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Copyright by John "Nonjohn" Tennison, M. This article is a draft that contains only a fraction of the material that I will eventually publish as a book. Some sections and references in this article are incomplete and will be expanded in the book, including never-before-published material from field research on Boogie Woogie by me and others.

Africa is a rich continent that has for centuries provided the world with art, culture, labor, wealth, and natural resources. Moreover, music historian, Dave Oliphant has written: Thus, as I consider Boogie Woogie, I intend to remain ever mindful that we are all of African descent. Being mindful of this fact suggests certain questions: Is there historical and cultural evidence in Africa even today that suggest a common biological heritage and aesthetic sensibility among human beings?

If so, what are the elements of this common aesthetic? Does Boogie Woogie share any of these elements? To the extent that these questions can be answered in the affirmative, Boogie Woogie can be seen in a much larger context than merely being a popular music and dance form originating in the United States. However, before considering Boogie Woogie in such a broad historical context, I want to first examine its evolution within the United States.

T he photo above was taken in Minglewood, TN in A fast, rolling bass—giving the piece an undercurrent of tremendous power—power piano playing. This style was often referred to as a 'fast western' or 'fast blues' as differentiated from the 'slow blues' of New Orleans and St. At these gatherings the ragtime and blues boys could easily tell from what section of the country a man came, even going so far as to name the town, by his interpretation of a piece. Simms Campbell, , pages , in Chapter 4 "Blues" in the book, "Jazzmen: Consistent with the findings of E.

And all the Old-time Texans, black or white, are agreed that boogie piano players were first heard in the lumber and turpentine camps, where nobody was at home at all. The style dates from the early s. Even before ragtime, with its characteristic syncopation and forward momentum, was picked up by whites in the North, boogie was a necessary factor in Negro existence wherever the struggle for an economic foothold had grouped the ex-slaves in segregated communities mostly in water-front cities along the gulf, the Mississippi and its tributaries.

Despite the fact that both E. Simms Campbell and Elliot Paul mention " turpentine camps ," there is good reason to conclude that Boogie Woogie did not originate in turpentine camps. For a more detailed explanation of the reasoning that led to this conclusion, see the section titled " Why Boogie Woogie Is Unlikely to Have Originated in Turpentine Camps.

On page 2 of his "Boogie Woogie and Blues Folio," 63 in his annotation to the reprint of the sheet music of George W. Thomas Clarence Williams states: It wasn't called the 'Boogie Woogie' then.

George Thomas was the fellow who used this style and first wrote it down. This image of George Washington Thomas, Jr. Click here to go to the website of the East Texas Research Center.

Although there is an obvious typographical error in his comments, in "Looking Up at Down: However, the style became a fixture in "Deep Ellum" after the turn of the century.

These comments on the origin of Boogie Woogie by Barlow is consistent with the witnessing by Leadbelly, as well as with the account given by Lee Ree Sullivan of Texarkana. Jefferson might have also derived his "Booga Rooga" bass line from Lead Belly, after Leadbelly witnessed Boogie Woogie bass lines played by pianists in the Arklatex.

The quotations above from E. Simms Campbell and Clarence Williams are among the earliest accounts that attribute an origin of Boogie Woogie music to a specific geographical region, namely Texas. Their comments above are also noteworthy in that neither E. Simms Campbell nor Clarence Williams were from Texas. Campbell was from St. Louis and spent time living and conducting research in both Chicago and New York.

Williams was from Louisiana, and also spent considerable time living in Chicago and New York. Thus, neither man had a conflict of interest or a Texas bias that might have contributed to a distortion in their thinking about the geographical origin of Boogie Woogie.

Moreover, in , after many years of researching the development of the Blues in America, historian Paul Oliver corroborated the idea that Boogie Woogie music originated in Texas See below.

Consequently, part of my current analysis will focus on looking at evidence and at the music and migratory patterns of early Texas Boogie Woogie players.

At the same time, I want to see if it is possible to account for other early reports of the performance of Boogie Woogie that seem to be geographically discontinuous with the preponderance of early reports. In summary, I hope to engage in a sort of "meta-analysis" that will yield a coherent theory for development of Boogie Woogie that takes into account all known evidence.

I will describe the musical features that distinguish Boogie Woogie. Moreover, when appropriate, I will also take the opportunity to defend the musicality of and dispel misconceptions about Boogie Woogie. Ultimately, I want to consider Boogie Woogie in a much broader context of human evolution and universal aesthetic sensibilities. Part of this broader consideration will examine how the formal elements of Boogie Woogie have strong correlates and associations with ancient spiritual, religious, and sexual practices.

Moos wrote [when referring to the developers of the Boogie Woogie]: The sounds of barrelhouse Boogie Woogie spread out in all directions following the path of the newly emerging railroad lines. In this way the music got around -- all through Texas -- and eventually, of course, out of Texas. Now when this new form of piano music came from Texas, it moved out towards Louisiana.

It was brought by people like George Thomas, an early pianist who was already living in New Orleans by about and writing "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues," which really has some of the characteristics of the music that we came to know as Boogie. If anyone knows of any other pictures of George or Hersal Thomas other than those displayed in this article, please contact me at nonjohn nonjohn. They are credited with discovering the Boogie Woogie style.

However, in my upcoming book, I will provide an analysis of all evidence that I have collected to develop a coherent theory of the most probable locations within Texas where George and Hersal could have been exposed to specific musical elements later seen in "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues," "The Fives," and "The Rocks, " and other pieces by the Thomas brothers. What is a "Barrelhouse? Above is a barrelhouse of the sort where Boogie Woogie was born. When discussing the "barrelhouse" style of Boogie Woogie pianist, Robert Shaw, the Texas Handbook of History gives the following description of a "barrelhouse: The back of the barrelhouse was also used as a bawdy house.

