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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. This Category is not shown on its member pages unless the appropriate user preference is set. Media in category "Photographs by Jay Sturner" The following files are in this category, out of total.

Alice's Restaurant deck, parking lot, flag. Amanita flavoconia - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Anolis evermanni in El Yunque national park. Antlion larva - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Avenue of the Giants Sequoia sempervirens. Bagworm - Flickr - Jay Sturner 1. Bagworm - Flickr - Jay Sturner.

Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis - Flickr - Jay Sturner 1. Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis - Flickr - Jay Sturner 2. Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis - Flickr - Jay Sturner 3. Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis - Flickr - Jay Sturner 4.

Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis - Flickr - Jay Sturner 5. Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis - Flickr - Jay Sturner 6. Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis - Flickr - Jay Sturner 7.

Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis - Flickr - Jay Sturner 8. Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis about to bloom - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Bog body - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Boxelder Acer negudo with young fruit - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Bristly Cutworm Moth Lacinipolia renigera. Carolina Wren - Flickr - Jay Sturner.

Carolina Wrens - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Carrion Flower Smilax sp. Chionanthus virginicus - Morton Arboretum - 2. Chionanthus virginicus - Morton Arboretum. Collected Poems - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Common Blue Violet Viola sororia var. Coralroot orchid Corallorhiza sp. Crambus agitatellus moth - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Downy Woodpecker - Flickr - Jay Sturner 1. Downy Woodpecker - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories Photographs by Flickr photographer.

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Carrion Flower Smilax sp. Chionanthus virginicus - Morton Arboretum - 2. Chionanthus virginicus - Morton Arboretum. Collected Poems - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Common Blue Violet Viola sororia var. Coralroot orchid Corallorhiza sp. Crambus agitatellus moth - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Downy Woodpecker - Flickr - Jay Sturner 1.

Downy Woodpecker - Flickr - Jay Sturner. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories Photographs by Flickr photographer.

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But on the fifth day, when the Athenians had sailed over to the enemy and back again, as was now their wont, very carelessly and contemptuously, Lysander, as he sent out his reconnoitring ships, ordered their commanders, as soon as they saw that the Athenians had disembarked, to put about and row back with all speed, and when they were half way across, to hoist a brazen shield at the prow, as a signal for the onset.

Conon, the Athenian general, who was the first to see from the land the onset of the fleet, suddenly shouted orders to embark, and deeply stirred by the threatening disaster, called upon some, besought others, and forced others still to man the triremes.

For just as soon as they had disembarked, since they expected no trouble, some went to market, some walked about the country, some lay down to sleep in their tents, and some began to get their suppers ready, being as far as possible removed from any thought of what was to happen, through the inexperience of their commanders. And the men, coming up unarmed and in straggling fashion, perished at their ships, or if they fled by land, their enemies, who had disembarked, slew them.

He had wrought a work of the greatest magnitude with the least toil and effort, and had brought to a close in a single hour a war which, in length, and the incredible variety of its incidents and fortunes, surpassed all its predecessors. Therefore some actually thought the result due to divine intervention. And some say also that the falling of the stone was a portent of this disaster; for according to the common belief, a stone of vast size had fallen from heaven at Aegospotami, [25] and it is shown to this day by the dwellers in the Chersonese, who hold it in reverence.

He says that before the stone fell, for seventy-five days continually, there was seen in the heavens a fiery body of vast size, as if it had been a flaming cloud, not resting in one place, but moving along with intricate and irregular motions, so that fiery fragments, broken from it by its plunging and erratic course, were carried in all directions and flashed fire, just as shooting stars do.

However, the minute discussion of this subject belongs to another kind of writing. Then, after bathing and putting on a rich robe, he went first to the slaughter and showed his countrymen the way, as Theophrastus writes. After this, Lysander sailed to the various cities, and ordered all the Athenians whom he met to go back to Athens, for he would spare none, he said, but would slaughter any whom he caught outside the city.

