Are Appealing To This Black Men.