Definitions of Boogie Woogie. The New Harvard Dictionary of Music 2 , , defines "Boogie Woogie" as "a piano blues style featuring percussive ostinato accompaniments" that involve "steadily repeated bass patterns, one or two bars long" that "delineate the bar blues progression, sometimes with IV in measure 2 or In , Smithsonian music historian Martin Williams wrote page 50 Like all succinct attempts to define Boogie Woogie, these are, by necessity, limited in detail.

Yet, they provide a starting place to approach Boogie Woogie, and from which to consider instances that defy these definitions. For a more detailed consideration of Boogie Woogie's formal musical characteristics, see the " Tennison's Ten Boogie Woogie Elements " section below. How Old is Boogie Woogie? In , Martin Williams noted that "no one knows how old" Boogie Woogie is page Moreover, they identify boogie woogie with the Pine Top smith record.

They are, however, quick to point out that the elements Smith used had been common for decades. This account is consistent with Sammy Price's account 40 , which indicates that Blind Lemon Jefferson was playing Boogie Woogie bass figures on his guitar which Jefferson called "booga rooga" before Pine Top Smith made his piano recordings. However, despite Mack McCormick's learning that Robert Shaw was not familiar with the term, "Fast Western," 66 Lee Ree Sullivan of Texarkana told me in that he was familiar with " Fast Western " and " Fast Texas " as terms to refer to Boogie Woogie in general, but not to denote the use of any specific bass figure used in Boogie Woogie.

Sullivan said that "Fast Western" and "Fast Texas" were terms that derived from the "Texas Western" Railroad Company of Harrison County, formed on February 16, , but which did not build track until after later changing its name to " Southern Pacific " on August 16, This Texas-based "Southern Pacific" was the first "Southern Pacific" railroad, and was in no way connected to the more well known "Southern Pacific" originating in San Francisco, California.

Although the "Texas Western" Railroad Company changed its name to "Southern Pacific," Sullivan said the name "Texas Western" stuck among the slaves who were used to construct the first railway hub in northeast Texas. According to Sullivan, slaves had access to pianos on Sundays in some churches after the earlier morning services of white church-goers were completed. Sullivan said that, as far as he knew, prior to the Civil War, Sunday was the only day of the week on which slaves formally congregated at churches to play piano music in northeast Texas.

However, some slave narratives indicate informal access to pianos in non-scheduled contexts, such as in the homes of slaves owners. The historical account of Clarence Williams indicates that George W. So when Clarence Williams claims that " George Thomas was the fellow who used this style and first wrote it down," 63 it appears that having "wrote it down" does not refer to publishing, but rather having transcribed a Boogie Woogie broken-octave bass line.

Moreover, the Boogie Woogie broken-octave walking bass figure in Matthew's "The Weary Blues," is the same bass figure that Paul Oliver and others have identified as "The Cows" and as having originated in Texas. In his book, "Ragtime: However, analysis of Boone's original sheet music, and analysis of Boone's piano roll performance of his "Southern Rag Medley 2," reveals that Boone's Alabama-bound bass line does not rise to the level of being a "Boogie Woogie" bass line.

Specifically, Boone maintains a "duple-meter," "oom-pah" feel with his Alabama-bound broken-octave, bass line. Despite being "broken octaves" that "walk," Boone's broken octaves do not create a sense of ostinato, and his broken-octave bass notes remain harmonically subservient to the harmonic demands of the right hand, rather than achieve Boogie Woogie's sense of melodic and contrapuntal independence from the right hand part. Still, Boone's "Southern Rag Medley 2" is important in that this piece represents one of the earliest transcriptions of a transitional form suggestive of both Ragtime and Boogie Woogie.

Also, Matthews "broken-octaves" in "Pastime Rag No. Not until Jimmy Blythe's "Chicago Stomp" is there an example of with the exception of the 4-measure introduction a piece of music containing a Boogie Woogie bass line from beginning to end. When Francis Davis says that "barrelhouse forked into boogie-woogie," 7 the word "forked" implies that some stylistic change might have occurred at the time of the "fork.

Moreover, despite Davis' description, not all Boogie Woogie is 8-to-the-bar, and right-hand parts of Boogie Woogie are not necessarily rhythmic variations of the bass line. Even though the preponderance of evidence is consistent with an East Texas geographical origin for Boogie Woogie, historians do not have enough evidence to pin down the date of the very first occurrence of what could be called Boogie Woogie.

Pease on page 8 of the October 15, issue of Down Beat Magazine 83 noted the following in an article about Pinetop Smith: Other than noting that they were the "oldest" residents, Sharon Pease was not specific about how many or which residents had been surveyed to determine that Boogie Woogie had been " Pease would have come to the same conclusion whether or not his survey was limited to African Americans.

If the "oldest residents" as of October 15, to which Sharon Pease refers were solely African American, some of these African Americans would almost certainly have been old enough to have witnessed the piano performances of the early s.

Moreover, by counting backwards from the ages of all known living African Americans who were alive as of the Down Beat article on October 15, , it would be possible to derive a range of time prior to that African Americans in the population to which Sharon Pease referred could have potentially heard Boogie Woogie.

Certainly, African musical sensibilities were present prior to


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Her stories are relatable to individuals of diverse demographics, who have suffered a loss, been hurt, have low self-esteem, have lost hope, or need a word of encouragement. She strives to take your emotions on a roller coaster ride, one page at a time. Chelle holds an MBA in Human Resource Management, which she puts to use in her Human Resources role by day, while she writes her fiction novels at night. Her novels can be found online at Chelle Ramsey Amazon.