He also suppressed the democratic, and the other forms of government, and left one Lacedaemonian harmost [27] in each city, and ten rulers chosen from the political clubs which he had organized throughout the cities. For in his appointments of the rulers he had regard neither to birth nor wealth, but put control of affairs into the hands of his comrades and partisans, and made them masters of rewards and punishments.

He also took part himself in many massacres, and assisted in driving out the enemies of his friends. Thus he gave the Greeks no worthy specimen of Lacedaemonian rule, nay, 5 even the comic poet Theopompus was thought absurd in likening the Lacedaemonians to tavern-women, because they gave the Greeks a very pleasant sip of freedom, and then dashed the wine with vinegar; for from the very first the taste was harsh and bitter, since Lysander not only would not suffer the people to be masters of their affairs, but actually put the cities into the hands of the boldest and most contentious of the oligarchs.

Here he suppressed the governments of all the remaining cities in like manner, and set up decadarchies, many citizens being slain in each city, and many banished; he also drove out all the Samians, and handed their cities over to the men whom they had banished. And this was the first step of his which was resisted by the Lacedaemonians, who restored the Sestians again to their country.

And now, when he learned that the people of Athens were in a wretched plight from famine, he sailed into the Piraeus, and reduced the city, which was compelled to make terms on the basis of his commands. And if walls made cities prosperous, then Sparta must be in the worst plight of all, since she has none. And some say that in very truth a proposition to sell the Athenians into slavery was actually made in the assembly of the allies, and that at this time Erianthus the Theban also made a motion that the city be razed to the ground, and the country about it left for sheep to graze.

Further, he put a garrison into the acropolis, and made Callibius, a Spartan, its harmost. But the Thirty, to gratify Callibius, soon afterwards put Autolycus to death.

When, however, the ephors opened the sacks and counted the money, its amount did not agree with the written lists, and the thing perplexed them, until a servant of Gylippus made the truth known to them by his riddle of many owls sleeping under the tiling.

For most of the coinage of the time, as it seems, bore the effigy of an owl, owing to the supremacy of Athens. And the wisest of the Spartans, being led by this instance in particular to fear the power of money, which they said was corrupting influential as well as ordinary citizens, reproached Lysander, and fervently besought the ephors to purify the city of all the silver and the gold, as imported curses.

The ephors deliberated on the matter. Now this was of iron, and was dipped in vinegar as soon as it came from the fire, that it might not be worked over, but be made brittle and intractable by the dipping. And this vice was not removed by allowing no private person to possess money, so much as it was encouraged by allowing the city to possess money, its use thereby acquiring dignity and honour.

Moreover, it takes far less time for public practices to affect the customs of private life, than it does for individual lapses and failings to corrupt entire cities. And so these magistrates merely set the fear of the law to guard the houses of the citizens, that money might have no entrance there, but did not keep their spirits undaunted by the power of money and insensible to it; they rather inspired them all with an emulous desire for wealth as a great and noble object of pursuit.

On this point, however, we have censured the Lacedaemonians in another treatise. At any rate, Lysander was at this time more powerful than any Greek before him had been, and was thought to cherish a pretentious pride that was greater even than his power.

One of these is handed down, and begins as follows: But since, owing to the court that was paid to him, great haughtiness and severity crept into his character along with his ambition, there was no such moderation as would become a popular leader either in his rewards or punishments, but the prizes he awarded to his friends and allies were irresponsible lordships over cities, and absolute sovereignties, while the sole punishment that could satisfy his wrath was the death of his enemy; not even exile was allowed.

Wherefore Eteocles the Lacedaemonian won great approval when he said that Hellas could not have borne two Lysanders. Now this same utterance was made by Archestratus concerning Alcibiades also, [43] as Theophrastus tells us.

When the ephors send out an admiral or a general, they make two round pieces of wood exactly alike in length and thickness, so that each corresponds to the other in its dimensions, and keep one themselves, while they give the other to their envoy.

At this conference he begged Pharnabazus to write another letter about him to the magistrates, stating that he had not been wronged at all, and had no complaints to make. For Pharnabazus, after promising to do all that he desired, openly wrote such a letter as Lysander demanded, but secretly kept another by him ready written.