Thanks for joining me for another Motivational Monday Moment! Please be so gracious as to leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you! To join this blog simply click "Follow This Blog," "Subscribe," or "Email" links in the upper right corner. Fab Friday Features, Edward King Write Now Literary is pleased to be coordinating a blog tour for Edward King.

This tour will run August Book your own tour here. In August , Edward King was in a traumatic car accident that nearly ended his young life. From this accident, he had an incredible out-of-body experience. This is his story along with a collection of simple poetry designed to help one come closer to Christ. Edward King is a positive-writing author, who tells us about how to look at things in a positive perspective.

With his inspirational writings, he has come a long way from being at on verge of death to being able to inspire many people with both his life and his writings. With his quick healing from the death-defying car accident, Edward King goes through everyday looking to God for all of his answers and finds so much inspiration. He writes to show everyone the God he knows. Sometimes we lose vision, and we're blinded by our desires, but the Lord always cares about us, and he always inspires a servant of his to show each of us some clues that he will always love us, and his guidance, we'll never lose.

From our birth to our death, he will always be there to cleanse us of our sins and enable us to care and love every one of our brothers and sisters in his name, for he loves us so much, he totally cleansed everyone's shame.

Thanks for joining me for another Fab Friday and a Fabulous Release! Life Would Go On It's a writerwednesday and today I'm sharing a throwback novel for many of you who aren't familiar with it.

Is The Grass Really Greener shares the lives of 5 best friends, struggling with individual challenges. Each woman is comparing her own life to the lives of one of the other women in the group, desiring to have a different life. Yet, none of them truly know the other's deepest secrets. Today, beautiful, feisty, and smart Pavielle is facing the largest challenge and scare of her life. She breathed a deep sigh, reflecting on the phone call. Schwartz wanted to see her in the office today. Pavi recalled the morning that she had first found the swelling when she was finishing her shower before heading off to work.

Santiago, her boyfriend, had already left for work after spending the night with her. She was finishing a hot and refreshing shower, reminiscing about the night before, when she started her breast self-exam. It was something she had done every month since she was a teenager, and an act she recommended to all of her family and friends.

Pavi was diligent about being a health conscious person, working out, eating healthy, meditating, routine doctor visits, and staying as stress-free as possible. Perhaps I have some type of bacterial infection under my arm , she attempted to reason with herself. Before she allowed her anxieties to kick in, she got out the shower, dried off and made the call to Dr.

That had been almost two weeks ago, and now she was getting the phone call that she had anticipated and dreaded simultaneously. Her view of the square was exquisite, but it didn't hold her attention at the moment. Indecision was for the weak, it was for the confused.

She lived life on her own terms and dictated what did and did not happen. And that's what she was about to do now. Picking up the phone, Pavi dialed extension for her assistant Carolyn.

You have an Update my calendar for Nick and send a birthday card to Mike Eggers. Carolyn made a mental note to get Pavi a Thinking of You card. They scheduled their meeting for Monday morning at nine, and Pavi hung up to prepare for her meeting with Pete Ogilvie. Life would go on. Thanks for joining me for another Writer Wednesday! I know it's been a while and for the last several months I seem to be in and out of social media space and blogging. I haven't given up on any of this and I hope you haven't given up on me.

I have been busily plugging away at learning a new job that has consumed so much of my time. So, if you follow me on social media I announced on Friday that it was the last day of being a contractor for the Coca-Cola company.

At the beginning of October I was laid off from my HR job at a local company. There were a total of of us that were part of a RIF reduction in force. For the first time ever, I signed up with a temp agency last resort after applying for a job with them that I didn't realize was through a temp agency. So, I'm back in business and focused. But my true purpose here today is to share with you a pain point in life for me, and I hope you will find motivation or inspiration in it for your journey ahead.

I know what I want to do, yet, it seems no matter how hard I may push in a specific direction I find myself somewhere entirely different. Almost like fighting against the wind. I have found this truth evident in may areas of my life, but especially in my career. When I slow up long enough to consider it, I know exactly why that is. My plans that I make for myself are often dictated by my wants, my emotions, and my desires. They are not in alignment with Almighty God's will for my life, and I have not given them to Him in prayer, trusting Him with every facet of my life.

I have not trusted Him to guide me and understanding that He knows what He has purposed for me. Or that was the lie I always used to tell myself.

As a child, I struggled in math and my father, who was excellent at it, was an impatient and lackluster teacher at best. If I struggled with a particular concept, rather than encouraging me and exhibiting patience, or trying to find a better way to ingrain the theory in my head, he would belittle me.

Therefore, math became synonymous with fear, inadequacy, failure, and just being plain dumb. It wasn't until years later that my husband would teach me various concepts of breaking math down in its simplest components that I realized it wasn't as difficult as I feared. But I still didn't like it. The next thing I know, I'm working at a bank, then in an accounting department, and so on and so forth. So, maybe I don't hate math. I just dislike it, right? Still, years later after my husband taught me how to tackle and face my issues dealing with math, I came to realize that I'm not afraid of it.

When I finally tied my loathing for math back to my childhood experiences, I understood that I had this thing on lock. Writing and reading are still my core and favorite subjects and areas that I know I'm gifted in, but math no longer seems daunting and I embrace challenges to resolve problems and work my way through critical thinking skills. This is an essential skill in payroll, which is where my career has landed me. Throughout the years, no matter how hard I tried to avoid jobs with high Math functions, the Lord always led me right back there.

Well, I believe there were some crucial lessons He wanted me to learn, some important issues He needed me to face, and some healing that He had in store for me. All in lessons of Math. Even more important, I came to learn that facing my fears wasn't as scary as I believed.

And you know what? I think there's so much more He has in store for me in that area, but I will no longer fight it. I'll sit back and allow Him to guide my thoughts, my directions, and the plans for my life.

Because only then can I know true peace and success. Fab Friday Features, Deborah This type of success from a rookie agent without any formal sales training is unheard of in the industry. Deborah shares her story of what motivated her to stay the course, survive her first year in real estate sales, and to ultimately, come out on top.

This is a true story of how one woman turned tragedy into triumph and hardship into success. In Burning Desire, Deborah will share with you the tools needed for success and the activities that, as a new agent or newer agent, should be your primary focus. After reading this book, you too, will be inspired and motivated to reach the top level of your field in real estate, mortgages, finance, investments, or whatever you choose to do.

This is an opportunity for you to change your life. It was for Deborah, and it will be for you, as well. Purchase your copy today. As they say in real estate: As tough as it was living in the South Bronx, living on the streets was an eye-opening and motivating experience for me.

I read a lot of motivational books, most of which I will share in the appendix at the end of the book. I also read articles and blogs about my condition to learn different techniques to help minimize my symptoms.

I became super-charged with changing my life and maintaining my health. I realized that I wanted a break from relationships and instead I wanted to create a uniform routine to help me with the chaos in my mind. At one point I tried selling insurance in hopes of finding a career path. One of the most important things when it comes to changing your life is having a strong desire to make such a change — you must be totally open to doing it.

I was open to finding something new and since I always wanted to go into business, the question was now; how would I get there? Meanwhile, as I continued to improve my life, I learned my way around Philadelphia in a beaten-up old car, driving my son to all sorts of baseball and football games.

It was good for me, since the more I drove him to games, the more I got to know the city. I liked Philadelphia more than New York because it was smaller, less complicated and had a lot of neighborhoods side by side, rather than the four very busy boroughs, and Staten Island, which I had rarely ever visited. At some point, while driving around my new founded home city I had some car troubles and took my car to an auto repair shop to have a mechanic check it out.

Never could I have guessed that a trip to the auto repair would change my life. While the Mechanic fixed my car, he talked about a vacant lot adjacent to the repair shop. He pointed out how one person might see the vacant lot as an eyesore, but how he saw millions of dollars in investment funds and a lucrative opportunity to develop an underdeveloped area. He explained that there was so much room for a developer to come and build, not just one house on this vacant lot, but someone could possibly build three houses and triple their investment.

When I researched real estate, I found many very successful real estate owners who knew how to buy and sell properties. Despite my medical condition, I always had a burning desire to succeed and to take care of my family. I started pursuing real estate after having that conversation with my Mechanic. At the time, I was selling pre-paid cell phones for a pre-paid carrier. It was another in the long line of jobs I had after relocating to Philadelphia. I remember coming across an opportunity on Craigslist to become a manager of a popular pre-paid cell phone store.

I went on an interview and was hired. After a few months, I had successfully turned around the sales of this small failing store and was then given an opportunity to move up to managing several stores in the area. I worked as a second level retailer under a master dealer, but sadly by the end of the month, after paying my expenses, I was not making any money.

In fact, at the end of the month, I had to pay the master dealer to cover expenses that were not met by sales alone. This was very frustrating for me. These were people with less ambition than the drug-dealers or con artists I saw in the South Bronx. In fact, they hated me because I was trying to work hard and make a living.

They threatened to rob me, kidnap my family and other horrible things. They felt that I pushed them too hard because I expected them to show up each day on time and do some work. Many of them were annoyed that they were no longer eligible for public assistance.

They blamed me, the manager, for all their problems. No money, no future, and people who wanted me dead. Burning Desire by Deborah Spence is available on Amazon. Thanks for joining us for another Fab Friday! Please be so gracious as to leave a comment below, I'm sure Deborah would love to hear from you!

Fab Friday Features, Patricia She's sharing a little something sassy and special from the book, so you can get a glimpse of what you're in for. Two Steps Past the Altar Genre: Devastated, she breaks off their engagement.

Amid healing, she becomes captivated by Wesley, a wealthy pharmaceutical businessman who may hold the cure for her mom, career, and wounded heart. Romance transforms into a love triangle, surfeit of lies, blackmail, and deception. A story of love, trust, restoration, and forgiveness. As Sasha stood in the mirror, admiring how well the dress complimented her figure, she paused.

Sasha tilted her head. From the expression on his face, something must have happened. Sasha squinted at him and moved her attention back to her father in the kitchen. Damien had told him. Why else would her dad be acting so strange? She glared at Damien, who slightly shrugged his shoulders looking unbothered. Her shoulders felt heavy from the disappointment in his voice. But she always does. Even in his camouflage cargo pants and black t-shirt, he could turn a few heads any day.

But she refused to allow his striking appearance or cotton candy sweet talk to woo her. The fact remained; he had disrespected her, and their wedding was off. He stretched out his arms for an embrace, and her skin bristled. Just the thought of his touch made her cringe. Her back stiff, she allowed him to wrap his arms around her briefly and then stepped back. You usually call first. An avid reader, her previous published work includes two books, multiple short stories, monthly health care columns for an online magazine, and several health care articles for a local newspaper.

She considers music, reading, and prayer as the keys to relaxation and creativity, and she loves spending time with her family. Two Steps Past the Altar is her third and latest novel. She is currently working on her fourth novel. The Return of Nick Release day for A Woman's Design: Redemption is here and I couldn't be happier.

This novel has been postponed so many times, but sometimes you have to follow the flow of things and it cannot be rushed. I am giving my baby into your hands and it is my prayer that you enjoy it. If you read writerwednesday then you already know Ambiance had some 'splainin' to do about a few things. Well, today she's about to learn that dreams do come true. One lucky reader who leaves a comment will receive a free copy of A Woman's Design: A mbiance — After discovering her husband had an illegitimate child resulting from a lengthy affair, her world was torn in two.

His untimely passing left her feeling she had been robbed of the chance to deal with the betrayal. Seeking to give herself a fresh start, she packs up and moves cross country to the West Coast. Will he mend her broken heart, or uproot her new life and leave it in further disrepair? N aomi — Dealing with empty nest syndrome, she discovers everything everyone ever said about her is true. She has no life. Juggling her feelings between two very attractive men, she will soon learn that one is playing a deceptive and dangerous game.

P aige- Barely escaping a deadly snare created by her own devices, she is searching for healing and redemption. After two years of therapy, Paige is finally ready to face her demons. A former lover is not ready to let go, and she soon finds herself making similar choices from her past. Will she open her heart up to love and be loved, and will she be convinced to open her life to Christ? They yearn for the redemption of their sins in the arms of men, the arms of a Savior, and in the eyes of one another.

When the heart mourns, redemption is born. We made small talk as we walked the short distance to his hotel. He was proud I had realized my dreams, and it showed in the way he responded to me. We were like two old friends catching up on the past.

That all came to an end when he stepped out of the shower and back into the room where I waited. I had only planned for him to come and change shirts and then leave. Now, he stood before me with a towel wrapped around his mid-section and another drying his long locs.

My eyes feasted on his chest for a moment. The way each of his pectoral muscles shifted with the movements of his arms had me fascinated. Nick was super fine. I had always known it, but I had never seen his body without clothing.

Eventually, my eyes took on a mind of their own as they dropped to the bulge protruding from his towel. My eyes savored what my body desired but could not have. The dreams I had been having did not quite do him justice. The desire shining from behind his eyes matched the one underneath his towel. Nothing more was said as he lowered his lips to meet mine. That kiss I had been longing for in my office two years ago was finally given to me.

And it was worth the wait. He explored the deepest recesses of my soul with that one single kiss. It was nothing like the sweet peck he had given me outside of Flaming Rio. That was the kiss that had led to the argument between Eric and me.

It was that same kiss that drove him from home one last time before his car accident. Suddenly overcome with guilt, I ended the kiss, pressing my hand against his chest. I had been contemplating leaving Denver alone for a while anyway.

Not sitting up in the hotel room with Nick like that. Not alone with a naked man that I had loved for the better part of the last two-plus years, though my mind tried to deny what my heart knew to be true. The scent of his body wash mesmerized my senses, making me want to explore every inch of him with my tongue. I wanted to know if he tasted as good as he smelled. My breath caught in my throat as the chill from the air conditioner stroked my body, and I realized that I stood there in nothing but a thong.

Every part of my body throbbed for his touch and ached for his lips to bring sweet relief. From the base of my neck to the tips of my toes and every spot in between, he licked, caressed, sucked, and nipped. When he picked me up and carried me to his bed, I offered no resistance.

When he broke our kiss to grab a condom from his pants, I offered no denial. Instead, I spread my legs, pushed all thoughts of Denver out of my head, and prepared to open my body, heart, and soul up to the man. Not once did I close my eyes. Not once did I push him away. Not once did I have regrets. If nothing happened past the night, I wanted every single vision etched into my memory and every single touch seared into my soul.

He kissed me sweetly. Click the image above to download A Woman's Design: Click the image above to go on a journey of love. This writerwednesday I'm excited to bring a snippet from the much-anticipated, A Woman's Design: The release is this Friday, and I hope that it's everything you wanted to be and so much more.

There's some growing, changing, ties broken, and so much more. But through it all there is redemption. My head was tossed back in passion as my body shivered all the way down to my toes.

What was this man doing to me? I knew when I first met him that he would have the power to do things to my body I could never imagine before being with him. His strong, massive, dark hands encircled my waist and held me tight as I bucked, sliding up and down as if he were the pole and I was his private dancer. My cool, brown skin looked perfect against his sweat-glistened, chocolate rippled muscles. I lowered my head as I looked into his dark eyes. They were so beautiful, and I found myself getting lost in them.

I needed to taste him, so I pushed plump, red lips against his full, dark brown ones. He slowly opened his mouth and snaked his tongue inside of mine. His kisses were sweet and tangy, his breath warm and smooth. Nick flipped me onto my back and pulled me towards the edge of the bed. He lowered his head and did things to me that my husband had never done in all our years of marriage.

He had me gripping the sheets tightly between my fists as I arched my back, allowing my core to meet his mouth. I felt the volcano erupting over and over into his mouth. I screamed his name out again and again. When he finally finished, he stood and entered me.

He pushed my long hair away from my face, spreading it on the pillow. He took one large hand and covered my breasts. And let me tell you, these puppies are not small. He rubbed them back and forth in circles and then massaged one at a time. My nipples began pulling towards his mouth, begging for just one little lick, until they felt sore with desire. His eyes lit up, and he continued to play with them before finally giving in to my need.

Releasing my tender nipples, he once again claimed my mouth in his. His tongue searched and made love to mine the way it had just made love to my core.

He was a man who went down and did it well. You deserve to be treated like royalty. I was so tired, all I wanted was to drift into sleep lying in his arms. Nick continued to caress my body, and he was making me feel so good from my head to my toes. My body would be sore, and red bruises would surely pop up in the morning.

Everywhere he had kissed my skin would show the markings of the whiskers that were growing out on his face. They felt good and rugged right now, but they were sure to punish me come the morning light. I felt a rough hand shaking me, and my eyes popped open.

I wanted to go back to sleep and finish my dream. I peeked my eyes open, heart beating fast. So, something you wanna tell me? He jumped out of the bed and grabbed a pair of jeans from a chair near the window. Finally, bunching it in my fist, I pulled the cover back up over my head with my eyes peering out watching him closely. Just thinking about that dream had me blushing, my heart racing, and…yep, my panties were wet.

Look, I gotta go. I sighed deeply and turned over, my back to him. Are you going to work today? He headed into the bathroom, and I could hear the water turn on. I assumed he was washing his face and brushing his teeth after hearing gargling noises a few minutes later.

There was no way I could get back to sleep, or back to my precious Nick waiting for me in my dreams. What a wonderful way to start the day. I pulled the covers from my head and watched him walk back into the bedroom, grabbing a T-shirt from his drawer. I felt somewhat guilty, but how could I control the dreams that I had? But then again, there was no way I could explain this dream to him.

I go to work at my shop, just like you do every day. He shot me a doubtful look before making his way back to the bed. Uh-oh, maybe my acting career went a little too far. Saved by the bell. He found it on the nightstand and frowned at the number. I took advantage and scrambled out of the bed. My only hope at this point was rushing into the bathroom.

There was no way I could pretend that my panties were wet because of his actions toward me. Closing the bathroom door, I took off my panties and buried them at the bottom of the clothes hamper. I turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature until it was the right feel. I had only been in the shower for a few seconds before the door opened and Denver came in, pulling the shower curtain back.

Can I get a raincheck on that? I smiled shamelessly at him and winked. UndeniablyChelle Thanks for joining me for Writer Wednesday! A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back. Your first instincts kick into gear and your emotions go into overdrive as you search for ways to protect your heart from hurt, and your pride from damage.

You go on the defensive because you don't want people to misjudge, misunderstand, or mistake you for a weak person. I have experienced more of these moments than I would care to admit. The number of occurrences have been drastically reduced as a result of my husband's guiding hand in these critical moments. He always has an encouraging word to speak, or tells me to calm down and wait to see how things play out.

More often than not we will blow things out of proportion because we did not wait to see what the true outcome would be. We examine a situation and judge it with our hearts rather than our minds. As the Scripture above states when we respond in this manner we are fools. We did not take out the time to understand the other party's perspective and why they said or did a particular thing.

Rather, we responded on how the situation or words made us "feel. We failed to give the benefit of the doubt, assuming the other party purposely meant us harm. There are instances where we did not misunderstand what the other party did or said, but we misunderstand their intentions. We are offended because surely they meant us harm. Sometimes, nothing is further from the truth.

Maybe they were not in a position to explain themselves or bring clarity to why they did or said a particular thing. We are judging from the seat of our emotions rather than allowing Holy Spirit to guide us into the truth. He will never lead us astray, but instead the gift of the Holy Spirit has been given to us to lead us in counsel.

And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.

It's easier to respond and defend yourself in the heat of the moment, to prove that you're not going to let people walk all over you. James chapter three specifically verses two through ten has a lot to say on the matter. Allowing your emotions to control you and speaking what you want to in an emotional moment will cause: Especially when you knew better.

Honestly, in that moment if you breathe deeply, and try to remain calm, you will hear the Holy Spirit guiding you and telling you what to do. You simply have to be in control of you, rather than allowing the enemy to control you from the seat of your emotions. Are there any broken relationships in your life resulting from a heat of the moment argument?

Is there someone you need to seek forgiveness from? Is there someone you need to forgive? Pray and ask the Lord for guidance in that area of your life. You may also want to confide in a trusted confidant, such as your spiritual advisor, prayer partner, or other trusted person in your life.

Be on the lookout this week for ways the enemy is trying to control your emotions. Stand back and view all things from a spiritual place and trust Holy Spirit to guide you through. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Thanks for joining us for a Motivational Monday Moment! Fab Friday Features, Aja It's another Fab Friday and we're back with all the drama, fire, and spice you're used to.

Aja is here with her novel, Good Old Soul. Music has been here since the dawn of time. The musician may have picked up the sax and breathed air into Her, but it was from the music, the jazz that was created, that love was found and where it grew.

That is until she bumps into a stranger who may change her free-spirited mind. Gabriel Slade is living the good life. To say that I was surprised that I cared for Gabriel as much as I do was an understatement. My time with Gabriel had replaced all of that for the time being. I was wise enough to know that men got tired very quickly and everything would die.

I tried not to have those kinds of thoughts while I was with him; even if it was hard considering our major differences, especially his age and his experience.

I believe he knew exactly where and how far he wanted to our relationship because he had likely been down this road before, whereas I was just a novice. I dated to have fun, but I had no intention of becoming emotional involved, and I told him so. I had a boyfriend once and it seemed like he and I would go to that place where I would at least consider it, but then he changed on me and I let that thought go.

He would say to me in the beginning how he wanted to have something real where his girl was honest and intelligent, and a freak in bed. I was all of those things and then he stopped appreciating it. Eventually you all do. Women become the very thing you say you want and in my case, I had already been all of those things, but then he stopped noticing.

He stopped talking to me, stopped listening to anything I had to say, stopped complimenting me on my accomplishments — or even me. I had just gotten my license as a massage therapist and called to tell him. It was as if nothing big or monumental had occurred. Am I wrong for wanting a man that is truly for me? The slow and steady heartbeat was soothing to me. Darryl had stopped being a supporter of mine long before we broke up, I thought. I remember him telling me that a man should be the one to tell his woman she is beautiful and that I should hear that each and every day.

He stopped complimenting me. He became one of those men he seemed intent on separating himself from. When I spoke up, something an assertive woman would do, he said all I did was complain, but he claimed he liked assertive women. It was like all that energy and all that time I was in the relationship with him, was for nothing. He took but stopped giving and I was left hurting, so then I stopped giving.

I wondered if he would open up. All that mattered was the good time we were having right now, right? Eventually he did speak and his words rumbled against my ear, his fingers moving through my hair threatening to lull me to sleep. In the beginning, both men and women say what they need to get what they want.

Usually, they mean it though. Something changes along the way and all of the intentions on how you want to be with that person gets lost. Life happens and the goodness fades away.

Trying to take something meaningful from what he was saying to me. When Gabriel spoke, I listened. Maybe it was his maturity over me, although we almost seemed matched, but surely his experience made him wiser.

I considered whether it was worth the risk of getting further involved with a man that could tear me apart and not see it coming. Darryl was a slow demise. I saw it coming over time. Less calls, dates and visits.

We died over time, so I could feel it and prepare myself for it even if it still hurt me. Gabriel seemed like he could sneak the ending up on me because he was everything I was beginning to fall for and never knew I really wanted.

I just know for now, I like the freedom of being either. That seems like something I should handle right away. What comes next can remain a mystery. She is inspired by soulful music and sensual art to craft her stories. Click here to join our mailing list for upcoming releases and book promo specials. Fab Friday Features, Joanne This is a two-month book tour for her books: The You-Song and Daughter of Jerusalem. This tour will run June- July, Joanne Otto is a lifelong student of the Bible who has taken four exciting tours of Bible lands and done extensive research, including numerous courses.

She has taught foreign languages and English and more recently, as an academic language therapist, has helped dyslexic children strengthen their reading and writing skills. Also a music lover and amateur pianist, she especially enjoys accompanying singers. The You-Song celebrates, in a way young children can understand, the unique and vital place each of us occupies in God's world and encourages them to fill their place in it with joy. Written by a teacher who's helped many children overcome reading challenges, "The You-Song" is user-friendly, consisting of words that are either familiar or easy to decode.

Lavishly illustrated with nearly 50 heart-warming photos, it's also fun to read aloud to pre-readers. Daughter of Jerusalem" takes its 21st-century readers on a journey back to the first-century world of a young rabbi named Yeshua—better known to us as Jesus. Mara, the young heroine of this story, gets to mingle with the crowds who come to hear him teach during his visits to Jerusalem and, finally, to meet him face to face in a brief, life-changing encounter—one that comes at no small cost to herself.

For middle-grade readers who want to use the book as a springboard for deeper study, there are Bible references and questions on each chapter, as well as a glossary. For others, the story itself will be the full journey. Christian Fiction Connect Socially Website: Click here to check out our tour packages. Fab Friday Features, Danyelle It's another Fab Friday and today's featured author is Danyelle Scroggins. She's here to share her novel, Enduring Love.

The plans of our lives don't always align with the plans of God. When we become lost in our thoughts and plans, the Lord has a way of bringing things back to reality. No one ever truly realizes the power of their love, until love is tested and they have to endure things unimaginable and sometimes hurtful.

And if the truth is declared, no one wants to but… Sometimes we find ourselves standing in the test of love, and this is exactly where Priscilla Marshall finds herself.

Married to Steven since she graduated college, together they were the perfect couple. Both making successful business moves, both loved their choices, but one had a secret that could change their lives.

Her plan seems to be going just fine until Priscilla gets the shock of her life. Now confused, she attends the Love Never Fails retreat in Loving, Texas hosted by her college friend and roommate, Serafine. And this causes her to determine if she and Steven truly have an Enduring Love. Priscilla reasoned why God would choose her to be the carrier of life. Married for almost fifteen years, sexual pleasures only happened on special occasions.

Often without romance, and starting with a touch here, feel there, and a real quick release on his part. The thought of making a baby vanished long ago. In reality, indecisiveness plagued her like a severe toothache regarding being a wife or instead, being his wife. Her mind and ambitions settled on being the audacious executive she fancied herself.

Relinquishing all thoughts of motherhood, that were now nowhere in the plan. Today, he acted as the grim reaper delivering death-blows instead of solutions. Death to her plans, dreams, and her one hundred and thirty-five-pound figure. She worked hard for her body, and to destroy it for a child neither of them wanted put her in a complete stupor. As she sat in a makeshift gown barely covering her breasts, Priscilla sighed.

Moving to get more comfortable on the green leather table-bed covered with a sheet of wrinkled white paper, she felt hopeless. Priscilla swung her legs as though they could propel her into another space in time. She took a deep breath. Lumps in her throat seemed to suffocate her and caused her to give in to the explosive stream of tears cascading down her face.

How am I going to care for a child in the midst of running a company? A creative concept and idea birthed right after leaving college with a degree in accounting and nourished with intensity and integrity. The thought of leaving it with anyone for more than a day or two frightened her. Because of this baby, she would have no choice. This pregnancy is so unexpected.

I thought maybe the flu or a virus. I took a darn pill every day since Steven and I married. I know you are quite familiar with God and His work. And, I consider us close friends so I can say this. He knows this child is going to gain a complete knowledge of Him. The Father chose you and Steven to protect, nurture, and train him or her in the way they should go. Priscilla instead of the questions why and how be excited, and grateful God chose you. If you want my opinion, I believe you can do all things through Christ.

Priscilla, He will strengthen you. Could this baby be the next president or a future author? Gotta find a way to accept what God allowed. Thank you for my goodies. She retrieved her panties, skirt, shirt, scarf, and blazer from behind the dressing area and in slow motion began to dress. Fully clothed, she threw the paper gown in the trash and peered at herself once again. Noticing the trail of tear stains on her cheeks, she snatched a couple of the brown napkins from the dispenser.

Priscilla turned on the faucet, wet the napkins, and wrung out the excess water before washing her face. Steven warned her on rare occasions during sex God would not punish him for spilling his goods on the ground. He did what she cautioned him not to do. She felt upset, and by her book, had every right to be. Although being upset would not solve anything, at least having somewhere to direct her anger could bring relief.

The more she thought of Steven, the angrier she got. Thorpe knocked on the door. Heck, I know precisely when Steven bombarded his way into my private space. Thorpe without saying one word, she gathered her stuff, walked out the room into the waiting area, and nodded goodbye to nurse Carol. Retrieving her keys from the bottom of her champagne colored Steve Madden bag, she sighed.

Put your big girl panties on Priscilla. Her navy wool blazer did little to protect her body from the sharp piercing Louisiana wind. Instinctively, she draped her beautiful pink multicolored scarf around her neck and used the excess fabric to cover her head.

Moving in swift strides, with hopes of keeping as warm as possible, Priscilla pushed the button on her keychain to her convertible BMW i. She opened the door, placed the brown bag of goodies in the backseat, then climbed into her car. This is Your will.

This time she decided not to repair, because instead of going back to her office, Priscilla drove towards home. With a quick push of the phone button on the radio console, she instructed the voice-activated operator to dial her office.

After the third ring, a female voice answered. How may we be of service to you? She valued her because she only instructed her once for anything and it happened.

How did your appointment go? You sound a little different. Are you coming back to the office today? I think I better go home and lie down. Would you please phone all of my afternoon clients, apologize for me canceling, and reschedule them for Monday? I pray you feel better. She is the wife of Pastor Reynard Scroggins and the mother of three.

To find out more about Danyelle Scroggins the pastor or author, and her ministries, visit www. A beautiful story of love between a man and a woman. Photographer Kennedy Holloway has changed her life, and is now pursuing her first love in a career of creating beautiful art from behind the lens of a camera.

Her attempts to hide behind the camera only piques his interest further. Will a lesson in sacrificial love keep the two of them apart, or will it be the bond that they need to bring them together again?

Finishing her last shot of the night, Kennedy had packed her bags away in her trunk. Tired, she had decided she was going home after capturing the last shots. The entire day had been spent running errands for her paternal grandmother, developing photos for a family she had recently taken family portraits of, and working on her own website.

She returned to get something to drink, when she heard the announcement about a new neo-soul band that she had been wanting to check out. It would be a break from the monotony that had become her life. Most days she came home after work to develop photos, and when she finished that she would sit in front of the TV and veg out or read a good book. Outside of her photography, Kennedy loved a good book and music. Their name, which meant Soul Queen in Swahili, was meant to empower and uplift black men and women alike.

As important as they believed it was for women to be powerful, they also believed it was just as important to lift and support the black man, to keep the black community and families strong.

Kennedy connected with that deep within her soul, because her family had failed all around. Smiling, she maneuvered her way through the growing Friday night crowd.

Chairs were filled up with a few empty seats here and there. Couples and a few individual people danced on the floor in front of the stage. Kennedy spotted a free space near the tinted windows to the left of the stage, and quickly made her way there. Sitting down in the empty club chair, she set her food and mug on the table. After a big lunch, she decided to go light on her dinner. Fruit and tea were the perfect recipe to keep her feeling light tonight.

Snapping her fingers to the frenetic, fast-paced beat, she enjoyed the atmosphere. The rhythm made her want to be wild and free in the outdoors. An hour had passed in no time, and Kennedy was feeling extremely relaxed. She had placed the order earlier when she had paid for her fruit and tea. Laid back in the comfortable chair, she applauded with everyone else, as RohoMalkia came onto the stage.

Their reputation proceeded them, and she looked forward to what they had to offer. In , after realizing the negative effects his lifestyle was having on his friends and his health, he was inspired to change it.

This is the story of his weight-loss journey. A Texas man with a rare genetic disorder says he died twice in one day. Here's what you need to know about Brugada syndrome. A retired professor and cyclist in Virginia says his birthday tradition started when he turned Each year he bikes a mile for every year he has been alive.

Jada Pinkett Smith joined her daughter, Willow Smith, and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, in a photo showing a trifecta of impeccable abs. Whether they are seeing couples or individuals, sex therapists are there for patients to help tackle relationship woes or problems in the bedroom. Young says it's true that imposter syndrome is more common in women, because there are so many misconceptions out there about women not being as competent as men.

Young says that often when she gives talks about imposter syndrome at universities, she sees a lot of international students. Vaccines are a vital part of our American health system. But what do they actually do in the body? An expert breaks down the secret of these antibody makers.

I'm 24, I have an apartment with my long-term boyfriend, and. A study, conducted by psychology professor Jan J. Make what you will of the suggestion that fire and air signs are more extroverted while earth and water signs are more introverted we'd argue that the extent of someone's extroversion is a little more nuanced than that , but this characterization is generally accepted in the astro community, with obvious exceptions — let's never forget that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a supposedly introverted Taurus.

So Dad and I decided to take a road trip down south to revisit the schools that made him.

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